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Blogging Success with Wealthy Affiliate, written by an unbiased Freelance Writer.

Do you have a Blog? Are you thinking of starting one? And is your blog generating
income? Well, if these are the questions going on your mind right now, then
help is on your way. Also, if you have no idea what we are talking about, stick
around and be enlightened.
We are going to feature the Tony Lee Hamilton and the Wealthy Affiliate websites. How
do you use their tools for success? And what training and mentoring services do
they offer? Lastly, we’ll feature how they can assist you to monetize through
Affiliate Marketing with the WordPress Platform.

I. Training and Mentoring Opportunities

Tony Lee Hamilton is a Marketing Veteran. He left the army for the passion of
internet marketing. You can find his training programs from either or Tony is a person you can
derive all the inspiration from.

Wealthy Affiliate site has one of the best training and mentoring community. And it is
absolutely free for you to get started. In 2017 alone, they helped a total of
250,000+ people to start online businesses. You too could be a beneficiary of
their services.

If you connect to the site, the Marketing Veteran will assist you all in the whole
process. They will enable you to build a super blog. And will flag you off to a
booming Affiliate marketing business. If your passion lies in browsing, then
it’s time to turn it into a thriving online business.
training and mentoring program will assist you to join over 1,000,000 internet
entrepreneurs. You will tap into an estimated $5.4 Billion worth of revenue up
for grabs in 2018. And you will not struggle since it will be within your passion
as long as you love being online.


II. How Wealthy Affiliate can assist you to start a Blog

Research has it that more than half of blogs fail in their first year of start. They do
not go beyond the conception stage. And most of those who start the blogs know
neither what they want nor their passion. Some work without plans and targets
and end up earning nothing.
But the Wealthy Affiliate and Tony Lee Hamilton will assist you to go beyond the
blog conception stage. They will make blogging not just a hobby but a career.
And when you do what you love, you don’t work, you enjoy. With their tips, you will
enjoy all the way to the bank.
As a blogger, there are four ways in which you
can build a successful blog. The Marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton assures
you that they are going to help you in

  •  Choosing your interest topic to blog about 
  •  They will help you build a successful blog/website 
  • Assist you in attracting customers to your blog through SEO marketing 
  • Monetizing your WordPress blog through Affiliate Marketing 

Choosing your Interest topic

The mind is a super-highway of information. However, as you think there are some
ideas that make you alive and energized. They motivate you and excite you. You
feel like you would like to share them with the world. But you do not know how
to come out with your topic.
The Wealthy Affiliate team will help to you on this. They will enable you come up
with a topic that befits your passion. And it won’t matter even if you are an
amateur. From grass, they can raise your do grace. They will make you discover
your interests in a fun way.
Remember there are more than 3.75 Billion People online. So it will not matter what your
idea will be. The Wealth Affiliate team will assist you built it by narrowing
down to the specifics. They will make you have a clear vision, goals, and
targets of where you would love to be.

Building your Blog or Website

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the most advanced hosting platforms. It will take you only
30 seconds to get a professionally beautiful and mobile-ready site. And what is
amazing, you can start earning revenues from it right away.
You will use the website resources and knowledge to get a perfect blog. The team is
going to teach you everything and they will part of you in the journey of
success. Even if you are a Newbie in blogging you will realize tremendous
One thing for sure, you will not be among the majority people whose blogs fail as
soon as they are conceived. You can take advantage of the video lessons &
walk-throughs, and personal affiliate blogging services to propel yourself
beyond the limit of the skyline.

Attract Visitors to your Blog/Website

When you have more people flocking your site then the chances of making a successful
sale are enhanced. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) will allow you access to keyword
research tools. You can use the keywords to make Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
With a starter package, you will have access to up to 30 keywords whereas the
premium account will allow you unlimited access to keyword research.
Once you get the keyword, you can generate SEO content. This will enable your
content to be ranked top in the Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,
etc. Your blog/website will get good scores online and it will always rank top in search engines.
You know statistics has it that most people will always click on the first five
search results that appear. So, ranking top on a search engine is pretty
important. You will get more visitors to your sites and they can easily be translated
into customers.
Also, a site that appears on top of a search engine always wins the trust of the
browsers. You know it is human nature to rank and love excellence. So, when you
log into Wealthy Affiliate, do not waste the opportunity of using SEO Content.

III. Earn through Affiliate Marketing with WordPress

Once you have created your blog it’s about time you make it a website for business.
Now here is where the Marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton comes in. With the
expertise and the passion he has he can assist you immensely. He did not leave
the army for no reason.
Tony Lee Hamilton is a Guru of Affiliate Marketing. If you follow his leads you
could transform your WordPress blog from a mere blog into a cash cow that will
get you to milk money. Remember there is a whopping $5.4 Billion up for grabs
in Affiliate Marketing.
There is a number of ways in which Wealth Affiliate will assist you to earn on WordPress
using Affiliate marketing. Here is a number of ways they can assist you and
make you blogging career an awesome venture.

