Genusity, Is it Proximity Marketing Ingenuity or a Spam Text Scam?

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Genusity, Is it Proximity Marketing Ingenuity or a Spam Text Scam?

Lately, this service chance has been getting a great deal of buzz on the internet.

People are hyping Genusity everywhere, consisting of a great deal of social media.

Has a person already pitched Genusity to you?

The very first thing I wish to inform you is that I am NOT advertising this organisation at all.

I have conformed all the facts regarding it in my Genusity Review so you can discover for yourself!  Have you ever had anyone tell you that Genusity is a scam & can not deliver on it's pledges?

Specifically what is Genusity?

Taking a look via Genusity's internet site, it doesn't take long to see that the company is being run out of North Carolina in the United States. There's an advertising and marketing video clip on the site as well, and in the video, it's stated that Randy Thomas as well as Tim Sebert are Genusity's 2 founders.

Tim Sebert & Randy Thomas Genusity FoundersIn one component of this video, Sebert claims that he has “been in the multi level marketing market now taking place forty-one years this October.”.

As for Thomas, he reports to have actually been “in the mlm industry for over twenty-six years.”.

After browsing both Sebert as well as Thomas's MLM backgrounds, it would show up that the two biggest companies each male has actually previously been a part of consist of Skinny Body Care and also Global Domains International.

A couple years back in 2015, both Sebert and Thomas ended up being affiliates for HopRocket, and after that in 2016, they teamed up again to introduce a pyramid plan by the name of 10x Recruiter.

You could still access the website for 10x Recruiter, yet checking out Alexa rankings for its website traffic, it would show up that the business collapsed fairly a long time ago.


Genusity Products, do they have any?

Genusity Beacons

On Genusity's website, a section of duplicate reviews as complies with:

” Traditional Advertising Is Dead! Quit Wasting Your Money!

Nobody checks out the Newspaper these days. Individuals don't watch cable, they see Netflix and also Hulu! Radio advertisements are never ever listened to any longer. Banners and Billboards are also costly!

At Genusity, We Have The Solution!”.

Exactly what is that solution, you ask?

According to Genusity, it concerns Bluetooth-powered beacons. Customers purchase these signs and “position their messages and also web sites before everybody with an Android mobile phone (with Bluetooth allowed) with their distance.”.

There are several different signs that could be acquired, including a wearable one that appears like a physical fitness tracker and a host of standalone gadgets with numerous range as well as functions.

Retail pricing is readily available for most of the items, consisting of an in advance cost that's after that complied with by a monthly charge.

While you can opt to acquire the signs separately, there's likewise the alternative to get Genusity's Mega Pack that costs $198 upfront and after that $99 monthly complying with that.

That service is Bluetooth beacons, whereby customers could put their messages and also internet sites in front of every person with an Android cellular phone (with Bluetooth made it possible for) within their span.

  • Genusity BB– a totally standalone and also portable Bluetooth distance sign, retails for $20 then $10 a month
  • Genusity BB Sport– an all-weather, wearable, long-life closeness beacon, no retail rates given
  • Genusity BAP– “best used for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Businesses, Stadiums, and so on”, retails at $55 and after that $25 a month (likewise available in a 5 pack for $79 and after that $49 a month, or a 10 pack for $129 and then $99 a month).
  • Boom– finest made use of for Millennial Entrepreneurs on the move in addition to Restaurants, Stores, Malls, and so on, retails at $55 and then $25 a month (likewise offered in a 5 pack for $79 and after that $49 a month or a 10 pack for $129 and after that $99 a month.
  • Genusity Blast– “ideal for setups where you require distance” and “has a lengthy battery life (approximately 5 years)”, retails at $100 then $50 a month.
  • Genusity Advertising System– “includes our total Genusity Advertising System (G.A.S.) in addition to the full Business Advertising Sales System (B.A.S.S.)”, retails at $15 a month.
  • Genusity's products are likewise available in a Mega Pack, which includes one of each sign.

The Mega Pack costs $198 and after that $99 a month.

Note the monthly cost is for solution activation, without which the program advertisement on the beacons could not be transformed.


Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Genusity?

When it comes to Genusity's compensation strategy, associates are able to gain compensations when they offer Genusity's products to both retail clients and also various other affiliates.

Compensations are paid both directly and residually to associates, with a unilevel system being used to manage all of these settlements.

Offering extra expensive strategies to associates or retail consumers allows you to earn a bigger payment, along with hiring as lots of people as could be so that you could develop your down line to a better level.

Additionally, both retail sales as well as affiliate sales matter to your rank development as long as retail consumers pay their month-to-month subscription charge and associates pay their month-to-month membership charge.

Genusity pay compensations on the sale of beacon items to both retail clients and also hired associates.

Genusity Affiliate Ranks

There are 5 ranks within the Genusity settlement plan.

