Elevacity, Miracle Coffee or just another MLM?

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There are numerous ways of losing weight to attain that perfect and adorable body shape and size. The right body size helps in improving your health and boosting your happiness since you will be maintaining the normal energy levels. In order to achieve these outcomes, there is the need to adopt a specific formula in your daily routine which can consequently make the maintenance of good health to become a challenging, time-consuming, and tedious process. However, the good news is that there are various supplements in the market which contain an all-in-one solution in regard to various aspects of an individual’s health. This review features Elevacity Company, which offers multiple products which have the ability of providing comprehensive solutions when it comes to energy boost, skincare, detoxification, and weight loss.

Currently, there is a widespread buzz about the Elavacity Company which has been widely featured in the Google trends. According to these trends, it seems like the company started peaking between October 2014 and July 2015. There are high chances that you might have been approached by a person explaining to you the products that the company offers hence there is high probability that you already know what to expect from it. However, it is good to do some deeper research to ensure that you don’t get deceived by the sugar-coated offers you might be receiving from the sales representatives. Notably, this review doesn’t conclude that Elavacity products aren’t right for you, but considering that there are several unsatisfied customers out there, it is good to dive a little deeper into the products and services offered by the company.

The Company

Elevacity was founded by Robert Oblon who is currently the company’s CEO. Its corporate headquarters are located in at 1700

Coit Rd., Suite 100, Plano, Texas 75075. To contact this company, you can either email support at support@elevacity.com or use their live chat feature on the company’s “Contact us” website page. This company was launched in 2014 prior to which Oblon acted as the president of World Ventures, owning 5 percent ownership stake. Markedly, World Ventures is a travel-based MLM company which has been in existence for more than five years. Oblon left World Ventures after the company filed a lawsuit against him alongside Travopoly, which was another travel-based company. This lawsuit did not stick and Oblon opted to leave World Ventures.

Elavacity: What is it?

Elevacity is an MLM company that focuses on health and wellness and it was founded after Oblon departed from World Ventures, which is another MLM Company. According to Elevacity’s website, the company main focus is improving the health, wellness, and happiness of its clients. It provides virtue success training and also offers patented nutritional products alongside a rewards program. Notably, you might get some conflicting information regarding what Elevacity stands for from different publications but this review will help straighten things out. Considering that there are numerous MLM companies, with each of them having a different approach in regard to how they serve their clients, Elevacity uses a unique approach, both to stand out from the rest and also to maximize the success rate. Notably, the company works as a multi-level marketing platform whereby anyone can buy into the business and then start their own smaller business. When these entrepreneurs recruit other people to sell the Elevacity products, there is creation of a downstream money path.

Company’s pride in Customer Satisfaction

When choosing a brand, there are numerous considerations that one needs to put in place, one of them being how the customers are treated. The way in which a brand addresses its customers tell a lot when it comes to how much they cherish and care about them and also shows the efforts put in place to ensure that the products work efficiently. For Elevacity, it is evident that the company is dedicated to ensuring that the customers gets the best results and as such, the company takes its time to give the consumers the required support before they can make purchases. This includes addressing any questions or concerns that they might have in regard to the brand. When all the information is given upfront, the buyer will be at a position of making sound purchase decisions which can change their lives completely.

Another way of determining whether a brand is reliable is looking at the customer feedback. In this aspect, Elevacity has received a high percentage of positive feedback from its previous clients which can be accessed from the company’s website. These testimonials are very useful since they talk about the quality and effectiveness of the solutions offered by Elevacity.

Science behind Elevacity

To determine the quality of the products, users can look into the science behind the brand’s products. Notably, Elevacity’s products are clinically tested and proven to work. This brand has built a strong partnership with Alternative Labs, which is the company tasked with manufacturing the brands’s products. This Lab has been in the business for multiple years and its researchers have more than 75 years of collective experience in the manufacturing sector hence the users are assured of the products and support they are looking for.

