Best Marine Collagen Supplement is Collagen Elixir!

Many people today are searching for the proverbial “fountain of youth”. Our society puts such an emphasis on being young that people want to maintain a youthful appearance well into the later stages of life. Many older people try to turn back the clock by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, exercising more, and getting plastic surgery. They even use certain products to reverse the aging process. One type of product is known as Collagen Elixir by Isagenix. This is considered the best marine collagen supplement on the market today. The following information will describe Collagen Elixir by Isagenix and how this substance works to make people look young and feel fresh.

What is Collagen Elixir?

Collagen Elixir is marine-based collagen which means that it is derived from marine life. This type of collagen is infused with various ingredients that will help your skin look fuller, stronger, and more hydrated. Collagen Elixir contains various ingredients that are designed to nourish a person’s skin from the inside out. One of the best ways for people to nourish their skin is from the inside out. In the next section, we are going to further examine collagen so you will understand how this substance works for the human body and the role it plays with youth. This substance is sometimes referred to as Liquid Marine Co. or liquid collagen.

Collagen is a protein-based substance within your body. It is the most common type of protein that can be found within each person. This material plays a critical role in how your body functions. Some of the main responsibilities of collagen are clotting the blood and giving a person’s skin its form. Collagen is also essential for your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. One of the best ways that this substance can be described is as a glue that holds the previously mentioned body parts together.

Dermatologists are medical professionals that specialize in the area of the skin. These skin specialists state that there are 4 kinds of collagen substances within the body.

Here is a quick list of what they are and what they do:

  • Type I collagen is densely packed fibers within the body. This kind of collagen provides is used by the body with helping to firm skin, connective tissue, fibrous cartilage, teeth, and tendons.
  • Type II collagen is designed to cushion a person’s joints and is made up of loosely packed fibers. This type of collagen is elastic and very flexible.
  • Type III collagen helps to sustain the configuration of muscles, organs, and a person’s arteries.
  • Type IV collagen helps with your skin’s filtration and is primarily found within this organ of your body.

Collagen Elixir is a Type I substance. This substance is designed to work with your skin. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how marine collagen works to provide this function.

Here is a breakdown of the body benefits that each collagen type provides:

  • Type I Collagen

Type I collagen is the most common type that is used to improve a person’s skin. This substance works to improve sagging skins, eliminating fine lines, repairing brittle nails, and working to eliminate thinning hair. It is also beneficial for the body of older adults who stay active.

  • Type II Collagen

Type II collagen is designed for the skeletal system and joints. This substance works primarily to improve these two parts of the body. Once again, this substance is good for people who stay active well into their older years.

  • Type III Collagen

Type III collagen is found in the cartilage, fibers, and bone marrow. This helps a person to maintain a stronger skeletal system and connective fiber tissues.

  • Type IV Collagen

Type IV collagen impacts the skin and how it functions. This collagen substance is critical for helping a person’s skin to maintain its elasticity and health.

What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen is derived from various fish skins. This substance is considered a pure form of protein. It is also hypoallergenic. When marine collagen is processed it is hydrolyzed with an acid and a food-based enzyme. This process produces collagen peptides that make it easy for a person’s body to digest and absorb this material. Marine collagen is designed to improve a person’s hair, skin, and nails. Isagenix Collagen Elixir is also infused with other substances that are beneficial for the skin. The added ingredients will be listed further in the article.

Collagen Elixir Benefits

Collagen Elixir provides various benefits for a person’s skin. 

The benefits are listed below:

  • The substance helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity.
  • The substance helps to augment a more youthful appearance.
  • Provides various ingredients such as vitamin C, zinc, and biotin.
  • This substance helps to reduce the effects of photo aging. Photoaging is another area of skin damage that we will discuss later in the article.
  • Collagen Elixir provides a healthy glow to the skin or radiance.
  • Improved skin hydration.
  • Healthier feeling skin.
  • Skin appears brighter and more responsive.
  • Firmer skinAll these benefits work together to create a better quality of skin health. Older people who experience the negative effects of aging will find these benefits useful for improving their appearance.

    How long does it take for these benefits to work?

    Isagenix conducted studies on their Collagen Elixir serum. They discovered that many people who take this product typically see results in about 30 days. For some people, they will be able to see results within a few weeks. Other people might take months to experience the benefits of Collagen Elixir. However, 30 days is the length of time that most people see changes in their skin.

