Federal Trade Commission MOBE FTC My Online Business Education Empire

My Online Business Education Empire

Federal Trade Commission shuts down MOBE and/or FTC to My Online Business Education also known as My Online Business Empire.

Are You affected and how so are You affected?

Coaching Scheme with Whale of a Tale Money Making Scam or Legit Online Learning Platform?

I have quite a few Friends and/or aquantinces who say that while the training and education were great that the platform did indeed become the victum of greed and therefore overpriced everything in order to generate commissions for those who shared MOBE and recruited others to do the same.  They all stated that the focus was placed upon the recruiting and that was where all or most of the income opportunity was, those that wanted to learn and not recruit were the victims of overpriced products.

What is your take on all of this, Digital Altitude was also shutdown.

Who's next?

Below is the list of programs that are extremely similar to Digital Altitude and MOBE:

The above links go directly to each of the above programs, they are not affiliate links & I don't endorse any of them nor have anything negative to say either.

Here is the link to My Top 4 Recommendations!

The 4 posts below are from the actual FTC.Gov Federal Trade Commission website from June 4th until now:

FTC alleges MOBE tells Whale of a Tale Misleading Money Making

FTC system files documents cases MOBE complaint pdf

FTC action halts MOBE massive internet business coaching scheme

Federal Trade Commission Mobe shutdown

Here is a short post that I wrote at the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community:

Traffic to MOBE FTC Shutdown Federal Trade Commission Post

Also here is a post that I shared a few days ago right here on this very website:

MOBE Member Federal Trade Commission Shutdown

MOBE is Down and Probably Gone for Good (FTC Cease and Desist Order)



Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the FTC take legal action against the Defendants?

The FTC obtained numerous grievances from customers that claimed to have paid numerous thousand bucks to the Defendants, based on Defendants' promises that they would certainly reveal customers their secret formula or approach for making substantial earnings through a net company. Accuseds' guarantied that customers would make a substantial income. Customers who acquired the MOBE system or program grumbled that they did not make the promised earnings but instead that they were urged to pay a growing number of money into the program which inevitably, instructed them to solicit various other consumers to pay thousands of dollars, with the same result. Few consumers made enough to recoup also the quantities they paid to Defendants. The FTC's placement with respect to the legal action can be watched right here and also right here.

Is the MOBE system a rip-off?

According to the FTC, MOBE is a rip-off: “Defendants' stock-in-trade is a supposed “organisation education and learning” program called “My Online Business Education” or “MOBE,” that asserts to show consumers how you can launch their very own online business as well as produce considerable earnings. Offenders assert to have a “tested” system for generating income promptly and conveniently via internet marketing, which they assure to introduce to those that pay to join their program.

Once customers are enticed into signing up with the program for a modest access charge of $49, Defendants use a collection of high-pressure strategies to induce customers to get their different subscription level packages– starting at $2,497 as well as progressively becoming more pricey– with the incorrect guarantee that customers will certainly enjoy substantial returns on these “financial investments.”

Defendants assure even higher go back to those consumers who upgrade to higher membership degrees that cost 10s of thousands of bucks a lot more. To close the sale, Defendants even misdirect customers into thinking that the MOBE program is risk-free and customers can obtain their refund otherwise satisfied. In truth, the substantial bulk of consumers who get into the MOBE program and also pay for these subscriptions make little to no loan, and also numerous experience crippling losses or placing debts.

Some consumers have actually shed as long as $60,000 or more to Defendants. Although Defendants assert to provide a system for making substantial revenue promptly and also conveniently, the just one making that sort of cash are Defendants as well as a couple of experts. Offenders' CEO, Matthew Lloyd McPhee a/k/a Matt Lloyd, is unyielding concerning exactly how they make this loan– as he described in a recent e-mail, “you're searching for a really dissatisfied group of individuals who are in physical or psychological pain, so you can aid relieve their pain in return for their cash.”

But they informed me I could make a lot of cash by following their system? They told me there was a money back assure?
In its Complaint, the FTC has actually pointed to data from Defendants' revenue declarations showing that the typical MOBE specialist is most likely to gain no more than $250 annually in payments, while being needed to pay countless bucks, or a lot more, to Defendants to gain these compensations. Consumers that upgrade to the Diamond Level of the program typically have to pay concerning $60,000. Among the concerns raised by the FTC in the lawsuit is the intended money-back warranty. According to the lawsuit, Defendants promote that their program is 100 percent safe and also features a money-back warranty. Consumers whine, nevertheless, that MOBE frequently did not honor this supposed money-back warranty.

Should I continuously pay?

No. Do not pay as well as do not attend workshops or workshops.

What should I finish with social media websites and also various other advertising and marketing products that I have developed?

