Cliqly email Marketing now Turnkey email Biz Scam?

Amidst the vast digital landscape, email marketing persists as a potent instrument for businesses intent on forging enduring bonds with their customers. It is a territory where authenticity, innovation, and strategic planning unite to generate impactful consumer experiences. In areas with prospects for lawful development, there is also the possibility of misuse. The rise of email marketing scams has overshadowed the industry, resulting in a significant number of businesses being deceived by these fraudulent techniques. Serious allegations of scam have put Cliqly, an email marketing service platform, under close examination in recent times. We thoroughly investigate the swirling accusations surrounding the Cliqly Email Marketing Scam, separating fact from rumor, to present a comprehensive evaluation. Is Cliqly known for its innovative marketing solutions or controversial practices? Join our quest to expose the actuality behind these allegations.


Cliqly is now turnkey email biz!

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What is Cliqly?

Founded in 2022, Cliqly is an email marketing platform that aims to enhance the efficiency of connecting businesses with their relevant audiences. Cliqly's goal is to establish a unique identity within the digital marketing landscape by offering enhanced efficiency, scalability, and user convenience.

The main goal for the company is to equip small and large enterprises alike with an extensive toolset that enables them to successfully oversee their email marketing endeavors. Cliqly states that they offer a comprehensive solution for all email marketing requirements. This encompasses customizable email templates, list segmentation functionalities, and automated workflows.

Furthermore, Cliqly sets itself apart by taking advantage of artificial intelligence to revolutionize email marketing. It emphasizes functionalities such as predictive sending and optimization fueled by AI technology, enabling businesses to effectively communicate with their customers at the ideal moment using the appropriate message.

The pricing plans offered by Cliqly follow a tiered structure, allowing for expanded features and capabilities as the price increases. The company's target clients range from solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, reflecting its vision of democratizing high-impact email marketing.

While offering ambitious promises and an extensive range of features, Cliqly has encountered controversy at its core. The emergence of scam accusations has led to questions about the authenticity and credibility of the platform. The following sections will investigate these charges, offering an equitable standpoint on the issue.

Understanding Email Marketing Scams

The prevalence and effectiveness of email communication have made email marketing scams a growing concern in the digital world. The first stride in fostering a secure digital marketing environment for businesses and consumers is to comprehend these scams.

In general, email marketing scams function by breaching ethical marketing practices and regulations governing data privacy.

These scams can take multiple forms, each with their own set of deceptive tactics:

  • Phishing scams: Dishonest individuals often resort to phishing scams which involve the distribution of misleading emails appearing to be from trustworthy corporations but have ulterior motives of acquiring personal information. These emails often direct recipients to counterfeit websites where they are tricked into entering personal data.
  • Spoofing scams: Fraudsters engage in these scams by altering email headers to create the impression that the email originates from a different sender – frequently a respected person or company. These are designed to deceive the recipient into taking some form of detrimental action.
  • Unwanted spam: The process includes sending out numerous unsolicited emails, commonly used to market and advertise goods or services. Not every spam email is a scam; however, numerous instances involve the spreading of malware or fraudulent attempts to collect personal information.
  • List procurement scams: Some unethical email marketing services may offer mailing lists for sale, promising high-quality leads. Nonetheless, these lists often contain acquired email addresses, raising concerns about the violation of privacy laws and the possibility of penalties for businesses.
  • Payment scams: Some scam email marketing companies lure businesses in with low prices for premium services. After receiving payment, they fail to deliver the promised service, cease communication, or underdeliver on their claims.

Despite being an effective and lawful tool for businesses, email marketing now requires caution due to the increase in these scams. Choosing the right email marketing platform requires companies to meticulously research and evaluate its compliance with legal regulations and ethical best practices. The relevance of staying vigilant is exemplified by the recent allegations against Cliqly that we will explore further.

Allegations against Cliqly & their response

There has been growing concern over the questionable and potentially unlawful business practices of Cliqly.

The platform is facing scrutiny as numerous customers have raised complaints that question its integrity.

  • Underdelivery: A significant number of clients have reported that Cliqly consistently underperforms after promising high deliverability rates for their campaigns. Certain clients have observed a significant reduction in their email open rates upon migrating to Cliqly's services.
  • Billing issues: Cliqly has faced accusations of unauthorized charges, as customers claim they were billed for services without their consent. Furthermore, certain individuals have shared their struggles in cancelling subscriptions and obtaining refunds.
  • Inaccurate analytics: Certain users have expressed skepticism about the faithfulness of Cliqly's analytics reporting, indicating that there is a chance the platform could be magnifying metrics in order to portray an inaccurate representation of campaign success.
  • Customer service concerns: Cliqly's customer service often receives complaints from users regarding slow response times, unhelpful support, and instances of non-responsiveness.

