Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day is Randy – Camping and Fishing California

4 October 2015

Featured Friend's Profile of the Day
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Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day is Randy – Camping and Fishing California

Howdy all, my name is Randy and I’m a native of the Left Coast, born and raised in Central California, currently not employed and loving every second of it! I’m looking forward to getting a wealth of knowledge here and remaining not employed as long as I possibly can!!!

Fast forward almost three years:

Well, I’m still pretty much retired and still loving every second of it. In these close to three years, I have enjoyed tons of knowledge and education never even remotely close to being on my horizon in my previous stretch of life.

I’ve followed Kyle and Carson through the Cert. Training and proven to myself that they are totally on the money with the training here at WA and even had my site built and functioning before going premium back in 2013.

One thing that I can safely say is that if you diligently complete the Cert. Courses here at WA, you will have all the information and knowledge you need to build your first affiliate site that pays for itself.

Procrastination and shiny objects are your worst enemies… trusting this system can be one of your best bets.

Thank you one and all for being part of my life!

Randy - Camping and Fishing California
Randy – Camping and Fishing California

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