EmpowerLife Club Review Scam Alex Thomas Lies & Deceit!

I apologize Friends…

I admit that I fell for this scam and also shared with many Friends from around our World!

I got in on the 1st day of pre-launch joining Coach Mando through his email marketing campaign.

When I joined the EmpowerLife Club, I was pleasantly surprised when even though the company was based in Dubai that they had PayPal and also Stripe available as payment processors! Being a person of action, right away I deposited $20 as that's the amount that was specified to be needed when the company would launch in the following weeks. After joining, I immediately again took action and not only emailed my list of subscribers, I also shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Pinterest, Alignable and anywhere that I could think of.

Yes, I was excited!

Thousands were joining daily and before long there were over 10,000 members who had joined in pre-launch!

Ooooops, that's when the bad stuff started happening….

The payment processors went away and the only way that anyone could deposit their $20 to be ready for launch was by paying through Cryptocurrency…. Many Friends of course either don't have a crypto wallet and/or have no idea how to get one. The launch was reported to be happening around the end of August or early September and that all who had at least $20 deposited could push the Upgrade Now button and be upgraded!

Making matters even worse, the website was constantly down and the ceo Alex Thomas from Cyprus used the excuse that he didn't foresee that the company would grow so quick and that the servers needed to be upgraded to handle the load.

Their original YouTube video hyped up that a person could join and pay their $20 then $10 per month and earn up to over $4,000 via spillover without ever referring anyone! The below YouTube video is the watered down version but still shows the potential to earn up to and even over $4,000 with the compensation plan.

So very many are complaining about not receiving even a Pennie in spillover… imagine that…

This EmpowerLife Club Review is created because I don't want others to fall into this trap!

View the YouTube video below!

Guess what!

It gets even worse!

The launch was announced that it was to happen on Monday August 21st instead of the end of August or early September as earlier mentioned. It was also announced that those that had their $20 deposited would be manually upgraded according to the date/time that they registered in order to not lose their downlines or place in the matrix.

The other thing…… the Top 30 or 40 referrers are said to be upgraded 1st and placed above everyone else regardless of when they registered….. supposedly to create massive spillover for everyone else…… more hype and under the table shenanigans!

So….. everyone was scrambling to try to get their $20 deposited prior to Monday August 21st in order to be able to lock in their spot to be qualified to earn commissions. I personally assisted many Friends and even some that I didn't even know, to deposit their $20 by utilizing my PayPal account, having them send me the money then I would internally send them the $20 so that they would be ready.

More than a full day before when launch was announced to be, Alex Thomas shut down deposits stating that too many were depositing and that manually upgrading everyone according to the date/time that they registered would take too long and be too much work!

Needless to say, so many Friends were distraught as they were told that they had until Monday the 21st to lock in their spot… once again Alexis Thomas lied!

While helping Friends to upgrade, my balance at 1 point was at 0….. what if Alex decided to stop deposits then? I would have been screwed! Luckily I deposited more and even helped more Friends prior to his decision to change his mind abruptly and with now warning or concern for any of the members!

That's when I stopped promoting the EmpowerLife Club!

I was (keyword being was, as I've now unfriended him, his FB Friend) so I messaged him asking him to reconsider his decision to shutoff the deposits. I told him that it was unfair and chat! When I asked him why, he responded that it was his group and that I should get my own group & be thankful that I have access to him as the ceo… I reiterated my thoughts that it was a bad idea to keep the deposits shutoff & his response was that it will take a week to manually upgrade everyone and that no one would be happy with that. I told him that taking a week or more to manually upgrade everyone according to date/time registered would be a much better idea than going back on his word and making a liar out of himself and us all. Being the self-absorbed narcissist that he is, he disagreed…

Obviously because of him stopping the deposits, the messages started pouring in of people who weren't happy that now they wouldn't be able to lock in the position prior to launch. My hands were tied and I felt terrible but couldn't do anything to help… You're probably not surprised but it got even worse! Worse, how could it get worse? It got worse because after less than 48 hours, Alex Thomas decided that manually upgrading everyone would take too long so now everyone must push the “Upgrade Now” button themselves and they'll fall into the matrix according to when they do…

More Chaos!

The entire month has been more drama than I've ever experienced with any system and I've been earning and helping Friends earn online since 2009. Alex Thomas Blames everyone except himself & claims to be the hardest worker in the company…. I call BS!

Have You ever heard of Digital Club United? Another Scam by Alexis Thomas!

He also launched TeamBuildClub.com a while back that flopped!

Alex Thomas is nothing more than a serial scam site builder thriving upon those who worship him and want a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Now even the internal transfers that started out as Free are charged $1 with a minimum of $20 and to top that off, the minimum withdraw amount was set at $100 and is now at $70 even though that wasn't the case in the beginning….

Worse yet, he charges 6% for us withdrawing our own earnings…

Many more lies by Alex Thomas, the scammer extreme with little man syndrome!