The FTC has actually declared that the MOBE system runs in offense of Section 5 of the FTC Act. The court has, a minimum of temporarily, concurred that this is the case. If you have actually produced a social networks site, such as on Facebook, that is advertising or running the MOBE system, there is a likelihood you are going against government law. I motivate you to suspend such social media sites sites.

What is the June 26, 2018 hearing about?

Under the federal policies of civil procedure, a Temporary Restraining Order can stay in result just for only a restricted period of time. The events against which the TRO is entered are entitled to show up in Court and also say that the TRO ought to end, while the FTC will be permitted to say that the TRO ought to be expanded. The Court will take into consideration written and also oral disagreements from the lawyers, and also might decide to take the testimony of witnesses. If the Court identifies that the TRO should not be prolonged, after that it will go into an order dissolving the TRO. Because situation, the events versus whom the TRO was gone into will certainly be allowed to resume their organisation tasks. On the other hand, if the Court identifies that the TRO needs to stay in place, it will certainly go into a Preliminary Injunction that, in all likelihood, will be comparable or identical to the TRO.

Can I submit a complaint with the FTC?

Yes. An online grievance can be filed, click here. Further info can belocated here.

What should I do from here?

Updates will certainly be published to this internet site. Already published are the Complaint, the Motion requesting the TRO and also the supporting products, and the TRO.

MOBE FTC Shutdown The Impact to Online Business Owners

Have You ever Googled “MOBE Federal Trade Commission”?

I did and this is what I found – Google results from MOBE Federal Trade Commission.

(New Update) MOBE shutdown by the FTC and under investigation. The true reasons why & your next move.

After the FTC busted Digital Altitude previously this year, certainly individuals began asking “Exactly what about MOBE?”

So similar are MOBE's and also Digital Altitude's “high-ticket marketing education and learning” organisation models, that MOBE actually took legal action against Digital Altitude in 2016.

Having actually won an order versus Digital Altitude as well as the scam just about shut down, currently the FTC have actually submitted a similar claim versus MOBE.

Named as offenders in the FTC's complaint are

  • Matt Lloyd McPhee, proprietor of MOBE
  • Susan Zhangi, a policeman, participant and/or manager of MOBE
  • Russell W. Whitney, Jr., a police officer, member and/or manager of MOBE
  • Mobe Ltd., a Malaysian restricted liability business
  • Mobe Processing, a Delaware corporation
  • Transaction Management, a Delaware firm
  • Mobe Training, a Delaware company
  • 9336-0311 Quebec Inc. (dba Business Education Training), a Canadian company
  • Mobe Pro Limited, a UK restricted liability business
  • Mobe Inc., a Panama corporation
  • Mobe Online Ltd., a Mauritius limited liability business
  • Matt Lloyd Publishing Pty Ltd. (dba Matt Lloyd Publishing and also Home Business Builders), an Australian limited liability company

MOBE is shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for now.

The FTC declare Lloyd ran MOBE with over three hundred signed up website domains.

The regulatory authority filed its issue under seal on June 4th.

The FTC begin with a break down of MOBE's “21-step system”;

Although the first entrance charge for MOBE's 21-Step System is fairly moderate– usually $49 or less– as consumers proceed via the actions, they are pounded with sales pitches for various MOBE subscription bundles setting you back hundreds of bucks that customers have to purchase in order to proceed with and also complete the 21-Step System.

Regardless of cases by affiliates that retail is possible, the FTC does not recognize retail within MOBE's business model.

Defendants at some point disclose, as customers progress via the actions, that the means to earn money through MOBE is by enticing various other customers into the MOBE program as well as making commissions when these customers acquire the exact same expensive memberships.

During the program of the program, Defendants have actually tried to sell five various membership bundles in the MOBE program at various prices: Silver Masterclass for $2,497; Gold Masterclass for $4,997; Titanium Mastermind for $9,997; Platinum
Mastermind for $16,667; and Diamond Mastermind for $29,997.

Getting To the Diamond Mastermind membership level costs a normal consumer around $60,000.

In fact, the large majority of consumers that sign up with the MOBE program and acquire the expensive MOBE subscriptions lose loan.

In our 2014 Mobe review, BehindMLM ended it was extremely not likely retail customers were handing over $60,000 for MOBE's education and learning programs.

MOBE representing that consumers of its training course “will certainly make significant revenue”, but thousands rather losing cash is just what eventually caused the FTC's examination.

After customers pay, MOBE need these customers to sign post-purchase arrangements that look for to enforce burdensome problems for getting a refund, or that case in other circumstances that the purchases are nonrefundable as well as final.

MOBE typically mention to the language in these post-purchase agreements to deny refund requests or dispute chargebacks.

