2020 New Year’s Day Launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System Legit?

2020 New Year’s Day Launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System Legit? post thumbnail image
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Is losing weight, getting in shape or becoming healthier one of your 2020 New Year's resolutions? Have you heard of the newest fad, utilizing DNA results to customize a diet just for you? If you’ve been following the current health and wellness trends, you'll realize that there has been a high increase in the number of firms providing curated products, customized for each person. One such company is NutriCellix that claims to be the first organization across the globe to offer curated products to assist people in reaching their ultimate fitness goals. If you have been approached either through the social media platforms or in-person by a person pitching the company as being a groundbreaking healthy weight loss plan that’s based on your DNA, then you might be wondering whether you should take a step or not.

In this post, we will look at what NutriCellix is about, the company’s line of products, how the company works, and their compensation plan to help you determine if the products are fit for human consumption and whether their income opportunity is legit or a mere scam.

I personally didn't write this review but did write the 3 previous ones that I will share the links to below. For this review, I hired a freelance writer to research the company, products, leadership etc….. Click here to see where I hired the freelancer from in the event that you want to try out the service and/or if you would also want to earn an income writing articles for others.

What is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System?

NutriCellix is a company that believes that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. That’s because generic supplements might work for some individuals but not for everyone. This company has come up with a better way that covers these shortcomings. MyNutriCellix.com introduces a Weight Management System that’s powered by your DNA. The one-of-a-kind system claims to use the most innovative genome technology to formulate certain products perfectly matched to your unique genetics. The outcome is a customized fitness and wellness nutritional regimen that’s specifically for you, and not everybody.

According to the company website, NutriCellix was established in 2019 by a team of experienced experts such as wellness coaches, business professionals, and specialists in the industries of product formulation, nutrition, and science. The website claims that they are the first firm in the entire world that offers personalized weight-management products that are driven by your DNA, as well as an e-commerce business program for sellers that enable them to earn a passive income selling the company products to consumers.

According to the Nutricellix website, scientists have been unearthing a lot of new DNA advancements in a couple of years, and one of those developments is discovering what specific formulas for weight loss that works well with your DNA. Nutricellix is an unparalleled weight loss program that consists of and a PM and an AM formula created to work well with your specific DNA for ultimate weight loss results. The DNA weight loss package also comes with some booster supplements that you will use for better and faster results.

How does Nutricellix work?

As you know, proteins usually make us who we’re, and no two individuals are alike. Therefore, two people cannot lose weight the same way or at the same duration. Every individual has distinct single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs that make them unique or different. NutriCellix claims that the coordinated genetic and metabolic nutrition program usually combines your genetic predisposition to the weight management challenges using a comprehensive nutritional plan, giving a specific formula meant just for you at a particular time of day.

According to the company website, you will first take a sample of your DNA by swabbing one of your cheeks, and the sample will then go to the company’s lab. Going by the site’s information, the company lab is CLIA and HIPAA certified. Here, the scientists will take a closer look at the number of particular genes that regulate processes that have everything to do with controlling your weight or encode for the same. They will then formulate these particular products to maximize your process of weight loss based on how your own body works.

Who are Roni & Bo Short & what other MLM companies have they been involved with?

Roni and Robert Short are the founders of Nutricellix. In this segment, we are going to see who they are in the network marketing industry and their roles in other MLM companies.

Robert “Bo” Short

Robert “Bo” Short is a veteran in the direct selling industry veteran and seven-figure earner with three decades of experience in the sector. Also, referred to as “America's Premier Thought Leader,” Robert is a sought-after speaker to more than one million individuals based in more than 34 different countries across the world. He has featured on Dateline NBC as one of the best industry experts and in many publications such as Success from Home magazine, Home Business Connections magazine, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book, and Your Business at Home magazine. Bo has also quoted in many other widely-read articles. However, Robert Short has another side. He was a key person in Neora, previously referred to as Nerium that was sued and is in the process of being shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Neora has also filed a counter-claiming lawsuit that the FTC is changing the rules for direct sales companies.

The FTC filed a lawsuit in 2019, claiming that Neora was operating as an illegal pyramid scheme. According to the lawsuit, Neora also allegedly made a couple of false claims that stated that the supplements offered by the company in the wellness section of products could prevent chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a certain brain disease usually caused by repeated concussions. Again, the company allegedly stated in their site that one of their wellness supplements could cure and prevent Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer's illness, which is not true.

Roni Short

Roni Short is the wife of Robert Short, and they married three years ago. She is a former Soccer Coach and School Teacher and presently a very successful author majoring in Children's books and literature. One of her most current books is known as “The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard” and is currently working on her next book with the title “The Perfect Gift.” According to Roni, her previous experience as a Coach, Teacher, and Direct Sales Representative is going to be incredibly valuable to the Nutricellix Ambassadors by sharing insight on how to develop professional and personal values as well as the right mindset in networking business.


