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Are You currently a Freelance Writer or have You ever thought of writing and getting paid for your writing?  Freelance writers wanted at the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community in the World and it's Free to get started now!

You can write about anything that interests you, the possibilities are endless and the potential is unlimited as well.  Newbies as well as seasoned veterans are welcome and the community has been established since 2005 and in that time has over 1.2 Million members.  In 2017 the membership grew by over 250,000 and the community because it is available to Friends from all Countries is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Do You currently write for HireWriters, Fiverr, iWriters or some other writing service where the income is very low and the workload is many hours?  Wouldn't it be so much nicer to write for yourself and on your own website where your income would be unlimited and where you could monetize your website with sites like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, JVZoo, Commission Junction (Now called CJ Affiliate by Conversant, ShareASale or a wide variety of others as well?

Just about any of the Big Name stores/brands/websites have an Affiliate Marketing program that you can join for Free and then promote their products and/or services on your website and earn a commission when someone clicks on your link within your website and buys.

Pros for being a freelance writer:

  • No driving to a job
  • Work in your pajamas
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Work whenever you want to (as long as deadlines are met)
  • No boss (well kind of …. )

Cons for being a freelance writer:

  • Many distractions while working from home (Not for the non self starter)
  • Could be lonely
  • Deadlines
  • Write about things that may not interest you
  • Finding continuous work
  • Not much potential for growth (Only so many hours in a day)

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Pros for writing for yourself:

  • No commute to work / traffic jams / snowy roads etc..
  • Work in your PJs
  • Work from anywhere on the Planet
  • Work whenever you want (literally)
  • No boss = No boss
  • Unlimited Income Potential (Earn what you're worth based on your performance and work ethic!)
  • Huge potential for growth!  (Website matures = income scales up)
  • Continuous opportunities to expand and scale your business
  • Write about what interests you

Cons for writing for yourself:

  • Income based upon performance and work ethic (I actually consider this a Pro but some may disagree)
  • Lots of distractions at home (must be able to stay focused and on track)
  • Must be creative in finding keywords and topics within your chosen niche
  • Finding resources to learn SEO, Keywords, WordPress etc…..

Pros for writing for yourself as a member of the #1 Affiliate marketing Business Community on the Planet!

  • All of the Pros mentioned above with writing for yourself and minus many of the cons listed above
  • The community is active 24/7 and has the most amazing support team along with training in Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) Keywords as well as the Best Keyword Ranking Tool and also WordPress classes and instructional videos.
  • Not only are there WordPress, SEO and Keyword classes and posts available but there are also Social Media Trainings for Facebook, Instagram and many of the other platforms.
  • The community has a Live Chat area that isn't like a dating platform live chat room, it's out in the open and is designed for Friends to be able to ask questions about websites, WordPress, SEO and any other thing that arises with questions.
  • The dashboard is also available and active 24 hours a day every day and is a wealth of knowledge to be able to read and learn from others.
  • Are you already an expert/veteran of WordPress, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Keywords, Social Media or any other area of marketing online?  (The community is a great place for you as well and we welcome you to come and share your knowledge with us all)
  • The Community also has a very lucrative Affiliate Program of its own built into the platform that is an amazing source of passive and residual income while building and growing your website.  (You can start earning on day one like I did over 31 months ago)

Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran

Click on the above image to view the rest of my About Me Page where as you can see, I joined the Community in June of 2015 and am now an Ambassador there so not only will you have the great and awesome support team and community available to help you – You also get me as your online mentor and Friend for when You have any question at all.  You just need to ask me and I will get you the answer.

The Community is 100% Free to join and there is no credit card needed!

Although there is an upgrade to Premium option and it will be offered, there is no mandatory to upgrade and you can stay a Free Starter Member as long as you need to.


There are a few Countries that aren't eligible for a Free Starter Account and they can be found here!

Friends from Countries that aren't eligible to create a Free Starter Account contact me and we'll see what we can do about getting you to be able to get started as soon as possible as well.