The FTC has secured MOBE target losses at $125 million, which it's trying to hold Matt Lloyd, Susan Zanghi and Russel Whitney Jr. liable for.

Russell Whitney's individual advertising strategy for MOBE saw him persuade consumers to tackle considerable debt to finance their MOBE purchases.

Several targets of MOBE's plan can not manage the high expense of the MOBE memberships.

MOBE insurance claim they could help these consumers by supplying them a “financing strategy.”

In truth, MOBE's “funding strategy” involves recommending consumers to sell their personal assets or sustain debt– either by maxing out their existing bank card or looking for new lines of credit.

The FTC allege Whitney ripped off consumers from around $1.6 million dollars.

Just how much Matt Lloyd and also Susan Zanghi ripped off consumers from has yet to be revealed.

By running MOBE as a pyramid scheme rooted in “deceitful company education”, the FTC alleges Lloyd and his co-defendants have actually devoted several violations of the FTC Act.

The two matters mentioned in the FTC‘s grievance are “misstatements relating to earnings” as well as “misstatements regarding reimbursements”.

The FTC has actually requested an initial order, an asset freezing order as well as appointment of a Receiver.

MOBE FTC Shut Down - What's Next for MOBE Affiliates?

Update 12th June 2018– On June 5th the FTC was provided a TRO versus MOBE. A temporary Receiver has actually also been selected.


Affiliate Marketing Legitimate Business Opportunity for MOBE Friends

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  1. There are a lot of online platforms that you can learn from about things, particularly online business. The federal trade commission and these people have always been on loggerhead for a long time and it is really sad how this business empire has been able to teach everything about having an online business.

  2. When the focus changes, and it is all about the recruiting to make money, this is where the problem lies. The products must be the focus, and they must provide good value, otherwise it becomes unethical.

    I personally would never pay the amounts of money that some of the people paid to this company no matter what. But the considerable amounts some customers have paid should guarantee some expert training that would enable them to earn at least the money they have paid out.

  3. The moral of the story is to find out as much as you can about a company before you invest your hard-earned cash into it. Mobe seems really overpriced, and there are many places on the internet that a person can get a great education for a much more reasonable amount, for example, the company your recommend at the bottom of this post.

    There is nothing worse than being sucked into a system and then getting asked to pay more and more to further your training. A company should be transparent from the beginning about how much it is going to cost a person.

  4. Hi Tony,

    Learning is good and for me to know the full meaning of MOBE is perfect because is from your article that I know what is MOBE means My Online Business Empire. Reading through the article is nice to nailed it that the system as been shutdown. MOBE is a rip off system.

    Thank you.


  5. I have not heard of this information so far but I know my friend will be taken aback. By the way, he is a user of this platform. As far as I understand, this platform offered promising nodes for all new members until he introduced them to the business. After that, everyone was surprised by the prices that this platform offers. For me, a clean cover. This is great information and I believe it has been verified. 

    Thank you for this post !!!

  6. From the video about MOBE, it seems that they were targeted by the FTC because the ad copy was directed at attracting people who could pay for the program, but not build a team of marketers behind them.  They complained and that could be disadvantageous for other high ticket programs.

    Personally, I have heard about MOBE, but I always am very careful because I got scammed out of £2000 in 2010 when I bought into Passport for Wealth.  My mentor who I signed under decided he was not prepared to be a mentor anymore and did not return my money.  No support either.

    As a result, I am very skeptical when a company that is high ticket does not deliver good reasons and has no mid-ticket offers.

    We live to learn!  Thanks for sharing.

  7. stunning article. it simply leaves without text and man cannot be indifferent to such events. so much so today you have to be careful when you put money into something. people on all sides promise and rarely does anyone intend to really provide a quality product. Thanks for the helpful information.

  8. Unfortunately, there are many sites and organizations like MOBE, and they are more for profit than for the benefit of users. Such a philosophy is always very short-lived. Those who think long-term invest in users and their benefits because they are aware that satisfied users will bring success, profit, and spread good publicity.

    The FTC certainly has a lot of work to deal with all such sites.

  9. The federal trade commission has probably taken this steps possible for the interest of the masses to finally bring down companies like “My Online Business Education”, who are using their services to take advantage of people. I am glad to peruse this article, It would serve as a deter to some other services out there who are on same path with MOBE.

  10. Glad to see that the FTC is finally cracking down on companies like MOBE who are just taking advantage of the people who sign up for their services. While I do believe you should thoroughly investigate any company or investment opportunity before making the jump, simply taking someone’s money and leaving them with such heavy losses is a complete trust violation. 

