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3 thoughts on “Free Traffic to Your Website – No clicking daily”

  1. Hey Tony, fellow WA colleague here. I was wondering about the backlinking in all of this. Are we not just backlinking to the viral ad site? Seems it is helping their rank the most. Doesn’t google frown upon stuff like this. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Gen,

      when viewing the site you will see that You view a few Friends sites then share Adviralizer with a few Friends who do the same and then they share with a few Friends who do the same. The traffic will all be direct traffic because it will come from each individual and not from the site itself. You only click and view 5 sites once but your site will be viewed so many more times. The power of viral traffic is Awesome, Thank you Gen, Tony

    • Hi Gen,

      the great thing about these traffic sites is that the backlinking shows our websites link instead of the traffic site which increases instead of decreasing our google and other rankings. Thank you for asking Gen, Tony


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