Best Affiliate Marketing Classes for Beginners 2020

Affiliate marketing is typically a strategy utilized in online businesses by product owners to increase the sales of their offerings by allowing their partners to target the same population or audience. The product owners pay a set amount of commission to the partners for every sale made to the target audience through their affiliate programs. The products’ costs remain constant whether the customer purchases the products through an affiliate or directly through the owner.

There are numerous affiliate programs that you can find out there online where anybody can join. Some of the affiliate marketing programs provide comprehensive training and support alongside banners and promotional links. The affiliates can earn one-time purchase commissions or a recurring income through membership programs or sales of subscriptions. The benefits of an affiliate marketing program may vary from one affiliate to another. Some affiliate programs offer some rewards and incentives for the utilization of personal websites to advertise their products.

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous affiliate programs you can find over the internet, and finding the right one can be challenging. You might have probably been on many sites trying to find a legit one that can help you earn a decent income from home. And I am guessing you have had your share of some disappointments, just like many of us. So, I want to introduce you to my Wealthy Affiliate University review. I will discuss the features and benefits of this online education program in this post and how you can use it to earn money online.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University refers to a continuing education program that teaches people about affiliate marketing and how they can succeed. It consists of an all-inclusive course program that teaches people every aspect of online businesses and affiliate marketing. Generally, this online training site is committed to helping individuals create successful online businesses.

The website includes a wide array of different training programs that you can access once you sign up with the platform. It will teach you everything from helping you create business ideas for a niche or website, building your website, and utilizing search engine optimization to get traffic. These training programs enable you to learn or get training at your own pace to absorb the content and work on the tasks assigned to you after every section.

What training is included at Wealthy Affiliate University?

As we mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate University provides continuing education programs for affiliate marketers who would like to enhance their online marketing skills and take their businesses to a higher level. Wealthy Affiliate mainly offers two different online courses, namely Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification. In this section, we will take a closer look at these courses and curriculum provided to determine the education quality offered and to understand this online institution fully.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

The focus of this online course is to propel your online entrepreneurship journey and is divided into different levels. Each level covers a specified aspect of establishing an internet business through affiliate marketing. This online program comprises five different levels, each consisting of ten lessons. All the lessons have study materials and videos, which make the learning process interactive and exciting. The main training you get during this program is meant to equip you adequately for online entrepreneurship. Below is a breakdown of these levels and the lessons you will find in each of them.

Level 1: Getting Started

The first level is designed to help you get started. It consists of ten lessons that provide you with a quality and comprehensive introduction on how to can become a successful online entrepreneur. You will learn how to complete your profile, identify your niche, create your website, and navigate the WA community. You will also learn several Wealthy Affiliate tips that can help you make your site search engine-friendly. These first ten lessons are free to anybody who chooses to participate.

Level 2: Building Your Traffic Producing Website

The second level teaches you how you can develop a successful website that can produce free traffic. It is a high-quality continuing education program, especially if you are creating an online business. You will learn a lot more about increasing your site’s traffic organically utilizing search engine optimization. You will also learn how to find the right keywords to use and provide keyword-rich content.

Level 3: Making Money

In level three, the continuing education program takes you into the crucial aspects of creating your online business to help you make money. The lessons taught in this level are the foundation of a successful online business. It focuses on useful Wealthy Affiliate tips and tricks that you can use to monetize your site traffic. You will learn about affiliate marketing and affiliate links and other hints to make good money over the internet.

Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement

The course in level 4 of the comprehensive curriculum is a clear illustration of the high-quality continuing education offered by Wealthy Affiliate University. Level 4 is all about understanding how to leverage different social media networks to drive more website traffic. It unearths what affiliates need to succeed in any online business today.

Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Via Content Creation

This curriculum level is designed to train you on how to maximize the potential you have when it comes to producing content for your internet business. It focuses on the most crucial aspect of developing a sustainable business over the internet. You will learn different techniques to make your website content visually appealing, compelling, and engaging.

With this training, you will progress through every course by completing the assigned tasks and then proceed to the following lesson. WA University curriculum is not a training course you can fail because it is put together to offer basic knowledge and help you build momentum.