Products Review

Markedly, as aforementioned, this company offers health and wellness products both for retail and affiliate membership. The products are advertised on the company’s website and they are primarily health and fitness products hence this review will stick to that. Elevacity as a brand is composed of some core products such as Xanthomax and Timeless which are in the nutritional beverage category. These products are made by highly qualified scientists and doctors with the aim of improving the consumer’s health. Below is a breakdown of the products offered by Elavacity.

1. Elevate Smart coffee

The Elevate Smart Coffee is an instant drink that comprises several coffee types. In this review, we will get to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using this coffee and if it is effective when it comes to boosting weight loss.


a). This is a great looking coffee brand

b). It has a good ingredient profile

c). It provides energy boost

d). It stimulates the user and gives them better focus


a). It is not very effective when it comes to weight loss

b). Doesn’t have a good taste

c). The company uses questionable MLM tactics

d). There are mixed user reviews at best.

This product comprises the Colombian dark roast beans alongside espresso. Caffeine anhydrous is added to the formula and several other ingredients to help boost energy levels, loss weight, and improve the user’s cognitive function. This coffee is one of the numerous products which were introduced to the market by Elevacity Company.

What Smart Coffee is and how it Works

This Smart Coffee comes as a powder-type supplement which can either be purchased in individual one-shot sachets or in a tub. A single tub provides up to 30 servings while on the other hand a sachet box provides 24 servings. According to the description given on the Elevacity website, this coffee powder is said to provide natural amino acids which have nootropic qualities. These qualities allow the formula to give the user motivation, creativity, good memory, mental clarity, and sufficient energy. Some of the other claimed benefits include burning fats, elevating the mood, and curbing cravings. However, for all the sites that promote this product, there is no clear explanation of how these benefits are supposed to be achieved including the Elevacity website.

Smart Coffee key Ingredients

For every serving of the smart coffee formula, one gets 3.1 grams of proprietary blend which contains unspecified amount of each of the following 12 active ingredients: Chromium, Juglans Regia Extract, Kigelia African Extract, Beta-Phenylethylamine HCL, Canola Lecithin, L-Theanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Cocoa, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Espresso Coffee, and Dark Roast Coffee. There is also an additional 9 ingredients which are added with the aim of improving the flavor and texture of the formula namely: High Oleic Sunflower Oil, D Alpha Tocopherols, Sunflower Lecithin, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Flavors, Brown Rice Syrup, Acacia Gum, Xylitol, Coffee, and Vanilla Flavor.

Smart Coffee Formula Blend

Markedly, some of the ingredient used to make Smart Coffee are known to support weight loss. For example, green tea is a known fat burner whereas the green coffee bean extract comprises a chemical known as chlorogenic acid which has a fat burning reputation. When making the smart coffee proprietary blend, 12 key ingredients are used but there is no inclusion rates which are supplied. As such, there are some doubts whether these ingredients are mixed in the right proportion to ensure that the formula helps in weight loss. In the list of ingredients, there are several sources of caffeine, the top three being coffee beans, cocoa, and L-Theanine. To start with, coffee beans is a potent caffeine powder. Caffeine is good for invigorating the body and mind hence boosting concentration and mental focus. This is the reason it is added to many energy-providing supplements and drinks. On the other hand, Cocoa comprises theobromine which is known to have a positive effect on the mood. Finally, L-Theanine is a known stress-fighting amino acid which helps relax the mood without leading to sedation.

Upon looking this blend as a whole, there is a possibility that the formulation can give one some nootropic benefits which are mentioned in the Elevacity website but the inclusion rates can be considerably low.

Smart Coffee Usage Instructions

The dosage requires one to take one scoop or one stick whereby the powder can be mixed with hot or cold water in a way similar to how normal coffee is made. Also, one can add the powder to the standard cup of coffee or any other drinks. There is no extra information availed at the company’s website but the assumption is that one is required to take one cup every day.

