CryptoJams Review Scam or Legitimate Hashing Ad Space Alternative?

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With more availability in online business, yet another new cloud mining platform emerges that allows you to yet again revolutionize your revenue streams by earning new pathways to monetizing your time through reward mining. In this new digital age, maximizing your profitability has never been easier. CrytoJams is, in essence, a cloud mining platform that allows you to take your business to another level with commissions, new revenue streams and ways to monetize.

Cryptojams is an International advertising website that allows you to Advertise Globally and earn daily JAMS & money at the same time. They made mining activity attractive to their members by offering on-site rewards. The best part is that the Mining Activity is made Simple and Friendly. And not painful and arduous as in some other sites. Cryptojams offers a stable platform to maximize profitability by offering things like Free Advertising on sign up, Free JAMS coins on Mining, Free Stakes Giveaway, Earning Passively with Stakes, Earning up to 40% Commissions on Purchases, Earning up to 10% Commissions on Stake Purchases and Earning up to 7% JAMS on referral Mining. Free members can also earn a commission of up to 10%. The virtual currency used is JAMS which can be earned by mining and staked to earn even more. Each JAM is worth $0.001 and is issued at a fixed rate.

What are CrymptoJams?

CryptoJams are an international advertising website and give users a virtual reward which is their currency – JAMS. They allow you to advertise your product, service or website and earn a commission in return. It’s essentially a cloud mining platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrency without having to install any hardware which makes it very convenient for the user by making it accessible to anyone. CryptoJams allow you to stake and mine JAMS in return for a passive commission. Staking is basically purchasing JAMS and withholding them in your CrytoJams wallet for a certain period of time for a bigger commission. And mining JAMS is visiting websites, the more ads you visit the more JAMS power you will receive to earn your JAMS. JAMS you earn are then automatically converted into cash with a set value of $0.001 every time you earn a JAMS. The only JAMS that need to be exchanged are mined JAMS which can easily be converted within the member area. Mined JAMS can then be used to earn a staking contract. Every time you earn the minimum to withdraw, the minimum amount will be cashed out to you.

The catch, however, is that the number of JAMS are limited. They have a set number of JAMS that can be mined each day. Currently, the total number of JAMS that can be mined each day is 26000 JAMS. However, this number can be updated based on the membership base expansion. The more JAMS you power one day, the more you will earn the next day. So it grows exponentially which is where the passive income part of it comes into play.

How Does CryptoJams Work?

CryptoJams work by mining JAMS. And the way you mine these JAMS is by checking ads on Websites. The more ads you check on these websites the more JAMS you will earn. Then from there, you have the option to stake the JAMS you earn for a certain amount of time which will then result in more JAMS being earned passively. Once you earn the minimum amount of JAMS to withdraw, you can withdraw the amount you have earned as the JAMS automatically convert into dollars as a fixed price. What’s different about CrytoJAMS when on mining on sites, is that they offer on-site rewards as well, which then allow you to earn even more JAMS.

Is Luke Millard, CEO of Hashing Ad Space also the owner of cryptojams?

CryptoJams is very similar to Hashing Ad Space and a lot of people are confused if Luke Millard, CEO of Hashing Ad Space is also the owner of CryptoJams since both platforms have a lot in common. Hashing Ad Space is pretty much another digital business platform in which the owner is Luke Millard from Australia. Luke Millard has a very good history in internet marketing and seen as almost as a “legend” in this space. Hashing Ad Space has gained a lot of traction and a lot of public attention to monetize your business and earn cryptocurrency passively. And through that, CEO Luke Millard has also gained a lot of attention. Since then, a lot more digital business platforms have been launched and are all very similar. However, the CEO of Hashing Ad Space – Luke Millard is not the CEO of CryptoJams. CryptoJams has just recently been launched and is still kind of in it’s “beta” mode. The average daily income is upwards of $600 and in total has collected over $400,000 so far.

Both platforms allow you to stake and mine cryptocurrency and allow you to monetize your business through their advertising platforms, however, both of these platforms are different in their own way. Over $1M has been traded on Hashing Ad Space and has become a very established platform to earn more passive income. Luke Millard has been seen through more business deals after the “big boom” of Hashing Ad Space but is not the CEO of CryptoJams.

How does Cryptojams compare to Hashing Ad Space and AdzBrick?

As mentioned earlier, all of these digital business platforms have a lot in common, but there are still differences between all of them that sets them apart with their own unique features. One of the biggest differences among all of these platforms is the currency and their fixed price translation to USD. With Hashing Ad Space the currency is Asimi and with AdzBrick the token is ADZB.

The main difference when compared to Hashing Ad Space is the Niche of the actual businesses they promoted the most. Hashing Ad Space is specifically geared more towards Home-Based Businesses where CrtyptoJams doesn't have a set niche and is more broad appeal. AdzBrick is also similar to CryptoJams in this sense of appealing broader. Though Hashing Ad Space is more geared towards home-based businesses, it still applies to other businesses outside of it as well but is more specific to home-based businesses. This allows more people to venture in to use the process of Hashing Ad space to earn room in their advertising platforms and monetize their ads further to earn their native token ~ Asimi.