Friends from any other Country just need to visit and sign up for Free (At the Wealthy Super Affiliate site there is also the option to scroll down to learn more about the community, the opportunity and all of the amazing things that are available to you so make sure that you do take a good look and sign up for your Free Starter Account today)

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing WordPress Community

Click on “Scroll down for more details!” picture above to open a new page 

Freelance Writers are wanted and so are Friends who want to write their own blogs on their own wesbite(s) to create a legitimate income from home on their own terms creating time freedom, flexible hours, the ability to stay home with the Children and/or GrandChildren, the ability to schedule work around your life instead of your lif around your work.

Any and all questions, comments and/or suggestions welcome below!

Thank you for your time and communication, my daily prayer is all of our continued success.

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  1. A lot of people are kit always able to take the time to write a very nice content and there are also some people who are moved to write in a very professional way, they are hire writers or freelancers. There are lots of websites where you  can apply to be a writer and they’ll give you job, thanks for this opportunity.

  2. I believe that anyone who put his/her mind to it can be a writer. I can say so because for long I believed that I am more of a speaker than a writer. But when i started putting my mind to it, I see myself getting better at it everyday. I would also choose to write for myself than writing for others basically because of the limitless earning opportunity.

  3. Well, for any freelance writer, knowing what to do and what ought not to be done can be the deciding factor in the long run. I really appreciate all these that you have shared here. Knowing how to focus on making the difreenece on our website and making the very best would really be perfect for us. I value all these information here

  4. Freelance is  a very popular online business that a lot of people are driving into seo because of the way it has been rising in popularity and it’s demands are very high. I have seen so many people run away from writing job and I wonder why, seeing this gives me so much joy and it’s nice. 

  5. Hi Tony, freelance writing in affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. There are a lot of benefits that come with it and with enough experience and knowledge in that field, one can really build a steady job from it which promises independence and comfort. Very good to see this post and I think it’s great that you put this out there. 

  6. Talking of a way to earn extra cash for putting your thoughts into words. Most definitely better than having a voice over your shoulder at work. If one stays in a quiet environment and is not easily distracted, this is a bargain opportunity to jump for. Working for yourself by applying skills you already comfortable and best at is really a way forward to earn online income. 

  7. There are lots of people into the freelance business and this has been a very good way to make money online and even virtually. I’ve been into it also for a lot o time now and it’s been a good source of extra cash to me. Thanks for sharing this great opportunity, it’ll be very helpful.

  8. Very good to see this post here and I must say that all you have shared here is very good to see.  The freelance writing can be more focused on creating one’s personal site and build it to success. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I value it all and it is definitely worthy to see. 

  9. Having your own business is countless times a better idea than working for someone else and having a boss over your head. Why spend your precious time on small earnings when with a little more effort, the results of our work can be paid out much much more. The wealthy affiliate platform is great as the basis of our future business, and it is up to us to choose a topic that appeals to us and that we will cover, and what is certain if we write what we love and listen to instructions that are clear on the wealthy affiliate platform, success is inevitable.

  10. I have been a content creator for the last 5 years, and one constant problem with it is the lack of consistency when it comes to finding work. One minute you are full of orders that you are turning down clients, and the next minute you are begging for work with no success. I will check out Affiliate Marketing Business Community. Thanks a lot for your recommendation.

  11. Dear Tony

    Defining freelancing and writing as a way of working from home, further earning money through appropriate affiliate links and inserting advertisement that can easily benefit the website host. All I can see is good work in terms of the content and good but relevant link reference that has lead me into your WA training. You are doing a good job when contributing towards the development of this platform and I can say this will not only help us today but even our future generation. Thank you so much and keep up with the good work, after all you’re the veteran and model in the industry.



  12. Greetings Tony,

    Any independent author who doesn’t look at Wealthy Affiliate in the wake of perusing your survey must be insane!

    For a period I needed to be an independent author in the conventional sense and I was one, full time, for about a year. I composed generally for disconnected organizations in the zone of preparing and client assistance.

    While I earned some great cash on occasion, a ton of it was more similar to slave work.

    On head of this I became progressively disappointed about just ever getting paid once for what I composed while the organizations kept on profiting by my composition into what’s to come.

