Drink2Shrink: Is this Weight Loss Plan a Scam or a Good Product?

The Drink2Shrink formula is a diet plan that is designed to help people to lose weight. This substance is a flavorful drink/tea that supposedly contains natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are designed to melt fat away and help to cleanse the body. The following information is a Drink2Shirnk review that will help you find out if this product is a scam or a proven weight loss remedy.

Full disclosure: I'm not a rep nor am I a customer & have never been……..

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Who made the Drink2Shrink weight loss system?

Honestly, I couldn’t find any information about who makes Drink2Shrink. At first, I believed it was a woman named Sanya. However, I continued to research this matter and it is not clear who made this substance. I thoroughly examined the website and Sanya was featured on the page. She was on the page making vague statements about this weight loss plan. She is also pictured on the front page of the site showing her being thin and attractive. Still, no information was presented about who invented Drink2Shrink.

Another female appeared in the videos on the front page of the site. Her name is Danisha and she provided information about the product. She did not provide any information about who made the Drink2Shrink System. I also saw Sanya in a short 2-minute video. She was rambling on about how Drink2Shrink cleanses the body and improves certain conditions that many people experience. Ultimately, neither Sonya nor Danisha provided any information about the company’s foundation or who established it.

Trying to find the owner or founders of this system was exhausting. Nobody should have to search that hard to figure out who is providing a weight loss system that is supposed to be a good thing. The ambiguity makes this company look like it’s shady or trying to hide something. This makes no sense because many sites that do not disclose information about the founders or when the product was established are usually trying to hide something. This might or might not be the case with Drink2Shrink. By the way, there might be some information about the founders of this weight loss item but it shouldn’t take an extensive search to find it.

This System Might have a Potential Better Business Bureau Listing

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a business evaluation organization that is designed to rate businesses and their performance in the market. This organization helps to keep shady businesses from overrunning the market. If a business is legit, it will be registered with the Better Business Bureau. A BBB rating will help to bring more credibility to the company, and it should help the company to gain more customers.

Fruit Basket Drink2Shrink is a registered BBB company located in South Carolina. The BBB has this business listed at 840 Sparkleberry Ln within Columbia, South Carolina. This might or might not be the location for Drink2Shrink. However, it could be. I contacted the number listed by the BBB and a message came over the phone that only stated a name. It was a voice of a woman whose name I will not disclose. However, she wanted people to leave a message.

She could possibly be a member of the Drink2Shrink diet plan. Once again, why not state the business name instead of leaving a personal one? Again, this could be seen as suspect. One of the worst things that a business can do is not be open and upfront about who they are and who represents their organization. This is another huge negative point for Drink2Shrink.

Drink2Shrink is not an MLM Scheme

Drink2Shrink doesn’t advertise itself as an MLM scheme. It doesn’t promise people that they can get rich while losing weight. It doesn’t have a referral plan or anything that would indicate that it is a money-making scheme. This is a huge bonus for dieters and for the product. The product simply focuses on losing weight and not trying to get the customers involved in some shady MLM scheme that sells false dreams of wealth.

While this is not an MLM scheme, you can become a distributor for this company. However, Drink2Shrink merely mentions this prospect in passing. They don’t promote it or play it up on their site. Truthfully, if a person wasn’t looking for an opportunity to make money from this product, they would probably overlook this information. Again, Drink2Shrink doesn’t push this part of their program.

Drink2Shrink: How does this weight loss plan work?

Okay, the Drink2Shrink plan provides weight loss benefits through its active ingredients. The site says that the ingredients are all-natural and they work wonders for weight loss. What are these ingredients? Keep reading because they’re listed below:

  • Persimmon leaf
  • Holy Thistle
  • Malva Leaf
  • Marsh Mallow Leaf
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Papaya
  • Ginger
  • Chamomile
  • Myrrh

Some of the reviews claimed that the product also contains Garcinia cambogia and some other herbs. The substance also contains dried flowers, fruit and other herbs. The site also says that: “Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea is an herbal tea blend of organic herbs and natural plant extracts.” Now, the question I want to ask is who is Dr. Miller?

This is the only time that he is ever mentioned with this weight loss system. Apparently, he helped to create it. Still, why is his presence a mystery? Also, why would someone just say Dr. Miller without giving their first name? There are a lot of Dr. Millers in the world. So, who which one of these doctor Millers made this formula? Again, this is very suspect.

