Free Website Safety Check

Free Website Safety Check

Is your website safe and secure?

Do you know how to check?

Social Media Traffic Exchange
Do you work from home?

It's very important for our websites to be secure and especially when we work from home and share our websites with Friends, Family and others as well.

Just launched on Friday the 13th of October 2017 is a site that I along with the web creators created that is just for safe and secure websites and for Friends to be able to share and view each other's websites without having to worry about security issues.

The site is and as stated above, it is 100% safe and secure, so you can share and surf there without any worries. In order for any member to share their website on the Social Media Traffic Exchange platform the site first goes thru the website safety check, when it passes, it is then allowed into the manual surf rotation.


Yes, the site is a members only site that is completely Free to register at and although it does have an upgrade to Gold Member option, you are never required to upgrade. When registering there is no need to have your credit card out because it won't be asked for, just your email is needed.

Social Media Traffic Exchange
Wouldn't it be nice to give your website a safety check?

Do you have more than 1 website or no websites at all?

Not a problem, as long as your referral links are safe and secure, they can also be entered into the manual surf rotation and yes that does also include landing pages and squeeze pages if you have them for your Affiliate, Network or Multi-level networking site(s).

Where else do you know of that you can get a free website security checker then share your safe and secure website with real people who also have shared their safe and secure website(s) and all done on a safe and secure Traffic Exchange?

I'm sure there are probably some out there, although I've never seen any. Now that has launched, there will most likely be many sites that will attempt to copycat us. Remember who was first and there will only ever be one Social Media Traffic Exchange, what makes us different is our amazing members who share their safe and secure websites without worry.


Do you research keywords when creating content for your website and sharing your blog?
Wouldn't it be great to be able to do a website keyword check?

Now you can!

View the link below and enter a keyword that you would use in a blog that you would create for your website to see it in action!

In the event that you don't yet have a website then I am here to also help you with that and you can get started for free as well.  The site below is where I created and have been a member since June of 2015 because it's an absolutley amazing platform with the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Blogging Community, Training and Support in the World!

Now Friends, not only will you have a safe and secure website along with a website safety check performed and also website keyword check, you'll also have a thriving online business in the niche of your choice!

I look forward to seeing you at Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and at Social Media Traffic Exchange so that your online journey will be a safe, secure and prosperous journey!

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