Business Opportunity Hashtags

In today's world, business will be well served by learning how to use hashtags in Social Media Marketing & especially in the Home Based Business Opportunity arena. Business Opportunity Hashtags when utilized properly at sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc….. are so very powerful. I would even say that they are now more powerful than keywords within website posts and will become even more powerful beyond the 21st century. Content is currently still King but Social Media is Queen and we all know that the King is only in charge as long as the Queen is happy!

What are Hashtags?

Are you still among the people here on our planet that haven't got a clue about what hashtags are and also believe that they are just a fad that the younger generation uses? If so, you're most like not on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Wealthy Affiliate etc….. yet, are you? If you are indeed on the aforementioned sites and not utilizing hashtags and/or not using them properly to grow your business, audience and brand then you're missing out. Hashtags for Business are certainly well worth the investment and a great ROI of both time, resources and anything else for that matter.

Hashtags are the keywords of the 21st century, you do know how to utilize keywords, correct?

No matter what industry you are in, your keywords and/or hashtags should attract the type of visitor that will in fact be interested in what you are sharing. Instagram, as an example allows up to 30 hashtags and utilizing all 30 is the absolute best way to target and grow your audience. Hashtags that have high competition, just like keywords, are much harder to rank for and therefore of your 30 hashtags, use the 10/10/10 rule.

What is the 10/10/10 rule?

The 10/10/10 rule is as follows ~ Use 10 keywords that are popular and used by many such as #WorkFromHome #Entrepreneur #BusinessOpportunity etc……. then use 10 that are in the mid range, like #Dadpreneur #WorkFromHomeDad #OnlineBusinessOpportunity and so on, then use 10 more specific hashtags like #WealthySuperAffiliate #TonyLeeHamilton #Crushingit10X that are geared more toward your brand and/or what you are sharing.

Examples of High Traffic Business Opportunity Keywords

What keywords would You say have the most searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the other search engines & the same goes for the hashtags. When you utilize sites like Jaaxy in order to see what the highest traffic keywords are and also what the competition is, You also do the same for hashtags. Sites like Instagram can also be used to research the amount of times that each hashtag has been used and You can even see who is ranking for the hashtags.

Below are a few examples of highly shared hashtags for those sharing Business Opportunities:

  • Entrepreneur
  • WorkFromHome
  • NetworkMarketing
  • EarnMoneyOnline

Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

What Hashtags should You use?

As I mentioned earlier, use the 10/10/10 rule and scale up as you learn what converts for what you are sharing. Experiment with different hashtags for your opportunity and/or your posts, keep in mind to always share the ones that will build and grow your brand.

I personally always use #TonyLeeHamilton #DigitalMarketingVeteran #WealthySuperAffiliate and #Crushingit10X on all of my posts.

Does the branding work?

Great that You asked!

Take a few minutes and google “Tony Lee Hamilton” or “Digital Marketing Veteran” or “Wealthy Super Affiliate” and/or even “Crushing it 10X” to notice that You will find me on page #1 of Your search results.

While you're there, click on my website and have a look around as well. You will absolutely find more valuable information so that you can also start Crushing it 10X earning an income online and with my assistance when you ask me.

What questions and/or thoughts do You have?

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