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Welcome to the Review of the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community Online and on the Planet!

Fed up with the grind?

Sick of striking the snooze button in the early morning being sorry for the concept of going to an absence radiance task?

Sick of doing something you do not enjoy?

Desire an escape?

Do you just wish to do something you really ENJOY?

Education expenses are lacking control around the world and running trainees into a load of financial obligation that I am not sure will ever be correctly handled.

You understand why?

A typical education has actually increased almost 342% in the last 8 years, and it is pumping up quicker than ever each and every year.

If you go to school to obtain a degree, it will more than most likely ended up being absolutely nothing more than a paper hanging from your workplace wall (presuming that you “may” get a task). Exactly what you will released is a financial obligation that you will not be settling for 25 YEARS.

Believe it is time to reevaluate?

Let’s take a look at a common education.

You go to school for 4 years. You invest the next year attempting to get a task. Inning accordance with, the typical expense for tuition and charges for a degree at an elite college is going to reach $334,000 within the next 2 years!

Yes, you check out that properly.

And after all of this and 4 years of effort, the typical “trainee” does NOT work. After 5 years you still have $0 in earnings.

State that you do get a task of $50,000, a good paying entry level task. If you resemble the majority of, you can repay an optimum of about $4,000 each year to your trainee loans. It will be on typical another 80 years prior to you run out financial obligation.

And the concern is that even with your $50,000 task, you will hardly foot the bill and will barely have the ability to support a household.
Do not forget, standard education costs just continue to increase. Inning accordance with, because 1995 college tuition costs have actually increased a remarkable 498.49%, where typical customer inflation (food/gas/clothing) throughout the very same duration was just 114%.

This is a REALITY … there is absolutely nothing theoretical about this and all you need to do is take a look around you and see the TRILLIONS of dollars individuals owe money to the federal government over their trainee loans. The bubble will pop.

Universities and Colleges continue to increase their costs, their quality of education and trainers continues to decrease. The chances coming out of the school with your “made” degree just worsens and even worse.

I might strike you with some more bad data, however rather I am going to “reveal you the light” of exactly what can be achieved and exactly what can be with hardly any financial investment.

Let’s compare this to Wealthy Affiliate, the world’s most elite, innovative, and valuable platform & neighborhood for constructing an organisation online.

This will offer you access to the most effective platform (training, tools, live video classes, sites, hosting, research study tools, class, live aid, 24/7 access to professionals) for business owners throughout the world.

Take into viewpoint, you might get 4 year “all inclusive” education at Wealthy Affiliate for less than the cost of ONE class in college. $1196.

Not simply that, you will be making while you find out. As you construct out your organisation online, you will be developing an earnings. By YEAR ONE alone you might extremely well be full-time (as many individuals are) and set-up for a long term, extremely sustainable online organisation. $299 for the whole year!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the only complete, “whatever consisted of” platform in the market, and we take pride in providing you the outright greatest level of quality in all of the services at WA.

All the training, all the specialist coaching/mentoring, all the live classes, all the tools, all the sites, the modern hosting, the neighborhood … and you can do so from any place you desire on the planet (as long as you have access to wifi).

You can work from your house, a coffeehouse, on the other side of the world, at the poolside bar, your phone … anywhere that you are linked.

And no being in traffic on your travels to your school!

Wealthy Affiliate is the market leader in regards to education.

Every SECOND there are individuals getting aid within WA.

Every MINUTE there are brand-new conversations being developed.

Every DAY there is brand name brand-new training tutorials and videos being included.

Weekly premium members get access to pure worth, promo complimentary LIVE video classes.

Each month there are brand name brand-new courses being presented within Affiliate Bootcamp or through the Certification training.

Every YEAR Wealthy Affiliate goes through lots of advancements, gets lots of amazing upgrades and enhancements, and continues to press through barriers of streamlining the method you develop online organisations through education, through innovation, and through assistance (tip: 2018 is going to be the most amazing year for members yet).

