2021 NetworkersList Review New Launch

Every business needs an advantage with getting ahead in the market. They need to reach customers fast and they constantly need advertisements to remain relevant in the market. Networkerslist is a system that can provide this type of service for a business. This organization hasn’t been around for long. This email marketing system has the ability to improve a business’s profits and to increase their customer base. Here is some information about Networkerslist and how this company rates as a legitimate business opportunity.

What is Networkers List?

Newtworkerslist was started in late 2020. The site doesn’t give much information about how this enterprise was founded but we do know that Eva Simone and Johnn Dierksmeirer created it. These individuals are millionaires, and they brought this system into being to help organizations to improve their marketing reach.

People who sign up with program are now able to use various ads to help build up the Networkers List system or to endorse their own enterprise. Account holders can make referrals on the site or they can do other things such as represent a business or advertise for their own purposes.

The site provides account holders with many features to grow their business. However, they primarily focus on viral marketing which will be discussed in the next section. Networkerslist is also known as Networkers List.

What is a viral mailer?

Viral marketing is a marketing method that uses people (and even robots) to inform other individuals about a business. This form of marketing is also known as word-of-mouth and it can also be called pass-along email. This type of advertisement has been around since businesses first started using email marketing to reach customers and consumers.

Viral marketing is an effective way to reach clients and consumers without spending a lot of money on advertising costs. While it is time-consuming, the process can be sped up through the use of automated viral email systems. Networkerslist is one of the those types of platforms that is designed for this type of work.

How does a business benefit from viral email?

Email marketing is extremely effective for reaching out to customers. It’s also a great way for businesses to make people aware about what they are doing in the market. In the past, businesses realized that email marketing can go a long way with generating leads and getting the word out about different products and services.

Modern companies know that if a product or service is well-received by the public, chances are there are going to start telling others about it. Truthfully, people do this all the time with the things they like and love. So, virtual mailers are designed to get people to talk and share their knowledge and feelings about a product or service.

Networkers List understands this aspect of marketing. Their system is set up to take advantage of how this process works. The different features and tools are how account holders are able to generate sales and help companies to build their leads. This is also a great platform for branding.

Don’t forget how a popular video goes viral. At first, a few people see it and they realize how good it is then. These individuals then pass it on to others. In the meantime, a buzz is being created about a video. More and more people are logging onto a video sharing site, social network account, or a website just to see what it’s about. The next thing you know, millions of people have watched the video.

Sometimes, this happens unexpectedly for content makers. However, there are some people who have figured out how to get traffic from the content they make for videos. Networkerslist can be used to do the same thing. The exception is that the user will have to make dynamic advertising materials to make them go viral. Also, if they have a great product or service, they can do the same thing to make that happen as well. Viral marketing is a tool that is important to get the word out about a company, brand, product, or service.

Ultimately, viral marketing is extremely important for cutting costs associated with advertising. It is also necessary for reaching more consumers and for creating a buzz for brand. The Networkerslists is designed to drive sales, broaden a business’s reach and even to generate leads.

NetworkersList Features

Networkers list has a whole slew of features for account holders to get their business up and going. These features include:

  • Splash pages that will show your advertisements once a person logs onto a site.
  • Lead capture pages to direct browsers to a page before sending them to another site to make a purchase.
  • Banners
  • Solo add copy
  • Line downloads
  • Freed ad boards
  • An easy to understand and operate dashboard
  • Promotional center
  • Automatic traffic and tool builder
  • Site bonuses for gaining more referrals and affiliates
  • 2 by 2 matrix that gives users more power and benefits.
  • Users have the ability advertise their business and other businesses on different platforms.
  • Page customization features
  • Ad swipes
  • Links for ads
  • Solo and copy lead information
  • List building technology

The site has plenty of other great features that will help to generate leads and services for this Networkerslist affiliates. Remember, you will get the add banner advertising feature complete with 5000 impressions per month. You will also get an onsite ad board to promote various opportunities, and you will be able to get a 3rd party automatic building system for free. All these features and a lot more are at your disposal with this virtual emailing system.

