Threads by Metaverse, Twitter Killer or Scam Copycat?

Threads Metaverse Twitter Copycat Instagram

Meta Platforms, the conglomerate that owns Facebook, officially introduced Threads, its latest application designed to compete directly with Twitter. After Meta’s initial announcement, Threads made its debut three months later and achieved an impressive 30 million sign-ups by Thursday morning. This figure included numerous brands, celebrities, and journalists, among others. Users who were quick to adopt Threads and enthusiastically used it on its initial day likened the encounter to … Read more

what is Scam or Legit Ad & Social Creatives Review

2023 ad creative ai Reviews Scam Review Social Media Tool

In the continually transforming landscape of online promotion, a tectonic transition is discreetly unfolding. Spearheading this innovative upturn is, a trailblazing tool that harnesses the power of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to fine-tune and amplify the creation of digital ads. Birthed from the combined wisdom of a diverse group of progressive visionaries, this ingenious apparatus surpasses the common—it’s a spark for metamorphosis. With the robust and intricate abilities of … Read more

Keala Kanae Scam Alert Fullstaq Marketer Review Amidst Controversy

keala kanae scam review

Keala Kanae is an entrepreneur known for his involvement in the digital marketing industry. He’s the co-founder of AWOL Academy and, more recently, Fullstaq Marketer – companies offering online marketing and training courses. Kanae has built a reputation on his charismatic delivery and ambitious promises of providing strategies and techniques that can reportedly help individuals succeed in their online businesses. Fullstaq Marketer, Kanae’s latest venture, is an online platform … Read more