Cliqly's Response to the Allegations

With the increasing allegations, Cliqly has provided a response in order to resolve any misconceptions. The company holds firm that they value their customers greatly and are earnestly addressing all reported concerns.

  • Addressing underdelivery: There are ongoing investigations at Cliqly regarding cases of underdelivery. Their point of view states that email deliverability can be contingent upon different variables, a majority of which lie beyond their jurisdiction. This includes the effectiveness of customer's email lists.
  • Billing issues: The company acknowledged some billing errors due to software glitches and assured customers of refunds. Furthermore, plans are underway to enhance their billing system and ensure that such problems do not recur.
  • Analytics concerns: According to Cliqly, they conform to industry-standard reporting practices regarding analytics. Notwithstanding, they assured that they would thoroughly examine any possible inaccuracies.
  • Improving customer service: In acknowledgment of grievances regarding their customer service, Cliqly has declared intentions to grow their customer service team and enhance their response times.

While these responses indicate a proactive approach by the company in addressing the identified problems, it remains uncertain whether these assurances will be implemented and if they will effectively reinstate customer faith. It’s important for users and observers to remain informed, and the following sections will provide firsthand accounts and expert opinions to further dissect the ongoing situation.

Comparisons to Other Email Marketing Services

A comprehensive perspective on Cliqly's performance, possible concerns, and the expected level of service can be obtained by comparing it with other email marketing services.

Here's how Cliqly stands in relation to some of the other industry leaders:

  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp stands out in the market for its reliable service, comprehensive features, and transparent billing system. User complaints about Cliqly's under-delivery starkly contrast with Mailchimp's consistent delivery performance.
  • Constant Contact: The excellent customer service provided by this platform is often highlighted, emphasizing the notable shortcomings in this regard for Cliqly. The support channels of Constant Contact have gained recognition for their prompt and useful assistance, establishing a goal for Cliqly.
  • Sendinblue: Sendinblue's transparent and accurate reporting has won it many loyal customers. Users can track their campaigns' performance in real-time, with metrics they can trust, contrasting with the claims of inflated analytics made against Cliqly.
  • GetResponse: Many businesses prefer this platform due to its flexible and transparent billing practices. For customers who have faced billing issues with Cliqly, a source of contention is their lack of comprehension about the specific items they are being invoiced for.
  • Drip: Drip, functioning as an ECRM (Ecommerce CRM), smoothly integrates with various ecommerce platforms while delivering sophisticated email automation features. Users report Drip's automation to be more intuitive and robust when compared to Cliqly.

Though every platform has its strengths and weaknesses, Cliqly stands out due to the unusually frequent and severe allegations made against it. If proven true, these complaints indicate significant issues that the platform needs to address.

While comparisons can be enlightening, it's essential to take a holistic approach and consider all relevant aspects. Thorough research, careful consideration of specific needs, and potentially testing multiple platforms are essential for businesses before committing to an email marketing service.

Preventing Email Marketing Scams

Maintaining secure and effective digital marketing practices necessitates a focus on preventing email marketing scams.

Here are some tips on how businesses can safeguard themselves against potential scams:

  • Research Email Marketing Platforms: Before committing to an email marketing service, conduct thorough research. It is important to consult reliable sources for reviews, compare the various services available, and approach any platform that offers unrealistic guarantees with skepticism.
  • Check for Transparency: A genuine email marketing service should ensure transparency in its operations and procedures. Having clarity on billing matters, reporting metrics, data utilization policies, and the amount of control you can exercise over your email campaigns is essential.
  • Understand Email Marketing Laws: Gain knowledge of email marketing laws such as CAN-SPAM in the United States, CASL in Canada, and GDPR in Europe. Avoiding legal complications necessitates compliance with these laws by email marketing platforms.
  • Investigate Delivery Rates: Kindly verify if the platform is equipped to offer trustworthy data about their email delivery rates. Exercise care when considering platforms that guarantee excessively high or perfect delivery rates, as achieving such rates is frequently implausible due to obstacles like bounced emails and spam filters.
  • Beware of List Buying: Purchasing email lists can effectively contribute to engaging in spamming practices, a violation that is both illegal and morally wrong. A highly respected email marketing platform will discourage these actions, emphasizing the value of cultivating lists naturally.
  • Test Customer Support: Evaluate the platform's customer support responsiveness and effectiveness to ensure satisfaction before committing. Efficient customer support can be a vital element in successfully navigating through any problems that may surface.
  • Secure Payments: The platform must ensure secure payment processing and deliver concise invoices. Exercise caution regarding undisclosed fees or subscriptions that you have not authorized.