    What you need to know about Photoaging

    Did you know that if it wasn’t for the sun, many older adults wouldn’t look old, tired, and wrinkly? The sun is a powerful source of light, radiation, and heat. It is so powerful that it plays a critical role with how we age. The problem with the sun is that it provides us with ultra-violet (UV) light. This form of light is so powerful that it damages and degrades our skin over time. No one is exempt from this process.

    Ultra-violet light damages the skin by changing the DNA at the cellular level. Keep in mind that this process starts when people are children. It continues on during their teenage years and when they’re young adults. By the time a person reaches 30, you will notice a change in their appearance.

    This is why people say that 30-year-old people tend to lose their attractiveness once they reach this age. Some people will be able to maintain their appearance longer than others. Still, most people will start to notice their appearance starting to change about the age of 30. Many women will start to notice these changes more readily than men because of their genetic makeup.

    Don’t forget that people are in their physical prime from about 17 to 29. Again, people can extend their physical looks well into their 40s if they maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset. However, everyone will notice the aging process as they gradually become older.

    Anyway, UV light from the sun wears the skin down from the inside out. By the way, the sun’s UV light is so powerful that you don’t have to go outside for prolonged periods of time to receive negative effects. This substance wears the body down because it is a powerful source of radiation, heat, and light.

    Don’t get it wrong. People need the sun to provide their bodies with health benefits such as vitamin D production, endorphins for relieving mental health issues, and for providing heat to our bodies. Still, UV light from the sun is one of the major reasons why we age. Collagen Elixir works from the inside out to help to stop the degrading effects of the sun.

    What ingredients does Collagen Elixir contain?

    Collagen Elixir contains many beneficial ingredients. The fish skins that are used to make this substance comes from Pollock, haddock, and cod. This substance is broken down by a chemical water process or hydrolyzation. Goji extract powder, acerola berry extract, aloe vera juice powder, chamomile extract, citric acid, sunflower lecithin, Stevia leaf extract, acacia gum, apple juice concentrate, and water. Other ingredients include zinc, biotin, vitamin C, botanicals, wild berries, ascorbic acid, fruit juices, extracts, and spices. There are 50 calories within each bottle.

    Collagen Elixir for losing weight?

    Isagenix claims that a person can lose weight by taking this substance. The company does not say that people will lose weight by taking this substance by itself. However, they do point out that Collagen Elixir can help people to feel full, balance blood sugars, and improve lean muscle mass which in turn burns off more fat. If you decide to use this substance for that purpose, you should consult with your physician to determine its effectiveness.

    Is Collagen Elixir the ideal product for promoting good skin health?

    The question is best answered with a yes and a no. Yes, collagen is a great natural product that is beneficial for improving the skin. This substance is natural and it is effective. However, people should already live a lifestyle that promotes good health. People often avoid simple things like eating healthy, getting enough skin, personal skin-care, moisturizing their skin, cleaning their skin, exfoliating their skin, removing makeup daily, limiting makeup, exercise, massaging, using sunscreen, and seeing a skin doctor on at least once a year.

    The biggest mistake that any person can make is to run out to the store and think they're going to find a product that will automatically correct their skin problems. Remember our skin degrades over time. This doesn't happen overnight, If a person takes care of their body when they're younger, they are going to have a harder time dealing with the effects of aging. They also cannot expect to clear things up with a couple of products or even with some form of plastic surgery. The bottom line is that Collagen Elixir could help to improve a person's skin, but people should already be doing other things to help their skin to retain its youthful appeal.

    A Quick Word about Isagenix

    Isagenix is a legitimate company that sells health products. This company also uses an MLM marketing approach to growing its business. Isagenix is a real business that is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB gives this company a 4.5 star rating or an A+ grade. This company is one of the few MLM organizations that really is legitimate. They have a physical address location in Gilbert, Arizona and they have a real telephone number where people can contact them. People also know who is leading the company and who has founded it. None of these things are shrouded in mystery or hidden from the public. This is exciting because most MLM businesses are not transparent like this one. Isagenix provides a real opportunity for people to make real money without being ripped off.