He claims to be some sort of Facebook influencer expert but when You look up his profile page, you'll see that he hasn't even posted since 2022 and even then it's with a fluff, look at me I'm rich video….

His profile picture says icon bit ironically when looking at the cropped circle it say “Con” imagine that!

I'm not saying that he's not wealthy nor that he doesn't have money but there's no way that I trust him nor will I ever recommend EmpowerIfe or any other program that he's a part of…..

Have I made money with EmpowerLife or maybe it's called Empower Life…. Sure I have but making money isn't the end all be all, it's more important to help Friends earn money online with a legitimate system that I can stand behind and with leadership that I can trust! Scroll to the bottom of this website and on the left side your find images that when clicked upon will take you to sites that I do trust and recommend!

Nobody who is reputable at all will promote this scam now!

Do You have any thoughts or questions about Empower Life?

Comment below!

32 thoughts on “EmpowerLife Club Review Scam Alex Thomas Lies & Deceit!”

  1. Hi Tony,
    So very quick to change your tune on this business afer promoting it heavily, while promoting cashjuice and your own programs. Single, narrow, dominant. I wish you all the best for the future!!

    • If you took the time to read this article and the previous one, you would notice that I did indeed fall for the “opportunity” but after being lied to and deceive numerous times do not now recommend it nor promote it.
      Cashjuice has been in business for over 5 years & I have been a member there every since it’s launch and to this day do proudly recommend it to all Family & Friends who want to earn a legitimate income online while also sharing other opportunities with like-minded Friends in an awesome online business opportunity sharing community!
      All of the best for your future as well Mark, all of Our Continued Success is my daily Prayer!

  2. Hi, that sucks to hear about this scam. The thing is you can’t succeed long term without integrity. Warren buffet said it best when he says it can take you 20 years to build a good reputation and 20 seconds to destroy it.

    Something like that. So while true success through helping others is  a longer and harder battle. It sets the foundation for long term success.

    What would you say made people fall for this scam?

    • Hi Jake,

      hyping up the $4,000 per month possibility without referring anyone was a huge factor in why many fell for this scam!

      In order for that to occur, everything would have to align perfectly and there’s a better chance of someone winning the lottery than for it to happen.

      Get Rich Quick scams fool so many people every day…

      Thank You for stopping by to read & for commenting.

  3. Thank you for sharing you personal experience with Empower Life. It sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the run-up to launch day,specially with shutoff of deposits. How frustrating for those that couldn’t send of transactions when they wanted to. Empower Life sounds like a typical ponzi scheme to me. Sign up as many people as possible, that all have to pay to join the “club”. Only to find that it is all a scam. This is a huge warning to all those that were considering joining Empower Life, that it is a scam that needs to be avoided. As well as any of the other schemes invented by Alex Thomas.

    • Yes indeed my Friend, a fiasco from start to finish…. they won’t be a viable business for long & some of us made significant money but at what cost?

      Thank You for stopping by to read & comment, you’re welcome back here anytime!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with EmpowerLife Club, and it’s clear that you’ve had a challenging time with this program. 

    My question is about how to avoid falling for similar scams in the future. Given your experience and expertise in the online earning space since 2009, what advice would you offer to someone like me who’s interested in making money online but wants to avoid scams and schemes? 

    Are there specific red flags or warning signs you’ve identified over the years that we should be aware of when evaluating opportunities in this space?

    • Usually, I do a thorough research into the company but in this case, I received an email from someone who I trusted so I joined and upgraded right away!

      I was impressed that they had PayPal and also Stripe as part of their upgrade and processor options so I considered it very legit!

      Sadly, not long after I joined and upgraded they did the old “bait & switch” and stopped allowing those options and had very limited ways to upgrade…

      That along with many more lies has caused me to stop recommending them and sharing this post to warn Friends!

      Thank You for reading, commenting on and sharing this information,



  5. Wow. I am sorry this happened to you! I am always fearful of this kind of thing, making me freeze! Thank you for warning us about this scam and then providing links for businesses that you do trust. Owning up to your fall into this trap can really help you in the eyes of those that you want to benefit. Bravo! 

    • Thank You Scott & yes, I don’t want others to expect this to be a legitimate way to earn online.

      Although I did make more than a few dollars within a very short time here, the fact that the ceo continuously lied, deceived and misled everyone had me decide to stop with all of it!

      He does still owe me money but I’ll be fine without it……

  6. Why when you are so anti Empower Life do you have so many posts promoting it on Facebook?
    Surely if you feel so strongly you would have removed these?
    It makes myself and no doubt others question your credibility

    • Hello Lily, before I and the entire empowerlife club was lied to multiple times I did indeed promote and share.
      That was only for the past about 39 days……
      Now that I know that the leadership isn’t good, I’m going to do my best to let Friends know not to join and promote this bad company.
      If telling the Truth has you and/or anyone else doubting my credibility then so be it.
      Being lied to multiple times has me definitely doubting Alex Thomas’ credibility!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, did you read any of the article?