  11. I really think desperation and lack make people gullible. People should learn to investigate before investing. It is only proper to check the background of the company before investing your hard earned cash. $60 000 is just  too much to part with especially if you are not clear on how the company you are investing in, is going to generate profits for you

  12. Thanks for bringing the news about the My Online Business empire to us Tony. I am glad to hear that the FTC finally shut it down. This is so classic, most of the training program started out great but instead  of coming up with the new content they just keep on focusing on the money making side and this is where the network marketing turn wrong. 

  13. Hello Tony! Thanks for this info. Shutting them down is the best as most people who buy into the program and pay for the expensive memberships are unable to recoup their costs, and many experience crippling losses or mounting debts, including some who have lost more than $20,000. 

    The FTC is really working well and we are satisfied with their actions.

  14. Hi Tony, thanks for the information about MOBE shutdown. To my mind, it is always a bit of hit and miss when deciding whether to trust an MLM company or not, especially if their affiliates sing praises about it. (Which is mostly in order to lure more clients in) But the fact that some people who tried them lost so much money is alarming, and it is perhaps in the best interest of the publish to have this organization shut down. They may after all repair their ways and learn from their mistakes when they reopen under a different name; who knows?

  15. The federal trade commission and this people have always been on loggerhead for a long time and it is really sad how this business empire have been able to teach everything about having an online business. I think they need to slow things down because this one really seems to work well.

  16. There are lot of online platforms tat you can learn from about about of things, particularly online business. One of them is mobe that you’ve explained all about in this article. I look forward to seeing more insightful and resourceful articles like this that are of course useful to the online business world.

  17. Oh, this looks like good news. As a newbie in online entrepreneurship, I already heard that MOBE is a scam and possible fraud to many people. I’m glad they were finally shut down by FTC, but I hope innocent people that affected by this case can somehow get compensation. Just curious, do you have other recommendations with a more valid platform compared to MOBE? Thanks

  18. Hello Tony, thank you for your review. MOBE is totally crap and rip off. People are paying for it and because of the trust, however they used it for scamming and disappointing a lot of their members. There have plenty of legitimate companies what you recommended on your blog that you can choose for making money online. Fortunately FTC taken actions already, otherwise there would have a lot more people get scammed.

  19. One thing that I’ve learned from all this high end ticket program is the fact that many if not all are fraud or have fraud intent. Promising users large amount of returns in a possible short term is something one should look into and consider carefully.

    Another thing here is up-sell. They set their fee to $49, but when you’re in, they’ll entice you and be asked to pay a high sum amount before you’ll be able to get the “full value” of the system. This is ridiculous. Seriously, people need to be careful.

  20. Wow! This is really detailed. You’ve done a very wonderful job Tony. From the detailed write up to the youtube videos. This is more than what we could have asked for. Thank you so much. I feel sorry for the people who have lost their money to fraudsters on the internet. This is why before any transaction, I try to research about the website before investing my money because it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you 

  21. This is an interesting read you have written here and I have really leant a lot from your article and really appreciate you sharing this. It is so pitiful  and sad for all individuals who lost their business and cash. This is why I always have a reservation about all these sites and prefer to get my facts straight before joining them so as to be fully aware of what I’m getting into. 

  22. I was once a member of Six Figure Mentors. The early training was quite good with constant mentorship. The cost to continue kept increasing however with no return on investment in sight. Later on it became quite evident that the only place that making an income might occur was when you got into the top tier and that cost was way, way out of my range. To save myself, I took the advice of my mentor and severed my membership.

  23. I was not surprised to see you article stating the the FTC is suspending MOBE at least temporarily.  With no visible product and the top tier format investigation was inevitable.  I read about MOBE but never go involved because the concept was to nebulous for me.  I feel awful for the people who have invested money or are waiting for payment.  The videos you provide offered good explanations of what is happening but, of course, not much speculation on the future.

  24. Hi! this review here is really great to see here. onestly speaking, the amount of data given here is massive and anyone who has read all these would agree with me that definitely there is a lot more in here than what meets the eyes. This is actually very great to read about mobe and how they have been shut off by ftc. Thanks here

  25. Hello Tony, it’s really dad to we any business that goes out with simple plan and when you’ve get involved with it. I really get disappointed to see them change and come out with some hidden plans which can’t always be easy for you and that is sad. I have lost interest in many of that reason and I hope to see better businesses soon

  26. Quite interesting here to see your overview here and I would actually value all these that you have shared here. It can always get better in the long term and getting to know what is ad what can actually make the whole difference is what I value the most in here. Thank you so much for sharing the information in here. Thumbs up

  27. Such an expensive price for what one can get for $19 (first month) on Wealthy Affiliate. MOBE is totally trash and a rip off. The moment there’s levels in a program simply runaway and save yourself your time and money as you are being scammed. If the education really works, why charge such a price instead of applying the education for your own good and earn dollars equivalent to what they charge? It’s totally a scam.