In addition to their respective certification standards, they are as complies with:

  • Associate– register as a Genusity associate
  • IR– generate one retail consumer as well as recruit and maintain a minimum of one active affiliate
  • Gold– create a minimum of fifteen retail customers, recruit and also keep at the very least 10 associates as well as have a complete monthly downline quantity of $10,000.
  • Platinum– create a minimum of twenty retail customers, hire and also preserve at least fifteen affiliates (three must be Gold or greater) as well as have a total month-to-month team volume of $50,000.
  • Diamond– create at the very least thirty retail customers, recruit and also maintain at the very least twenty associates (3 must be Platinum or higher) and also have an overall monthly down line quantity of $250,000.

Retail customers count to ranking credentials as long as they continuously pay their monthly service charge.

Affiliates matter towards ranking certification as long as they continue to pay their regular monthly $15 affiliate cost.

Genusity Family

Straight as well as Residual Commissions.

Genusity pay straight and also residual commissions through a unilevel payment structure.

An unilevel compensation framework puts an associate on top of a unilevel group, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (degree 1):.

If any kind of degree 1 affiliates hire brand-new associates, they are put on level 2 of the initial affiliate's unilevel group.

If any type of level 2 associates hire new affiliates, they are placed on degree 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite variety of degrees.

Direct and residual compensations are paid as a percentage of sign sales and monthly costs paid by retail clients and also hired affiliates (leaves out regular monthly associate cost).

Genusity cap payable unilevel degrees at 3, with compensations paid on each degree as complies with:.

First Month Commission.

  • Associates gain 25% on degree 1 (individual retail consumers and also hired associates) as well as 5% on level 2.
  • IR placed associates make 30% on degree 1, 10% on degree 2 as well as 5% on level 3.
  • Gold placed affiliates gain 35% on degree 1, 10% on level 2 as well as 5% on degree 3.
  • Platinum rated affiliates make 40% on degree 1, 10% on degree 2 and 5% on degree 3.
  • Diamond rated affiliates gain 45% on degree 1, 10% on degree 2 as well as 5% on level 3.
  • Continuous Monthly Fee Commission.

Associates gain 5% on degree 1 and 25% on level 2.

  • IR rated associates gain 10% on degree 1, 30% on level 2 and 5% on degree 3.
  • Gold ranked affiliates earn 10% on degree 1, 35% on level 2 as well as 5% on level 3.
  • Platinum ranked affiliates earn 10% on degree 1, 40% on degree 2 and also 5% on degree 3.
  • Diamond placed associates earn 10% on degree 1, 45% on level 2 and also 5% on degree 3.

Infinity Overrides

  • Infinity Overrides allow a Genusity affiliate to make beyond the first three levels of their unilevel team
  • Gold rated affiliates make 3% from level 4 to the initial Gold ranked associate located in each unilevel leg.
  • Platinum affiliates earn 6% from level 4 to the initial Gold placed associate located in each unilevel leg and then 3% to the very first Platinum.
  • Diamond ranked affiliates gain 9% from level 4 to the initial Gold ranked affiliate discovered in each unilevel leg, 6% then to the first Platinum, 3% after that to the very first Diamond as well as 1% then to the 2nd Diamond.

Keep in mind that if all paid generations in each rank are not completely satisfied, the last generation of a unilevel leg diminishes throughout of the leg itself (therefore the term “Infinity Override”, also called an Infinity Bonus).

What Is The Fee To Join Genusity?

If you're at all thinking about joining Genusity, you'll should pay a monthly membership charge of $15/month.

Is Genusity Truly A Scam?

If you've been doing your research on Genusity, you could have spoken with some people that it's a fraud, and from various other's that it's totally official.

After reading my evaluation, you might not be sure for yourself.

So, what's really taking place here?

Is Genusity a scam, or can you make a legitimate company with it?

To be honest, I am not sure Genusity is a total rip-off.

Nonetheless, I did locate a couple of points to be aware of before you sign up with, which will certainly aid you to be effective if you join.

Additionally, see listed below for assist with generating income online.

Genusity Proximity Marketing Scam

Read Here For My Genusity Concerns!

Genusity isn't really the first MLM possibility to launch with the product offering of Bluetooth beacons, and in all the years that they've been a thing, I haven't seen any type of modification or progression in the items being marketed.

If you aren't acquainted with exactly what Bluetooth beacons are, they essentially send spam notifications to an Android gadget when Bluetooth functionality is enabled on it. As such, you can send out alerts with advertisements for your business or item to individuals that come within range of your sign.

In addition to the spammy nature of it, there's likewise that most individuals have the tendency to maintain Bluetooth shut off in an effort to conserve battery life. And, when you do turn on Bluetooth, it's typically linked to one more gadget of your own.

Thus, the efficiency of these tactics is pretty weak.

In relation to Genusity's compensation plan, there does seem to be a concentrate on retail sales. This is always motivating to see, however with various other Bluetooth Beacons are available for a lot less money from various other stores, the reasons to get what Genusity is offering would only be for team building reasons.

So, while there is an opportunity for a legit chance right here with active retail sales, most individuals's time and money will likely be spent far better somewhere else.

I wish you have gotten a great deal of worth from my Genusity Review.

I have located other reviews are little on details, so I wanted to ensure you had whatever you require right here.

