Ashraf Mufareh YouTube Zoom addressing being sued by the SEC

Ashraf Mufareh and Wife SEC sued OnPassive GoFounders Ponzi Pyramid MLM Scheme Scam

Have You heard yet about the SEC suing Ash Mufareh & his Wife claiming that OnPassive is operating as a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme masquerading as a Legit MLM Company? Ash Mufareh even stated that “only God can stop OnPassive!” OnPassive has been in Pre-Launch for about 5 years now having started in 2018. To date, not 1 of the GoFounders or any other members have been paid a single … Read more

SEC sues OnPassive! MLM Scheme Ashraf Mufareh GoFounders!

OnPassive Scam MLM Pyramid Scheme Ecosystem GoFounders Ponzi

Today’s announcement by the SEC concerns allegations made against Ashraf Mufareh and ONPASSIVE LLC regarding an illegal and unauthorized investment scheme. Click on any Blue link below to read previous articles about OnPassive through the past 5 years…. International investments were also involved by the defendants according to the SEC’s accusations; they deceitfully obtained money from nearly one million investors across the globe – specifically within the US – … Read more

2023 GoFounders OnPassive EcoSystem, is OnPassive a Scam, will it ever launch?

OnPassive ecosystem GoFounders Scam Review 2023

Update Published on 13 August 2023 = click here -> SEC sues OnPassive! MLM Scheme Ashraf Mufareh GoFounders! Onpassive, an avant-garde entity in the realm of AI technology, is a pioneering force set to alter the landscape of business operations. With its array of AI-powered digital solutions, it pledges to boost productivity and catalyze growth for enterprises of all dimensions. It presents itself as a groundbreaking platform devised to … Read more