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💻Is losing weight in 2020 one of your New Year's resolutions? Have you ever heard about the new by invite only DNA based Weight Loss Direct Sales company called NutriCellix? They will officially launch on 1 January 2020 just in time for you to start with your weight loss journey after the holidays. I personally am not a representative and this review is for educational purposes as it is what I found while doing my research. View https://tonyleehamilton.com/nutricellix-invite-phase-is-it-a-scam-or-legit-my-nutricellix-review for the full review of NutriCellix . . . . 😎 link is in bio @tony_lee_hamilton on Instagram #NutriCellix #weightlossjourney #weightloss #healthandwellnessblog #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #loseweightfast #loseweightnow #Ambassador #DNA #WeightManagement #WeightManagementSystem

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What are the products and the so-called science behind the products?

Nutricellix claims that its products are individually-designed in a laboratory according to the unique DNA swab that you send into the certified lab. The company creates a unique formula specifically for you that is perfectly matched with your DNA. The system consists of a DNA based PM and AM supplement as well as some midday boosters to supplement your diet. All the proprietary products are Gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. You can also purchase the core supplements to prepare you and also get started while the laboratories are busy developing your customized weight loss concoction. Here are the main products offered by Nutricellix as well as when and how they are consumed.

1. AM and PM Custom Formula: Nutricellix PRIME

The PM and AM formulas are customized according to how quickly your body burns fat and specifically to your unique DNA. There are unique formulas for both females and males and also delivered in circadian-based PM and AM supplements. However, there are two variations of PRIME. You take one supplement in the morning known as the AM formulas, PRIME AM. The other supplement is called PRIME PM, and you should take it at nighttime.

According to the company website, the PRIME supplements offered by Nutricellix are the essential supplements in the whole system. The PRIME contains plant-based proteins, fiber, natural probiotics, amino acids, prebiotics, essential enzymes, and fatty acids, as well as botanicals and phytonutrients.

2. Mid-day formula: Nutricellix Fit

NutriCellix FIT is a meal replacement shake with a great taste. It is packed with essential minerals and vitamins which assist in controlling hunger and regulating insulin and blood sugar levels. It also includes collagen, which is vital for skin, nails, elasticity, and hair. This Fit formula is offered in delicious vanilla and chocolate tastes.

3. Nutricellix Surge

Surge formula is a pixie stick package of powder that you can easily mix in your preferred drink for energy. This formula is a great pick for the mid-day use. It is ideal for pre- and post-workout or any other time you want an energy boost. When it comes to fat burning, the formula gives you lasting strength and energy. According to NutriCellix, this supplement has an incredibly useful ingredient, AC-11. This ingredient assists your body in repairing its cells and DNA as well as reducing inflammations. That can assist in building collagen and boosting the immune system as well.

NutriCellix Compensation Plan

NutriCellix has created a robust e-commerce business program that allows individuals to market the products and also earn some rewards for the same. The company has an improved direct-to-consumer business model when compared with other conventional business models. They reward their loyal customers by giving them great incentives. The company offers a Shop and Share system, which provide their loyal customers with incentives such as products, promotions, clothing, and travel getaways as well.

The Compensation Plan of NutriCellix is known as the Ambassador Rewards Program, and there are five different ways in which the company representatives can earn. In most cases, companies in the affiliate marketing industry offer multiple prices like customer wholesale, customer retail, one-time distributor pricing, customer-preferred pricing, and distributor auto-ship pricing, among others. Nutricellix has developed an improved direct-to-consumer program and not an affiliate marketing model.

In simple terms, NutriCellix has a SmartSave or wholesale price and a retail price. Both Ambassadors and customers pay a SmartSave or Retail price. The pricing structure is usually the same, but the only difference is that the money you save by going on a monthly recurring and convenient order. The NutriCellix Ambassadors also pay a fee of $59 to get a website, tools, and back-office to promote the company products to earn commissions. Here are the five ways you can earn from NutriCellix.

• Retail Sales

One of the ways you can use to earn money in NutriCellix is through retail sales. In this way, you can make purchases, or your customers can make purchases, but you do not have to buy anything yourself.

• SmartSave Customer Commissions

These types of commissions are only meant for Autoship monthly customers who get discounts. The payouts are the same as basic retail sales, but the Commissionable volume is usually less to make up for the low cost to the buyer.

• Team Commissions

You will be paid more levels and at various commission percentages as you advance in the NutriCellix ranks. To receive these commissions, you should first become an Executive Ambassador, a position that is achieved by having two Ambassadors in level 1, and the three of you should have 100 QV points at least in the same month.