They can:

  • Assist you to sign in Affiliate marketing Program
  • Help you choose the product to include in Affiliate Marketing Program 
  • Assist you to get more visitors to your site 
  • Teach you on the necessary WordPress plug-ins for Affiliate Marketing success 
  • Offers Website analysis tools to assist you to monitor your success 

How they can assist you to sign in to Affiliate marketing Program

Well, probably as a beginner you are not aware of which companies that offers
Affiliate marketing programs. You should not let this be a bother anymore.
There are more than 100,000 Affiliate programs.
When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you will be introduced to big players like Your WordPress Blog will not just be like any other blog. You will
be able to monetize it. And you will be taught how to go about it. So do not
wait any longer monetize your blog.

Help in choosing the right products

There are more than 598 Million products under the Affiliate marketing Program. They
range from fitness, electronics, entertainment etc. It can be very confusing
which kind of product to include on your Affiliate marketing program.
But you should not worry. Wealthy Affiliate will assist you to choose the flagship
products. I mean the fast moving products that resonate well with your WordPress
blog. So your content will be related to the kind of products available.

Assist you to generate more customers to your site

Getting more customers to buy via your referral links is very important. Wealthy
Affiliate will assist you to go about it easily. You can use their features
such as the keyword research tools to make SEO content that will generate more
leads to your site.
You can take advantage of the free classroom sessions and the free seven days live
support to stay ahead of the game. They will also teach you on how to
cross-promote your site on social media platforms and generate potential
customers to your site.

Teaches you on the necessary WordPress Plug-in tools

“Getting affiliate links and sticking them on your
site does not make you an efficient online affiliate marketer”

These are the words of the Marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton.

He says that you would need effective tools that will assist you to realize success much faster.
Such tools include the ThirstyAffiliates, Pretty Links, AffiliateWP, and many
others. The team at Wealthy Affiliate Knows best about them. They will assist
you realize your financial stability much faster. And you will stand tall in
with your money generating WordPress blog.

Offers Analytical tools that assist you to track your

Working in the dark is not wise enough. You need to know where you are going and where
you have come from. You might not know this by yourself since the blog is much
complicated. However, Wealthy Affiliate has Analytical tools that you can use
to track your performance.
You can take advantage of the tools to see if your customer base is increasing or
falling. Check the effectiveness of your ads. It will help you to review and
adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. You can also compare yourself to
others and see the limitless potential available.

IV. Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

As a freelance blogger, you would like to remain relevant and get more customers
to your site. Getting training would suit you best. The Wealthy Affiliate
Program has come up with two ways to propel you faster to your success. They
have two packages the Starter and the Premium one.
As a starter, you won’t pay anything. And you will learn quite a lot. You will be
equipped with the huge knowledge to flag you off with Affiliate marketing. You
will get to interact with the Wealthy Affiliate team live. Take advantage of
the first seven days they will count a lot.

Below are the benefits you will get as a starter blogger

Benefits of using Wealthy Affiliate Starter Package

  • You get live help and support in the first seven days
  • Two blog/website hosting gratis
  • All your website data is backed up
  • You will get a free beginner course training
  • You will be introduced to personal Affiliate blogging
  • You will be entitled to 30 keyword searches
  • Two classroom training sessions will be availed for you
  • A one-on-one coaching session will be given to you in the first week 

However, if you are after a more serious business then jump in directly to the Premium Package. It attracts a fee of $49 per month but has unlimited features. Below are some of the benefits you can get with the Premium Package.

Benefits of the Premium Wealthy Affiliate Package Premium and Starter Benefits WA

  • Unlimited Live help and support
  • Instant Private Messaging service
  • Hosting of up to 50 Websites
  • Website Security features provided and enhanced
  • Website Backup features are provided
  • You will be given a Beginners course gratis
  • Personal Affiliate Blogging
  • Access to Live Video classes for enhanced learning
  • An all phase Affiliate Boot camp training
  • Live video classes
  • Unlimited keyword search tools
  • You will be able to start earning early while you are still learning
  •  Unlimited one-on-one coaching
  • 24/7 website support all the year round
  • Access to website analysis tools 

V. Final Verdict

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and fast ways of monetizing your blog. If you
send traffic to particular sites, you can be paid a commission of up to 75% of
the price the customer buys a product. On Amazon, you can earn revenue of up to
So it is wise for you to get equipped with necessary knowledge and skills. Wealthy
Affiliate seems to be a useful site you can rely on. Their team of
professionals is worth it. They are top-notch and passionate about their work.
Some like Tony Lee Hamilton, left lucrative careers to follow their passions.
They will inspire your quite a lot.
Wealthy Affiliate also has 12 solid years of helping freelancer establish their online
success. They have helped over 1 Million Internet Entrepreneurs. So it is
guaranteed that the team will transform your passions into a lucrative
affiliate marketing career.
So as an individual looking forward to benefiting from blogging and Affiliate
Marketing you should consider putting Wealthy Affiliate abreast. Their skills
will come in handy and will be worth your time. And what is amazing, the
starter package is all free.

Visit and/or for even more information!

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    But, people need to be aware that this is not a “billionaire overnight” system, and they need to put some efforts to learn SEO and other things that lead to their success. This is a long term business that can be turned on into passive income if it is done correctly. But as I said, you need to put efforts to create that passive income system and it’s not easy.
    I think there is a lot of other people who agree with me! 🙂

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