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Wealthy Affiliate is normally $49 per month, From November 25th – November 28th you can join WA with the Black Friday Lowest Price offer!

Wealthy Affiliate University - The #1 Affiliate Marketing Community in the World!


There are many reasons why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I will list them below:

  • Completely Free to sign up and have a look around – No credit card needed!  There is an upgrade option and you will be offered that but you can remain a Free Starter Member as long as you want to.

  • The Training in my opinion is unmatched in the Affiliate Marketing / Internet Marketing Industry – Not only is there training available from the platform itself but there are many thousands of other Friends within the community that create training as well.

  • The Support is very responsive and so helpful, Even Kyle and Carson who are the Founders answer questions via Private Messages and are also active on chat almost daily!

  • The Community is by far the most active and supportive Community that I have ever seen in my 7 years of earning an income on the internet.  I have been a member of the community for almost 16 months and there are some members who have been a part of WA for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, years or more!

  • Wealthy Affiliate has been helping Online Entrepreneurs earn an income since 2005 and gets better all of the time!  I have noticed much improvement in just the past 17 months that I have been a member.

  • Members from all over the World and different age groups as well – I have seen members as young as 14 years old and as old as 83 years young on the platform.  No matter if you are a newbie at Affiliate Marketing or a seasoned veteran Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform and community to grow any business!

View my post on my website here to see how I utilize WA along with IBO, Global MoneyLine and other sites on Cash Downline Builder to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the World and help Friends do the same.

 There is also an Amazing Affiliate plan where as a Free Starter member when You refer a Friend who upgrades to Premium you receive 20% of the revenue!  As a Premium member you receive 40% of the revenue!

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran sharing Wealthy Affiliate

Does that mean that I am some genius or millionaire?

Absolutely not, It simply means that I am here to help Friends increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the world and that I am a Veteran!

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Wealthy Affiliate
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Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Ranked Affiliate Marketing Business Community Online and in the World!

I have been a proud member of WA since 18 June 2015 and plan to stay as long as they will allow me to as it is that great.

The training is second to none because not only does WA have great built in tutorials but the Community is also full of knowledgeable in absolutely every area of Affiliate and Internet Marketing that there is.

I love WA and You will too!

Wealthy Affiliate is such an incredible site to not only get started with Affiliate Marketing but it is also extremely helpful for anyone who would like to learn and grow daily in the Marketing arena.

No matter what your niche is you can and will learn how to monetize a WordPress website with the awesome Affiliate Marketing Classes within Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many Friends within the WA community who are earning many thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing and simply sharing what they are passionate about.

Does it happen overnight?  Does it happen automatically?  Is it a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, scam or thing?


Will it be worth it?  Will you realize a return on investment (ROI)?  Will you build a respectable legit online business?


Wealthy Affiliate Training
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The Screenshots below shows the activity level within Wealthy Affiliate, WA is the most active business community in the World and so much more productive than Facebook, Twitter etc…..

  Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

 Because Wealthy Affiliate is such an active community support there is 24/7 as someone within the community will have an answer to virtually any question that can be asked.

There is also a question area at the top center of every page at WA so you can type your question in there and if the question has ever been asked before the answer many times will be in that post.

WA also has a live chat area that you can view to the left and it is in the right column pictured.

One very unique benefit about the Wealthy Affiliate Community is that most everyone is helpful and most genuinely care about your success online and will not only help but also cheer you on.



Bootcamp at WA
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Friends here is my Profile page at Wealthy Affiliate,

I would love to have You join me and would be honored to show you around!

Talk with you soon,

Tony Lee Hamilton

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

26 thoughts on “Black Friday Lowest Price!”

  1. Hello Veteran. I am completely amazed by this program. There is nowhere else in the internet you ever get such a comprehensive training except at Wealthy affiliate. I have just tried the program for less than two months and it’s amazing. What the veteran says i confirm it right here

    • Hello Bruno,

      Welcome to WA my Friend and thank you for commenting here on my website post.

      Talk with you soon,


  2. Wealthy affiliate really is a fantastic deal, especially if you plan to host multiple sites you get the most bang for you buck combined with the support. I actually am on the new $49 a month plan which is a fantastic deal, however if you can pay up front the $299 for the year is still the best deal.

    • Awesome Annelise,

      Thank you for sharing my Friend, Wealthy Affiliate is a Fantastic Deal at any price!

      Talk with you soon my Friend

  3. Hi Tony. Black Friday is definitely a deal not to be missed. I missed out on this year cos I didn’t have the money but come next year I will jump in on it. When you think of the savings and the value you get within WA, it is a dream come true. Where else can you build a business on less a than a dollar a day?

    • Hi Leonard!

      Awesome my Friend!

      2017 is going to a great year and the Black Friday deal should be available then as well.

      Now that you are building your business with Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to afford the deal this coming Black Friday.

      Thank you Leonard for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  4. your blackfriday post is awesome, much information.if i wasn’t already a member i’d sign up!plenty of insight and reasons to join,great graphics too.
    keep it up

    • Thank you Greg and the Black Friday sale is going on until Friday December 2nd now my Friend!

      Still time for Friends to join for Free and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

      Thank you Greg for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  5. This is a great and thorough explanation of why Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to learn how to be an online entrepreneur. I signed up last year on the Black Friday deal and did it again this year and have never looked back. I now have three websites I’m running and making money through my affiliate marketers. Thanks for all the great info Tony! 🙂

    • Awesome Shannon!

