Cash in on Banners = Real Traffic to Your Website

Generating Traffic:

Cash In For Banners is an exceptionally powerful traffic generating tool! It creates an endless, non-stop flow of qualified prospects to the websites of our members.

You will get an enormous number of visits to your website – guaranteed!

There is just a simple and easy, but extremely important requirement, and there is absolutely no way of avoiding it. You have to enroll some members personally, or the whole system will not even start working!

To see why referring new advertisers is a must, let's have a look at the system.

When you join and submit your banners, they will rotate in the spot #1 on your page.

When you refer new advertising members, their CIOB pages will have your banners rotated in spot #2 on their pages and your banner and your page will be presented to more and more prospects.

Your banner will always remain in spot #1 on your own Cash In On Banners page. And your banners will be rotated in the spot #2 on the pages of everyone who've signed up directly under you. And if they refer new members, your banner moves to spot #3 of these new members' pages.

So, with the addition of new members on lower levels, your banners will move through all 6 upper spots in turn. (Upgraded members have their banners rotated also in spots #7 and #8 for even more traffic).
Every new advertiser to post a banner has to click on all eight banners and spend time on each page – including yours!

I recommend to aim at referring at least 10 members yourself. Even if not all of them turn out to be as good at referring as you, this will create a strong working group promoting your banners. Go on promoting your Cash In On Banners page – why be satisfied with a trickle when you can easily have a stream!

Generating a Constant Flow of Money:

When upgrading, a member pays $10 directly to another member, not the company.There are no administrative fees, we don't take out anything from the payment, you get 100% of it!

Who gets the payment, is determined according to our enhanced “2-Up” plan.

Here is how this plan works:

The first new upgraded member you've referred pays you $10 directly (by PayPal or AlertPay) and becomes a member of your team.

You've already got your money back!

The second one you refer rolls up to your referrer, who also gets the payment of $10.

The third one pays you and stays in your team. You've started making money!

The fourth one is transferred to your referrer, who also gets the money.

All members you refer after that, no matter how many, pay you directly and stay in your team.
But that's only the beginning of the money flow!

Every upgraded member in your team, to get the full benefit of the pay-plan, has to transfer the second and the fourth referred by them to you! You get the money!

These transferred members are now a part of your team and two referrals of each of them also roll up to you!

Additional benefits:

A status of an upgraded member could be:

Paid – no referrals yet

Semi-Pro – Two personal referrals (minimum one rolls up)

Pro – Four personal referrals (total of two roll up)

All upgraded members have their banners rotated also in spots #7 & #8 on all members' pages. Semi-Pro members have their banners rotated 2 times more often and Pro – 5 times more often than ordinary Paid members.

More exposure and traffic for active members!

The number of allowed banners:

Free members can have 3 saved and rotated banners

Paid members (no referrals yet) can have 6 saved and rotated banners

Semi-Pro – 12 banners

Pro – 20 banners to save and rotate!

The number of cloaked URLs allowed:

Free members can have 5 saved cloaked URLs

Paid members (no referrals yet) can have 10 saved cloaks

Semi-Pro – 15 cloaks

Pro – 30 cloaks to save!

Thank You Friends,

Tony Lee Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Cash in on Banners = Real Traffic to Your Website”

  1. Hi. I ve upgraded a few days ago ( 18/01/2021 ) by paying the 10$ asked , to my present upline.
    Still , as I’m writing these lines ( 25/01/2021 ) , about one week gone by , my acount still shows as free member . Do you , by any chance , know what could be hapening ? I tried to suport ticket contact them , but no answer as of yet . Thanks in advance . John

    • Hi John,

      other than contacting support and your referrer, I don’t have any suggestions my friend.

      How long ago did you submit your support ticket, have they now responded & upgrade your account?

      Thank you for your time and communication João,



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