2021 American Dream Nutrition Reviews

American Dream Nutrition has a mission statement that wants to change people's lives with a two-part formula. They want people to be successful by enhancing their health and by providing them with a better way of life through their business plan. These goals are carried out through their products, the company’s compensation plan, and by giving to charitable organizations. American Dream Nutrition has been in business for many years. People who are discovering this online opportunity want to know if it’s a worthwhile business venture to pursue. The information presented here will answer that question.

What is American Dream Nutrition?

American Dream Nutrition is all about selling health products to help improve people’s lives. The company doesn’t just promote health products, they also want to ensure that people are financially stable. Another goal of this company is to promote Christian values. The founder of this organization supposedly believes in Jesus Christ and he tries to convey this message through the company’s operations and the member's work ethic.

The products of this company are the main part of this business. However, this enterprise relies on a multi-level marketing format to improve its bottom line and prosper its members. The products they sell include anti-aging formulas, stem cell support for the body, and fat-burning supplements. The rest of the goods that American Dream Nutrition markets will be viewed later in the article. Ultimately, American Dream Nutrition is an online health store with a money-making MLM scheme. It supposedly promotes Christian values while promoting charities. This is truly a unique business opportunity for people to try.

Who founded this online opportunity?

Greg Gunderson is considered the founder of American Dream Nutrition. By the way, we’re going to call American Dream Nutrition, ADN, for short. Gunderson has been around for many years. He has invented and marketed toys in the past. One type of product was known as the Free Flight Glider. He has also been a network marketer for well over 25 years. During his long career in product development and network marketing, he had figured out how to perfect legitimate MLM schemes, and he assisted with the creation of online and offline marketing systems.

American Dream Nutrition was created in 2012. Other key members of this online enterprise include Dr. James Jensen, Steven Gunderson, Patricia Gunderson, David Knappert, Doug Seaton, Randy Hewitt, and Ken Bud. Each of these individuals brings their expertise in the areas of medicine, business, finance, computer technology, and marketing. Each of these individuals has their bios presented on the company’s page of website.

Some of the workers at the company might be related to Greg Gunderson since they have his last name. However, they don’t mention any family relations within the bios. Having the key members of the business listed on the site helps to promote credibility and it helps to prove that this company is not a shady outfit. This is a good sign that ADN is not trying to steal people’s money.

The American Dream Nutrition Website

The ADN website is upfront and open about what it does. It presents its goals and information in a clear and concise manner. You are not given some vague web page or some skittish information about what they’re doing. This company goes out of its way to show who they are and what they’re doing. This is a huge bonus for an MLM-based company.

Remember, there are legitimate MLM businesses. These businesses allow members (or employees) to make money by selling products and/or services or through recruitment processes. American Dream Nutrition makes it clear that these two paths are the primary ways that members make money. Legitimate MLM companies are also registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, ADN is not registered with the BBB. Still, they do have verifiable contact information that is also legit. You can actually call the company and talk to a live representative who works for the business. Their contact information has been taken from the site and it is listed below:

LIVE Customer service: 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday 785-534-1470

LIVE After hours, 24/7 Support: 866-822-5559

Email: support@americandream4me.com

You can call different numbers and you can also email them. However, there doesn’t seem to be a physical address for this business. This might not be a good thing. An authentic business would make it a point to have a physical address location or at least a genuine P.O. box address at a post office. Still, American Dream Nutrition does a lot to prove it is not a bogus operation.

The rest of the site talks about the company’s products, marketing opportunities, and how to become a member. Each page of the site provides useful, relevant, and important information for you to know and understand before trying joining this business. At this point, ADN seems like a great place to start your own online business.

What products does this online business sell?

Earlier in the article, we briefly touched off on the products that this company sells. Now we’ll take a deeper look at the health items being offered by American Dream Nutrition. Here is a list of some of the company’s products:

  • Stem Cell Release Factor – Stem cell formula for repairing the body
  • PhytoZon anti-aging formula
  • Nitro Factor – Nitro Oxide for heart health
  • Get Juiced brain and body supplement
  • PureAquaMins – Provides minerals to cells
  • Clear Heart for a healthy heart
  • Nu-Derma Gold an anti-aging formula
  • Super Omegas supplements for optimal health

These are the main products that the company sells. However, they do offer more than this. ADN also markets its products in packages where various health products are combined to provide ultimate health benefits. They have Best Value Packs, Combo Packs, Super Immune Packs, and Platinum Combo Packs. The packs can range in price from $59 to $202.

How do you sign up for this online business?

The first thing you need to do is to click on the “Become a Member” tab. Once you click on this tab you will see information about becoming an independent distributor, earning a commission, and general information about the fees you will need to pay to get started.

You will then click on the “Get Started-Click Here-Join Now” button. This will then take you through a series of steps that will ultimately lead you to the company’s pricing plan. The following plans are outlined below:

Option 1 – Pro Pack

8 bottles of PhytoZon $349.00 + free S&H

Option 2 – Platinum Pack

4 bottles of PhytoZon $164.00 + free S&H

Option 3 – Gold Pack

2 bottles of PhytoZon $89.90 + free S&H

Option 4 – Sliver Pack

1 bottle of PhytoZon $49.95 + $5.50 S&H

You also have Platinum, Gold or Silver mixed product packages to choose from with varying costs.

