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What is the Best Free Website Builder including Free Hosting?

It seems that there is a website for just about everything. Many businesses need to have a presence online in order to be successful and provide customers with the information that they need. Small businesses need to have a website too in order to provide information to their customers. It also seems that people run personal websites. They may have their own site for fundraising or they may have the site in order to share what they are passionate about. Websites do cost a lot of money to build. They can easily reach a couple of hundreds of dollars depending on the features that are needed. If a person has their website designed by a professional there is an additional cost. This no longer has to be the case.

A free website builder can save a person a lot of time and a real lot of money. Not all the free website builders are made the same. While some of them are reputable there are some that are a hassle to use. Still many wonder what is the best free website builder? One of the best sites to build a website free of charge is SiteRubix will allow a person to build a professional looking website and they will not have to spend any money.

SiteRubix is part of the online learning center that is known as Wealthy Affiliate University. This university will help a person learn how to make money online. Lucky for the user they do not have to pay to have access to Site Rubix. They will still get the instruction, training, and the support they need to build a quality website free of charge. This program is free to join as a starter member. This is no limits on the time that a person remains a starter member. They can hold this status for many years without any charges or being forced to upgrade memberships. There is a premium membership but a person who is looking to build a free website does not have to purchase this premium deal.

When a person signs up for they can begin to start building their website right away. If a person has trouble creating exactly what they want on their website or if they have a question about how to add something to the site they can ask the live help associate. A person will have access to this live help for a period of seven days after signing up with this site. They can access this help over an internet chat. The associate will direct a person on what to do and they will be able to fix any of the problems. This is very useful especially for a person that does not have experience building a website or experience with website design. Many other free website building platforms do not offer help for their members. They will not have access to anyone for support and there will be no one there that will be able to answer their questions.

If a person is able to build a website and is happy with the outcome they can expand their interests online. A person can build a second website free of charge. They will be able to build another webpage and will not have to pay anything for it. The second website can be on a topic that is similar to the first site or it can be something that is completely different. Many sites will only allow a person to build one free website. SiteRubix will allow a person to have two fully functional websites that are free of charge to build.

There are times when the internet can go down and a person can lose what they were working on. There are other times when a person may hit the wrong button and they may accidentally delete something that is important. A person is protected if something were to happen to their website. SiteRubix has website backup. This will protect a person is something happens to their site and the information they had posted on their webpage is lost.

The average person usually does not know how to build a web page. They may have an idea of what does into the website and what is required to make the webpage successful. Putting this on the site is another story. The average person does not have an idea of how to build their website and may be lost. Even if they are presented with a template they may not know what to do. When a person signs up to be part of they will have access to a free training course. This training course was designed for beginners. They will be able to learn information on how to build a website, website design, and how to make their site interesting and appealing to visitors. This is one of the only free website builders that will provide a person with this valuable information. Now a person will not be clueless and they can access this training course to find any information they may need. They will even get access to a video walkthrough that will show them how to make their website.

In addition to using a website many people visit blogs. A blog can allow a person to find valuable information. There are many blogs on random topics that people are passionate about. Either way blogs are very popular with internet visitors. This site will allow a person to operate their personal affiliate blog. This will be in addition to the website. The user will learn how to link the blog to the website. It can even notify users when the blog is updated. In order to be successful the blog should be updated on a daily basis with new and relevant information.

When setting up a website it is important to have keywords that are linked to these sites. This will help visitors find the website. When a visitor types in a specific keyword or a key phrase into a search engine a list of websites will appear. This website builder will allow a person to test keywords and see where their sites rank. This will help a person get their website discovered. There is even a free week of one on one coaching to help with this and make sure visitors can find the webpage.

There are some people that make web pages so they can use them to make money. Affiliate marketing is very popular on the internet. When a visitor on the web page clicks a link for an advertisement or other ad the person that owns the website makes a small amount of money. There are some programs where if a person makes a sale on that website the person that directed them there will get a specific percentage of the sale. SiteRubix will allow a user to post affiliate programs on their website. This way a person can make some money with their webpage. Since they do not have to pay for the development of the webpage everything that they get from this affiliate relationship will be nothing but profit. This will allow a person how to develop a website and they can earn money with the web page. They do not have to put anything out of pocket in order to earn and make money with the right affiliate program.
This site is a great thing for people that are just getting started online. A person will have all the tools they need to develop their website. They will have access to a training program and will be able to get professional help and assistance as needed. A person will be able to share their passion and they will be able to make some money with the webpage as well.

There are some small limitations to creating a site with SiteRubix. A person should not post anything that is illegal. Other then this a person is free to write about anything they want. They can write about their hobby, general information, share recipes, share advice, and whatever else they are passionate about.

There are some website topics that are appealing to a general audience. These topics include weight loss, video games, sites that are related to pet and pet care, household tips, and tips on how to save money on common items such as groceries. A person can even use SiteRubix to start their own business. Internet businesses are very popular and many people want their own site to market their small business. If a person a small business they can use this site to make their own business webpage. Here potential clients can find out more information about the business, the types of products or services that they offer, and contact information about the company. This will allow a person to run their business from home. The best part is that they will not have to pay to have a website build. There are endless possibilities that a person can do with a free webpage. A person can also make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing and posting information for other businesses on their website.

There are a number of sites that offer free webpages. The features that these other sites offer are low quality. There is a basic template that is confusing to many users especially those with no website building experience. The templates are very basic and plain. There is little room for customization. If a person gets stuck and does not know what to do there is no support. All of the features that are appealing and that offer help required a paid subscription. Everything that can be used to customize a site is going to cost a person extra money. By the time they are done using these “free” websites they can have spent hundreds of dollars. SiteRubix is different. When they say they are offer a free webpage the webpage really will be free. There is plenty of support too if a person gets lost or they find it difficult to use the site. There are many more features that are available on this site and even experienced website builders state that this is one of the best free webpage builders that they have seen on the internet.

Once a person creates their free account with they can start building their own webpage right away. No credit card is required and the site will not ask for one. When a person really wants to get a free account they can use this site and the webpage will be truly free. They will even get access to the support features for seven day. This is included in the free membership and there is no fee for this support. A person can learn during this time how to drive traffic to their site. They can make some money with a new affiliate career while they are posting this passion with the world.

A free website will allow a person to share their interest with the world. There are many people that have a lot of knowledge but they do not know how to share it with others. They may not be able to pay to have a website built or maintain and operate a website. With this free webpage a person can share their interests and what they are passionate about. Since there is no cost there will be nothing that will stop them or hold them back any longer.

When a person is looking for a great free website builder they should check out the features that SiteRubix has to offer. All of the features of this site a free to use. A person can customize their own webpage, get free support, get support with search engines, be able to have affiliate marketing opportunities, and even build another webpage if they desire. This is one of the best free deal on the internet. Not only is a person getting a free webpage they are getting a quality webpage. is the answer to the question  at the Top “What is the Best Free Website Builder with Free Hosting included!”

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