  28. I once was a member of AWOL. They were promoting MOBE to me. When I found out that I was in a money pit, I cancelled and never joined MOBE. Just as well. Udemy seems to be a more reasonable training company. 

    Whenever a company promotes products with unjustifiably high prices in order to pay high affiliate and/or MLM commissions, that smacks of a cloaked Ponzi Scheme. 

    Thanks for this MOBE article.;


  29. This is really nice, I like the way you have spelled this out  there times when I always love to learn things online but I’m afraid of being duped or being ripped of my money. This is really nice and it’ll be of great help to online business owners, I’ll share it to some of my friends.

  30. I’m glad you reported on this because there are a lot of these horrible actors out there. Sometimes people don’t find out until the FTC gets involved. That is unfortunate because a lot of people get hurt and scammed. Thank goodness for the FTC in these situations! MOBE seems like a bunch of bad news thanks for the heads up My Online Business Education sure seems like Their Online Business Scam!!

  31. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for an informative article. I would say that if the primary goal of a business is networking then that should be indicated upfront. For me, the problem comes when persons come on to a platform to learn because it is marketed as a teaching platform or where they will be involved in sales but then upon entry, they realize that the primary goal is networking.

    As one who is not good at networking and have no interesting in it I would consider misrepresentation to get me to join your organisation a scam.

    Candy Benn

  32. I was really searching for this. I had to know why MOBE has been closed somewhere around the FTC. Much obliged you’ve secured it well with recordings too, presently I see better.

    That is so pitiful for all individuals who lost their business and cash… I heard that numerous individuals lost up to $50,000 ! That is a lot of my God. Expectation they had the option to push ahead and prevail with something different.

    The issue with most organizations out there is that they have so much high ticket items, that is the reason they’re being closed down… Thanks for referencing organizations like Legendary Marketer, Six Figure coaches and so forth. Those organizations have so much upsells, and high ticket items… I think they’ll be closed down soon also .

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this.

    I truly like your articles, they’re unadulterated worth.

    Keep up the extraordinary work, and fare thee well

  33. Hello Tony, you have given us reliable information once again. The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is very satisfying. The build of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much for your time and effort

  34. Hello there!
    I’m glad to have come accross this very important announcement.The federal trade commission has probably take this steps possibly for the interest of the public so they might probaly get commendations forhaving take this action. I hope others who are unaware of this come accross this article and also stay informed about this too.

  35. Hi, I’ve read your article “Federal Trade Commission MOBE FTC My Online Business Education Empire”.

    This is my first time hearing of this.

    When you start looking for business opportunities online, everything that looks good appeals to you. These days we have to be careful and examine everything

    I have learned a lot from you.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  36. Hi, I’ve read your article “Federal Trade Commission MOBE FTC My Online Business Education Empire”.

    This is my first time hearing of this.

    When you start looking for business opportunities online, everything that looks good appeals to you. These days we have to be careful and examine everything

    I have learned a lot from you.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


  37. Thank you Tony,

    I am so pleased that I follow you as you keep me up to date with truly useful information so this is greatly appreciated.

    I nearly joined six figure mentors over 1 year ago so I am now so pleased that I have not. It is a real shame that these businesses are being so greedy as there is plenty of space for good honorable companies to help people with their online business.

    I am so pleased I am part of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you 


  38. This is my first time hearing of this and it is sad to see that yet another site was not all it claimed to be. My online business education empire is not a platform I have a personal experience with but if it has been shut down by the federal trade commission like you say then I’m really glad that I have never come into contact with them. 

  39. Scams. Always more scams.

    Thanks for bringing this one to our attention. Although I have not joined into it (thankfully!) it’s good information to know to be able to share with others. Do you know how many people were involved or scammed by them?

    I do hope that the FTC finds a way to catch scams like this sooner, which would help others avoid problems from them.

  40. I was part of MOBE, but thank God I only paid $49, and then I started hearing all kinds of complaints about being a scam. This guy talked about getting commissions for high end ticket items, so you can make money faster. When you start looking for business opportunities especially online, everything that looks good usually appeals to you and go for it. These days we have to be careful and take time to examine everything to avoid being deceived. I’m glad the FTC shut down these people before they were allowed to inflict more damage.

  41. I’ve really enjoyed reading through this interesting article about federal trade commission mobe FLC, it’s very resourceful and helpful to read through. This is actually the first time I’m reading about it and it is good online business education empire. I’ll refer it to some of my friends too and see how it goes.

