What is NutriCellix? Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough?

DNA NutriCellix

Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough? Indeed, that's question that is being asked across the internet, social media networks and even in person between friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. That's how MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing companies operate, share with anyone and everyone in your hot market, warm market, cold market and even those that come within 5 feet of you.

What is NutriCellix, is it a legitimate opportunity created in order to share unique health & wellness products or simply a Pyramid Scheme disguised and just a replacement for Neora? There are 5 other articles here on this website sharing growing information that helps created in order to answer these questions among others as well. At the bottom on the left, you'll find a search bar created in order to be able created in order to find them and other items of interest as well.

What is NutriCellix?

NutriCellix touts itself as the 1st custom weight management program that is based upon each consumer's unique DNA after having it analyzed at a certified lab utilizing a swab test that costs a mere $100 up front. When submitting your sample, you can also order your products & then they will supposedly be sent created in order to you after your DNA is analyzed and your unique products are created.

As Bo Short in the YouTube NutriCellix embedded video clip above specifies, it's a robust advertising and marketing platform and also streamlined ecommerce system that places the power of having your very own Amazon or Shopify Store in the palm of your own hands, without the demand for item stocking, overhead, pay-roll or various other normal headaches connected with traditional services.

Did NutriCellix launch in response created in order to Neora being targeted by the Federal Trade Commission, charging them with operating as an illegal Ponzi Pyramid Scheme?

Will the Federal Trade Commission target NutriCellix next?

I don't see that happening anytime soon as I believe that the FTC will have it's hands full for quite a while attempting to shut down Neora like they did Advocare recently. Also, with the restart of Nerium, renamed as “Pure Nerium Team” and with many of the same players, they may very well be next. Isagenix, who just last month purchased Zija would most likely be a much better choice for a healthy weight loss MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Company promoting their products and opportunity.

(No, I'm not a representative for Isagenix, none of the aforementioned companies nor any other company that promotes health and wellness products)


Are the NutriCellix Products and/or Opportunity recommended?

My answer to the above question would be an absolute No!

Am I saying that NutriCellix.com is a scam and not a legitimate opportunity or that the products aren't useful?

No, I'm not saying that as time will be needed in order to make those judgments, NutriCellix only launched a little over a month ago on New Year's Day.

The reason that I absolutely don't recommend the products and/or opportunity is that I find it hard to believe that even if some ambassadors/representatives do indeed pay the $100 for the DNA test that the products will be unique. Outside customers, I feel will be even tougher to convince to submit to the test prior to receiving the unique customized products. No outside customers = illegal ponzi pyramid scheme as well as un-sustainability of any worthwhile compensation plan.

NutriCellix MarketBolt Articles

Custom weight management powered by your DNA ~ Marketbolt.com/NutriCellix

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Zija Moringa Oleifera has been acquired by Isagenix International

Zija acquired by Isagenix

Yes, it's now official!

Zija Moringa Oleifera has indeed been acquired by Isagenix International & the transition process has started for the Zija International Members. I have many friends from my Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) days when we were able to share the True Essentials products for health & wellness who are now members of Zija/Isagenix, Ariix and even some who joined the Vemma Opportunity that was also shut down in 2015 by the FTC for engaging in deceptive practices and pyramid scheming . They are all a great group of friends and leaders & will be a huge asset to the Isagenix Family. In many ways, I miss my time with FHTM & will never forget Paul Orberson as well as other great friends & leaders.

I never did join Zija International, I took a different route after FHTM got taken down by the FTC. (Federal Trade Commission) I decided to concentrate on Affiliate Marketing 100% online instead of with MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Companies. (Not all are Pyramid Schemes or Ponzi ) I don't have anything against the other business models, I just personally prefer to get paid on my own efforts more so than building a team of people.

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Why did Zija sell to Isagenix International?

According to the official Isagenix website, the main reason for the sale of Zija, is that the founder and owner of Zija, Ken Brailsford would like to retire soon and provide longevity for Zija & it's representatives. Zija will now have more efficient production, more resources and increased innovation, which will benefit both Company's Members.

I'm not saying that the above isn't indeed true, that being said, the other Press Releases, Articles and Announcements that I have come across while researching all say that Zija has been struggling. Their sales have been reported to have gone down 50% recently as well as having corporate leadership challenges, 2 Chief Executive Officers have been fired in the past 2 years. Isagenix annual sales are said to be $800 Million while Zija sales are in the $50 Million per year level.

What Isagenix products and compensation are available to Zija?

Initially Zija will operate just as they are now with the Isagenix products and compensation plan being interjected over time. Members will not be placed in the down-line of the other company & until the details are worked out will be paid according to the current system.

View the Official Press Release below:

Official Press Release Isagenix acquires Zija

Will Isagenix be targeted by the FTC?

Lately the Federal Trade Commission has been bearing down hard on the Health & Wellness industry, especially within the Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Companies arena.

AdvoCare has been recently shutdown and Neora, formerly known as Nerium has also been targeted by the FTC. Neora has filed their own lawsuit counter suing, citing that the FTC is wrongly changing the rules for Direct Sales Companies. In the past year as Neora has been targeted, many have left and migrated to NutriCellix, Pure Nerium or other opportunities.

I believe that Isagenix International is a much more legitimate company with better leadership along with Zija International now on board as well that they will operate without corruption and thrive.

What is Isagenix?

launched in 2002, Isagenix has actually pursued the objective of helping people around the globe real-time much healthier lives as well as generate a routine residual income. Isagenix expands through its advertising and marketing as well as direct sales program which has actually produced greater than $3 billion in cumulative sales.