The product is sold in different tea flavors. Once a person orders the flavor, they like they simply add the tea to water to make a gallon of the drink. There are 6 flavors and they include:

  • Blue raspberry
  • Fruit punch
  • Green apple
  • Pineapple
  • Cherry pomegranate
  • Mango

Once the drink mix is made and a person starts to consume it, they will start to reap the benefits. First, a person must drink between 2 – 3 8oz cups a day. Once they start to drink this special formula, the tea will immediately begin to work against their fat cells. The substance will break down their fat cells and it will immediately go to work cleaning out the crap in their system.

One of the spokespersons for this product (remember Danisha) stated in a video that this product will cleanse out a person’s colon. She stated that the product will help to remove lots of junk that builds up in a person’s body over time. She also said that the cleansing properties of this product will help to regulate a person. The product doesn’t act like a laxative. However, a person will use the bathroom more often when they first start using it.

The reason why they will go to the bathroom so much is that the junk in the body will be released. Waste material, old food, broken down cell matter will be wiped out by this stuff. The product is good for cleaning out the colon and the gut. As a matter of fact, this substance supposedly will help to reduce a person’s gut size. Why? Well, Danisha stated that the gut is where most of the junk is held up within a person’s body.

She goes on to say that if a person has a layer of fat on their stomach that they cannot get rid of, then that is excessive waste material. Drink2Shrink handles problems such as that. The drink mix will help a person to lose between 1 and 5 pounds a week.

This product helps to regulate a person’s blood pressure and it helps with diabetes. Those are two very big claims for a weight loss supplement. The reason why these claims are made has to do with the product’s ability to remove waste material. Once the junk is gone, it helps the body to function in a better way. These are some very big claims about this weight loss product. However, the truth of this product cannot be verified but they can’t be denied as well.

The Fat Blaster

In a video Danisha states that the Fat Blaster pills (supplements) are a part of the Extreme Kit. Keep in mind that the product is sold individually, in a bunch, or in kits. We’ll discuss that later. The Extreme Kit is Drink2Shrink’s advanced level kit. The Fat Blaster supplements are supposed to help with circulatory problems and they too also get rid of waste material.

Danisha tells us that when we’re younger our bodies don’t have to work as hard to keep this junk out. However, as we age, our metabolism slows down. She also tells us that fat cells begin to eat fat cells. She says that this condition contributes to bloating. The fat blaster supplements have amino acids that help the body to burn more fat cells. This in turn gives a person more energy.

She says that the first place that will be affected by this product will be a person’s gut. They will immediately start to lose weight around the mid-section. The amino acids will be responsible for creating this effect within their body. Once a person’s fat cells start to shrink, they will use the burnt-up fat cells as energy. Danisha also claims that people will be very energetic during the first few months of using Drink2Shrink. When a person uses Drink2Shrink and uses the Fat Blaster pills they could lose up to 8 pounds a week. Again, this is another big claim made about this product. This is basically how the Drink2Shrink diet plan works.

Can you eat regular meals with Drink2Shrink?

Danisha wants people to know that they can eat between 800 to 1200 calories a day while using Drink2Shrink. She tells them to eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. This of course is a sensible way for people to eat. Truthfully, this is probably where the weight loss happens. Remember, a person normally eats between 2,000 to 2,500 a day. The amount that Danisha recommends is lower than that. In short, if take in fewer calories you will naturally lose weight over time.

The Drink2Shrink items also have some caffeine in it and it has the ability to put the body into a state of thermogenesis. A state of thermogenesis simply means that a person’s body will be able to sit still and lose calories while doing nothing. The reason why this happens is that their metabolism will be amped up because of the Drink2Shrink formula.

People will start to become so worked up from the formula that their desire to eat meals will be diminished. This in turn will help them to lose more weight. Danisha wants people to know this weight loss plan will be beneficial for helping people to be successful at losing weight.

Money-Back Guarantee by Drink2Shrink

Drink2Shrink doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. This makes sense because the product is a drink formula. Once you make it and consume it, you can’t send it back. However, if your drink mix gets damaged during delivery, you must take pictures of the damage. You can then send it back for a refund. Drink2Shrink also informs customers that they are not responsible for lost or stolen products. This policy should give people some comfort and confidence when purchasing this weight loss system.

How much do the Drink 2 Shrink plans cost?