  42. Well it’s good to know the FTC cracks down on overpricing and zealous greed. Holy smoke. They were charging $2497 for a program upgrade? That is really high. I would run, not walk away from the high pressure sales tactics too. Thanks for sharing this, Tony. It’s good to know who the good and bad guys are out there. 

  43. Shaking my head…another scam. It really sucks to be scammed because it has happened to me before. I’m really glad your website exists to show some transparency that these people deserve to see. People can sing and preach something is good, but they are probably given an incentive to. Be safe out there people and do your research. 

  44. Hello Tony, you have done it with some securing interest and that is nice to know. Thanks for your review. It’s very informative for those on a path of creating their own business online. There are many companies out there to stay away from or to go for and I think you are truly helping people succeed in their research. I have learned a lot from you

  45. I am finding it frustrating that I seem to be hearing about more and more scams. It is good to see a site like tony’s that keeps people informed about then. What I find extremely annoying is that often these scams target people in need or people looking for something to better themselves. I know people say they should realise and do due diligence. But that is the point they are looking for information albeit incorrect. Fraud is a crime and I am appalled at people blaming the victim because it’s fraud and they should have known better. This wouldn’t be done with other crimes, for example how do people feel when scumbags say it is a rape victims fault because……

  46. Well,there are a whole lot of different online platforms that have been shutdown a number of times before but the real deal I tht how are this different companies and people dealing with this and how are they trying to make things right. How are the other companies trying to learn from the mistakes of the other companies too. This is the real issue.

  47. This is rather strange to see here considering the fact that the FTC have finally shut the move company and now merging it to one of those junks is really good to see. I will share this with all of my friend that were on the receiving end of move shutting down and the bad ways of the company

  48. It’s staggering that they got away with this for so long. What a rip-off, I really feel for everyone who got caught up with MOBE and hope that they are now moving on in the right direction. 

    Personally I cannot imagine paying those prices for what can be found elsewhere for a realistic price. Saying that I have looked at very high ticket training in the past, but only looked. It never seemed to justify the cost. 

  49. Aww good ole MOBE I know it well. The grievances where all over the internet before the feds shut them down. Thankfully I stayed away from it. Though truth be told if I had the money back then I would have invested myself. An online friend tried to get me to join. Thank god I did not. My friend however ended up losing a few thousand. MOBE also was a blessing in disguise for me because that was also the time I came back across Wealthy Affiliate and restarted my online career. I had run across WA back when they very first started and did not join at the time. Thanks to MOBE and through researching I found my home. MOBE gave all mlm’s a bad name and gave new meaning to the term pyramid scheme. So glad they were finally shut down. Hopefully for good.

  50. It is unclear in your article whether you agree with the FTC’s decision. Your you tube video in the article makes it seem that you have no issue with this company or their practices but your objective description of the reasons for the FTC coming down on this company seem like they made the right choice. I have never heard of this company before and I probably would have been reluctant to drop the first 49 dollars without some proof of other success let alone subscribe to the alarmingly high priced premium model. Based on your article, it seems like the FTC made the right decision. Either way I think you are at least getting the information out there to people who are still positively associated so they can take down their posts and avoid breaking the new law. 

  51. I wonder if they would meet the same fate should they’ve priced their products lower. Like for example, for a product priced at $1,000 they should have priced it only at $500 and people would not complain. The problem is, there’s a growing trend among lazy marketers wanting to earn big bucks from so-called “high ticket items”. So, that’s what they get, a closure by the Federal Trade Commission. 

  52. This is insane. These prices going on and people actually biting those bites? I am surprised that they lasted at any time. 

    Thanks for your review. It’s very informative for those on a path of creating their own business online. There are many companies out there to stay away from or to go for and I think you are truly helping people succeed in their research. 

    Basically Google is the bathroom wall of the 21st century, so when I have a question or concern about some online idea, business, affiliate marketing company or similar, I research your websites 🙂 
    Thanks for that! 


  53. Hello tony! this is an amazing review you have got here. Though this is my first time seeing a review of this platform but I would have immediately signed up for it if I hadn’t read your review because the claims are high. Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I am sure this will help others as it has helped me.

  54. Hello There, Thank you Tony Lee Hamilton for sharing this informative and educative review article. It really is helpful. This post is centered on federal trade commission shutting down my online business education. I didn’t know alot about federal trade commissioner until now. Thank you for enlightening me on what it entails. I hope to learn more from you

  55. Hello Tony, there are so many people who are looking for business means today and lots of them have been really involved with as an sites which they regret and that is why I love to know more about a business of it’s good or not. The details of this article is really nice and so many people will benefit from it. I would love to see how these business turn out on a long run because I just joined one and it’s going well.