Hashing Ad Space is the more “established” platform out of the two in the sense that it generated more revenue and is more known to get results. However, CryptoJAMS has a lot of benefits included that the other two platforms don’t have included. And a lot of these benefits have to do with free members. This includes 10% commissions for even free members! Along with Free Stakes Giveaway available to even free members. These benefits differentiate CryptoJams from the other two platforms and appeal a lot more to free members.

Cryptojams Compensation Plan

CryptoJAMS commission is very lucrative through the stakes. They offer up to 40% commission on advertising purchases and 10% commissions on each “Stake” purchase made by direct referrals. Along with that, they also give up to 7% in JAMS generated by your referrals in mining. The best part about their compensation plan which most other platforms similar to CrtyptoJams do not have is their passive stacking earning concept. requiring no clicking to earn the JAMS. The only requirement to earn back on “Staking” is to visit the member area. They also offer Free Stakes Giveaways as part of their plan which is also available to free members as well. The Stake giveaways give members more opportunities to earn passive income through their JAMS and gain more room to other advertising sources for their business. They even offer Free JAMS coins on mining and a free advertising bundle with 100 visits upon signing up as part of their compensation plan.


Are Cryptojams a legitimate CryptoCurrency on the BlockChain?

Short Answer: Yes! CryptoJAMS are definitely a legitimate CryptoCurrency. CryptoJams has a current rising amount of members and as mentioned earlier have collected over $400,000 and are actively paying their members with the average income on the site overall being over $600. The minimum investment is any amount and there’s not too much available information right now. Most of the hard data of CryptoJams is still unknown since it has just recently been launched.

However, the thing with CryptoJams is that to make a significant amount of money, users will have to buy an advertising package to have the power to earn more JAMS and more monetization. The website traffic rank on CryptoJams right now is pretty high considering it has just launched and is ranking at #27,689 among millions of other websites according to Alexa Traffic ranking. Any site that has less than 500K in rank than that means it’s attaining a lot of traffic. This large amount of social proof to CryptoJams is another validating point showing that it is a legitimate CryptoCurrency. Along with that, there have been many members that joined and commenting on many forums that CryptoJams is indeed a legitimate CryptoCurrency. Even though CryptoJams has just recently launched and information is scarce, the huge amount of surplus of visitors, members, and traffic all go to prove that it is a legitimate Cryptocurrency.

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Final Thoughts:

So, after completely analyzing the ins and outs of CryptoJams, the site is definitely legitimate and trustworthy. The site puts more emphasis than any other cryptocurrency platform on Free Bonuses. Especially with new incoming Free Members. These include Free Stakes Giveaways, Advertising Bonus upon sign up and 10% commission on stakes for Free joining members. It's overall a great way to monetize one’s business while earning passive income through site ads, banner ads, login ads and having the ability to put them in a Stake to make even more out of what they earned passively.

The site has recently been erupting with more members and sign-ups than ever and is attaining a lot of Website Traffic than most other similar sites, despite it being a new Cryptocurrency site that has very recently launched. Users are able to collect their native token ~ JAMS almost within at sign up which makes the sign up for members a lot more attractive.

Yet another site to diverse income streams and monetize one’s business, there is a catch with CryptoJams that not many people are aware of. Especially newbies within the cryptocurrency and digital marketing world. And that is to make a good amount of money from CryptoJams, users will need to buy an Advertising Package which costs around $100 to earn any significant amount of monetization on their ads and a good amount of JAMS to convert into cash. Despite this, the Free bonuses at sign up and the high amount of commission make up for this catch, especially for free members. One of the greatest features is that the site functions very well across all devices, even phones. Many cryptocurrency sites perform optimally on only P. C, but CrytpoJams also functions very well on tablets and phones which allows users to Mine and Stake JAMS anywhere which in turn allows users to increase their overall earnings. Overall, CryptoJams is a great stable platform to maximize one’s profitability and gain new revenue streams and increase monetization. It’s also not limited preferably to one specific niche which gives users more flexibility with their outreach.

CryptoJams have definitely made the mining and staking process a lot simpler than other platforms. Though the earning amount on the site states that is unlimited and based upon the Stakes you have, there are only so many JAMS that can be mined in a single day by everyone combined. With, depending on how exponentially it grows and how many members add up, could potentially hinder one’s earnings. However, if the Member Base were to grow exponentially, the number of JAMS being able to mined daily would also potentially increase. CryptoJams is overall a great platform to maximize profitability, gain new streams and is definitely verified as legitimate.

Disclaimer: I am not a representative nor do I recommend AdzBrick, Hashing Ad Space nor CryptoJams & these reviews are for informational purposes only. View this post for what I do recommend!

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