By incorporating these safeguards, businesses can greatly enhance their protection against email marketing scams. The foundation of successful marketing strategies lies in ethical and secure practices.

Summarizing Final Thoughts

Amidst the constantly evolving field of digital marketing, email stands out as a necessary ingredient in cultivating customer engagement and driving business progress. That being said, during our exploration of the allegations regarding the Cliqly email marketing platform we have discovered that not all actors within this industry maintain a commitment to upholding transparency standards or meeting expectations for ethical conduct and superior customer service.

Formerly seen as an aspiring startup with grand ambitions, Cliqly is now confronting doubts and mistrust. The allegations made against them – underdelivery, questionable billing practices, doubtful analytics, and subpar customer service – pose significant concerns that may undermine the trust needed for any business association. Despite the company's proactive approach in addressing these allegations, the road ahead in earning back customer confidence poses considerable challenges.

This occurrence functions as a pivotal reminder for all businesses. It underscores the significance of exercising care when deciding on an email marketing platform and the importance of staying attentive in recognizing and avoiding potential scams. It underlines the importance of demanding more than just ambitious promises to enhance delivery rates, advanced functionalities, and exemplary service levels: rather it stresses on the need for unwavering consistency in performing tasks with integrity and being fully transparent.

As we conclude, remember that in the realm of email marketing, as with any other digital platform, the mantra remains: “buyer, be aware”. Stay updated, inquire, seek guidance, and always assertively request the level of service you are entitled to. Continuing to build a digital marketing environment characterized by exceptional performance, ingenuity, as well as safeguarding the interests, trustworthiness, and welfare of both enterprises and customers is indispensable.

In closing I'll share that I'm not sold & won't be taking part in Cliqy specially now that they've rebranded to Turnkey email Biz!

I am not implying that Cliqly is a fraudulent scheme, but rather pointing out that I personally have not witnessed any favorable outcomes from utilizing paid leads that are readily available to everyone.

Should I change my mind?

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6 thoughts on “Cliqly email Marketing now Turnkey email Biz Scam?”

  1. Great article! As someone interested in just making some extra Christmas money, I was looking into it. Apparently, people have “consented” to getting these emails so I thought it would be safe. My biggest fear is getting fined a crap ton of money by the FTC (would this really happen?) for Xbox money for my kid.

    • Thank You Tami!
      I highly recommend a different route my Friend.
      The FTC does indeed regulate online opportunities and is cracking down harder lately!

  2. I’m no lawyer but when I read the CASL and can spam guidelines for here are huge red flags regarding Cliqly emails. Some issues including not showing origin address, changes to header information, not all ad creatives (emails) have an unsubscribe link, it must clearly state it is an ad including affiliate links, just to name a few. Also how Cliqly obtained its emails is important, people have to have consented and that they weren’t just harvested or bought. Just a thought 😊

  3. Tony, I listened to your Cliqly review and you make some valid points. However, I do think you need to explore the numbers in more detail. As a member of Cliqly since the end of May 2023, I found that I make about $300 a month with just the $0.10 per click program. To Upgrade it costs me $125, an initial profit of $216 and I’ve earned consistently since I joined. It may be worth your while to review Cliqly in more detail.
    Here is a copy of my results:
    Below Are The Commissions for Robert – Cliqly Affiliate

    All time

    Select subid
    Type Commission
    A. Level 1 commission: $703.1
    Total Clicks 7031
    Earnings Per Click $.10
    B. CPA offer commission: $0
    C. Cliqly referral commission: $342.75
    No. of sales 9
    D. One time bonus: $0
    Total Earnings (A + B + C + D) $1045.85
    Commission paid history
    Date Total clicks CPA & Referral
    commission Commission paid
    2023-06-23 2073 $103.65 $310.95
    2023-06-02 2057 $134.35 $340.05
    2023-05-19 2440 $97 $341

    • How does Cliqly pay Robert?
      You’ve been a member since the end of May 2023?
      It’s now only the middle of July!
      How many others have You recruited?
      You show a payday of 5-19-23, that’s before the end of May, how?
      9 Sales, to Cliqly?
      Earned consistently?
      Thank You for sharing your thoughts and experience with Cliqly/turnkey email biz Robert……


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