  56. Oh; this is really good to see ad much as I know that move is just a pure scam, seeing that they have changer and modified them with a more trustworthy platform can really be good and would help to save everyone who lost money when they were shut down by FTC. I actually like what you have shared here and I will share it with all my friends that did mobe

  57. I am fed up of all these cams! Thank God for people like you and your great articles. I fell for a scam before I joined Wealthy Affiliates. Although I lost a little, it could have been worse. I can’t believe the morals of people nowadays. Please keep your informative articles coming.

  58. Those are unbelievable astronomical prices! I can’t imagine people actually falling for these scams.

    It’s pretty obvious that the driving forces behind these is ones greediness.

    Although, I will have to admit, you mentioned AWOL academy, and I did try them out in the past. And yes they also have a very expensive subscription fee ($10,000). They offered like a 14 day trial for $99 with the option to refund if I do not wish to proceed. Luckily, I managed to get a refund before the 14 day expires after I woke up from their hypnotic trance and promise of making tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I would agree that there are far better options and a lot more cheaper or reasonable prices out there in the market. These blogs are very helpful in identifying these scams. Thanks!

  59. Thank you for yet another informative post on one more scam company. Even if they are not, it’s not clear from the post, but to not show transparency is halfway to make them non-believable.

    Still, I have to agree with some comments stating that we should always beware of promises easy money, there is no such thing (well, maybe there is for scam makers, but there’s a time limit in it and it will eventually blow up on their faces). Even if you wish to get rich by investing (for example, on stock markets) you need to do a lot of learning and work to manage it properly. Everywhere I look around, making money requires skills and hard work, and that’s the only type of money making strategy that I buy.

    Cheers, Sofia  

  60. Hello

     Thank you so much for sharing your helpful article. , The article is so helpful and so powerful. Just as much as I Watch your videos  this is as much as I appreciated your  article I didn’t know A lot of thing about Federal Trade Commission MOBE
     but when I read your article I learned a lot thank you for sharing that with us.

  61. I am not saying that MOBE is a scam but I learned first hand that you have to really look at a company that is offering such huge payouts needs to be transparent in its business dealings. I urge everyone to be cautious when first entering a new area of business that they are unfamiliar with. If a company is suggesting that you go in debt or sell your assets to be a part of their company then you should avoid them for most likely they are not legitimate.

    MOBE had a lot of issues with the FTC. The FTC was wanting more transparency from MOBE and MOBE felt they did not have to comply. The documents for refunds often led a person down a rabbit hole for which they had no recourse. I had tried another company very similar to MOBE  and learned a valuable lesson. Verify what is offered before paying out any money.


  62. Well, once a company has been down to such large amount of complaints, they are definitely going to be doomed to an eternal moment of  serious scrutiny. And it is very expected that the FTC would dismiss the defendants because I don’t see any case here myself.  I have never heard of this mobe platform before but I don’t think it’s a good one especially when you mentioned that they are overpriced.

  63. A very confusing site. The language is in some places is just garble. i would assume that the writer is not English as a first language. I found it very difficult, even impossible to follow what was being said.

    This type of scam has been around for ever, people should never believe exaggerated claims for any business.

    I have never heard of them before but all the people who invested probably were looking to make money first, not a good reason to invest.

    I am sorry for all those who lost money but Carp Diem, the buyer should beware of any promise of easy money.

  64. I really had not heard of MOBE or any of the others you listed as possibly being shut down.  I did go to your page on your top recommendations and do plan on checking out each of those.  I am already a WA member, so that one is a given 🙂  I am taking your recommendation, and I am going to be a member of all four 🙂

  65. Wow!  This is serious.  However, if MOBE were doing business in a fraudulent manner, I am glad they are shut down.  Unfortunately, it happened after people have invested and lost money invested in the program.  I do not think people wake up one day and say I am going to promote a scam.  I think it happens after people lose sight of their original goal of helping others succeeds and begin to concentrate on their own desires for more money.  This leads to pressure on the followers who then become poor and feel like they are being scammed so that the leaders may become rich, thus becoming scammers.

  66. MOBR has been over to many complaints and I think it’s just nice as it’s shutdown, people online willing to learn a course can even learn without having to recruit and refer till they loose track of what they are there for. Overpriced products shoes the faults in a company, people tend to criticize and check the lapse in your business, and yo discover that the only way to make money from MOBE by recruiting people to make money for the fee people at the top. 

  67. Thankfully we do the the Federal Trade Commission that can shut down illegal operations and scammers. Unfortunately this normally only happens after many people have lost a lot of money and the owners walk away with millions. It is not surprising that a company like MOBE is shut down and others that are built on the same principles will hopefully also be closed down by the FTC. . 

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    I’ve read and enjoyed your article and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so everyone knows about your article and gets to hear about it.

