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Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to monetize your website while sharing what you are passionate about. Are you into Health and Wellness, Golf, Football, Cooking, Photography, Personal Development, Real Estate, Music or anything else that you could write about and share?

It all starts with a website, Get your Free Website in under 30 seconds.

There are many affiliate programs that you can become an affiliate for and promote their products and I will share a few with you:

The above list is just to name a few, Most all major name brand stores, products and services have an affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of network marketing where a publisher writes and shares content or reviews in order to help potential customers to know more about a product and/or service to make a more educated decision whether or not to make the purchase.  When the purchaser purchases a product or service through the publisher’s affiliate link, The publisher would then receive credit for the referral and earn a commission.  Many companies love this form of marketing because a commission is only paid when a sale is made, Much different than traditional advertising which is expensive and no sales are guaranteed!



Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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    1. You are welcome and thank you Intisar, I appreciate your input my Friend. Yes it is so rewarding to earn an income online from anywhere in the world and help Friends to earn as well. Thank you my Friend, Tony

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