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Posted by Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wealthy Affiliate
First of all, if You are not already a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community then click this picture to become a member for Free

Once You are a member of Wealthy Affiliate post a picture and a profile writeup about yourself. (Your picture and write can be edited at anytime later so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot to write at first) Also pick a UserName – The UserName can be changed once.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community once you create your username, post a picture and write a little about yourself is the most active and helpful community on the internet. If You have a website and business to promote or intend to then Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to do so.

Friends on Wealthy Affiliate will follow you and it is best to follow them back as well. You can also visit their profiles and thank them for the follow and they will also visit yours as well. The starter membership is free and you will have 7 days to try Wealthy Affiliate out to see if it is a fit for you. After the 7 days or anytime before you can upgrade to Premium for the 1st month for $19 (normally $47 per month) After the first month paying $19 or anytime you can upgrade to yearly and instead of $47 per month it will only be $360 = $30 per month. Once you are at Wealthy Affiliate and active for 7 days you will see the value and upgrade to yearly. (I know because I did)

As a matter of fact I will give You a guarantee – When You sign up for Free at the sites that I list in this post and upgrade to Premium at Wealthy Affiliate – as long as you are active and attempt to make money you will & in the odd event that You don’t I will refund You your $19 if you pay for the first month, are active and don’t make a profit or I will refund the $360 when You go yearly if for some odd reason you don’t make a profit.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – Click here to learn more & get started for Free now.

Affiliate Marketing
Sign up for Free with Wealthy Affiliate – Click here
Click here to signup for Free at Rebrandable traffic - Rebrandable traffic is Free to promote on your website & very lucrative revenue creator.
Click here to signup for Free at Rebrandable traffic – Rebrandable traffic is Free to promote on your website & very lucrative revenue creator.

Rebrandable Traffic is not free to purchase the Traffic but if you are willing to invest a little amount into your business then Rebrandable traffic can’t be beat.

With Rebrandable traffic, you pick the keywords and the traffic is targeted to thousands of sites that are interested in what you are promoting as your niche website. Referring Wealthy Affiliate with Rebrandabel Traffic has proven to be a huge Return on Investment (ROI) for myself as well as many Friends so far and it is just beginning. If You direct the traffic to a specific page or post you can also show that the traffic was direct traffic by setting the origin traffic site to your home page. Alexa, Google, Yahoo and the rest of the website rankings grow and your page moves up the search engines list hurdling your competition.

Alexa Booster ReBrandable Traffic
Boost your Alexa ranking with ReBrandable Traffic to your website.
IBO Toolbox
While not as active as Wealthy Affiliate, IBO Toolbox is a wonderful place to promote Wealthy Affiliate and you can sign up for Free forever.

As soon as You sign up for Free at IBO Toolbox, add a profile picture and profile writeup then create a post. As soon as you do that you will be awarded 500 advertising credits which equals 2,500 views to the banner of your choice. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate, Rebrandable traffic, both or anything else that you would like. There are many free ways to earn free advertising credits as IBO Toolbox. Every day that you log into IBO Toolbox you can go to the Free Credits section and get 100 Free Credits = 500 views. Free credits are also awarded for blogs and you can publish 2 blogs a day at IBO Toolbox.


Another great Free site from IBO is IBO Exchange where you can share your Social media pages and get real Facebook Likes and/or Followers, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers, LinkedIn Shares, ReverbNation Followers, MySpace Friends, Pinterest Pins, Google+, Website Views and more and all for Free.

IBO Exchange Social

IBO Affiliate
Last but certainly not least is the IBO Affiliate Network – A Free Forever way to generate income with IBO Products & Services. Click on this Illustration to get started for free now.

Thank you Friends for getting Referrals the Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran Way,

Tony Lee Hamilton

Tony Lee Hamilton - Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran
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