  69. Federal Trade Commission shut down MOBE calling it fraudulent and illegal.  It faces several serious charges. The company had even sued Wealthy Affiliate in the past. 
    It is said that the focus In MOBE had shifted a lot towards recruiting and that was where all or most of the income opportunity was, and those that wanted to learn and not recruit were the victims of overpriced products.

    It is sad that a company that was doing so well went under because of greed. 


  70. Wow! Quite an interesting one to see here because I actually have people that lost a lot when move got into this problem in the first instance. A lot of my friend who were working with mobe lost their money and I hopefully think that with this FTC ew twists, I have my hopes up with them that they all will not be willing to get attached again. Thanks so much and I will share this out with my friends to read too

  71. Good thing that there is review like this. I was following Matt Lloyd for quite sometime and was really envious of his results. There were also big names in the make money online niche promoting this product making it so legit. Honestly speaking, I took the 21 step system offered by the promoter of MOBE. But i was turned off when I learned that you need to buy all their products in order to promote them. I’m not surprised at all to hear about their shutdown. Thanks for the detailed info you presented.

  72. MOBE stunk from the first time I heard of it through Jon Chow who I thought would see through a scam like this well before raking in over a million of the dollars from promoting this SCAM. The first thing I noticed was how very little you got for the free preview that really basically just took you to your first pay gate with next to no information. As you climbed you found out to make money off a level you had to buy that level which is pure PONZI scam as in old fashioned Time-Share pyramids. The owners were shady, the cash offshore, the flash and bull were in full scale, and the end result is thousands of victims for tens of millions in scammed dollars.

  73. I was actually looking for this. I needed to know why MOBE has been shut down by the FTC. Thanks you’ve covered it well with videos as well, now I understand better.

    That’s so sad for all people who lost their business and money… I heard that many people lost up to $50,000 ! That’s too much my God. Hope they were able to move forward and succeed with something else.

    The problem with most companies out there is that they have so much high ticket products, that’s why they’re being shut down… Thanks for mentioning companies like Legendary Marketer, Six Figure mentors etc. Those companies have so much upsells, and high ticket products… I think they’ll be shut down soon as well .

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I really like your articles, they’re pure value.

    Keep up the great work, and take care



  74. Thank you for the thorough information. It is awful that so many companies can get away with so much dishonesty and trickery.  Many people, old and young get sucked into programs thinking that they are honest to goodness, the ultimate way to get a great return on investment. Individuals invest hundreds of dollars in the hopes that they will benefit from their initial investment. Hopefully articles like yours will help spread awareness of these scams. 

  75. This has been an infamous rip-off. I wasn’t part of it but I have heard so many people still up till this day sharing negative comments concerning MOBE. I think it’s good for all of us to learn from this case. I have been learning thought your site to identify red flags. And this article has made me see how ugly things can get with this type of platforms.

  76. Well! I actually have like three friends who actually got into issues with this MOBE when they were shut down because they suffered some heavy losses. While seeing that they might have been revitalised is quite a good thing for them as I will share this post with them so they can check it out and see the steps required of them to take.

  77. Tony,

    Honestly, I have never heard of MOBE before. It seems like the FTC is doing the public a favor by prosecuting people who run similar businesses. You mention in your article that these businesses use a tier-based subscription model that promises more returns the more you pay in. How do they convince their customers to keep paying up? I would get suspicious after the second payout. It doesn’t make sense. Thank you for highlighting the FTC’s efforts against MOBE.

  78. There are so many people out there just trying to find a way to make a decent living. They are desperate to find a way that doesn’t require them to work their fingers to the bone anymore. Places like MOBE prey on these people by offering false hope while unregretfully taking these people’s money.

    Without people like you who expose these rip offs, more people would get sucked in. I am glad the FTC took the complaints seriously and brought MOBE down. As more and more of these companies are brought down, it is without a doubt that others will surface, but keep on breaking down these places for us, Tony! Thank you.

  79. I am so glad that MOBE was shut down by the FTC, along with some other similar businesses. I reviewed them a number of years back on one of my websites and my review was scathing. What a terrible way to take money away from people that are just trying to  make a living online. 

  80. Hey Tony Lee

    How on earth can anything involving money be risk-free? I have never understood nor trusted anyone guaranteeing such but that is because my wife and I have been burned quite a few times online. We now exercise extreme caution.

    Programmes such as MOBE are the reason many people will never trust money-making opportunities online or even earning a living online because they will always be afraid of getting scammed. There isn’t quite a feeling like that of losing your hard-earned money and you feel like it’s all your fault. It’s terrible, especially when it’s $29997. I don’t think I have ever made that much in my life yet.

    Continue to find more of these scammers and helping people avoid them.

    Solomon & Selina


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