Networkers List Prices

Networkers List is priced at $20 per month. This price amount is extremely affordable. However, it is expected to change since many people view it an introductory amount. Remember, Networkers List was started in late 2020. As of this writing, the company hasn’t been around for month. So, the pricing factors are extremely affordable while the network is working out the bugs, issues, and any other problems that may arise during the initial stages of its release. Customers should not get too comfortable with the prices because they are expected to go up in the future. There isn’t any official word that states if the prices are locked in for new customers.

The Referral Program of Networkerslist

Networkerslist referral program is designed to make the company and its affiliates money right away. While the company does promote a viral email marketing course, it also focuses on referral services as well. In other words, affiliates will get paid more money to recruit more people and businesses to this organization.

The referral system works like this:

  • They will pay a 50% commission on your referrals. You are expected to get 4 referrals.
  • The 4 members that sign up for this service will be used to provide your commission. The system is set up for you to receive a 50% commission off your 1st and 3rd referral. The 2nd and 4th referrals are passed up to the company or to the next person that might have signed you up. By the way, since the company is still in its early stages, you probably did not join by being signed up by another affiliate. In a scenario such as this, the company would take your 2nd and 4th referral commission.
  • As you increase your referral pool, the system will then keep track of the more people you get to join. This is another great way for affiliates to earn money while promoting this viral marketing program.

Support and Contact List for NetworkersList

The support and contact information for Networkers List consists of a simple email messaging. You can simply email the company about any complaints or questions they might have about the service. You can ask them things about joining the program or where they are headquartered. However, you might not always get a quick response or any response at all to some of your inquiries.

Networkerslist Facebook Page

Networkerslist is posted on Facebook but it doesn’t have its own Facebook page when this article was written. Instead, some person posted an add of the system onto a page they designed for various online referral programs. You can check it out for yourself at https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=105333241383835&story_fbid=135225721727920


The Networkers lists website is fairly easy to navigate. It provides some basic information about the company in an “about me” paragraph. They don’t go into detail about who started the company. They have a member’s area and a registration page. They also have a button that discusses prices. They talk about the program and they keep the information brief and to the point. They also have a FAQ page but it’s hard to reach from the main page of the site. However, you can check it out here https://www.networkerslist.biz/faq.php.

Networkers List Review

Networkers List is another site that should be called a referral marketing scheme as opposed to a virtual email advertisement system. Pay attention to why this statement is being made. First off, on the site’s FAQ page it asks the question:

“Do I need to refer (sponsor) others in order to earn commissions?”

Their answer to this question is: “Yes, our plan requires some work. With just 4 sales, our plan doubles your commissions for every level of depth IN EVERY PAY LINE to INFINITY!”

Stop right there and take a look at what that answer is really saying. The answer is clearly telling the affiliate that they need to get affiliates, make 4 sales, and put in the work to get other people to join. If you noticed in the Referral Program section of this review, it was stated that you didn’t necessarily need to get referrals to make this program to work. However, that is not true.

I on purposely said that to show you how misleading this company is. A person would read the company’s advertisements and marketing information and naturally think they can make money through email fliers. However, this is not the case.

The company isn’t necessarily lying but they are not completely being honest. They are offering viral emailing services but that is not how an affiliate is going to really earn money from this site. The truth is that this site requires people to sign others up to make money.

Hold on! Here’s something else to consider.

Networkerslist wants you to promote their site. They don’t necessarily have legitimate businesses getting the word out about their services. Instead, they’re using affiliates or individuals to perform this work. As a result, the company’s viral marketing services cannot be trusted.

While Networkerslist is a brand-new system, there should be at least one credible business organization that will give them a decent review. There isn’t one business that can provide them with this kind of response. Truthfully, any business that has outstanding marketing services will be given positive reviews by various businesses, companies, and organizations. If you can’t find any reviews from these entities, then a company is seriously suspect.

