Ashraf Mufareh YouTube Zoom addressing being sued by the SEC

Have You heard yet about the SEC suing Ash Mufareh & his Wife claiming that OnPassive is operating as a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme masquerading as a Legit MLM Company? Ash Mufareh even stated that “only God can stop OnPassive!”

OnPassive has been in Pre-Launch for about 5 years now having started in 2018.
To date, not 1 of the GoFounders or any other members have been paid a single cent….
Not only that but there have been no products launched!
Right now they're supposedly getting Oconnect ready to launch…… Guess what? That's going to cost members about $150 for the 1st 3 months! That's right, even tho they've already paid $97 to become a “Founder” and haven't made any money for the past 5 years, now they get to pay more!

Ash Mufareh spoke to the members of OnPassive &  even someone who called him out for being a scammer on the Zoom.
Read here about OnPassive Ash Mufareh being sued by the SEC

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Financial impropriety allegations lead to SEC suit worth approximately $108M against OnPassive & Ash Mufareh
Based on the SEC probe results, OnPassive carried out illicit actions that targeted innocuous investors across the globe, with US residents being particularly affected.
By March 2023, ONPASSIVE's earnings exceeded $108 million following the acquisition of approximately 1.12 million founder positions by roughly 800,000 investors.

According to the name “ONPASSIVE,” Mufareh and ONPASSIVE positioned the venture as a passive revenue possibility by highlighting that investors were not required to take any action beyond a single upfront purchase of merchandise and ongoing monthly subscription charges, with founders also incurring a $97 fee to access commission opportunities.
A pyramid scheme called ONPASSIVE requires financial commitment in exchange for a shared profit opportunity reliant on the efforts of other individuals.

Instead of focusing on the practicality of the item itself, enhanced profits have fueled recruitment through the promise of financial gain. Among these factors lies Defendants' ability to secure over 800,000 investors across the globe, convincing them to purchase more than 1.12 million Founder shares spanning four years.
Just shy of 12%, or approximately 93,000 investors, bought multiple Founder stakes.

With no restriction on quantity purchased per person under the singular deal offered, the verification afforded through the participation of over ninety three thousand individuals in acquiring numerous Founder placements signifies how appetite among shareholders has largely been stirred up by expectation of recurring revenue stream.
It is likely that many ONPASSIVE investors will experience financial loss.
Common sense dictated that ONPASSIVE's unusual business model merited investigation before committing funds.
Misleadingly claiming legitimacy, Mufareh sought to defend his pyramid scam before OnPassive partners.

Mufareh expressed during the webinar held on August 29th, 2019, that ONPASSIVE operates within legal boundaries in each nation where it functions but offers solutions if required.
In ONPASSIVE's Back Office in April 2019 and again in December 2021, Mufareh examined, altered, and confirmed books, containing phrases like: “WE ARE LAWFUL Globally.” “Our Compliance is Worldwide.” And, “government Will Use Our Products!”.
With knowledge or ignorance of their falsity, the preceding assertions caused harmful consequences under Mufareh's careless guidance.

In order to combat unfavorable evaluations regarding Mufareh and ONPASSIVE on current multi-level marketing assessment websites, covert measures were taken by Mufareh and ONPASSIVE to create replica websites bearing similar titles. Subsequently, ONPASSIVE representatives under Mufareh's supervision strategically posted glowing appraisals of these two entities disguised as independent, impartial critiques found on such platforms.

A complete about-face occurred when Review Site 1 previously dismissed ONPASSIVE only to reverse their decision shortly afterward. A pyramid scheme devised by a serial con artist, laid bare in simplicity.
At first, defendant strategies focused on disregarding dissenting voices.
Despite persistent negative feedback, Mufareh authorized the development of fake and deliberately deceptive websites in November 2019, mimicking the names and appearances of genuine sites and featuring favorable critiques of ONPASSIVE and Mufareh.

Proposed by ONPASSIVE staff, Mufareh consented to utilize two fake sites as third-party sources. They planned to write exclusive reviews about their brand, mimicking an unbiased voice, while simultaneously leveraging both sites to sway public opinion. Their initial focus was to eliminate unfavorable review sites from search engine rankings.
These fake sites copied the website names of reputable MLM review platforms but added slight variations to their domains.
To disguise his involvement and that of ONPASSIVE, Mufareh created the two fake websites in November 2019, handling the registration process personally.

In pursuit of deception, Mufareh and ONPASSIVE conspired to disguise their connection with fake websites.
Adhering to Mufareh's directions, ONPASSIVE employees started maintaining the websites in a way that would deceive users into thinking the sites lacked bias, initiated in late 2019.
Deceptive tactics were employed, creating false websites and pretending to be impartial sources of information while providing glowing reviews of Mufareh and ONPASSIVE.
Moreover, the failure to reveal ONPASSIVE's involvement in managing those websites and reviews rendered the statements false.

Behind OnPassive's central scheme lies the perpetual anticipation of “me too” AI-powered replicas of existing productivity tools – clones of Zoom, Gmail, and YouTube included.
Continual disappointment marked OnPassive's failure to publicly debut any product or service, providing humor to those aware of Mufareh's deceit.
As described within their Complaint, the SEC indicates.
Until June 30, 2023, ONPASSIVE had neither released nor charged money for any products, thus failing to honor its commitments towards investors.

In contrast to channeling investor dollars into product creation, Mufareh decided to apply those monies towards other areas of interest.
Mufareh directs funding into his pyramid scheme while also utilizing monies for personal gain and development initiatives unrelated to the intended software applications.
As part of this process, Mufareh shifted capital to accounts held independently by his partner Ash Mufareh, who then oversaw these resources.
Named a defendant by the SEC, Asmahan Mufareh seeks relief.
They also channeled a substantial part of funds to cryptocurrency assets under their individual supervision.

The available balance was put towards buying assets like mutual funds or stocks after being withdrawn from special savings accounts set up by the Mufareha's specifically for unforeseen emergencies or large future expenditures.
Illegitimate financial claims reside with Mufareh, ONPASSIVE, and Asmahan Mufareh.
Due to the founders position being investment in nature onpassive' specifically The more positions you purchase the more  income passively), the sec has declared onpassive's mlm constitution constitute s a security offering.

Alleged offenses related to the Securities and Exchange Act have been directed towards OnPassive and Ash Mufareh through four distinct claims.
Unjust enrichment is among the claims made by Ash Murfareh.
Seeking an enduring restraint, the SEC demands return of unlawfully gained proceeds along with interest accrued prior.
In case the SEC wins, Mufareh faces being restricted from assuming leadership positions in organizations having shareholder classes.

Have You or anyone that You know, joined OnPassive in the past 5 years?

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  1. I was one who bought one “founders” postion. I started wondering about the company last year, if it was for real or a scam. The SEC lawsuit convinced me it was! I have officially closed my account with them and requested a refund. They said I would see a refund “in 7 to 10 days”. This was on August 23rd. I bet you can guess what happened, right? No refund has been made. And now I saw that apparently the company removed the refund request from their website! I will probably never see a dime, but I definitely won’t be giving them any more of my miney!

    • Many Friends did join Katherine & many have not nor will ever receive a refund…. Ashraf Mufareh supposedly placed the $97 as credit towards the purchase of O-Connect which will also need additional funds….
      I Pray that You & others do not only receive your money back but also that your reputations and thoughts about MLM aren’t tarnished…..
      EmpowerLife also has poor leadership and is filled with lies and deception, although many are being paid….


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