AND, as a Premium Yearly member YOU are going to take advantage of all this each second of every day for the next year

You DO NOT need to wait 4 years prior to you ever get “an opportunity” to utilize exactly what you have actually found out. You can begin utilizing the details that you find out NOW. You will have the ability to attain continuous success as you go through training and as you acquire more experience.

Unlike Conventional “University”, YOU EARN While YOU LEARN!

Honestly, roi at Wealthy Affiliate is tremendously greater than any institutionalized source ANYWHERE.

If you desire a real-time interactive and handy education with genuine assistance from professionals from all over the world, WA is the only source you have to attain individual and monetary success!

You can either be traditional (and invest $334,000 on a paper), or you can get with the times and invest $19 for your very first Month then $49 monthly afterwards or simply $359 for the whole Year!

Offer me ONE year of your time and a bit of effort and I will offer you a course to 10 years, 20 years, as well as a LIFETIME of pleasurable flexibility!

The most significant issue individuals have when “trying” to develop a service online is easy. All of us desire it quick … we desire it simple … and we desire it now!

Sound familiar?

The issue nowadays with nearly all training online is that it is extremely incorrect and out-of-date. So called “experts” are offering you on concepts and techniques that just does not operate in the real life. Things that will really damage your service in a lot of cases.

The Internet moves rapidly, so the training you follow have to also. This is something that we pride ourselves with at Wealthy Affiliate and 2018 is going to be another break-through year in regards to the training that will be provided.

We are going to be keeping the training method ahead of the curve … all our training is currently tailored for 2018 … and we likewise have more than 52 (FIFTY-TWO!) amazing live classes prepared that will be tailored to cutting edge web marketing and organisation techniques in the year ahead.

These are hands on, interactive training classes with live Q&A that are personally personalized for the neighborhood within WA.

Remaining in the “understand” provides the Wealthy Affiliate neighborhood a substantial competitive benefit over the whole market (the majority of whom are misguided).

And something that members have actually concerned anticipate is that we NEVER promote a single thing within any of our training, these live classes are pure VALUE concentrated on broadening your abilities and eventually your organisation.

Maintaining to this day with 2018 Trends …

In the coming year we are going to be covering all the current and biggest 2018 topics/techniques that will guarantee you grow your company to brand name brand-new & interesting levels of success.

Participating in these weekly classes is genuinely going to result in more understanding that you can quickly use to your service. The more abilities you have, the more effective you will be.

Easy as that.

This is LIVE training within a market that moves faster than other market on the planet. With this level of quality in our live class training you are going to be well “ahead” of any of your possible competitors (99% of them are still doing things WRONG).

These video occasions are ultimate to your success and you are going to have the ability to participate within ALL 52 of them in the year ahead.

Each and every live class consists of:

  • A Current Topic that Will Help You Improve Your Online Income
  • Over 1 Hour of Pure Value Based Training
  • Capability to Communicate and Interact With the Teacher & Fellow Students
  • A Full Question & Answer Period
  • Access to Unlimited replays
  • We have some actually amazing months of training currently slated for the brand-new year. We are making January, 2018 the Local Marketing month and it is going to stroll you through the procedure of mastering regional marketing (which will open your doors to HUGE profits chances).

March 2018 is going to be our e-commerce month, where we are going to be strolling you through the procedure of establishing your very own online shop or drop shipping platform leveraging all the site platform and tools you have access to within WA.

The issue is that the majority of people do not offer their organisation sufficient time to be successful and this is partially due to a market declaring that “over night” success is possible. It isn’t really.

The majority of people just do not provide themselves adequate time to have their “advancement” minute which occurs at a various speed for everybody.

For me, this was simply after 3 month mark (when I made my very first sale online), for you it might be faster or longer. Everything depends, once you have this MOMENT, you will never ever recall.

3 months. That was my “aha” minute.

So when I see individuals offering themselves an amount of time of one month to attain success online I flinch understanding that they are most likely going to stop simply except their success.