So, are you saying Networkers List is a scam?

No, Networkers List is not a scam. This business does just enough legal stuff to make is a legit venture. However, if you’re not careful, this service will have you believing that you’re going to make a bunch of money through a virtual marketing scheme. That is not the case.

Any business that signs up with this organization will probably be pissed off that they did it. No serious business has time to mess around with recruiting and referring people. Remember, it was stated earlier that you can sign up for the site and not have to worry about being referred. Again, Networkers List gives you this impression from their ads and marketing information.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The truth is that someone has to sponsor you before you can get signed up on the site. Again, the company misleads people into thinking that they can pay $20 and start the program on their own. If they don’t mislead people, they are “carefully confusing them” with how this program really works.

Remember what I just said about businesses using this system in the last paragraph? We’ll what credible business wants to get involved in an MLM scheme? No business brand with any sense is going to allow their organization to get caught up with this type of program.

This is one reason why Networkers List should stop promoting this service. Again, they’re not doing anything illegal, but it is extremely misleading people. They have a “GET STARTED” button on the front page of their site. Once someone clicks that button on, they’ll get a message that states:

“You are not allowed to join without sponsor.”

Again, the site is making it very clear that no one is going to get signed up without being referred to by another individual. If a person really wants to join this program for the viral marketing benefits, they are going to be seriously disappointed.

Here is the reason why. All the features and tools that site offers is designed for them to promote Networkers List. That is real reason why this organization gives people all these different tools. Yes, you can promote another business, but you’ll quickly discover that this is hard to do without putting in a lot of time to promote Networkers List.

This marketing system is not a scam. It does provide a legit service for your money. So, it is not a pyramid scheme. Still, it misleads a lot of people into thinking that its something that it’s really not. This is deceptive but not illegal. So once again, Networkers List is not a scam.

So, what can a person really do with NetworkersList?

If you really believe that this virtual marketing scheme is going to make you some money, then go for it. Unfortunately, there are always people on the internet looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Very few people want to work hard, save their money, and watch their wealth grow over time.

Since this is the case, business schemes such as NetworkersList will always be around to make money off these individuals. Even though this platform does states on their site that people need to work to make money; their ads and marketing gives the impression wealth. The promotions get people to believe that all they need to do is sign up, do a little bit of work, and watch the money start rolling in.

Now, there will always be at least one person who can someone manipulate misleading programs such as Networkers List to make real money. However, most people will not be able to do this. The average affiliate can expect to lose their $20 once they join. Yes, there are people out there that can be recruited for this program but consistently finding them all the time is problematic. Again, some people just have a knack for the referral business game. They can constantly refer people to a platform and make money. Unfortunately, most people can’t do this type of work and make a living at it – let alone get rich.

Look, I’m also going to say that Networkers List is still a new marketing organization. Since it’s young, the site will probably go through a lot of changes. The referral part of the system is not going to disappear. That will always be around because that is what the site has been created for. However, the viral marketing aspects could be enhanced enough for people and businesses to use without having to recruit people.

If it did offer legit viral marketing services, it would be a bonus because it could help many solo businesses and many small businesses with their marketing effort. This would help to build credibility into the system. Enterprises and affiliates could then join with the goal in mind of giving people solid marketing services. However, this is not the case. This is on speculation.

Again, I stated the previous 2 paragraphs to let you know that Networkers List does a lot of speculation on their site. Nothing is concrete with this viral email service. You can join the program if you desire. Honestly, you probably should if you’re good at the referral business game. However, if your looking for something that is going to get you somewhere over the long run, you probably should steer clear of this business.

Networkers List is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t have a company or business profile listed on a credible site, and it doesn’t have a registered physical address. You should look everything over before you join and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into with this company. If not you can end up losing your $20, frustrating yourself, and wasting valuable time in your life that you can’t get back.

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