    It was additionally debilitating, continually searching for new composing employments. I was continually going through hours consistently pitching for work.

    I had the feeling that there must be a way I could do this for myself instead of for other people.

    Luckily I went over Wealthy Affiliate and keeping in mind that I haven’t been effectively with them for that long, it is my aim to do precisely what you have recommended is conceivable in this post.

  13. You are so right Tony, why get paid peanuts to do freelance writing for somebody else, when you can actually do the freelance writing for yourself. Also if you are writing your own blogs, you can choose the topic and the niche. Yes, you will need to do the keyword research and seo yourself, but at least you are writing about something that you enjoy, rather than being given a topic that you don’t know or like.

  14. Nice website content. I believe there is presently the need for more freelance content writers. The scope of these professionals make them able to work for just one magazine or, more often, they write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work. The Benefits.

  15. when Starting out as freelance writer myself, I found it very easy to get started with wealthy affiliate, I agree with Tony, if you have your own website, you can get your own commissions on any niche that you like to write about, wealthy affiliate make it easy for newbies and experts alike, to set up your site so that you can start writing, and getting commissions for your work.

  16. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for a very well written article, i love the opportunities the internet has given us. I’m already a freelance writer myself and i write for my own blog, which is something i truly like doing. Working for a *boss* is something most of us all start out with, but eventually this way of earning money grows tiresome and we start looking for ways to work for ourselves.

    The rise of the internet has given us even more opportunities, while freelance writing is a good opportunities and a good way to start out, writing for yourself in my opinion is much better, because of the long term *passive* income that you would be able to earn from your articles.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great platform to start out with as well, i will try out the free starter membership and see how it goes. (I’m sure with your help it will be a smooth ride!)


  17. Right on the button here Tony, why waste time swapping time for money writing for others when you could spend that time writing for yourself and building your own successful online business over time.

    The nice part about writing for others is that you get paid straight away. When you write for yourself it is going to take longer unfortunately to see the money, but over time you will end up being paid for the same article over and over again.

  18. The freelance writing thing is so popular now, seems that everyone is getting in on the action. I started with Fiverr in 2012 and am still freelancing affiliate marketing blogs. You are right in that is a constant stream of work. If you have the right platform to write for yourself, then it’s a win win. Otherwise the alternative is the content mills which pay bottom dollar often and the topics are not of your choosing. You make a good point in letting your readers know there’s a better way to earn as a blogger. Pick a niche, build a website and write content. Can’t get much better than that. Great blog you have here. Thanks,

  19. These are the two areas of making income that I am interested in: affiliate marketing and freelance writer.  For the affiliate marketer, their is the most freedom, you don’t have any deadlines, and you can work on how much or how little you want to work, depending on how much potential money you want to earn.  This post also discussed freelance writing.  There is a certain amount of freedom here, but you still sort of have a boss, and you have to meet deadlines.  There is still more freedom here than there is on most jobs.

  20. Freelance writing jobs is very active today, due to many people working from home and trying to earn money online to improve their skills. This type of writing can be implemented daily and you do not even need an education to do freelance writing. Thanks for this awesome website with many articles to read, and I will be sharing this article to encourage my followers to pursue freelance writing.

  21. Being a freelance writer can be a nice experience but I think that if someone is good at writing it is super easy to use these skills towards making an online business as this way you can earn much more than just simply writing articles for others. And with WA making a new online business could not be easier.

  22. I love to write for myself. I work for a newspaper and write for them every week! I also write several blogs for myself and enjoy reaping the rewards of my own writing on my own blogs. I love to write and that is the best way for me to get paid. I do a lot of freelance work, as well and it is all very fulfilling!

    Thanks for the introduction to Wealthy Affiliate. I think that is one of the most amazing platforms. I also love Legendary Marketer but for different reasons. 

  23. Your description for Wealthy Affiliate sounds like too good to be true. But since I am a member of the WA Community, I can confirm with every reader here; IT IS TRUE!. 

