EmpowerLife Review Scam Insiders Advice Don’t waste your time or ruin your name!

I joined EmpowerLife.club on day 1 of the Pre-Launch 26 July 2023 from an e-mail that I received from someone who I had subscribed to….

Little did I know that a few weeks later I would regret my decision….

The site that I signed up for had PayPal, Stripe and many more very popular & widely accepted payment processors available! I felt confident with them and upgrade for the $20 immediately.

I was excited to be among the 1st to begin with this startup company with such a great concept and philosophy for helping others to learn and earn online.

I've been earning and helping Friends earn online since 2009 so it seemed like the perfect fit,,, that was until the chaos started happening…

Only a couple of days after getting started, the website would be down & the ceo (Alex Thomas) told everyone that it was because he didn't anticipate the enormous growth that was already happening… Was he a newbie? He portrayed himself as a Guru and Wealthy person having earned massive amounts of money online in the past…. After becoming his Facebook Friend and seeing that he hasn't posted in over a year, I had my doubts…. He has either fallen from graces since then or rented the car, house and other stuff to look rich & wealthy for others… look here, what do you think?

Because I always attempt to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I still promoted the company and opportunity to my Friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Alignable, Pinterest, Xing etc…. I had many Friends with interest and many of them signed up for Free then when they attempted tom upgrade, found it difficult to do as the payment processors had changed…

I was in shock because as mentioned above I was happy with the options for upgrading…

Now, not only do I have to deal with many questions of why the website is down but also of how can I possibly upgrade when I don't have cryptocurrency….. Yes, I do have Cryptocurrency, I have 2 Crypto Wallets but many of my Friends & Referrals don't and they also have no desire to be involved with the blockchain environment… so…. now I'm in the position where I have to either help Friends upgrade or let them know that I can't help them…. PayPal charges fees… The Crypto Wallets charge fees…

so in order to break even not including my time was to let them know to send me $23 through PayPal then I could purchase Bitcoin through CoinBase and then through EmpowerLife, transfer $20 to their account to be ready for upgrading which was to occur near the beginning of September…

Eventually it was announced that the launch would be on the 21st of August instead of around the 1st of September… no big deal as at least we were given adequate notice… It was also announced that the launch would be according to when each of us pressed the “Upgrade Now” button automatically positioning us… that sounded kind of weird to me as even though the launch was specified to be available on Monday August the 21st there never was a time specified nor a time zone….

so. I started sharing more frequently because launch was coming very soon and I wanted Friends to be positioned & of course me as well… Then not long after, it was announced that the upgrade process would be handled manually according to when a person registered as long as they had at least $20 deposited in their account…

The upgrade process was announced to be according to when a person registered date/time as long as that person had their $20 deposited! Awesome, that's an excellent way to do it but there were some very weird catches… The top 30-40… no specific number o f top referrers would be upgraded and placed on top manually then everyone else placed according to when they registered….

So…. I received many messages not only from Friends who I sponsored but also from those that they sponsored & even from people that I had never heard from before that were on other teams requesting that I help them to upgrade prior to launch. They had heard that I could help them through the internal transfer method as long as they had PayPal and/or a debit/credit card…



Are we back in the 1980's?

Aren't there programs that can take care of that automatically and with about a 99.9999% accuracy?

Guess what?

It got worse…. Yes, now Facebook was blocking our Affiliate Referral Links for EmpowerLife & the Main website was constantly down for “Maintenance”

perfect been involved with many launches since I started earning money online in 2009 and this by far was already the most unprofessional and unorganized one yet!

Constant issues with the website & Alex Thomas kept blaming the unexpected growth and the need to update the servers to higher capacity… He claims to be super wealthy but didn't pay for the best servers up front in the beginning? Another rookie mistake by someone who claims to be a successful marketer…

A full day prior to when the launch was to happen, without prior warning, the website had a proclamation that the launch was over and that no more deposits would be accepted because the response was too much and the manual upgrading would take too long to perform…

Since I was a Friend of Alex Thomas's on Facebook I private messaged him as well as commented on the official EmpowerLife FB Page Group Chat that I believed that it was a mistake to shut down the deposits abruptly and before the previously announced launch date. Not only did he disagree with my thoughts, he also banned me from the group chat! I asked him why and he responded that he wouldn't tolerate any negativity….. Negativity? You changed things without warning anyone & you're going to ruin your name and mine as well as many more people's by having us look like liars!

No matter what I said, the little narcissistic Alex Thomas kept saying that he was the ceo and that it was his decision and that it would be too much work & take too much time to manually upgrade so many members if he didn't shut it down now.