Smart Coffee Customer Feedback

The number of positive online reviews for smart coffee is higher than that of the negative reviews. However, there is hardly no reviews showing tangible product’s potential. Some of the typical reviews from the customers are as follows:

“This formula suppresses the appetite perfectly for the first few weeks then these effects disappear.”

“The coffee tastes nice. Better than normal coffee. I feel more energetic for a while after I’ve took it, but I haven’t noticed any change in my appetite and I haven’t lost any weight.”

“This is significantly expensive stuff but I absolutely love it because it fills me with energy.”

“Does not work as expected. It gives me a bit of energy but there is nothing special.”

“I’ve lost a couple of pounds after taking the product. That’s good I suppose, but I don’t think it’s worth the money.”

Smart Coffee Side Effects

Up to now, there are no cases of reported side effects but this formula might be harmful to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Also, if you have a preexisting health condition and you are contemplating on taking smart coffee alongside your medication, it is prudent to seek some advice from a doctor before starting to take the product.

Where to Purchase Smart Coffee

You can easily buy this product from Elevacity website but before doing so, you will be required to fill a registration form. Also, there are some Elevacity Elepreneurs who distribute the product through their websites while others sell through Amazon albeit at a higher price.


Upon purchase of the product, there is a guarantee of 30 days even though most Elepreneurs fail to disclose the same to their clients to avoid liability.


As a weight loss solution, the abilities of smart coffee range from limited to none according to most consumers. However, when it comes to giving one extra energy, the results are significantly better which is mainly because the formula comprises several sources of caffeine which when added up can make a reasonable dose. Caffeine also helps in boosting concentration and mental focus since it is a very powerful stimulant. When trying to speculate the formulation’s value in other areas, it becomes significantly difficult since the manufacturer does not provide inclusion rates.

Below are other Elevacity product reviews at a glance.

Elevacity Patches

Basically, there are three Elevacity patches namely: Sleep Patch, Extreme Energy, and Hangover Defense. The extreme energy patch helps in promoting day-long sustainable and focused energy. As for hangover defense, it is designed in a way that it can replace lost nutrients while at the same time helping in the reduction of headaches and brain fog. Finally, the sound sleep patch helps one to fall asleep quickly and boosts the quality of sleep. Additionally, it reduces fatigue and improves alertness.


This is an antioxidant formula which is rich in compounds that help to get rid of the body’s metabolic waste as well as neutralize free radicals. After using the formula, you will experience better digestion and if you are looking to cut down your weight, it will happen more easily and efficiently. According to previous reports, this product helps the body to stay in good shape as long as the product works well for you.


This is an Elevacity product which is used as a skin cream which has therapeutic benefits. One of the key ingredients is Xanthohumolwhich acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals present in your body. Once these free radicals are neutralized the body is able to heal itself consequently giving you better sleep, elastic and ageless skin, and overall body health for years to come.


This is a safe and all-natural skin care solution which will tighten your skin consequently acting as an anti-aging formula. Due to its effective and outstanding firming effects, regular use of the formula leads to great skin strength and elasticity. The technology used in making this formula has not only been proven to work but has also received numerous accolades from its users. Particularly, they love the water-based gel solution which they claim that is lightweight and also easy on the skin.


Pure is a detoxifying solution which is mineral based and comes in liquid form. This product is normally infused with volcanic minerals which strengthen, enhance, and cleanse the harmful substances off your body to ensure that you enjoy maximum health. Furthermore, this formula, unlike other solutions in the market, is gentle on the body.

Elevate Tub

Elevate is a formula which comes in both stick and tub form. It is considered to be a comprehensive solution that gives one better health, highly effective when it comes to weight loss and it is also a high energy solution. Basically, it comes as a dark-roasted Columbia coffee has some nutritional supplements which plays a big role in enhancing one’s mood and cognitive functions throughout the day. For most people, this formula is particularly good if it is added to a milkshake or mixing it with warm water in the morning. The most promising thing about using this formula is that, unlike other solutions in the market, Elevate will lead to overall health and wellness which includes a slimmer figure.