It can take a couple of months to obtain the ball rolling with a brand-new service, however EVERY single individual I have actually ever dealt with in the last 12 years at WA have actually had their development minute occur within a year … a number of which were full-time within a year or soon afterwards.

Definitely EVERY SINGLE Wealthy Affiliate member that has actually provided themselves time to be successful has actually accomplished success. It is simply a matter of doing exactly what you are currently doing to scale out your success.

Something that I can ensure you of is this.

If you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year, you act for a year, and you request for HELP when you require it throughout that year, you are going to have your very own individual BREAKTHROUGH minute in organisation.

I am going to stroll you through the “procedure” of being a professional online, in ANY specific niche in 2018.

This procedure will work within any specific niche, and I will be strolling you through this in an hour long LIVE classes that you have unique access to on December 22nd. It’s going to be a fantastic time and I might have some ‘tricky’ techniques I am going to reveal you that conserve you a lots of time in the year ahead.

In addition we are going to be providing you 3 weeks of unique live classes tailored to being a “success in 2018”. That is over 4 HOURS of specialist training (with complete Q & A)!

These are going to be complete fledged “brain disposes” where we expose the important things that everybody must be carrying out in company, however few are. Things that the effective individuals are doing naturally. I invested months digging into the procedure and have actually developed some definitely extraordinary insights that I can wait to expose to you in the upcoming weeks. This information will blow your mind.

2018 is going to be the year of YOU!

Exactly what if we informed you we were going to provide you all the innovation and tools you had to run your service? From hosting, to site structure and analysis, to research study tools, to composing tools, to connect tracking and management tools.

My name is Tony Lee Hamilton and I am an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate and have been a Premium Member since 18 June 2015.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for newbies to learn about Affilate Marketing and how to start a blogging website with WordPress while monetizing that is true, WA is also a great place for Veteran Affiliate Marketers as well.

About Tony Lee Hamilton

The above screenshot is of my Profile Page at WA, Click on it to see more and get your Profile Page for Free as well!

Starting a blogging website and then monetizing it isn’t as difficult as you would think and it’s even less difficult when You’ll have me as your 1 to 1 Mentor at WA whenever you ask me for help.

I won’t chase you down or push you to do anything because that’s not how I operate, there are many of my Friends who ask me for help so even if I wanted to chase someone down, I woudn’t have the time or energy.

Also besides me, You’ll have an entire community support team as well including the Owners Kyle and Carson who are active on the site within the community nearly every day.  Jay aka Magistudios is the live video training who conducts the live webinars once a week. (always taped so that we can watch them later as well) is also a big part of the helpful community.

This post will evolve and become even more detailed over time so keep checking back after you join and anytime at all.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Exactly What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is the procedure where publishers/affiliates can produce earnings by promoting services or products of business which use affiliate programs like and so on. In another word, Affiliate Network is the procedure that acts an intermediary in between publishers/affiliates and affiliate programs (programs which provide individuals to make commission by offering their services and products).

Affiliate Marketing assists affiliates/publishers to discover and get involved more quickly in affiliate programs which appropriate inning accordance with their site specific niche so that they can produce great earnings simply by promoting product and services of other business for which they do not have to have their own services or products and do not have to trouble for delivery or shipment of items.

Whatever will be done by affiliate programs, publishers/affiliates simply have to promote those items and offer the special affiliate link of those programs within their site to promote them so that when somebody click those links from those publisher’s site and purchase the items because affiliate programs, publishers/affiliates can make commission entirely in passive method.

Affiliate Network is the very best legit and passive method to produce excellent earnings online on routine basis.

So, why are we speaking about Marketing in the middle of Wealthy Affiliate evaluation?

It is due to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate resembles an online university where you can discover whatever about Affiliate Marketing as well as about Internet Marketing such as:

You can learn how to generate income by developing site in your very own topic of interest (specific niche) for which you do not have to have any technical understanding.

If you can run your Facebook account, you are all set to go.