He even told me that I should be thankful to have access to him as the ceo of empowerlife… what a little self-centered tiny man child…

Only 2 days into the manually upgrading & I could see that my team was only about 1/8th of the way through the process… how long would this take? No deposits or transfers as well as no customer support was offered during this time either….. Alex continuously states that he has a team of professionals working on stuff but the more that I learn, I believe that it's just him and maybe a few others…. Very unprofessional, just like his websites at TeamBuildClub and Digital Club United… 2 more of his failed ventures into digital marketing…

So, after 2 days of snail like movement, the website has an announcement that manual upgrades were to cease and that everyone should click the “Upgrade Now” button & be placed in the order that they do….. Yes, regardless of when the person registered and what was previously stated…. more lies…. Thomas, so many times during webinars states that he's always the hardest worker in the room…. I call bullshit! He's a lazy, self-absorbed little person with an ego issue… do You agree?

Now since they decided to stop the manual upgrading & turn on the ability for everyone to upgrade themselves in a free for all, guess what happened? Yes, more chaos! Piss poor planning on Alex's part caused much more heartache and work for everyone else because as You might have guessed, the support at empowerlife is all but non-existent!

Did I make money with empowerlife?

Absolutely & more than a few dollars…..

Do they still owe me money?

Yes, but that's OK as I'd rather be done with them and let everyone that I know not to waste their time or effort on this here today gone tomorrow so called “opportunity”….

Their “products” are supposedly learning/training but it's so outdated and simplistic that even for $10 per month it's not worth it & tarnishing your reputation with these scammers certainly isn't worth it!

The back office even started charging $1 for each internal transfer and 6% for members to receive their commissions with a minimum placed at $100 which I saw got lowered to $70 and have heard through the grapevine is now at $50.

Even at $50 some members will have to wait upwards of a year or even more of paying $10 per month to reach that threshold after being coerced into believing that they would receive generous payouts through spillover even without recruiting… Powerlines are such a crock of s**t!  Work, it all takes work and I wish that companies would quit hyping up claims that anyone can earn something for nothing!

So many changes, lies and deceit!

My account at empowerlife has been deleted & as you've probably guessed… I don't recommend that anyone get involved with empowerlife or anything that Alex has his little hand into….

18 thoughts on “EmpowerLife Review Scam Insiders Advice Don’t waste your time or ruin your name!”

  1. This is why I have a hard time getting involved with “Make money online” websites! I would miss some of the red flags that people who are really good on the internet would see. So I try to stay away from it. I do know one thing. I know you wouldn’t lie about any of it Tony. You’re too honest and wouldn’t do that to other people either. This Emeka person , can’t seem to think of anything else to say except the same paragraph she’s been repeating in every message. It seems like, Thou does protest too much! Those who know you, ignore them that try to tarnish your reputation.

  2. Tony Hamilton or whatever you call yourself, you are a bare-faced liar from the pit of hell. I am in EmpowerLife and the site has never been shut for a single hour. I have earned and continue to earn from that platform. I’ve worked with Alex Harris in other of his platforms. You should be totally ashamed of yourself not only for deceiving others but maligning another person. You are a disgrace to humanity. I bet you will delete my post so that others will not read about your pettiness.

    • Not only will I not delete your comment Emeka, I’ve also responded to and allowed your comments on other people’s comments…
      The entire article that I shared here is the Truth & I share so that others will be aware of the deceptions that have happened as I don’t want anyone to go through hard times. Alex’s last name is Thomas as far as I know and not Harris…
      Thank You for sharing your thoughts Emeka my Friend!

    • You’re not being honest because all the issues he stated are in fact true because I had the same experience basically I was unable to upgrade until more than 2 weeks after launch. Therefore I never upgraded and abandoned the site.

  3. Wow, Tony, it sounds like you’ve been through quite a rollercoaster with EmpowerLife.club.

    It’s especially frustrating when the initial concept seems promising, and then it doesn’t live up to expectations. Your detailed account of your experience is both eye-opening and cautionary.

     Thank you for sharing your candid thoughts and experiences. It’s a valuable reminder to approach online opportunities with caution and to be aware of potential red flags

    • He’s a liar. That’s not true. That platform is running. It was never shut down when for a day.

    • This man is a liar from the pit of hell. That platform has never shut down for a single hour. I have been with EmpowerLife from the prelaunch day till now. I have continued to earn. This guy is a shameless bare-faced liar. He must be the alter ego of Lucifer. How can people be so brazen in lying and maligning their fellow human beings.

      • Thank You for sharing your thoughts Emeka…
        Everything that I’ve written in this post is the Truth my Friend!

  4. Hi Tony so sorry you went through this horrific experience, did you report this organization to the FTC? It will be a shame if more people get involved in this business. It was utterly unprofessional how they handled your query. I wish you the best and hope shady business practice like this gets penalize for their actions.

    • Hi Neilio,
      I haven’t yet reported this horrific organization to the FTC but thank you for the advice.
      I’ll probably do so soon & I’m most likely not going to be the only 1.
      Thank You for the well wishes Neilio my Friend,

    • This man is a liar from the pit of hell. That platform has never shut down for a single hour. I have been with EmpowerLife from the prelaunch day till now. I have continued to earn. This guy is a shameless bare-faced liar. He must be the alter ego of Lucifer. How can people be so brazen in lying and maligning their fellow human beings.


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