Cost of Elevacity Products

Elevacity products are available for purchase on the company’s official website, Amazon, or through a reseller. You can also get the products from major retailers such as Walmart or GNC.

The pricing of these products is as follows:

  • 6 D.O.S.E. Experience: $30
  • Choclevate: $55
  • D.O.S.E. Choclevate: $105
  • D.O.S.E: $105
  • Elevate Smart Coffee: $55
  • Elier Mud: $27.50
  • Elier Serum: $67.50
  • Extreme Energy Patch: $50
  • Hangover Defense Patch: $50
  • KetoCre: $65
  • Pure: $65
  • Smart Coffee Bag: $55
  • Sound Sleep Patch: $50
  • Timeless Skin Care: $55
  • Xanthomax: $55

Elavacity Compensation Plan

Notably, the Elevacity compensation takes a hybrid structure. There are 2 MLM structures which drives commissions namely: the Binary and the Unilevel commission structures. The compensation plan of Elevacity ids driven by volume which includes the organizational volume and the personal volume. For you to move through the ranks there is the need to increase your personal volume which can be done by buying more product and also improve the organizational volume.

Ranks and Qualifications

  • Bronze: – To advance to this rank, you will need to have 50 personal volumes and 1,000 organizational volumes.
  • Silver: – Advancing to this rank requires one to have 50 personal volumes and 5,000 organizational volumes.
  • Gold: – This rank requires one to have 75 personal volume and 10,000 organizational volume.
  • Sapphire: – Sapphire rank requires one to have 75 personal volume and 20,000 organizational volume.
  • Ruby: – To advance to this rank, you will need to have 100 personal volume and 40,000 organizational volume.
  • Emerald: – This rank requires one to have 100 personal volume and 80,000 organizational volume.
  • Diamond: – Diamond rank requires one to have 125 personal volume and 160,000 organizational volume.
  • Crown: – To qualify for this rank, one requires one to have 150 personal volume and 350,000 organizational volume.
  • Ambassador: – This is the highest rank which requires one to have 200 personal volume and 700,000 organizational volume.

The Residue Income Binary

As for the Binary compensation plan, the structure works with two legs namely the right and left leg. For one to qualify for commissions from this binary plan, one needs to sponsor one active individual in the left leg and have one active referral on the right leg. As such, one needs to have an active member on both legs to qualify. Notably, you are at liberty of sponsoring more than one people on either leg to help out in any issues.

Binary Payout Trigger

Once you accumulate 100 commission able volume on the “Weaker leg,” you automatically trigger a commission. Markedly, you can trigger multiple 100 volume commissions on the weaker leg. Your cap on earning will depend on the rank that you are currently at. The commissions you get will be based on the percentage of 100 volume, with the first rank paying out 10 percent of the 100 volume which amounts to around $10. You should note that for every time that a commission is triggered by 100 commission able volume, 100 volume will be deducted from both legs.

Below is a breakdown of the binary commission that can be earned based on the rank.

  • Bronze: – For this rank, you can earn 10 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $2500 every week.
  • Silver: – For this rank, you can earn 10 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $4500 every week.
  • Gold: – For this rank, you can earn 15 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $6000 every week.
  • Sapphire: – For this rank, you can earn 15 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $15000 every week.
  • Ruby: – For this rank, you can earn 20 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $30000 every week.
  • Emerald: – For this rank, you can earn 20 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $35000 every week.
  • Diamond: – For this rank, you can earn 20 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $45000 every week.
  • Crown: – For this rank, you can earn 20 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $55000 every week.
  • Ambassador: – For this rank, you can earn 20 percent from 100 commission able volume on the weaker leg and you will be capped out to earn up to $75000 every week.

Markedly, these commissions are paid out on a weekly basis.

Unilevel Commissions

The unilevel pay plan works as follows:

  • First Level: – This level comprises the personally referred members.
  • Second Level: – Here the members are those individuals who are referred by level one members.
  • Third Level: – This level comprises those who have been referred by level 2 members.

