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23 September 2015

Today’s Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day is Tim

The Profile write up below is an exact copy and paste from Tim’s Profile page.

Tim - Featured Friend's Profile of the Day - Affiliately Yours.UK & Nutty About Coconuts

Hello my name is Tim

I’m a 47 year old who wants to give up his day job as a LGV (that’s heavy goods vehicle for those who do not know) Driver!!

I’m very much hoping to find all the answers I need here.

I’m hoping that affiliate marketing will improve my family’s life and I would like to become knowledgeable enough to help others do the same for their family.

Since being here I have now got three websites two of which are producing page one ranking articles and one brand new in need of some work.

I love the abundance of information and training here although it can sometimes be overwhelming. I have made many new contacts some of who I consider friends and my optimism grows daily.

If I can say one thing to any new members it would be follow the training and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Happy Marketing fellow Wealthy Affiliates

p’s my websites and social accounts can be found to the right of this


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Tim is today’s Featured Profile of the day for today.

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