You can discover every information about Affiliate Marketing such as choosing excellent affiliate programs in accordance with your specific niche and promote the items of those affiliate programs and make money from that, indicates you will find out entirely about Affiliate Networking and Marketing.

You can likewise learn how to make from your very own site without offering anything or hiring anybody, such as by positioning ads of business like Google AdSense, and so on.

You can likewise learn how to make great quantity of recommendations in any legitimate online work business and make excellent earnings by dealing with any online work business of your option.

You can likewise discover the very best method of marketing to promote and offer anything online such as PPC marketing, social networks marketing like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

You can discover the every possible method to make from Affiliate Marketing, such as by producing your very own site, or using social networks services like Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail marketing and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate itself offers its own affiliate program from which likewise you can earn money by promoting its affiliate items.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account

All Countries except the ones that are listed below are eligible right away for a Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Kenya
  5. Nigeria
  6. Pakistan
  7. Philippines
  8. Vietnam

If You currently reside in one of the Countries listed above and want to try WA out for Free with a Free starter account then contact me at any of the sites in the above right corner, click the Social Media icon(s) of your choice to message me and make sure to add your email address to the request.  I will contact you to go over the details then get authorization to assist you in becoming a Free Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate.

You are allowed to stay a Free Starter Member as long as you need to, although of course it is very beneficial to upgrade to becoming a Premium Member as soon as you are able to.

You will right away be offered at huge discount on your first month at WA, You will be offered Premium Membership at WA for $19 for the first month and then when the first month is over be given the oppportunity for a yearly discount.

After the $19 first month you will then be offered a yearly rate of $359 which is of course less than $1 per day and is a nice discount from the regular monthly amount of $49 per month.

If you choose to go with the $49 per month after your first discounted $19 month, you can still at anytome afterwards still take the yearly offer as it will be on the table for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Harvard of the Internet Marketing world!

Classrooms, one of the ever growing and expanding platforms within WealthyAffiliate are exactly how they sound. They are classrooms where you can go to learn, discuss, watch, get expert help, and succeed within different topics relating to the internet business world.

Each classroom consists of:

  • Discussions
  • Video Training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Task-Based Courses
  • Expert Help
  • Live Training Classes

To put this into perspective, you are getting access to 10 FULL classrooms each with live discussions, high-def video training, task and lesson based courses, easy to understand tutorial walk-throughs, fellow aspiring students to work and network with, experts you can ask questions, and leading edge lesson-based courses.

Here are the Classrooms you will get access to:

  • Getting Started Online
  • Keyword, Niche & Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Marketing
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Premium Membership

This includes everything you need to create and grow your business.

  • An industry leading affiliate/internet marketing education.
  • The most advanced website building platform in SiteRubix.
  • The most powerful, secure and reliable WordPress hosting platform on the planet.
  • As much personal help and mentorship you want from industry experts.
  • 24/7/365 access to the most interactive and helpful community.
  • Unlimited access to the WA keyword and research platform
  • Live classes every week that cover brand new topics (52 in the year ahead)
  • The ability to network with over 1,200,000 aspiring and successful entrepreneurs
  • Everything you need to create your very own successful business online to ANY level you want.
  • And an entire YEAR of updates in 2018 (new platforms, new technology, new training)

There are many financial sacrifices we make in life and your personal should not be one of them.  Whether it is not “eating out” once per month or skipping the 2nd cup of coffee in the morning, we have made WA and building a successful business a very affordable part of your day.


See the chart below for the benefits of Premium Membership:

When you get signed up for Free at WA, in about 1/2 an hours time you will receive an automated welcome message from me.  If you contact me when you sign up, I will also send you a personal welcome message.

The Automated Message will be something like the below message:


Thank you for accepting my invitation to Wealthy Affiliate thru my website and/or my Instagram Page my Friend.

This is an automated message but when You reply to it or post on my profile page I’ll respond because I am a real person who cares about your success!

Contact me anytime

That being said ……..

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate University

You will Love building your Friendships & Businesses here my Friend.

Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the best community on the internet & in the world for learning, support & earning.