This cycle goes on and on…

You will get unilevel commissions starting from the 31st day since you referred your personal team members and the pay-out will be once every month. It is possible to earn up to 9 levels deep, getting the same percentage of commissions per level regardless of your rank. The only difference is the number of levels deep from which you can earn.

Below is a breakdown of the levels you can earn from depending on your rank.

  • Bronze: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 only.
  • Silver: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 and 2.
  • Gold: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 3.
  • Sapphire: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 4.
  • Ruby: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 5.
  • Emerald: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 6.
  • Diamond: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 7.
  • Crown: – You qualify for 5 percent from level 1 – 8.
  • Ambassador: – You qualify for 5 percent from all 9 levels.

The Cost of Joining Elevacity

Notably, joining Elevacity attracts a small fee which helps to determine whether one is committed to working with the company. There is a one-time sign up fee of $49.97 and in the event that you want to receive commissions, you will be required to remit an additional $25 every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we look at the questions that people have frequently asked when trying to get a deep insight about Elevacity Company.

1. Is Elevacity BBB Accredited?

Elevacity is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, even though it is not accredited, BBB has listed them on their website rating them at an “F.” this is mainly due to some negative reviews from customers and previous representatives.

2. How Much does it Cost to Join Elevacity?

You will be required to pay a one-time sign up fee of $49.97 after which you will have to pay $25 per month to become an affiliate. Also, for you to qualify for various compensation plan commissions, you will be required to purchase some additional products which will help you increase your personal volume consequently improving your rank.

3. Is Elevacity a Scam?

Elevacity is not a scam and it shows no signs or opportunities of becoming a scam in the future. The company has retail products that they sell to their customers and the cost of joining the affiliate MLM program is considerably low. As such, there are no red flags to worry about.

Affiliate Marketing Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

The Verdict

Overall, the Elevacity Company seems legit but the only thing to be concerned about is the Google Trends which have been a little inconsistent. Whenever, conducting any review, it is important to go by a specific rating system especially if the company claims to help people earn extra cash through affiliate marketing or MLM. For a legitimate MLM program, there are some must-haves and according to what Elevacity offers, they seem to have all the key components.

In case the Elevacity opportunity is something that sparks your interest but you are not sure about the product, feel free to check out on Amazon, where you can purchase with no strings attached. You can try the product for a while to confirm whether it works and also have some friends try it out so that you can have a second opinion. If the product works perfectly for you, then you should consider joining the Elevacity program where you can purchase the product while at the same time getting extra money from it.

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It is my hope that you enjoyed reading this Elevacity review and that it has given you more insight on what you should expect from the program. With the right and reliable insight, you will no doubt get maximum benefits, both financial and health-wise, from using this program. You can help your peers by sharing this review which can be done by clicking on the social share buttons available on this page or by forwarding them the link to this article. This will get them to understand what the Elevacity lose weight program is all about.
I am not an Elevacity Representative, are you? Comment below with your thoughts, questions etc….. and share with us all.

13 thoughts on “Elevacity, Miracle Coffee or just another MLM?”

  1. Janice Greenhill says:

    What is a good mlm to join
    705 261 2488

  2. coralie says:

    This is such an interesting post. Many companies offer an easy way to lose weight, but lets be honest there are no quick fixes to losing weight.  As a MLM company, I know there are some legitimate MLM companies that make money. I think it is always good to be a bit skeptical. Your review was very thorough and certainly has a lot of information that I find really helpful when looking at this particular MLM company. Great job.

  3. Riaz Shah says:

    Just another MLM I’d say Tony,

    Overhyped coffee with nothing special but is charged super high just to show exclusivity? Reminds me or Organo Gold. They’re also an MLM coffee company and are doing the exact same things as all mlm companies do, they mask their real intentions to try and get people attracted at their real product – The recruitments.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Tony,

    This is an interesting post and you have obviously done a lot of research in to Elevacity and their products.