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend, WA is amazing and even better with great Friends such as you in the community!

      Talk with you soon Shannon,


  6. I don’t feel anyone can beat Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday deal, people will be getting 49% off the original if they were to pay monthly. It’s a super promo to be snapped up.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best internet affiliate marketing training available. I’ve been with them for 3 years and have found them to be very reliable and honest, not to mention the new friends I meet using their forum.

    • Awesome Sharon!

      I agree my Friend and the Black Friday event has now been extended until this coming Friday for mnore Friends to be able to get the great deal!

      Thank you Sharon for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  7. Wealthy Affiliate networking program is the best online marketing program out in the Net and this review gives it justice! The Black Friday Sales Event is the best discount that I’ve seen out there yet. Savings are enormous and the deal is one of a kind. Making Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate network there is AGAIN… I think they’re Setting records!!!

    • Awesome my Friend, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program and the Black Friday Sales event makes it even sweeter!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,


  8. Yes! Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for anyone wanting to make their way in the internet marketing business. The Black Friday Sales Event is the best opportunity to save money on yearly membership. Now would be the time to join.
    I love the fact that you clarify any question that WA is the #1

    • Thank you Linda, Yes I agree my Friend!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great deal even without the Black Friday Sales event and now is a great time to join!

      WA is truly the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community on the internet and in the world!

      Thank you Linda for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  9. Thank you for sharing your experience and all the wonderful information about WA. It really is a wonderful place for everyone looking for a genuinely worthwhile online opportunity. Your post is very inviting and very honest at the same time. It tells readers what it is and what it is not. Very helpful.

    • You are welcome Cassia and thank you my Friend for taking a look at my WA Black Friday post.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and thank you for the compliment Cassia.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  10. Hey Tony,
    I just stopped by to read your blog and honestly, I couldn’t resist the urge to comment. I am a yearly premium member at WA. I have only been there 3 months, but the community aspect of WA has been so great for me, I must talk about it.
    I joined on a free membership and 3 days later paid $19 dollars for premium membership. Then, before the end of my first month, went yearly. It was the community that did it for me. Everybody is so helpful. Veteran marketers, like yourself, helping, answering questions whenever asked. I was amazed and thankful. This Black Friday Special is such a great deal and the best part is , you’re locked in at that price yearly forever.
    Thanks for everything,

    • Awesome Allan!

      It is wonderful to hear that Friends are able to lock in this amazing price for Wealthy Affiliate and the awesome support, training and community my Friend!

      It is my sincere prayer for all of my Friends who would like to earn an income online with Affiliate Marketing to be able to also enjoy this tremendous value and lock in this deal, at 82 cents a day who could go wrong!

      Thank you Allan for stopping by and commenting,


  11. Hi There Mr Hamilton,

    I actually had a good look at that deal, it works out at $25/month, which is actually around the going price for top quality secure hosting these days (and not the cheapo shared and easier to hack shared hosting)

    I have also seen that it comes with a number of other tools like a keyword research tool, and training videos. But the big question, and I hope you can answer as best you can, what exactly is involved with the wealthy affiliate method. I can gather from the name some form of affiliate marketing right?

    • Hi Mr. Marshall.

      Yes the Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate comes out to being .82 cents a day my Friend and includes up to 25 of your personally owned wordpress sites hosted as well as up to 25 of the sites that are free with Premium WA membership.

      WA is indeed an Affiliate Marketing platform and has the most amazing training, community and support offered anywhere on the internet and in the world!

      Thank you Mr. Marshall for stopping by and commenting and I look forward to networking with you more on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform my Friend,


  12. Hey Tony,

    I am going to upgrade my account to yearly right after I write this comment! This deal is way too good to pass up.

    I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months now and the features are well worth the price. I especially like chat feature and the ability to ask questions.

    Happy success! Britt

    • Awesome Britt!

      The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is indeed to good to pass up as I am also a yearly Premium member at WA!

      Success to You as well my Friend,


  13. Hey Tony,

    I realize that a lot of people reading your blog might be sceptical of Wealthy Affiliate. You and I both know how many Internet marketing programs there are that don’t live up to their commitments. We also know that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the programs that does!

    That’s why I felt the need to comment. As you know, I also love WA! Just today I managed to break through some long established blocks because of the support I received from my fellow community members.

    I am one of Wealthy Affiliate’s up and coming success stories. I have managed to establish a decent income through my online efforts and what I am learning through the WA platform is helping me increase
    My income and expand my reach.

    Thank you for sharing Wealthy Affiliate with your audience. I was told about this sale but didn’t want to wait to join. I paid $359 plus the original $19 first month membership fee. People who take advantage of the black Friday sale will save a substantial amount of money!

    Thanks again for sharing your magic!


    • Hi Joy,

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting my Friend!

      I appreciate you sharing your feelings and testimonial about Wealthy Affiliate and how helpful the community is.

      I am honored to know you as a Friend and also as a fellow member of WA and internet affiliate marketing Joy.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing deal at the $49 per month and even more amazing at $299 for the entire year with the Black Friday Lowest Price deal.

      Thank you Joy for always sharing and caring my Friend,



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