I as well as many others here in the Wealthy Affiliate Community are here to help with any questions that You have.

Become involved with the Community, hop on chat, post a blog, view & follow other Friends here on Wealthy Affiliate

(Top right corner click on the blue Rank tab and follow the top 200 Members & also view the websites, blogs and trainings that are just below the pictures on each person’s profile)

After completing your profile you will get a better feel for the wonderful community here at Wealthy Affiliate my friend.

Talk with You soon,

Tony Lee Hamilton
The Marketing Veteran

Wealthy Affiliate University

Make sure that you complete your WA profile by adding a picture of yourself along with writing a short bio as well.  (Both can be edited and updated anytime and as often as you woud like)

As stated earlier, I will be adding more screenshots, a video and more content to this post so keep checking back to learn more.

Are You on Instagram?

Here is just one of the many trainings available at Wealthy Affiliate =

Instagram 101 for Business

Instagram Tony Lee Hamilton Marketing Veteran

If you are active with commenting and/or liking on Instagram, Follow me then send me a Direct Private Message letting me know that you followed me via this post and I’ll follow you back.  I know that it doesn’t look that way but I never unfollow anyone who is active and still follows me along with commenting and liking each others’ posts.

Thank you for stopping by to read and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate as well!

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  1. I am so in love with the internet because the internet has created a lot of opportunities that were not available a long time ago and one of those opportunities is in building an online business. There has been a huge leap in businesses because of the online world selling products and services online. It is truly amazing.

    School is very important but a lot of people end up working in jobs that they did not study while in school which is why learning to build a business online is important because with that it gives you a better chance to be a success.

    Affiliate marketing is one of such an avenue and I learned almost everything I know today from wealthy affiliate. It is a platform in which as long as you are willing to learn, do, and be patient you would surely achieve success.

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  4. Hello Tony, 

    I have been real confused about why this the best WordPress community and people have often referred me to it and I just kept saying that I’ll need more confirmation as to what the deal is like. I really appreciate the good side and getting to see this information here makes me really happy about it all. 

    Cheers to more information 

  5. It is good to be able to join a community of like minded people and you have brought here a community of WordPress community. Wealthy affiliate is definitely the right place to go to if one is going to learn all there is to need and learn about wealthy affiliate and I like how you have given the information about the community. This title is very funny though

  6. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article . This article is centered on best WordPress  community. It really is important for affiliate marketers to see things like this as it helps them with bringing success together.  I’m really enlightened.  I would love to share this post across various platforms 

  7. Hi there Tony

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can attest to everything you are saying here. I also agree that too many people want a get rich quick solution online which don’t exist. Putting in the time and being constant over time is the only way to true long-lasting income online.

    What I love the most about Wealthy Affiliate is the different affiliate programmes they offer which any member can leverage. WA is simply ahead of the curve and is truly the Harvard of the online affiliate world and with a veteran like you in their corner, I can see great success for many who have you as their mentor.

    Solomon & Selina

  8. Thanks so much Tony for sharing this amazing article, it’s very important for affiliate marketers to know about things like this as it will help them drastically in bringing together their success. It’s very true that Wealthy affiliate is the best place to learn about online businesses and anything that concerns affiliate marketing

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  12. Hi tony! WA is a great platform! It would be wrong of me to say that there are no others that are worthy of an affiliate’s participation, but I’m familiar with most of them and I couldn’t imagine another one that compares. Sure, there are some well-intentioned entities out there that offer something similar, but just like Google, there is really no way to compare with a company that hit it right with the right approach and now has the power to thrust people into their dream job working for themselves.

    Affiliate marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s listed as one of the top ten businesses for the decade starting in 2020. So, it will only get better from here. 

    Thanks for the article!


  13. Thank you Tony for such a wonderful article. I love the way how You explained that college education is not that useful in real life. 2 out of 3 sites out there use WordPress. So it must be doing something right. I am glad there is a reputable platform that has experts world wide, sharing their knowledge on how to build profitable websites. I would definitely like to check them out. Wealthy affiliate will be the best possible option for anyone to get into wordpress.