    This is the first time I have come across this organisation. I have steered myself away from MLMs in the past, after a very interesting conference I was invited to. There was a very “cult like” style to how they worked and there were people planted in the audience, obviously working to a script. They nearly had me at one point, but they failed to answer some awkward questions.

    I believe that not all MLMs are scams, but I think you have to get in early to make it profitable. The further down the chain you are, the more difficult it is. 

    Shall we start one?! We could be the cult figures at the top! 🙂

  5. Pentrental says:

    Great review! I haven’t heard a whole lot about this company so I found this post to be very helpful. I appreciate the thorough background information regarding Elevacity and I’m glad that you pointed out that they are an MLM. You are spot-on when pointing out that customer satisfaction is one of the most important considerations, and I’m glad to hear that Elevacity seems to provide a level of dedication to their customers and in turn receives a high percentage of positive feedback. I like how you spelled out the pros and cons very clearly. The Elevacity compensation is also a nice touch for those who are considering marketing the product, again a very thorough review. I appreciate your concerns regarding the product and overall I must say, well done here!

  6. Chris says:

    I don’t usually have that much time for MLM setups, but this one does seem like it has a decent product range (for once), and I like the fact that it has science behind what it is offering. 

    But, yet again, I feel that the ‘way in’ to this marketing program is a little too pricey, and I’m worried about how many people jump at the opportunity, only to realise it’s not for them. Can these people easily claim some form of refund – or are they stuck out of pocket?

  7. Stella says:

    Hi Tony,

    I was reading about Elevacity with a little skepticsm, but on reading about the skin care products they have, my ears pricked up.  It seems like a very interesting company!

    I did wonder where the connection was – coffee and skincare – but I will read more on the actual site to discover more.  I am always on the look out for skincare products that are simple, yet effective.  Right now I am with an aloe company and absolutely love their products.

    But smart coffee?  I will definitely check it out.  

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sam Msaaf says:

    Hey Tony.

    It is good to learn about new products, especially when the main focus is on people’s health, happiness, and wellness.

    I read the products introduction, I like how it helps control weight because many people are suffering from overweight. I  believe this product will be a good brand for people to try, however, they will get their many backs if they didn’t like. 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Wonderful Sam,

      I don’t personally use nor promote the product or opportunity but know people who do.

      Thank you for stopping by to read and comment my friend,


  9. Dave Sweney says:

    The Elevacity brand and coffee and similar products seem to have a bit of a checkered past but it does have potential based on the claims and the entry costs to start selling their products. The many levels of compensation are very confusing to me, however.

    Typically MLMs all have such tier payment structures, which is why I stay away from them. I would be interested to know what the actual average earnings may be for associates that are out there pushing the products. The products themselves seem to be a bit high-priced but I may be wrong on that, it has been many years since seeing what average prices are for such items are in the US…   

    If I could get the earnings reports from the company and also some statistic on what the average associate has the potential of earning I would feel more comfortable recommending this program to people, so I do appreciate your extensive review and will check further. It is good to know that you think this is a legitimate platform to work with.

  10. DorcasW says:

    Hi; I have never heard about Elvacity before reading your article. If the product is like your introduction to them, they should be the right product for man’s consumption, mainly because it states that the product is effective in weight loss. 

    Many people are suffering from over-weight and would love to learn of a product that can help them to lose some weight. As also boost their energy level.


  11. Andre says:

    Hey there Tony,

    I’m always very skeptical of MLM’s, and a comprehensive review like this is exactly what I, and others, need to make the correct, informed decision. Just because they aren’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean they aren’t for anyone. Many MLM’s can benefit from articles like this just to clear the air and provide some transparency to those that may be interested and doing some research.

    I’m with you on your verdict. I believe those interested should check out the product on Amazon and see if it’s something they could see themselves buying consistently on a regular basis. If so, it’d be a good idea to join their program and earn as a distributor as well! Thoughts?

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