Keep in mind that the packs are not a direct part of the initial start-up cost. The cost joining the site is only $19 and a $5.50 shipping fee if you decide to purchase a Silver Pack. However, you are required to purchase some type of PhytoZon pack when you sign up. You have to purchase the products in order to be a part of this online opportunity. You will also have to continue purchasing the package level that you selected every month in order to remain a member of American Dream Nutrition.

This is something that is kind of shady. The company is basically forcing people to purchase their products as a means to work for them. I can see why they would do this. Having this requirement in place will help to weed out people who are not seriously committed to this endeavor. In other words, if a person is taking this opportunity seriously, they should make the money to cover the cost of the products they’re receiving.

The problem is that some people could be legitimately trying to make this opportunity work but are coming up short. This in turn will cause them to lose out on this opportunity because they cannot sustain the business. American Dream Nutrition should reconsider forcing members to be lifelong customers as well. Yes, it is a good thing to have sellers using the products they market to people. However, not everyone needs the products that ADN markets to consumers. This part of the program might not put this organization in the best light.

How do you make money with this site?

We had already discussed how you can make money with this company. Either you sell products, or you recruit people to get your earnings. If you can’t do those two things very well, you won’t make anything with this organization.

Keep in mind that you make money in other ways working with ADN. They are listed below:

  • You can sell these products through a retail outlet at a store
  • You can sign up with fast start pay
  • You can receive coded bonuses if you work hard enough to earn them
  • Team builder bonuses are available for people who have the knack for building American Dream Nutrition sales teams
  • Monthly residual income is available from recruitment
  • The company provides an infinity bonus
  • There is also a monthly lifestyle bonus if you qualify
  • ADN provides company revenue sharing plans
  • You can also get a one-time achievement bonus if you’re able to reach a specific goal
  • Finally, there are monthly residual coded bonuses

As you progress through the American Dream Nutrition ranks, you will receive more money or bonuses for each level you reach. There are 9 ranks that you can reach while you master this business. Here are the 9 ranks:

Silver level

Gold level

Platinum level

Sapphire level

Ruby level

Diamond level

Double diamond level

Triple diamond level

Presidential diamond level

Remember, the highest rank is the Presidential Diamond Level and once you reach this point with the company, you will be a money-earning marketing master. As with any business, the amount of money you make will vary and it will depend on the effort and other factors that you put in the business.

Don’t forget about the MLM aspect of this business because it will help you to earn more. Remember, the more people you convince joining American Dream Nutrition, the more money you will make. So, if you join up, you should at least think about who could really get joining this organization. Don’t waste your time on family, friends, or acquaintances. Chances are they won’t buy what ADN is selling.

Is this an MLM or Ponzi scheme?

American Dream Nutrition is not a Ponzi scheme, but it is an MLM scheme. However, this scheme is legit. You can recruit people to ADN but you must understand that they must sign up and purchase something before you can get paid. You can make money off the new people that you recruit.

Some people have the ability to gather people together to sell products. These individuals could potentially make American Dream Nutrition work. However, most people are not capable of doing this and they will probably end up losing money.

Remember, MLM schemes are destined to fail because the system will eventually reach a point where no more new members will be recruited. This is just a natural law of how all business works. This is why some products from the past are no longer with us. It also helps to explain why certain items that we buy and sell change over time.

Even though ADN is a legitimate MLM company, it would be wise to focus primarily on product sales and not the MLM scheme. The MLM scheme is legit but it is flawed. ADN products tend to be where the money is at. So, if a person can sign up with this business and focuses primarily on how to market the products they will probably come on top in the long run.

What is the Christian angle of this business?

When you view the website, you don’t see anything about Christianity on it. Apparently, Greg Gunderson is a believer in Jesus Christ. However, his Christian views don’t necessarily come through his business. There is online information about Gunderson and some of it does mention his connection to the Christian faith. Still, that doesn’t mean that business is legitimate and/or successful because it is Christian-based.

The Christian aspect of this business might not make a difference when it comes to selling this product. I can’t say for sure. However, people should be careful about how they present their faith in Jesus when they are operating a business. Keep in mind that some people believe that MLM schemes are automatically fraudulent or borderline shady. Therefore, why would a Christian company want a business practice like this to be a part of their organization? These are things for people to think about.

What are people saying about this business?

Honestly, American Dream Nutrition is receiving mixed reviews. This company does an outstanding job at being transparent, but some people believe they should go further with their effort. Their lack of a physical address makes people look at them with suspicion.

Also, we mentioned that the company forces people to purchase products when they sign up. Again, forcing people to buy merchandise while you work for them is not a great way to do business. There are reasons for this requirement, but it forces people to feel like they have to sell (and recruit) to keep from losing money. Now, some members might like the products and don’t mind paying for them. I just got the feeling that most people wouldn’t want to purchase this stuff just to keep working. Seriously, ADN should rethink this part of their business.

