Roopesh – Deal with Tinnitus – Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day

3 October 2015

Today’s Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day is Roopesh

Dealing with Tinnitus

Featured Friend's Profile of the Day

The Profile write up below is an exact copy and paste from Roopesh’s Wealthy Affiliate Profile page.

Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day

Hi I am brand new to affiliate business. I am a pharmacist. I enjoy my profession. But now I have come to a point where I want to help more people and educate them about their health and at the same help myself on a financial level cause I want things to be more easier and put my knowledge into much more practice.Furthermore, I have always been interested in having an online business and I hope that I can learn from this community as much as possible to realize my dream of financial independence.

Roopesh - Dealing with Tinnitus
Roopesh – Dealing with Tinnitus

Roopesh is today’s Featured Profile of the day for today.

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