    WA offers so much for an online entrepreneur, and I will be forever grateful for coming by, having my free account, and than updating to yearly premium membership.  

  24. The freelance writing thing is so popular now, seems that everyone is getting in on the action. I started with Fiverr in 2012 and am still freelancing affiliate marketing blogs. You are right in that is a constant stream of work. If you have the right platform to write for yourself, then it’s a win win. Otherwise the alternative is the content mills which pay bottom dollar often and the topics are not of your choosing. You make a good point in letting your readers know there’s a better way to earn as a blogger. Pick a niche, build a website and write content. Can’t get much better than that. Great blog you have here. Thanks, 

  25. One of the amazing perks of owning my own site is getting to write about whatever I want to. I love having the ability to be my own boss, set my own schedule and deadlines, and feel very accomplished when I get it done! It is also such an awesome thing that so many programs out there can compensate you when you do write about their products that the earnings potential is pretty unlimited. Thanks for this post!

  26. Hi Tony, I’ve read your article “Freelance Writers Wanted”.

    I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it.

    Freelance writing is a great thing and for those who have love for it, it will be easier for them to make money from it.

    A nice article. Best regards.

  27. Hello Tony, freelance writing is a great thing and for those who have love for it, it will be more easier for them to make money from it since its something they love and would easily be in line with anything else that are asked to write on. My son have been showing interest in it and I will inform him of this opportunity 

  28. I could not imagine being a writer but being a freelance video editor or marketer would be something that I would be interested in. I’m currently in school and work as well so it is difficult to squeeze in time for me to do freelance work, but when I graduate I feel like it is a strong possibility and also viable. 

  29. Freelance is a very lucrative online business for those are really good and are certified writers, this opportunity that you have brought to the table will make it very encouraging for many to know that there are many opportunities for the to enjoy. I’ll also share this around to my cousins so they’ll learn.

  30. I am currently a freelance writer in my free time, working towards growing my business to a full time job. Unfortunately I am still working from 7h00 – 14h00, with a baby at home, so my time is very limited and I am not nearly where I want to be. I can say this though, it is an amazing opportunity, and what is greater than writing about something that you love and potentially earning from it. I wish I had more time to invest, but so far I am enjoy this industry. Thanks for the read.

  31. Tony, you nailed it well. I love the fact that work from home, no boss = no boss. In situations where you are hungry for success and tired of a situation, work ethics come in handy and this leads to automatic success. am glad you highlighted it. The beauty about your article is I can relate with you. I have fallen in love with writing for myself and would recommend every one who is interested to do so.

  32. Hi Tony,

    Seeing the pros and cons reminds me again why I want to be a freelance writer, and work for myself. Although I had considered signing up for Fiver or other freelance writing platforms, the earnings are small, there is no guarantee of always having a work assignment, and the work can be a lot for a small pay, depending on what it is

    Writing on your website gives you a lot of freedom. Yes, it’s a lot of work, and you need to be creative, put in a lot of time and effort, but I do not see that as a con either. I think, that it only helps you to succeed. 

    Persistence pays off 🙂 .

  33. Hello Tony, being a writer is a great choice and it’s not an easy task to do it with easy especially ha various types of writing to do and you still get rid deliver. Writers should be paid a whole lot more than they are being paid at the moment. I really like how wealthy affiliate is growing and we all should look to get into. A good platform to teach us more about business. Cheers 

  34. Being a freelance writer. Rather than working for another person, working for myself and actually hoisting the potentials of developing my site can really help me get the very best engagement that I could ever wish for. So, this is actually very good to see here and thank you so much for sharing all these out here. Thumbs up

  35. Ah this is good to see that I will be able to make some good money as a freelance writer. I am really eager to start working with this people here and I am sure that there is so much to learn and so much also for me to earn as well. I have worked for a while writing for people so it’ll be very good for me. Thanks!

  36. Freelance marketers would be awesome at Affiliate Marketing. This is definitely a better way for them to utilize their skills. Doing it for themselves and writing, like you stated Tony, articles that they are more interested in instead of writing things they are not interested in would be a much better use of their talent. Plus, they would most likely enjoy it better.