• Leadership Matching Bonus

You should be a Pearl Ambassador with 100 individual QV points and 3 Executive Ambassadors to receive these bonuses. Moreover, you need three active placement organizations, at least, which means that you need to place somebody on your second level beneath another member of the team. The difference with that is that once you put someone on your second level, you will not only earn the person who gets the referral 5% commission, but you will also receive 8% generating a win-win. In most cases, most multi-level marketing companies pay a lower percentage on every level, which makes it difficult to achieve teamwork at all.

• Leadership Bonus Pool

To get these bonuses, you should be at the Diamond level or any other higher level. The Ambassadors get shares of the whole customer volume via the Global Commissionable volume. The leaders will also be rewarded with various promotions, incentives, and trips, among other things.

NutriCellix Ranking

NutriCellix has a uni-level pay plan along with a generation check match that goes deep to 8 levels based on your ranking or status. The ranking is kept monitored by an algorithm in the invitation platform of NutriCellix.

Ambassador Ranking – In this rank, everyone begins at registration and should also have 50 qv points at least.

Executive Ambassador Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need two individually sponsored ambassadors, and the three of you should have 100 qv points during the same month.

The Opal Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need two individually referred Executive ambassadors and 100 qv points

Jade Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need three individually referred Executive ambassadors and 100 qv points personal and1000 CV.

Pearl Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need four individually referred Executive ambassadors 100 qv personal points, three active placement organizations, and 3000 CV points.

Sapphire Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need five individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, three active placement organizations, and 10,000 CV points.

Ruby Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need six individually referred Executive ambassadors, 20,000 CV points, four active placement organizations, and 100 qv personal points.

Emerald Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need seven individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, four active placement organizations, and 40,000 CV points.

Diamond Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need eight individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, five active placement organizations, and 80,000 CV points.

Blue Diamond Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need nine individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, five active placement organizations, and 100,000 CV points.

Black Diamond Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need ten individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, five active placement organizations, and 150,000 CV points.

Red Diamond Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need 11 individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, five active placement organizations, and 300,000 CV points.

Crown Diamond Ranking – To qualify for this level, you need 12 individually referred Executive ambassadors, 100 qv personal points, six active placement organizations, and 500,000 CV points.

How To Join Nutricellix

According to Nutricellix, you can earn a good income by helping other people achieve their personal goals. The company gives a wonderful compensation plan as well as the ability to work from any place just from your phone. To join, in addition to the $100 charge for the DNA swab test, the company charges you a one-time registration fee of $59 that includes:

• A custom invite system

• Incredibly unique communication tools

• Sales tracking technologies

• Customer management tools

There are no specific requirements to purchase any packages if you want to sell Nutricellix. Also, there are no required monthly purchases or monthly goals to become a NutriCellix Ambassador. You don’t need to buy a minimum number of proprietary products or reach a goal; you work on your terms.


In my opinion, it is possible to develop products that are based on every individual's deoxyribonucleic acid test in a financially feasible way. Generally, DNA tests are quite invasive and are not worth the fee of $100 that NutriCellix usually charges for buying the products which are supposed to be customized based on your DNA. Again I believe that NutriCellix is more likely to find itself in a similar situation like that of Neora, I strongly feel that Robert Short also foresees the writings on the wall and has decided to start a new company with his wife, Roni.

If you look closely at the company, you will see some red flags that will make you think twice before using the products offered by NutriCellix or becoming an Ambassador. One of the shady things I have seen is about the volume points. According to the company website, the volume points received are different based on whether the buyer is a retail sale or an Ambassador. The other major flag is that products are purportedly created utilizing a new technology program, and NutriCellix is the only firm across the globe that has a branded process and exclusive rights to the process that delivering personalized weight and wellness solutions, powered by the DNA of each customer. To me, that sounds quite expensive and time-consuming.

The other issue is the great emphasis that NutriCellix puts on building teams than on the company products. Again, since Roni and Bo Short are associated to Neora, chances are the teams they had in the company are already registered with and holding top positions in NutriCellix, and are already promoting the new-found venture to the unsuspecting population.

My advice and recommendations are to stay away from NutriCellix. Just like many other products offered by MLM companies, there’s a lot of inaccurate information on the webspace from third party representatives who are only looking forward to making some quick sales. As a result, you should be smart at all times and always do your research before using such products.

As you take steps towards a healthy life, making changes in your lifestyle might be quite challenging, but you should avoid any systems which are not clinically-proven. The business opportunity offered by NutriCellix is also a different story. Building a team of Ambassadors and earning from their efforts may sound quite enticing, but the income opportunity may not last considering the past of the founder.

12 thoughts on “2020 New Year’s Day Launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System Legit?”

  1. Scott Hinkle says:

    Hello Tony,

         I wanted to thank you for this deeply informative post.

