GlobalAid Club Scam Review Blockchain CrowdFunding MLM Platform

Global Aid Club Scam Review

GlobalAid.Club says that You can make a One Time $50 BNB purchase then deposit & you can potentially make over $300k BNB without recruiting! What! Three Hundred Thousand Dollars without recruiting!?! I’m not trying to be pessimistic but I have a really hard time believing this! It’s even more unbelievable than the far out claims by LiveGood, EmpowerLife and some of the other so called “make money online opportunities” … Read more

Debt Box is iX Global a Scam? the SEC says Yes!

IX Global Scam Forex Trading Review Debt Box SEC Shutdown

The dynamic sphere of online investments has given rise to a fresh controversy, with far-reaching implications for the financial sector. The previously lauded IX Global has been enveloped by a cloud of doubt and scrutiny. The storm brewing around IX Global is not based on hearsay or market rumors; it is backed by the verdict of one of the most esteemed financial watchdogs, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). … Read more

Vortic United Review, Investment Opportunity or Scam?

Vortic United Review Investment Opportunity or Scam Jensen Robles Rene Schwarze usdt Tether

In the rapidly evolving world of online trading and investment, one name ⁠ has sparked controversy and caution in equal measures: Vortic United. Vortic United entices individuals with their accessible institutional-grade trading systems, ⁠ painting a compelling image of financial prosperity and growth. Still, under this glossy disguise lie a range of queries ⁠ and concerns that dampen the company’s lofty declarations. ​ The existence of Jensen Robles, the company’s elusive CEO, … Read more