2021 OnPassive Review: Will It Ever Launch?

Update Published on 13 August 2023 = click here -> SEC sues OnPassive! MLM Scheme Ashraf Mufareh GoFounders!

Hello readers, it's nice to have your attention on this honest and in-depth review of OnPassive by Gofounders. This post tells you all that you need to know about the much-anticipated entity, which is set to launch soon. It starts by revealing some mind-blowing statistics that show the number of startups that get rolled out every year and highlight how many of them fail daily. Additionally, it shares some possible reasons for the high rate of failure each of which can be avoided to lower this.

Shocking Startup Statistics

According to statistics, more than 1 million startups get launched every year, and almost over a hundred thousand fail daily, making up for a high percentage of failure rate. There are a couple of reasons why these young companies that have developed a unique business idea to make an instant impact tend to miss out on success. Some of them include but not limited to the following:

i. Financial constraints.

ii. Inefficient and inadequately experienced leaders alongside staff.

iii. Lack of proper planning and business strategies.

iv. Poor understanding of customer needs and market dynamics.

v. Wrong inventory purchases.

vi. High advertisement costs.

All these problems are solved by GoFounders, which is a part of OnPassive. With that said, it's time to go back to the main topic of this post. In this independent OnPassive review, I am going to clear the air about GoFounders and OnPassive. Since the roll out of the OnPassive and its corresponding GoFounders, a lot has been said about them.

Personally, I have read a number of OnPassive scam claims that lack any reasonable basis. As an individual who is passionate about protecting readers and investors from falling into the traps of scammers, I thought I would look into this company to determine whether it's a potential investment or just another Ponzi scheme masquerading as a proven MLM business. Without further ado, here's all you need to know about GoFounders and OnPassive:

What Is OnPassive?

Set to launch in late January or early February 2021, OnPassive is a passive income investment system that is set to be launched and run by a company known as GoFounders. Apart from offering an investment opportunity, this system will also serve as a back-office for GoFounders. It will provide AI-integrated tools that will help handle the tasks that GoFounders otherwise employs human beings for. These include customer support, staff recruitment, as well as marketing and sales promotions.

Once launched, OnPassive will accept investors who are driven by the desire to achieve complete financial freedom. It will enable them to generate passive residual income for life. OnPassive is based upon an MLM business model with a proven return on investment.

What Is GoFounders?

Unlike OnPassive, which is an MLM investment platform and a back-office system, GoFounders is a regular business that deals in actual products. For example, this technologically advanced entity specializes in AI-integrated tools for small and big businesses.

The tools can be used to eliminate redundant and monotonous tasks that are often handled by human beings as opposed to computers or machines. Such tasks include recruitment, sales, and promotion. This enables companies to lower their overhead costs by not having to hire people to perform those tasks. It is these tools that the company sells to make money.

For starters, the back office is like the back-end of a company consisting of administration and support personnel who are usually not seen at the front-end of the entity. This side of a company is responsible for a wide range of functions including settling, clearing, and recording transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance, performing IT services. The products created by GoFounders will help takes care of businesses' back-office tasks, automating operations and reducing overhead costs.

I hope now you fathom the relationship between OnPassive and GoFounders. Having said that, let's understand some key features of the former:

Features of OnPassive

OnPassive offers various features that make it a useful system for both its registered members and the parent company it serves as the back-office side of things. These allow investors to build a team and accomplish other tasks necessary to manage and drive their investments successfully. And here they are:

i. A centralized community space—OnPassive features a centralized community space where Founders interact with each other.

ii. A download support for multiple types of files—-additionally, the system integrates a special software and functionality that enables users to download all manner of files including webinar videos, e-books, and posters fast and conveniently.

iii. In-house built tools with My Linkstab integration—OnPassive features a few company-built tools integrated with MyLinkstarb. One of these tools is “TrimURL”. This is designed to shorten any lengthy URLs, allowing users to add keywords in a customized URL form to avoid chances of getting filtered out as spam.

Other tools include; My Team, My Invitations, and My Links. MyTeam allows users to view the details of the team members and the overall performance of the team, enhancing collaboration and performance. Meanwhile, My Invitations enables users to create customized email templates for new members' invitation purposes. Bulk emails can be sent to multiple invitees, using this incredible MLM recruitment tool. Lastly, My Links makes copying, sharing, and creating invitational webinars and presentation links an easy possibility.

iv. Website builder—-this feature offers a unique design concept that enables the user to build a creative and responsive website that will empower their business, without effort. Plus, the built website can be easily integrated with social media for digital marketing purposes. All aspects of website design including banner design are catered for by the builder.