Affiliate Bootcamp Course

While the Online Entrepreneur Certification is generally about online marketing, the following section of the training is about building a business over the internet by referring other people to Wealthy Affiliate. The program aims to adequately equip you with training to help you make some money by advertising Wealthy Affiliate.

The Bootcamp program is targeted at converting you into a WA affiliate. It is grouped into seven different levels that consist of ten lessons each. Most of the topics covered in this online program overlap in a way with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Moreover, it goes deeper into pay-per-click advertising or PPC. Let us take a closer look at the breakdown of the WA Bootcamp course:

Level 1: Getting Your Online Business Rolling

This level teaches you basic techniques to help you design a good website and establish your internet business.

Level 2: Keywords, Content, and Conversion

In this level, you will learn how to identify and use the appropriate keywords to market the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Level 3: Giving Your Website Social Value

In this level, you will learn how to use social media platforms to increase your website’s traffic and drive leads and conversions.

Level 4: Get Aesthetic, Get Visual

This level focuses on equipping you with proven tips and techniques to make your WA reviews visually attractive. Additionally, you can also learn how to design text-based graphics that will enhance your content.

Level 5: Knowing Your Target Audience and Attracting More Referrals

The focus of this level is to teach you Wealthy Affiliate tips that will help you create engaging website content. You will also learn how to use the YouTube platform as a source of your website’s traffic.

Level 6: PPC, Bing, and Yahoo

In this level, you’ll learn how to run PPC online campaigns on Bing and utilize Bing’s Webmaster Tools. You will also learn the tips and techniques you can use to get your pages indexed on Yahoo and Bing.

Level 7: How To Build Successful PPC Campaigns

This final level typically deals with useful techniques that help maximize the outcomes of your PPC adverts.

Moreover, live webinars are run every week by successful and experienced Wealthy Affiliate members. These webinars are an excellent way to interact with the Wealthy Affiliate community and also get your questions resolved by experts. Nevertheless, you can also get access to this feature if you are a paid member.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

Many people wonder whether Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme or not because it has survived many years in the affiliate marketing industry. They confuse the memberships of Wealthy Affiliate with a pyramid form of business model.

The quick answer to this question is that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a pyramid scheme but a platform for learning how to launch successful online businesses in any niche. It is not a pyramid scheme, although it has its affiliate program that members can easily promote. Wealthy Affiliate members have the freedom to begin an internet business in any area that interests them.

Before we try to discover whether the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a pyramid business model or not, it is essential to understand what’s a pyramid scheme and how it works. Wikipedia defines a pyramid scheme as a business structure that recruits people through a promise of services or payments for enrolling other individuals into the scheme, instead of sale of products or supplying investments. As recruiting multiplies, recruitment becomes impossible quite fast, and many members do not profit from the scheme; as such, a pyramid scheme is often illegal and unsustainable.

Going by this definition, a pyramid scheme refers to a business model where you are promised to get for enrolling or recruiting other individuals instead of selling real services or goods. As the pyramid continues to grow, it becomes pretty difficult for many members to benefit from it. It becomes quite unsustainable with time, and this kind of business model is considered as illegal by FTC. With this understanding, let us relate this type of business model with Wealthy Affiliate and determine if it functions the same way as pyramid business models.

1. Free starter membership

One of the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate cannot be a pyramid business model is that you do not need to provide your credit card details or even go through a compulsory 14-day or 7-day free trial duration for being a free WA starter member. Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join, and you can also remain a free member even for life.

You aren’t forced to invite other people over or recruit others to stay affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate. Typical pyramid schemes will request you to refer or enroll other individuals under you to get paid. And that is because they’ve got no legitimate services or products to sell.

2. It is an all-inclusive training platform

The other reason why Wealthy Affiliate cannot be a pyramid business model is that it has an all-in-one training platform for online marketers. The training platform facilitates all the tools and resources to launch a successful internet business. It is not an online business where you are required to refer or enroll other people to get paid. Instead, it’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and training you will require to begin your online business. The online business is typically a problem-solving and profit-making website in your preferred niche. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you are given various training and web builder resources such as text tutorials, hosting, keyword research tool, security, and video walkthroughs.

