9 Advantages of Paying with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. And with good reason—it’s practically a new way of life! Bitcoin is more than just an incredible new system of exchange; it’s a substantial instantaneous value transfer network and one of the most secure online transactions. It has all sorts of benefits you might not have thought about yet! Here’s a quick summary of why Bitcoin is such an excellent way to … Read more

Eclipcity Review, another Smart-Contract Ponzi Scheme?

Bitcoin Scam Eclipcity

When the internet first became commercial and gained acceptance by the masses it was a great thing. During the late 90s the internet was young and innocent. It was a new place of discovery and possibility. This medium allowed people to do just about anything and everything they wanted. As time went on, plenty of bad people began to figure out how to rip people off through the world … Read more

Is Bitlocity a Scam? 2021 Bitlocity Review

crowdfunding bitcoin scam

Bitlocity is a new online crypto business that takes the concept of crypto crowdfunding and combining it with a MLM business strategy. The information here will provide an updated Bitlocity review. Let’s take a look at this company to see what it has to offer and to figure out if it’s a scam. The New Era of Crypto Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a business concept where a bunch of people … Read more

is QubitTech a scam? 2021 QubitTech Review

Qubit Tech

QubitTech is a platform that is described as different things by different groups and people. The online platform is often described as a cryptocurrency trader, an economic quantum computing processor, and a tool for investment. The platform has been around since January 2020 and is still very new. However, the people who have encountered this program provide mixed reviews about it. Is QubitTech a scam? The following information within … Read more