Isagenix founders, Jim and Kathy Coover, have a distinct training program in place. They credit this training program as the factor for the firm's sales development by 1,300 percent in the last five years. Based in Arizona, Isagenix has a large range of health and wellness and nutrition products to choose from.

You can either enroll in an Isagenix subscription by ending up being a customer or an affiliate. Clients do not take part in the payment strategy yet can make rewards and also price cuts via recommendations. Associates are the very first rank within Isagenix' advertising framework.

There are 5 rankings to which an Isagenix supplier can strive.

Those consist of:

  • Partner
  • Professional
  • Supervisor
  • Director
  • Executive

Each ranking lugs greater payment rates and also more valuable incentives. There are lots of means to generate income as an Isagenix representative, yet the major ones are via retail profits, product intro bonus offers, and also team bonus offers.

Since the compensation strategy has a team-oriented framework, the higher your group's total Group Volume (GV – the complete PV of your team), the even more money you all make.

Whether you're aiming to end up being a representative, raise your power levels, construct lean muscle, take nutritional supplements, locate a quality cleansing product, or simply drop weight, the business motivates people to start as a consumer through producing an Isagenix Customer Membership Account in order to make use of discount rates as well as feasible benefits.

There are three new membership price cut kinds: Customer, Preferred Customer (without Auto-ship), and Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship).

Each membership level carries various product discounts. As a new consumer, there is no annual subscription charge as well as you receive a 10 percent price cut on all retail acquisitions.

For a Preferred Customer (without Auto-ship), you obtain a 25 percent discount on retail acquisitions with a $39 yearly subscription cost.

As a Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship), you receive a 25 percent price cut too, but additionally a minimized annual membership fee of $29; you also become qualified for extra price cuts and also incentives when you come to be a Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship).

The company recommends all interested celebrations to begin as consumers. Clients do not initially join the settlement plan till they become an affiliate within the organization.

Although the company has actually not obtained a high volume of reviews, the ones that they have gotten have been extremely positive. The favorable evaluations can be separated into 2 different categories: supplier reviews and also client reviews.

The favorable client assesses center around the product itself, explaining an authentic wellness item that in fact helps customers shed calories and fat, retain power, and also cleanse the body of contaminants.

One consumer explained that via his consistent use the product over the years, his physician is constantly blown away by his Body Mass Index and also his muscle and bone density despite his age.

Numerous customers associate healthy fat burning stories while still being able to take pleasure in treats (customers show up to appreciate the preference of Isagenix healthy protein drinks and weight reduction shakes).

Consumers that utilize Isagenix weight reduction products have actually seen outcomes, but the products alone can refrain all the work for you. Customers should combine Isagenix's weight-loss products with healthy eating behaviors, an organized diet strategy, and also day-to-day exercise to accomplish the best outcomes.

Isagenix representatives additionally repaint a flattering portrait of the company's solutions. A few representatives explain the Isagenix compensation plan as being better than any type of other business they have actually seen.

One more representative explains the compensation strategy as the ideal automobile for developing recurring or easy revenue. Distributors value the high quantity of cash Isagenix has actually purchased training for and supplementing supplier success. In other words, Isagenix wants its distributors to make money.

Honors and Accolades

Besides supplying successful health and wellness and also health items to those who intend to reduce weight, the company has drawn in the interest of award-giving organizations across the globe.

If distinctions are a fundamental part of selecting a multi-level advertising company, Isagenix has actually been the recipient of lots of honors including:

  • 36 Stevies from the American Business Awards
  • 2 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • Three Telly Awards
  • Two Spectrum Awards
  • Eight successive years of being acknowledged by Inc. 5000 as one of the fast-growing private business in America
  • No. 27 on the Direct Selling News Global Top 100 Companies checklist for the year 2014

Top quality Products

Isagenix supplies a variety of health and wellness, nutrition, as well as fat burning products for people that wish to enhance their general health and wellness and also quality of life.

The weight health items from Isagenix are planned to be used alongside healthy consuming as well as way of life practices.

Its items include a range of nutritional active ingredients including whey, isalean healthy protein (usually a shake dish substitute that promotes lean bodybuilding and also weight-loss), crucial minerals, vitamins, fat-free sugar, and also various other nutritional supplements.

The firm likewise provides items implied to clean the body. Nutritional cleaning is a way to swiftly relocate nutrients with the body and remove unhealthy material from the body.

Those who are attempting to lose a considerable quantity of weight through Isagenix items as well as other techniques, like intermittent fasting, must consult a doctor and also method healthy weight reduction routines.

Right here are several of items provided by the multi-level advertising firm:

  • Eternal Pain Relief Cream
  • Ageless Joint Support
  • Clean forever
  • FiberPro
  • FiberSnacks
  • IsaFlush!
  • IsaKids Essentials
  • Refreshing Body WashSlimCakes. Dairy-Free Protein Shake Options.Isagenix has attempted to create a line of products that can cover and also fulfill the requirements of any type of health-focused person.By supplying vitamins and minerals, meal strategies (meal replacement items), healthy and balanced treats, and all-natural ingredients, the firm seeks to produce a much healthier way of living for all its clients.
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Final Thoughts

Although I am not nor have I ever been a representative or customer for either Zija Moringa Oleifera or Isagenix International, I do feel that after the merger that it is indeed a great opportunity. Anyone who is interested in promoting healthy products along with Network Marketing with Direct Sales while building an MLM, I highly recommend them. I do, as stated above, have many friends who are leaders, so contact me if interested and I will place you in touch with someone local for you.  Share your thoughts, comment below!