The markets are over flooded with health products. This is something that can’t be avoided since so many consumers want to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Trying to sell health products that will stand out from the competition will be hard. Remember, there is a lot of competition for the products that American Dream Nutrition offers. A member would have to figure out the best way to niche market this product.

ADN products are not FDA tested. So, the claims they make about their merchandise might not be true. This is a huge flag for many people because a product must do what it claims. ADN products have not been tested in this way and they could possibly be selling placebos instead of the real thing. Truthfully, how would most people know?

Some consumers are also stating that the products are also overpriced. Again, this will make it harder for them to be marketed and sold to the public. Also, the higher prices will make ADN products harder to compete within the market. ADN members will have to make sure the products are marketed in such a way where their prices will be comparable to other health product items within their niche.

American Dream Nutrition doesn’t promise people that they are going to get rich. The company does give people a realistic expectation to make money. This is a great way to promote the business. They don’t set people up with false dreams and hopes of wealth. We mentioned that some people will be able to make money from this opportunity. Those who are able to make this system work for them will be successful with this endeavor. Just don’t forget that most people probably will not make this opportunity work.

Is American Dream Nutrition a scam or a good opportunity?

Don’t forget that most reviews on the internet do not speak favorably about this company. They don’t necessarily say that the organization is a scam, but they aren’t raving about it either. American Dream Nutrition is not a scam. It is a legit business. A person can make some money from this opportunity. Some people will be able to quit their day job and earn a full-time income from this business. Some people will be able to earn extra income, but most people probably won’t.

Also, there is some rumbling about the products not being legit. We touched off on this point in the last section. We also need to inform you that some consumers just don’t think the products work after using them. So, once again, you’re going to have to figure out if American Dream Nutrition products are valid.

Finally, if you’re wondering is the American Dream for me, that answer is best left up to you. Think about what you could realistically do before putting your money down on this business. If you don’t think that you’re going to be successful or you’re hesitant about this business, don’t do it. You will have to figure this out for yourself. Ultimately, American Dream Nutrition is not a scam but it might not be the best opportunity for you to explore.

No, I'm not a rep nor a customer for American Dream Nutrition!

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  1. When I first heard about ADN, I had the same questions. Now I’ve been in the company for a couple of years and earn income. I have personally spoken with the owner Greg. This is input from my personal experience.

    1. BBB – ADN commonly does small things to save money. This is what allows them to have such a great pay plan! I emailed them about this at one point, they said it’s not cheap to be on the BBB and the BBB has threatened other business’s that if they didn’t advertise with them, they would have to tell anyone who called that It was an unethical business. I don’t like BBB anyway, it seems to be a place where people go when they’re mad, but generally don’t go out of their way to leave a positive review.

    2. No physical address listed. Another thing I asked about before starting. They do provide the mailing address as a PO Box. But, they do all of their business from a small warehouse that is not open to the public. I was told by Greg this is a huge cost-saving decision as other companies like to show off their large headquarters and properties. That large fancy building is paid for with money that could be used to invest back into the pay plan and company.

    3. It’s really a family-owned business. Greg’s wife and some of his kids help with different things within the company. Greg and his wife have 8 kids. They are Christian and some of the charities they support are Christian, like Mary’s Meals and Pre-Born. I’ve even had customer service members tell me they would keep me in their prayers 🙂

    4. “Remember, MLM schemes are destined to fail because the system will eventually reach a point where no more new members will be recruited.” I don’t think this is logical. There are 328 million people in the USA alone, and even the biggest and oldest MLM companies still get new members each day.

    4. If you signup as a distributor because you want to be able to earn commissions, you are required to have an automatic shipment each month, but the minimum is just 1 bottle of any product. This is not uncommon with MLMs. If you don’t want a automatic shipment, you can signup as a customer for free and purchase anytime.

    5. “ADN products are not FDA tested” The FDA does not test nutritional supplements. The FDA does not regulate nutritional supplements. If you look at other companies that sell nutritional supplements, they all say “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”. However, the website says that “Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and operate under the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).”

    6. Prices. In my experience, the products are the same or cheaper than their MLM competition. PhytoZon, the flagship product doesn’t really have competition since the main ingredient is patented by them. The stemcell product is a better version of the stemtech product which is $70 not including shipping. The stem cell from ADN is about $59 after shipping. Of course, you can buy other vitamins at Walmart for $18 a bottle, but you’re. not going to get good quality beneficial ingredients. You can’t compare a old Kia soul to a new Toyota Rav4.

    7. You can research the ingredients from each product and see the great benefits they provide. In my experience, the biggest complaint I get from some people (and I rarely get complaints) is that they didn’t feel a difference. This is a little ridiculous.. The ingredients are clinically proven to do certain things, but that doesn’t mean you always feel it. If you start taking vitamin C during the cold season, do you feel your body and immune system ramping up to fight sickness? No.. Sometimes, people will feel a difference. But usually, with nutritional supplements, you know they’re good for you, but you don’t have this super obvious feeling that they are doing something. That being said, I’ve heard some amazing stories about PhytoZon helping people with Arthritis and other joint pain issues.

    Hope this helps! If you are looking into ADN and have questions, Iv’e always had great expiriences with customer support


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