    By the way, MLM businesses can work and be legitimate operations if the owners establish them in this way. The address for this company is 155 E Rivulon Blvd; Gilbert, AZ 85297-0002. Their website is
    and their telephone number is (480) 889-5777. As an added credibility point, when you call this company you will eventually reach a live person to talk to who is not trying to mislead you or blow you off. You don’t have to worry about anyone not returning your calls or answering the phone. Isagenix is the real deal, and their products are also the real deal. So, if you’re interested in this organization you should call them up to see what they have to offer. Now, let’s get back to Collagen Elixir and answer some basic questions about this anti-aging product.

    How is Collagen Elixir sold to consumers?

    This elixir is sold in a 1.69 fluid oz bottle. It is a tiny bottle, but it contains a lot of anti-aging benefits. Keep in mind that the bottles are sold in a pack of 10. So, you wouldn’t just buy one bottle from Isagenix. You will have to buy 1 pack of Collagen Elixir and it will contain 10 individual bottles. The price for this pack will be $39.99 plus tax and shipping. This substance is also sold in select retail outlets but it will cost $53.32 once you purchase it from that type of store. You can also purchase this product in bulk. You can purchase 4 boxes for $159.96 from the company or $213.28 retail. The other bundle is 6 boxes for $215.95 or $319.92 retail.

    How should Collagen Elixir be consumed?

    Customers should consume one bottle of this product. They can take it any time of the day or night. They can also take it on an empty stomach or with food. Taking this elixir on an empty stomach will provide better digestion and absorption of the product into a person’s system. Customers should take the product daily or at least every other day to get the best results.

    Remember, it normally takes up to 30 days for people to start to see changes in their body’s outer skin layer. Truthfully, a person should have at least 4 boxes to cover a 30-day period. Once you start to take this substance on a daily basis, you should continue with the regimen if you can. No one should take more than one bottle a day. One bottle dose provides more than enough collagen for a person’s daily intake.

    How should a person be to take this substance?

    Truthfully, this product works best for people who are past their physical prime. This means that the product will work best for people who are at least 30 and over. Again, some people can retain their looks for a longer period of time than others. However, everybody will eventually start to look old no matter how hard they try to beat the clock.

    Collagen Elixir can be taken by young people who are at least 16 years of age. That doesn’t mean that teenagers or young adults should be taking this product. Generally speaking, people under the age of 30 simply do not need to take this elixir. It won’t make them look any younger or improve their health. This substance might slow the aging process allowing them to retain their youthful looks well past their prime. Ultimately, Collagen Elixir is for people who are past their prime.

    Collagen Elixir can be taken by any person who wants to improve their appearance. While women are most likely to purchase anti-aging products, men can also enjoy the benefits of this product as well. Don’t forget that males are not exempt from the aging process and many men want to retain their youthful appeal as well.

    Can Collagen Elixir be taken by people with fish allergies?

    The answer is no. If a person has a fish allergy, they should not take this product at all.

    You should also know that this product is taken from wild fish caught of the coast of Norway. The fish are processed through strict environmentally-friendly practices. They are processed and used to create this marine-based product.

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    A Final Word about Collagen Elixir

    Collagen Elixir will not make a 60-year-old person look like they’re 25. So, please don’t purchase this product believing you will get those results. Collagen Elixir will help a person to look up to 5 years younger at best. For some people, this will be a noticeable change. Everybody should take this Elixir with a clear objective. They should want to improve their appearance without going through complicated processes of doing it.

    A person should also be mindful that results will vary. Remember, everybody has the same basic body functions and processes. However, some people’s bodies react differently to medicines than others. In other words, some people will yield good results and a few people will have exceptional results. Still, other people won’t notice any change in their appearance at all. While Collagen Elixir is effective, there’s no guarantee that it will always work on everyone all the time.

    Collagen Elixir does help. Since it is a marine-based collagen product it is considered one of the best on the market. Isagenix conducted research trials to prove its effectiveness and claim that 90% of participants were satisfied with the results of this product. This is a good track record and it is believable because Isagenix is a reputable company.

    Finally, taking Isagenix Collagen Elixir could provide you with a great way to turn back the clock. You might not look as young as you did in the past, but your appearance could be improved. For many people, this is something to get excited about. Collagen Elixir can be purchased online or in select retail outlets.

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