  37. Great video, Freelance Writers Wanted! I love the clear note, the language is to the point and promotes me to action. Furthermore, I enjoyed his expression of joint venturing with other businesses, a partnership to help sell their material. These are products you believe in and can provide anyone with as much information about them as you can. This is definitely the best explanation I have heard about affiliate marketing, and because I have studied more than a few of these companies, I can agree with this video shows that affiliate marketing is by far many, many arms-length distances ahead of other online competitors. 

  38. The pros for an online affiliate program outweighs the cons most of the time.But, the cons are still there and many starters quit right in the beginning due to these distractions – cannot work at home, not able to find the right tools, nobody to help you around. At Wealthy Affiliates, all the cons are taken away and there are only pros left. First of all,the training is great and anyone new in this area must undergo this training. It teaches you  the nitty-gritty of how to build a website, how to put content and specially how to monetize it. Help is available all the time from the community members if you feel overwhelmed anytime.

    It also pays a great commission on referrals. Hence, this becomes a great way to earn money even when you let your website mature and drive traffic.

    Wealthy Affiliates is a great program. One intending to excel in an online business must join this and upgrade to premium immediately.

  39. Hi Tony Lee Hamilton! 

    Totally agree with you that there is a need for freelance writers online!

    It is great that we as freelance writers get to enjoy the freedom and motivation to write accordingly to our deepest interests with the intention to share that knowledge to those around us! I have to admit that it is also not easy being a content writer as there can be many distractions while also our performance determines our success which could be both a good thing and bad thing. But I am glad that being a writer is a learning experience, that builds upon our work ethics, character and attitude when it comes to working for our dreams!

    Hope everyone will grow further and remain determined to achieve success online!

    Best regards!

  40. Freelance writing can be hard and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get support and help for everything related to an online business including how to write. I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate since 2017 and it’s been an interesting and amazing process. Recently I hired a writer because I simply couldn’t handle all of the work alone. But you know what, they even have training on how to hire someone! The amount there is to learn on there is infinite!

  41. A great article and information to get readers very interested in the potential of affiliate marketing. The fact that you can basically be free from the hussle and bussle of all things related to working for someone else as with a regular job is really exciting indeed! I’m sure that most people including myself, prefer to earn a living on ones own terms and affiliate marketing is certainly an affordable option for sure.

  42. Hi Tony, I clicked, but this link is not working, take a look in your post please, it’s under this sentence:

    —> Freelance writers wanted at the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community in the World and it’s Free to get started now!

    Other than that, I wanted to stop by and share that I 100% agree that it is better to write for yourself, and your own website. 100% sure!!! And I agree that the Wealthy Affiliate is the place where you can pursue your dreams and goals. 

  43. Hi Tony, 

    i totally agree that writing for yourself is cool. There are pros and cons for writing online. But compare writing for somebody else and writing for my own site, I definitely would prefer writing for my site. And the day is not far when I may be hiring other writers to write for me. In fact it is almost becoming a necessity.



  44.  review is a very good, honest and on-your-face kinda review. it is really good and upfront. i haven’t tried Royalty Gem marketing services and it sure is tempting now.a wide variety of others as well? cuz we have is all the Finding resources to learn SEO, Keywords, WordPress and then we can start earning on day one like I did over 31 months ago

  45. Hello Tony! 

    This is an amazing review you have got here. Sometimes I just search and start reading your articles and reviews because I know I must either learn something new or get an opportunity, Great job sir.

    I think I have someone who’s interested, I’ll share the post to him.


  46. It appears everyone has a natural ability to write. But to become a creative writer; well. that’s another thing! Writing to please a large audience and getting paid for it, is every writer’s dream. But we must focus on the task at hand. Me personally, I love to write (even created my own humor book.) I know under Wealthy Affiliate, the beginning entrepreneur can create a new website, and write until the ‘cows come home.’ Establishing yourself as a creative freelance’ is a task most would think is out of reach, but in reality it’s not. Just give it a try. You’ll be surprised at what you might find.