The Drink2Shrink plan is sold in different amounts.

They are listed below.

  • 1 week supply of this product is $25.00. It is enough to make a gallon.
  • The 2-week supply costs $45.00.
  • 3-weeks for $65.00.
  • 4-week supply is $85.00
  • Extreme Kit with the Fat Blaster Pills is sold at $109 or $140. They are part of the VIP deals.

The bonus materials are also included at each level over the first week. They include:

Free Plan to follow to achieve the best results (sent electronically)

– Free Lifestyle/Meal Guide (sent electronically)

– Free Measurement Tracking Chart (sent electronically)

– Free 1 on 1 Coaching on my Facebook Support Group

Drink2Shrink Facebook Page

Drink2Shrink’s social media presence is listed primarily on different Facebook pages. It is also listed on Instagram. The pages included on Facebook have been set up by distributors. These distributors try to provide different information about the product. They also rely heavily on user testimony to help market this system.

Instagram also does the same thing. When a person sees the pages, they’ll notice numbers. Some of the Drink2Shrink Facebook pages have been shut down. The phone numbers listed on the Facebook pages might not be valid or just numbers to people who distribute this product for a profit.

The Facebook pages also serve as a Facebook support group. This course is designed to get people talking about and sharing the Drink2Shrink formula for people. The pages act as marketing and publicity for the product. Drink2Shrink Instagram page does the same thing as well. YouTube has some Drink2Shrink informational videos that features Sonya. However, they might be fake since it seems like there is very little interaction on them.

Drink 2 Shrink Medical Advice

Drink2Shrink does provide people with good medical advice. They simply tell people not to drink this formula unless they have their doctor’s clearance. They also tell pregnant women not to drink this substance for obvious reasons. Having a medical disclaimer is a good thing because if a person ends of developing some type of medical condition from this product they can’t come back and sue Drink2Shrink. Well, at least that this what the company hopes will happen.

Drink 2 Shrink Analysis

Drink2Shrink reviews really don’t exist on the internet. However, the product comes off like it is a regular weight loss drink mix that can be purchased from a supermarket or health store. It doesn’t seem like it is any different from any other weight loss item on the market. However, some people have given this product high remarks.

Judging from the advertisements is regular women who are using this product. It is targeted primarily toward African Americans, but it can be used by anyone. The mix is sold as tea bags and the tea bags are easy to use. Drink2Shrink might not be able to deliver on all of its claims. However, some people say that they have actually lost weight while using this product.

One woman says that she lost 20 pounds with the substance and another woman claimed to have lost more than 50 pounds within 3 months. If a person is able to lose up to 8 pounds a week for 4 weeks that is 32 pounds in a month. Depending on a person’s weight at the time they are using this product, that is a lot of weight to be losing within a short amount of time.

The product is designed to be drunken indefinitely by a user. However, if a person is using that much for the substance then they could possibly lose well over 400 pounds within a year. No person will lose that much weight by drinking a weight loss tea product. So, this product must be taken with a grain of salt.

Yes, there are some people that have lost weight with Drink2Shrink. However, this isn’t the ultimate weight loss plan on the market. Here is something else to consider. If Drink2Shrink was so effective for people losing weight, this product would have been endorsed by organizations and members of the medical community. There wouldn’t be a vague reference to a person named Dr. Miller who might not even be a real person. Again, there aren’t a lot of Drink2Shrink reviews on the internet.

So, is Drink2Shrink a scam or not?

Drink2Shrink is not a scam but it’s not the best weight loss plan on the market. This product has helped people to lose weight once they follow the meal plans and other weight loss methods that are sold with this system. No one should jump on Drink2Shrink believing they’re going to become a skinny individual within a few months. Chances are that will not happen.

However, the product should be able to help people to slim down. If a female weighs 230 pounds and loses 30 of those pounds, she will definitely be slimmer but not necessarily skinny. That is what Drink2Shrink will do for most people. It will help them to lose some weight. This in turn will help them to look and feel better and more energetic.

While there are some shady things about Drink2Shrink the weight loss plan is not bogus. Still, you will have to be careful when using this product. It might not provide the best weight loss benefits for your situation. Again, this product is not a part of an MLM scheme even though it does have opportunities for people to distribute this product. Ultimately, you should read the company’s website, evaluate the products, and then make a decision to determine if this weight loss plan is for you.
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