A good example of a website you can build from scratch without any coding skills, using the website builder is a membership site where you can share your content exclusively with your members.

v. Domain Setup—you probably know that establishing an online business entails more than just building a website and upload content. Besides that, you want to publish it online so that it's visible and accessible to search engine bots and users. To ensure that, you want to finalize setting up your existing domain. That entails registering your domain and having your website hosted so that it goes live. This feature will help with all of that.

vi. A flexible wallet—-One of the things that set OnPassive apart from other similar systems is the flexible wallet feature. This offers an innovative and extra secure way to pay businesses, friends, and family with greater convenience. It's like the ultimate solution for those who seek to make online financial transactions using a system that's equipped with an added layer of security.

OnPassive Packages

By now, I hope you know that it will cost you some money to join OnPassive once it gets rolled out. Investors will have the following options;

i. Matrix Tier 1—$25

An investment worth $25 will put the investor into OnPassive's Matrix Tier 1. With this, they will be able to earn up to $11, depending on the level on which they are and the number of new members they bring in.

ii. Matrix Tier 2—$125

This will be available for $125. It will consist of up to 10 levels each of which will pay some small amounts when you bring in a new member. The highest level will earn you up to $15. All levels will pay a total of $47 per transaction.

iii. Matrix Tier 3—$250

Matrix Tier 3, will pay relatively well. Investors will be able to join this for $250. Like other tiers, it will be made up of up to ten different levels each paying differently. The highest and lowest earnings you will be able to make in this matrix tier are; $25 and $7, respectively. Nonetheless, you will be able to earn up to $68 if you qualify for all payments per level.

iv. Matrix Tier 4—-$500

This will go for $500. It will be the ultimate matrix tier level offered by OnPassive. Tier 4 will reward members extremely well with the lowest amount you will be able to make per transaction amounting to $10. Similarly, there will be ten levels in it with the highest level offering a cool $30 at any one time. At this level, you will be able to make up to $100 in total per single transaction.

The Team Behind GoFounders

OnPassive was founded by Ash Mufareh. Born in Alabama, US and currently residing in Orlando, United States, the 49-year old, successful network marketer currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He understands how fast the internet is evolving and the importance of companies and investors to synchronize with this rapid change to continue being relevant. Because he believes every person deserves financial freedom without sacrificing personal time, he developed this system to provide automated business solutions and revenue-creating opportunities to investors who are driven by passion and hard work.

OnPassive's Potential Pros

i. A Powerful Compensation System with Spillover

The term “Spillover” generally refers to the extension of something when an excess exists. In the investment context, it can be interpreted as the extension of an existing payment when an excess exists.

One of the main reasons why investors can't wait to see OnPassive launched is the program's enticing compensation plan that will offer attractive spillover rewards. The 3 X 10 matrix enforcement system will enable investors to earn a commission for enrollment done by someone else, essentially allowing them to earn money for nothing. Here's a brief about how the matrix spillover system will work:

The founder(investor) will join a tier in the OnPassive matrix system after paying the required amount per desired tier($25, $125, $250, or $500). The platform will offer up to 4 different matrix tiers each with ten join able levels, depending on the number of new members you bring in.

$25 will qualify an investor for the matrix tier 1 first level. Bringing in more than 3 new investors automatically will graduate an investor into the second level. And the same will apply to the subsequent levels within the tier. Notably, compensation is going to keep on increasing per subsequent level and that's generally how the spillover is going to generate income for investors.

$125 will qualify an investor for the matrix tier 2 first level while $250 and $500; matrix tier 3 and matrix tier 4, respectively. Please do not that the spillover system is going to apply across the board even though the commissions will keep on increasing with each subsequent tier.

ii. OnPassive Will Help People Establish and Empower Their Businesses

OnPassive will be not only about MLM and earning commissions for bringing in new investors, but it will also be about helping investors create and grow their business as it will equip them with all the tools they'll need to do so. Don't forget that GoFounders, which is the company behind this system deals in AI-powered automated solutions for big and small businesses. As said earlier, these tools can be used to eliminate redundant and monotonous tasks that are often handled by human beings, improving efficiency and eliminating labor along with overhead costs. When you invest in OnPassive, you'll get access to all of these tools, which you can use to create or better your existing business, at no extra cost. It means that even if you are not a network marketing fan, you'll still find great usefulness with OnPassive as a business-oriented person.

iii. Free Advertisement

OnPassive will entail a huge community with hundreds of thousands of members across the globe. Those who join it will receive free ad credits that allow them to advertise their businesses on the platform at no extra cost. Whether it's a blog or e-commerce store, it will be visible to everyone, which will be a great way to attract traffic and boost your sales. This means that, even if you are not an MLM enthusiast, you will still get huge value out of this system as an investor with an existing online business. The level of free exposure you'll receive from OnPassive is one that would otherwise cost you a lot of money on regular advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, and more.

iv. Outstanding Customer Support

Customer support is an important consideration for many investors who are looking for an investment platform on which to invest their money. Many websites similar to OnPassive suck big time when it comes to providing customer services to help customers in making cost-effective and correct use of them. Once they take your money, they quit giving a damn about your customer support needs. You'll be frustrated until you eventually opt-out, losing your money and all the effort you've put in. Unlike them, OnPassive has set up an incredible customer support team with dedicated professionals that will ensure excellent customer support.

v. Affordable and Cost-Saving Investment Opportunities

What's more, OnPassive will be a relatively affordable MLM investment platform. For as little as $25, investors will be able to join the platform and start earning residual income for life. Many similar investment platforms tend to charge higher for their individual packages.

