Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers: Importance and How to Get Started

The below article was written by a Guest Blogger ~ Ayodeji Owoeye

Amidst the multiple streams of passive income, affiliate marketing is guaranteed streams with the highest potential for income generation. But if you will create sustainable income from it, you must keep your target audience engaged. Email marketing for affiliate marketers remains one of the best ways to achieve it.

Email marketing is your guaranteed ticket to increase engagement which will increase revenue. It works the same way for both new and experienced affiliate marketers. It shows why many publishers now go beyond creating content, but they get involved in direct email campaigns. As such, you cannot afford to be left out.

It is a strategy that will help increase your lead generation and improve your cost per acquisition. With an astounding number of email users across the globe, it will amaze you the transformation Email marketing can do to your affiliate marketing business.

This article will open up on its advantages and how to get started with email marketing for affiliate marketers.

What is Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketers

Email marketing for affiliate marketers is an affiliate marketing method that involves promoting affiliate products via a dedicated email list and well-crafted emails or newsletters. The letters are usually crafted to get the readers' attention and nurture them to the point of purchase.

Email marketing for affiliate marketers is different from traditional email marketing. While the latter is meant for direct sales, you are not a salesperson. Rather, you are a product user sharing your experience. Your experience will include how the products work and the pros and cons of using the product.

It nails the core difference between an affiliate marketer and a sales representative. As an affiliate marketer, you go beyond knowing your product. You come to the point of experiencing your product.

That said, let us see some of the benefits of email marketing for affiliate marketers.

Advantages of email marketing for affiliate marketers

  1. Easy to Start

Getting started with email marketing for affiliate marketers requires less technical know-how or cash. It is very easy to get started with beautiful templates from any of the best email marketing services providers. You will have access to a well-fortified template with images, videos, logos, and properly placed text.

A lot of them will offer drag and drop editors making your campaign creation process not only easy but fun-filled.

2. Easy to Measure

Your failure and success are easy to measure. You can easily ascertain where you are going wrong and need necessary corrections. Most email marketing services providers will provide detailed analytics that will help you track open, click-through, and conversion rates. It will make it easy to determine how well a campaign is performing and point to a need for necessary adjustment.

3. Instant Result

I made my first sale on Bluehost affiliate when my email list was less than 20 users. Email marketing for affiliate marketers is one of the fastest ways to create quick results. With a well-crafted email campaign, you can generate results within 24 hours.

4. Low Cost

Compared with other streams or affiliate marketing mediums, email marketing is one of the cheapest. It involves no cost of printing, no cost of billboards, television advertising.

Without missing words, you may invest in email marketing software, but this cost is cheaper than investing in a website or any other marketing medium.

5. High Return on Investment

Like any other form of business, affiliate marketing is all about return on investment (ROI). Email marketing for affiliate marketers guarantees one of the highest forms of ROI when it comes to marketing. Experts say the ROI on email marketing is not less than 35% of your investment. That said, let us walk through how you can get started with email marketing as an affiliate marketer.

How to Get started with email marketing for affiliate Marketer

You would have come across this popular saying among email marketers – the money is in the list. But unfortunately, the money is not on the list, but it is in the relationship built from trust. Email marketing for affiliate marketers is not about spreading links but about building relationships.

The most important thing in email marketing is building trust. As such, you must understand your clients, offer them something of value, and not send emails loaded with affiliate links all the time. Below are essential tips to help you launch a successful email campaign as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Ensure your email subscriber accepts affiliate links

The first thing you should worry about is ensuring your email subscribers will allow affiliate links in your emails. Unfortunately, many email services providers will not allow the use of affiliate links due to deliverability issues. It can be a lot frustrating as an affiliate marketer.

If you do not take time to find out this, you may lose a huge list you have built. In addition, it may lead to starting afresh after days and months of hard work. Avoid this by simply sending a mail to your would-be email service provider or going through their frequently asked questions.

2. Carefully select the right affiliate links to promote

Your affiliate link is your winning ticket. Carefully select the affiliate link(s) to promote by following the three nuggets below.

  • Ensure you are choosing a profitable affiliate program. You need to evaluate the campaign and ensure it is worth the investment of both time and money.
  • Ensure the affiliate product is relevant to your audience. The product or services you promote should be relevant to your audience. Else, there will be neither sales nor purchase of your products and services.
  • Select an evergreen product: Evergreen products are products that remain valuable over a long period in your niche. It will help you avoid a lot of rework in the future.

3. Add a Lead Magnet

Email marketing is about building trust and relationships. It is what results in increased sales and commissions. Therefore, you should create a lead magnet or gated content that will help you build your list and trust.

While you can also use your lead magnet to promote your affiliate product, its main essence is to build your email list. Therefore, your lead magnet should build on the content and freely offer in-depth knowledge on its subject matter. It can be in the form of a user's guide, info graphics comparison products, or any form of help content in your niche market.

4. Add Affiliate Links to your Email Sequence

Adding affiliate links to some of your emails is important. If you have an existing email list, look at some emails with the highest click-through rate and include important affiliate links. While you can change existing emails, you can also create new emails and add them to your existing campaign.

5. Track your Affiliate email marketing campaign

Once you have built and launched your email marketing campaign, monitoring and tracking its success is next. It will help you maintain the email list and ensure the highest return on investment.

Tracking your subscribers' interaction with your email will help you improve the campaign where necessary.

Wrapping it up, launching email marketing for an affiliate marketer is not as difficult as it sounds. Applying best practices with the necessary tools will help you make the best of your list. I strongly recommend starting with an email marketing service provider with a free startup for newbies under a low budget. So as you continue to build your business, you can migrate to other much more robust plans.


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