  7. Tony, the problem with any network/affiliate marketing business that promotes spillover is that is encourages those who want something for nothing….the entitlement crowd. Throw a few dollars in the pot and hope for a jackpot! Hey, the PowerBall Jackpot is $461M. Take your $10 per month and play the lottery. The only way spillover works is if you are downline from a massive recruiter. It’s called network marketing for a reason….network is YOUR network that you create from your own personal efforts and those beneath you as you duplicate yourself in others and marketing is a positive, active method of promoting an idea or business platform. In both cases, “your” success is dependent upon “your” efforts and how well you mentor those that you recruit. The same ones who want “spillover” are the ones who will bail at the first sign of difficulty or stress. Thomas Edison said it best, “Most people miss Opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

    Keep up the good work, my friend. Glad you discovered the sham before you were too far vested in it.

    • Yes Larry, I agree with You 100% my Friend!
      I would rather them not have the hype about any possibility of earning without referring!
      No their new introduction video is much more toned down but all of the lies, changes, hype and deception have guided me to no longer be involved with them.
      I myself never worried about nor expected anything of any value from the spillover.
      My biggest regret is that I share for the past month with many Friends not knowing or predicting the lack of good leadership or morals.
      Thank You Larry for stopping by to read the article and comment with your expertise, you’re welcome back here anytime.

  8. It was our fault, for believing that with only 10 dollars you could generate $4,000 per month. That doesn’t make any sense or logic. It was my fault for believing that I can get easy money for just 10 dollars. Let’s be honest and learn from the lesson. Let’s help others not to fall for these types of scams

    • Yes Angel, I agree that we need to help others not to fall for these types of scams….

      They had that hype video out at 1st and so many were gullible and took the bait.

      I knew that it was hype and wish that it hadn’t been a part of the video & it’s comical that now Alex is saying that it’s the Affiliate Members who were overpromising…. what a little weasel!

      Alex Thomas has already gotten word of this article and cancelled my account…..

      Good thing that I already withdrew hundreds before creating this article….

      Reputable networkers won’t promote this & for that I am thankful for.

  9. Empower Life is not for the Lazy Person indeed.
    I made $2000 in my first 12 days! Stop telling nonsense!
    I was in LIVEGOOD & a platinum leader! $51 we pay there, get nothing, not a single spill from company, but in Empower Life I got lot of spill. I refferd 80+ personally & got the Result.
    So, don’t blame the company or CEO., Its a real platform for the networkers, but not for the Lazy people!

    • Just because a company pays, doesn’t mean that it’s legit……
      I’m happy for you that you made money and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience about LiveGood as well as I never did join them or their easy commission funnel
      My main point with this article that you may or may not have gotten was that the ceo, Alex Thomas has already lied numerous times….
      Thank you for sharing your experience with EmpowerLife & hopefully those in your downline are also earning at least a few dollars…
      If EmpowerLife is still producing and/or even in business in 2024 I’ll be shocked!

    • You are right. A lot of disappointed people in Live Good and here are VERY LAZY ! THEY even didn’t invite people for big value much better then in LG. !

      So this man Hamilton is the same!

      Hamilton Network marketing have idea to share and invite new people. Its also work here in EmpowerLife. Don’t be funny !!! Man!

      • Adam,

        you are correct that many did sign up and didn’t do anything while expecting spillover…

        The video when EmpowerLife was in pre-launch did hype that they could earn up to $4,000 per month without referring anyone…

        I myself did refer many Friends who upgraded and they also referred many who did as well so my pay was more than a few dollars….

        Adam, how many referrals do You have that have upgraded?

    • That’s wonderful & Amazing 4 you, But don’t call anyone lazy When the company & person Themselves, is the one saying you will receive massive spillovers, He talk about oh but fluff it up! But he had already did that from the first time he mentioned massive spillovers, & now don’t blame the people when they don’t get it & then number yeah & we know who else got the massive spillovers Alex Alexi Thomas & All his protégé!

    • liveGood instead?

      Didn’t LiveGood launch about 8 months ago Mark?

      I’ve heard that LiveGood doesn’t pay on product purchases and that there’s no spillover, is that true?

      • Man what about old mlm system ehere 99% dont earn money and buy overpriced products ??? You are crazy mab and go to job . Its not for you !!

  10. Boy oh boy, I didn’t see this coming, I however noticed how the You can make up to $4096/month without recruiting into Recruiting training platform, it’s funny how the momentum changed from Prelaunch to Launched. I feel Prelaunch was more fun, hopeful and optimistic than after launch. I am a newbie in MLM but I never seen such a boring Launch ever than Empowerlife….!
    I expected a spectacular launch!!!
    Wow you just hit over 100K in Prelaunch…..but he is sweating to push a narrative of hard work in recruiting for his digital knowledge…
    I expect more and more people will join and exit and won’t pay monthly subscription….!
    Lesson learnt for me I move on!


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