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New Year's Resolution

NutriCellix launched on New Years Day & I was introduced to the company prior to that by a friend. After taking a long look at the opportunity and researching the details of the products, owners etc…. I decided to pass. I also wrote a review from my research and have written a few others since then as well. Below I will share links to the articles, the NutriCellix Review … Read more

What is NutriCellix? Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough?

DNA NutriCellix

Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough? Indeed, that’s question that is being asked across the internet, social media networks and even in person between friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. That’s how MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing companies operate, share with anyone and everyone in your hot market, warm market, cold market and even those that come within 5 feet of you. What is NutriCellix, is it … Read more

2020 New Year’s Day Launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System Legit?

New Year's Resolution

Is losing weight, getting in shape or becoming healthier one of your 2020 New Year’s resolutions? Have you heard of the newest fad, utilizing DNA results to customize a diet just for you? If you’ve been following the current health and wellness trends, you’ll realize that there has been a high increase in the number of firms providing curated products, customized for each person. One such company is NutriCellix … Read more

Is NutriCellix a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan or DNA Hoax?

DNA Weight Management

Have you been approached yet, either through social media or in person by someone pitching NutriCellix as being a groundbreaking new healthy weight loss diet plan based upon your specific DNA? Is it really possible to create products based on each person’s exact deoxyribonucleic acid test and in an economically feasible way or is it all just a hoax and placebo effect? Are DNA tests too invasive and not … Read more