Plus, not only will you be generating passive income with your low-cost investment, but you'll also enjoy unlimited access to the company's game-changing AI-powered automation tools for big and small businesses. This will help you save big on operating expenses at no extra cost.

vi. Convenient Payment Options

Last but not least, the platform will feature integration with various payment options, allowing investors to conveniently pay for their desired package. These options will be; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and even Bitcoin. Don't forget that only a few businesses accept cryptocurrency as an alternative payment.

OnPassive Cons

i. Advertising To a Limited Audience

One of the few minor gripes that will come with OnPassive is that; while the system will offer a free advertising benefit, investors will only be able to advertise their products or services to the audience on the platform. In my opinion, it would be the best if OP allowed them to reach out to a global audience as opposed to limiting investors to the platform's audience. This will be kind of limiting.

ii. MLM Business Model

Although OnPassive will provide other financial benefits either directly or indirectly, some investors will find it fairly challenging to generate income through the company's multi-level marketing business model. MLM is best left to affiliate marketing geniuses who have the passion, drive, consistency, and patience necessary to find success. Not so many investors have all of these qualities.

iii. You Will Not Be Able to Join OnPassive Without An Invitation

Joining OnPassive will not be a straightforward affair. You will first need an invitation from an existing OnPassive member to be able to join the program.

Is GoFounders a Scam?

There is no indication that GoFounders is a scam. Here are some signals suggesting that GoFounders is a legitimate company:

i. Positive Feedback

Since GoFounder's launch in 2018, the company has received positive reviews on several trustworthy forums online, including Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Trustpilot. It has been widely mentioned positively by both its employees, co-founders, bloggers, and the public in general. Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, among other review sites have scored GoFounders fairly highly with 4 stars and above, and that's a sign that this isn't a scam.

ii. Established Profile On LinkedIn

GoFounders, the company behind OnPassive, boasts a strong LinkedIn profile with 3324 followers at the time of writing this. The company has received positive feedback and comments from lots of users of this professional networking platform. Frankly, this is not a typical thing in the scam world. What is more, the data here suggests that OnPassive has nearly 30 employees. Most scams do not have such a big number of employees.

How To Become a Founder of GoFounders

Joining GoFounders to become a co-founder of the company and gain financial freedom isn't relatively straightforward. But with the knowledge below, you should be able to join without effort:

i. Get a Gofounder or an affiliated entity to send you an invitation. To do so, just type Google “GoFounders near me” and choose the appropriate result.

ii. Click register and enter your first name, last name, and email address then click the button beneath that says “Get Your Invitation Now!”.

iii. After an invitation link is sent to your inbox, click it and fill out the form with the required details usually your first name, last name, email address, password, phone number, and country. Then enter the provided CAPTCHA and submit the form.

iv. Then, go back to your inbox and click the link you were sent to verify your email and log in to your GoFounders account.

v. Finally, make the required payment to become a founder.

Final Thoughts

OnPassive by Ash Mufareh is a system that will be offered by GoFounders to allow business-oriented individuals to invest money and unlock financial freedom. It will allow investors(founders) to generate income through multi-level marketing and establishing as well as building their own business. Once you join, your money will yield residual income you can depend on for life.

Though there are a few unsubstantiated OnPassive scam claims, this system doesn't strike us like a fraud. All indications suggest that it will work as advertised.

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  1. I am not sure! this sounds like a scam because the video is from February 13, and now it is May 12, like 3 months behind not updated at all. How can you expect people to just put money into a none function Company? I believe it is a Joke, I would like to see more I have no confidence in this automated system at all.
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  2. The credibility of the company diminishes as the months get further from the stated launch date on this website. The fact that you have not updated this site since January also shows your lack of confidence in this bogus company. I just feel for the many people who have been fooled and have lost their money. I don’t want a reply, I just wanted a place to share my frustration, since any negative comments are removed from any of these deceiving websites anyway. This whole thing is a joke, which will never come to fruition because the people that are in charge have run off with all the money anyway!!

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      I agree with you that the so called “opportunity” OnPassive is a joke…… Did You read the review my friend?


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