If you do determine to progress with Genusity, I assume the information I have provided right here will certainly aid you.

I've assessed a few Bluetooth sign MLM opportunities currently and my point of view on the beacons hasn't already transformed.

I can not stand spam and also I do not run anything on my phone I do not have to. This consists of Bluetooth, which I always have turned off unless I'm particularly aiming to link my phone to a gadget.

For me and also anybody who utilizes their phone in a comparable fashion, Genusity's beacons are almost useless.

Relative to spam, the debate right here is that notification go away when a phone takes a trip outside the program range of a gadget.

Great if you're traveling from A to B. Yet if you're sticking around in a location with several sign tools transmitting, points could get irritating extremely fast.

Whereas Royaltie and Asirvia have actually focused their beacon offering on solitary devices (the matching of Genusity BB), Genusity offers a bit more a range.

These alternatives give flexibility for end users, which is always helpful for the consumer and offers Genusity a side.

Rate smart Genusity appears competitive, which indicates retail should, theoretically, be sensible.

Alexa's Royaltie and also Asirvia site traffic estimates have entered into decline over the last month approximately. It'll be interesting to see whether this is a night out after launch buzz, or whether Bluetooth beacon marketing and MLM is/was little bit greater than a passing trend.

If so, Genusity could be too late to game (Royaltie and Asirvia's Bluetooth offering appeared on my radar in the second quarter of 2017).

An additional typical problem to keep an eye out for is affiliate's being the main purchasers of the signs, which are then made use of to market Genusity itself.

1 or 2 beacons could be great, however if your upline is getting signs as well as maintaining them energetic exclusively to market Genusity's MLM opportunity, with their team doing the exact same, prospective pyramid system problems emerge.

The MLM background of Randy Thomas as well as Tim Sebert would normally be of worry, however Genusity does show up to have a genuine push for retail sales.

Genusity affiliate ranking requirements are an excellent example of this, with associates always needed to have a lot more retail consumers over recruited affiliates.

One final little info we don't have with Genusity is that is the manufacturer of their signs. This makes source rate contrast impossible.

With compensations as high as 45% on fees paid, there's a possibility Genusity's markup is too high compared with exactly what's offered beyond the MLM room.

A search on Alibaba for “Bluetooth Beacons” as an example, returns 13,948 outcomes starting at $1 USD.

These tools are conveniently offered from producers for more affordable, so maintain that in mind when sussing out rate comparisons.


Progressing, you should look after advertising and marketing on your own, which you could discover the best ways to finish with my free training. Click below.

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  1. Gregg says:

    I am interested in becoming a customer but need to see how an ad shows up on my phone, so if someone could help me out. Thanks

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Gregg, I am not a representative but I am sure that many of my friends are and someone will contact you soon my friend.

      You are welcome and thank you Gregg,


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      Please contact me if you’re still interested 😊

      You can find me on FB @russfye

      I look forward to hearing from you!


      1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

        🙂 Russ

  2. I am really surprised to see all of this Tony on Genusity. I have been an associate now about 18 months and I have not had any problems at all with the company or with the beacons. I sell them and use them and pleased with the quality. As for commisions, we can earn up to 94% and we have someone making that. I am earning 70% right now. Genusity is debt free You may want to take another look at Genusity. I remember you asking me for information and others. Apparently you missed the whole point of what it is all about because what I see here is not the Genusity I know

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome Micky,

      Thank you for sharing your vast experience with Genuity my friend.

      Perhaps, I will take another look and would love to have you send me your referral link and/or more information.

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  3. Rob Burns says:

    Hi Tony,
    Excellent review blog post on Genusity. I once was interested in this opportunity but when I found out about the tiny commissions and the range per device, I was turned off. Even the word ‘ MLM ‘ gave me the stay away thought. Which I am not a big fan of and never will be anyways. That is when I joined the innovator not duplicator in the proximity niche. Maybe one day, we can chat on LI and I could ask your opinion on Royaltie.

    God Bless,
    Rob Burns

    1. Hi Rob,

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  4. Reyhana says:

    You’ve made some pretty valid points! Most people do keep bluetooth off in an effort to save their battery life on their phones.

    And I do think that they’re wrong when they say that traditional ads are dead.

    I still find interesting ads on Youtube and on websites when I do my research.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome Reyhana!

      Thank you for thoroughly reading this review of the Genusity Proximity Marketing “Opportunity” my Friend.

      Also thank you for sharing your insight as well as personal experience in the area of researching sites on the internet and the fact that you find the ads on Youtube and websites to be beneficial.

      Thank you for stopping by to view, read and comment Rayhana, You are most certainly welcome back anytime my Friend!


  5. jwizardtv says:

    I really liked how thorough your review was.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of proximity marketing and not sure if I totally understand the concept.

    Does a person wear a piece of tech that receives mini ads? 

    Or are they wearing a piece of tech that sends out mini ads?

    Thank you for letting e know

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend,

      The device allows You as the device owner, to send out the adds to all within a specific radius who have a Bluetooth enabled Android phone.

      Thank you for your great question, come back anytime  my Friend,


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