    I guess I’ll start with the fact that I’m always apprehensive when it comes to MLM programs.  Mainly because of the convoluted ranking and payout schemes.  Still, the thought of a diet plan/product based on DNA is quite compelling.

    Sadly, I agree that this seems like an expensive endeavor and I have questions as to whether it would be a good fit for me because now I’m potentially looking at different diets/products for me and my husband.  We like to be on the same page in the things we do, etc.

    I’m going to skip this “opportunity”, especially with the red flags you’ve pointed out here.

    Thanks again,


  2. MrBiizy says:

    Hi Tony, thank you for sharing this post on the latest news regarding NutriCellix DNA weight management system. I have been following this trend for some time now. I have read some posts about NutriCellix DNA weight management system and I truly believe that it is very much possible to make products specifically for a particular DNA in order to make the product more successful in its function. Although DNA test doesn’t cost a lot, $100 doesn’t look very much huge to get such a product that is customised (that’s what I think, maybe I am wrong). Regarding the business plan, it looks shady and kinda not straight forward.


  3. Rodarrick says:

    another very detailed insights to what Nuticellix entails and also, the need to be very conscious before taking a dive to committing oneself to buying it. Well, I must say I was a little intrigued at the prospects of investing my money into it but then, having paid a close look into this, I see that it is not at all worthy. Besides, channeling or programming something exactly to my DNA seems rather not too cool with me. Thanks

  4. Shanta Rahman says:

    Wow ! this is such a nice website that I can’t tell you Thanks. Thanks you so Mach, for giving us such a beautiful article . Until a while  ago Nutricellix didn’t know about it but I found out through your website. You deserve praise for the excellent writing. I really enjoyed reading the website. I have gained knowledge about a very good system. I have gained knowledge about a very good system. This seems to be a very interesting and good review. I hope we can get some pretty good ideas out of it.

  5. Gomer says:

    This is a good option if one wants to manage weight economically. I said this because in other weight management programs, all you do is pay them with no given opportunity to make money. I remember, I subscribed to an online program that’s almost similar to Nutricellix, I found myself paying them month after month. I wanted to recommend the program to others and make money so I can subsidize my expenses with them, but they don’t offer any income opportunities like earning commissions for referrals. In what I can see with Nutricellix, they’re generous because they give their customers the opportunity to recommend the program to others and make money with referrals.

  6. Jon says:

    I still don’t have a solid answer on weather MLMs area good way to affiliate market but if they provide actual physical products then it seems there is some validity to it. I agree that the body needs to be studied and no two individuals are the same and need to be treated differently developing weight loss regimens for them.

  7. Juan Saladin says:

    Hello, thanks for including these videos (please observe the 3rd video link seems to be broken).

    In my experience, the more elaborate these companies go in regards to their compensation plans, the closest to a Ponzi Pyramid Scam. Math never fails (the most money you distribute, the least goes to the final product and as a logical consequence, the least value for the final consumer is delivered).

    I was about to opt-in in this program, thanks a lot for an enlightening review post; it’s noticeable there’s a lot of investigation behind it.

  8. Daniel says:

    Thanks for sharing this review.  You always need to do your research carefully before trying new products but also before jumping into something new.  It’s important to spend the time to learn about it and I found this post useful in that regard.  

    Generally speaking whether its a product or get rich quick idea etc… it seems it is human nature to look for the next shiny object or next silver bullet to solve our problems or provide us with what we want.  When it’s too good to be true it usually is.  Often we trick ourselves into believing what something or someone else is telling us because we would “like” it to be true, as if that will make it true.  In my personal experience that’s when I need to slow down because that is more of an emotional decision vs using sound judgment. 

  9. Bobbi says:

    Great website, I have heard of this DNA system to help you lose weight, however I haven’t heard of Nutricellix. I am a little scared about what kinds of foods they would have me invest in being of Norwegian descent, I do not care for most of those Norwegian foods that I ate as a child, but this sounds very interesting and a very good review of this product. Something to think about for sure.

  10. Parveen says:

    Yes, It is legit. 2020 New Year’s Day Launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System. I enjoy while reading your article on Nutricellix. I am happy to update my knowledge on such a wonderful system. I joined it few weeks ago but not its time go deeper in the system. I understand it will also work like any other MLM company.

  11. Iyke says:

    It is never a good idea to test the depth of a river with both feet and in this regard, tryout a such product without thorough research. But for some odd reason, I think i can understand why despite the red flags, a lot of people would still fall victim to this.

    Weight loss is a sensitive issue, such that people trying to lose weight are mostly driven by emotion instead of reason. People need to start carrying out their own due diligence especially when the owners of such exorbitant products have a history of defrauding the public.

    This has been informative, thanks for sharing.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Iyke and thank you my friend,


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