3. It provides an affiliate program

Because Wealthy Affiliate is generally a community for ambitious affiliate marketers, it is natural for the platform to have their affiliate program. In my opinion, this part is where many people confuse WA with a pyramid business model. If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can choose to advertise the platform’s affiliate program to earn yourself a commission each time a person signs up with the platform through any of your affiliate links.

Nonetheless, that is entirely optional, and you aren’t obliged to promote it at all. Many affiliates out there prefer to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program because it is one of the legit platforms that has worked for many people across the world.

If your business revolves around affiliate marketing, it is always good to market something that you know or has tried yourself.

In summary, you should not confuse affiliate marketing with pyramid schemes. Affiliate marketing is generally a business model where a company or merchant pays you a commission when you assist them in making some sales as a marketer or affiliate through your marketing endeavors. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t any multi-level marketing scheme or pyramid scheme. It’s pure affiliate marketing because there are no downlines or pyramid structure of any kind.

Can You Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can, but not as quickly as you many people think. Wealthy Affiliate will not make you rich overnight because it isn’t a get-rich-quick model. It is a step-by-step training for affiliate marketers where you will learn the entire process of launching a sustainable and long-term business over the internet.

Attaining success in affiliate marketing is not different from any other industry. You need to learn and understand the entire process first, start your business, and develop it by offering valuable content that your audience loves regularly. You need to constantly take necessary actions towards developing your internet business by following all the steps you learn during your Wealthy Affiliate training. Here are the steps you need to follow to create a sustainable business with Wealthy Affiliate and earn good money.

1. Select a niche or interest

Choosing your preferred niche is usually the starting point of creating an online business. While it can be any subject you want, it’s a good idea to choose a topic you are interested in or are passionate about.

2. Develop a business website

With Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need any skills or experience in web development to make your website. The platform gives you two free websites to do what you please with them. These websites are already coded and pre-built, so you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is choose a suitable name for the website and how you would like it to look. The entire process takes 30 seconds or even less.

3. Get visitors

Your business website should have internet visitors or traffic to make money over the internet. The more traffic you attain, the more cash you can make. With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, you will learn how to attract visitors interested in your niche or offerings to your site.

4. Make money

You can promote products and services on your site, and once visitors purchase, you earn some money. There are millions of different topics to select from to earn a good income with. Every subject has many individuals interested in it and who search for useful information about it every day. By having a site with great content, you can leverage it and earn a decent income. That is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to do, even if you don’t have previous experience with these things.

Whether you decide to market Wealthy Affiliate or advertise a service or a product in a completely different niche, it takes time to make some money over the internet if you would like to grow a sustainable and long-term online business in affiliate marketing. However, the cash will eventually follow provided you are constantly able to develop the content on your site and, most importantly, assist your audience in solving their problems.

The amount of money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate is limitless. However, it all depends on how passionate you are to become successful regardless of what it takes. The amount you earn every month will be determined by factors such as the niche you select, the quality of your site’s content, and your general attitude towards accomplishing your financial goals.

Summary of why Wealthy Affiliate University is the Best Training Programs for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing.

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners who are just getting started in the industry. The beauty of this program is that you decide which way you would like to use to make money. The program Wealthy Affiliate University takes you step-by-step to provide you with the tools you need to make your dream a reality. You take your hobbies, interests, and passions, create a visually-appealing website for them, and then turn them into an online income stream.

You do not need any unique skills to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone interested in having a stream of income over the internet can benefit from this affiliate marketing program. Regardless of your age or skill level or circumstance, if you have a passion for learning and building an online business and a stable Internet connection, you’ll be successful at Wealthy Affiliate.

The best thing about the WA program is the live training sessions offered every week. You can watch live training sessions where you can freely participate and ask any questions. If you cannot make it to these training sessions, you can try to watch them the following day. These sessions are incredibly valuable, and individuals from all over the world attend these live training sessions. And that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect program for beginners.

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