  47. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful content. As a freelance translator, I know the inside out of this. it is hard to find good freelance writers on the internet. Because now a days each and everyone is claiming to be a writer. They have learned little bit of content writing and claiming themselves as writers.

  48. There are pros and cons for writing online. But between writing for somebody else and writing for my own site I definitely see more future in writing for my site. And the day would even arrive when I may hire other writers to write for me. There are so many opportunities with content marketing. I’m excited I discovered this form of marketing.

  49. Wow! 

    Thanks, this is really good to see here. As a freelance writer, focusing on one self and really putting the efforts to just making one’s own business work better is needed rather than writing for someone who would be using one’s writing to earn in so many Years and months to come. Hence, this is really good and giving an insight to freelance writer to go on and do it for themselves

  50. I have thought about joining one of the mentioned freelancing platforms to see if I’m able to earn some extra income, but from what I’ve heard, it’s not really worth it since you don’t even know of your work is going to be accepted. Not being accepted could bring down your motivation and willing to enjoy what you do. So yes, I agree with you that it is more fulfilling, fun and non-stressful to work for yourself. Stress is always present but the good thing is that you have no one telling you what to do or how to do it. 

  51. Freelance is a very powerful and sorter after work, there’s a lot of people in the field of freelance but only a very few number of them are certified and qualified for the task of helping people with their contents and writings. It’s good to have someone write for you if you know you aren’t good at it.

  52. Being a writer can be overwhelming sometimes and you’ll just have to sit and think of what to do and how to go about the whole work entirely especially when you already have a reputation to keep. My son is into this line of business and although he is till grooming in its, it will be great to offer some assistance with some really good and well informative article. Cheers

  53. Hi Tony, you make a very interesting comparison between freelance writing and blogging. Interestingly, one of the first correspondence courses I took, shortly after graduating with an engineering degree was a freelance writing course. I knew that I wanted to write so I always wanted to have that as a possible avenue and develop that skill. In my early career as an engineer writing was not all that important. But as time went on and I developed into other work, writing became more and more important Later I took other courses in journalism. And at points in my career, I worked as a journalist. What makes some of this story even stranger is that I was actually really bad at English at high-school. Anyway, writing is a huge part of my day job and the center of my other endeavors creating content for my website. You draw a very interesting comparison between freelance writing and affiliate marketing. A nice article. Best regards, Andy

  54. I’ve always thought about being a freelance writer, but I never knew where to begin. The idea of being able to work from home or anywhere I wanted and making my own schedule and getting paid for it always intrigued me. I may have to check out this platform you are talking about and see what they are about!

  55. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is about Freelance Writers. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Pros of a freelance writer. If you want to present yourself as a writer, you have to write in a blog and this wealthy affiliate has brought the opportunity, because of which I will tell everyone to join the platform and become your own boss.

    Finally, I will say that I have read your article, so I would like to share it with you on my Facebook group so that everyone can join Wealth Affiliate and express themselves as a writer.

  56. I work from home,so I do some free lance writing sometimes.I love writing and I really don’t have a problem with writing about anything . Freelance writing is intresting and easy. Though you might find it funny sometimes when you are out of words to put down which is where research works can come in to your aid. I love free lance writing.

  57. This has given me a lot of food for thought!

    I hadn’t actually considered I could offer services on Fivrr as a writer, even though I’ve used it as a customer.

    But looking at the conclusion of your article, and as I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it looks like I’min the right place, lol.

    This has spurred me on to keep going, pushing through adding more content, especially the pro’s and con’s list. 

    And you’re right, on this point: “income based upon performance and work ethic (I actually consider this a Pro but some may disagree)”

    Once again, thanks for your good work!


  58. Apart from being an affiliate marketer, I also find time to do some freelancing jobs as well which makes me enjoy what I do a great deal. I have been doing the job for a while now and I can say that it is one of the online jobs that is easy to do. I should like to join this platform that you have shared here. I hope there’s a good pay too.

  59. I work from home anyway so doing some free lance writing interests me.  I think it would be easy and relaxing.  I don’t have a problem with writing about anything really.  I suppose I would have to do some research.  But this sounds interesting and easy.  I am going to look into it.  Thanks Tony!