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  17. Ouch, haha this hit home. I’m a college student just getting started in affiliate marketing for the exact reasons you’ve outlined here. My degree is extremely expensive. I’m an architecture undergrad right now with my tuition being paid on a merit based scholarship. I know, though, that grad school is going to absolutely break my bank. Unless I somehow swing another good scholarship there, I’ll be just as screwed as my friends who don’t need grad school but are paying for undergrad….except I’ll have spent more time in school. Eek!

    The only way I could think the minimize damages and losses here was to develop a reliable stream of income online to anticipate all of the expenses in my future. Hopefully if I can get out of grad school debt free, I can start the career of my dreams without struggling at all with money-related stresses. Affiliate marketing is hands down the best business model for me. 

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  19. 2 out of 3 sites out there use WordPress. So it must be doing something right. I am glad there is a reputable platform that has experts world wide, sharing their knowledge on how to build profitable websites. I would definitely like to check them out.

    Education in our country (going to collage) is very expensive. Online training is way more affordable and most times renders better results.

  20. This is a very honest review of Wealthy Affiliate and how it can teach a complete rookie to become successful online. I myself am a premium member of WA and I am glad I joined. I now have my own website and I am learning more and more each day by viewing the training and reading all kinds of posts. The community here at WA are very good at helping anyone who has a question about something. I have only been a member for three months and have yet to make any money. However WA is not a get rich scheme and it will take some time before that happens. The best thing you can do is go slow and don’t rush right into something you are learning about.

  21. Hi Tony – I am also a premium member at WA. I chose it over the many other services out there because there was not a huge financial commitment up front. Some ask over $1500!

    Once I dedicated a couple of hours each day, I had a beautiful blog with ads and had affiliated with several products that I use! It would have taken me forever to learn all of that on my own. And I really have benefited from all of the networking withing the WA platform.

    I am still pretty new, so I am not making money yet, but I feel the reasonable investment at WA is worth exploring, especially since I am so passionate about the topics my blog covers. This post definitely is motivating! Thanks!

  22. Thank you for posting such an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have just recently joined WA myself not too long ago, and I must say, the community has been wonderful! If I get stuck on one of the lessons or I have a question, the community has been a tremendous help with getting me “unstuck” so that I can ultimately get to the finish line of making money online. As you stated, this is the best WordPress community online hands down and I can certainly agree from my experience so far.

  23. Great information here. Thanks for the review on Wealthy Affiliate. I think making money online will increase into the future but the challenge with being a beginner is sorting through all the different ways to make money out there on the internet.

    There are also fake promises with high income promises. If they promise a four digit income within minutes of signing up then, as you say, it’s a red flag. I think making money online requires dedication and doing the right training.

    • Hi Dave,

      thank you my Friend and yes I agree that there are many fake opportunities out there that promise huge earnings.

      At WA, your income potential is truly a matter of earning while you learn and does take work and is absolutely not a “Get Rich Quick” scam, scheme or thing.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are many legitimate MLM and Network Marketing Companies available.

      With that being said, WA is not an MLM and/or Network Marketing.  It is truly a 100% Online way to utilize Affiliate Marketing to earn an income on the internet from anywhere in the world.

      Thank You Dave for stopping by and commenting and also Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate my Friend.


  24. Hey, thanks for this great review about WA. Really affiliate marketing is great if you want to earn online in legit way. But you need to work in proper way. You cannot become a good affiliate marketer based on free online learning materials. Without proper guide it is really hard to get into affiliate marketing. So there is the of joining a good course for your affiliate career. And WA works here all. So it is best idea to join WA as premium member.

    • Wonderful my Friend,

      thank you for viewing and for sharing your experiences with Affiliate Marketing as well as with Wealthy Affiliate.

      I agree that the key to earning with Affiliate Marketing & getting started as a Free Member at WA then upgrading to a Premium member when ready is a great idea.

      Talk with you soon,



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