  60. Thank you so much for this post. The concept of writing as a freelance writer and working for yourself is very good. Actually being able to work without having to wait on anyone for a pay or work your time out just to contribute to the success of another man alone is like normal job to me and that is why I prefer to own my own blog and develop it. Thank you for this

  61. As an affiliate marketer with your own website, being a freelance writer is effectively what you are. Having writing skills, and experience in writing freelance is a huge advantage when building out your website. If you’re used to writing articles quickly for clients then you will be able to grow your business quickly, because more content means more readers.  For someone without the necessary writing skills it can take a while to get used to putting an article together. It may even take time before your articles are of a good enough standard to keep readers on your page. None of this is applicable if you are a writer already because you can just jump right in there and develop your site. Your articles will then begin to pay you many times over, and possibly for years to come, rather than for just one time. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Hi Tony

    I must say that this is a novel way of introducing why you should write for yourself and not others. It is true you can make money writing articles for others, but this is an one time process but in affiliate  marketing the same article can get you clicks and commissions  for  years to come. I also belief that if you write for yourself that you will be more motivated and that it is not a drudge that you have to do it every day.  Writing can bring a lot of joy but it can bring misery, as you can fail to meet the clients requests. 

    Guess what your are the client and you tend to bar the hardest person to please.

    A great article Tony



  63. Hi, Tony!

    Great article once again, you truly are the marketing veteran. Writing for yourself is truly the way to go and I can attest to that. I run a gaming blog and it barely ever feels like a job because I would be playing games regardless if I was writing about it. 

    Affiliate marketing is the ideal way to make sure you’re writing for you and no one else!

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    • Wonderful Dave!

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    Do you have any suggestions for a newbie?

    • Hi Dave,

      Welcome and I’m glad that you landed on my site while surfing the internet my Friend.

      Writing is a skill that is developed over time and with practice so no prior experience is necessary, simply write as you did here with your comment and question.

      My absolute #1 Recommendation/Suggestion for Newbies is the same as for Veteran Writers – Wealthy Affiliate – there is a get started for free option and the blogging platform within the system will help anyone to feel more comfortable writing and sharing.

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  69. I am trying my best to write a bunch of articles about topics which are interesting to me and I post them on several different websites. Does that make me a free-lance writer? Who would pay me for what I write???
    Anyways, I fully agree with you about what you say about the Wealthy Affiliate Community. A lot of support there which has helped me to create my online presence.

    • Hello Heidi,

      are they your websites that you are posting the articles on my Friend?

      If they are then yes, you aren’t a freelance writer. If they are written for and posted on other people’s websites, then yes you are a freelance writer.

      Being a freelance writer that isn’t being paid while supplying other websites with articles isn’t good, unless you are able to promote your own website thru their websites.

      Thank you for your testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate as well Heidi.


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    While I earned some good money at times, a lot of it was more like slave labor.

    On top of this I grew increasingly frustrated about only ever getting paid once for what I wrote while the companies continued to benefit from my writing into the future.

    It was also exhausting, always looking for new writing jobs. I was constantly spending hours every day pitching for work.

    I had the sense that there had to be a way I could do this for myself rather than for others.

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    • Hi my Friend,

      You can actually do both if that is what you prefer.

      There are many Friends like myself who do from time to time hire Freelance Writers to help write articles.

      I, myself try to keep the writing opportunities for Friends within the community and for the most part with Friends who I refer to the community as well.

      Commuting is definitely a major disadvantage to working outside of the home and I am even more grateful to be able to work from home during the Winter months.

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    This Wealthy Affiliate program sounds really helpful too. I’ve been really surprised to find that having your own business and making a living on your own isn’t something that has to cost enormous amounts of money.

    Like you say, self-motivation is a HUGE necessity! But success is completely within reach.

    Also, hearing of your aspirations and your motivation is very encouraging.

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    • Thank you Jordan for the Excellent Compliment my Friend and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! 

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    • Wonderful Steve,

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