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Global MoneyLine is an amazing sharing platform that I joined 7 weeks ago and have already had contact with 19,360 Friends on the MoneyLine who joined after me and hundreds who joined before me as well.

Not only has my direct traffic to this website exploded but my PayPal account has as well because I have personally referred over 300 Friends to Global MoneyLine and am now a Gold Member!

Click on the Big picture below to learn more, No credit card or Paypal information needed to get started for Free today!


Get started at the MoneyLine for Free and when you are within the platform click on “Communication” then on “MoneyLine Product Page” – Don't wait my Friends, Lock in your spot now for Free by clicking on the big picture above!


Updated:  28 October 2018

I must admit and apologize that I have now found out that, yes indeed IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial is a scam and a total waste of time.

I have many friends at IBO and that is the only reason that I have yet to write a full article on this and also why I have waited until now to update this post.

To the friends who I have in the past referred to IBO, I sincerely apologize and am now asking for your forgiveness.

I didn't know that the traffic at IBO was almost all entirely fake, now I do know!

How did I find out?

As a past Club IBO member ($19.95 per month) I created a banner ad and pointed the traffic to my website specifying only one platform within IBO to share it on.  I also uploaded a few YouTube videos and had my website there as well.

Much to my surprise, my traffic shot up!

At first I was excited but then I saw that the time spent on my site along with my bounce rate were negatively affected.  Not only that but I was getting traffic from all of the other IBO sites as well.  


Yes, that confused me as well, how did my banners and/or YouTube videos get seen on those other IBO sites.  

I then had an idea …… I uploaded more random YouTube videos and pointed the link to my own IBOsocial Profile page.

Guess what happened?

Overnight, I became the #1 traffic leader at the site, so I loaded more and yes I remained easily the traffic leader by far.

I also did the same thing with 2 separate profiles and had the same results, it was so easy.

What happened?

I am so glad that you asked, it has become so obvious that IBO utilizes BOTS on their sites.  I am so amazed that they haven't been found out by Google Adsense as the fake traffic should be against their terms of service…… then again, Google probably doesn't care as long as they are being paid by their advertisers.

Are you reading this and are a member at IBO?  Send me a message if you want more details on the sharing of YouTube while having the learn more link directed to your IBOsocial Profile page.  Any YouTube video 🙂 Load about 13 of them and you'll see that within 24 hours you'll be a traffic leader.  

OK, I am usually not a negative person and that is why I haven't openly disclosed this information until now but I must now share so that more friends don't fall for the IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial scam, especially Kris Karafotas who is either the owner and/or the owner trusts her to run the show there. 

Terrible support & leadership is also part of the IBO scam, the community of friends is the only reason why I stayed a member as long as I did.  Please disregard all of the content below as it was written back when I had no idea that IBO was a scam.

IBOsocial is a scam

On Global MoneyLine I not only share this website that has increased my traffic to an amazing new level as seen in the widgets to the right but I have also increased my referrals and revenue to other programs that I promote.

I love having multiple legitimate streams of income and now with the MoneyLine my Streams of Income are Bigger!

I love sharing MoneyLine with all of my Family and Friends and do share proudly at these Social Media Networks:

As soon as you get signed up for Free at MoneyLine contact me and I will help you to get started building your MoneyLine!

Thank you Friends,

Tony Lee Hamilton Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

31 thoughts on “Global MoneyLine is Legit!”

  1. Global Money Line actually looks like something that might be worthwhile. My only concern, is that you said you got quite a few referrals from friends. That I cannot do. I don’t try to push, sell, or market anything to my friends. I am just not good at it. But I am going to give this a try and see if it will help with traffic.

    • Hi my Friend,

      Yes Global MoneyLine is still awesome just as a Free way to share your website and gain direct traffic.

      I’m not pushy with sharing MoneyLine either, I simply share MoneyLine and either a Friend wants to or doesn’t.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting,


  2. Hi Tony. This looked so interesting I immediately signed up.
    I did not had the chance to look at the getting started section on moneyline, but I am definitely going to make some time tonight.
    I have a very new website, will this work for me? Any advice to get going quicker will do.
    My aim is to get traffic to my website and eventually then traffic from my website to moneyline. Am I on the right track here?


    • Wonderful Rika,

      There are over 1,000 Friends joining MoneyLine daily my Friend. At Global MoneyLine click on “Communication” then on “MoneyLine Product Page” and that is where you are able to send a message within the system to everyone who joined MoneyLine after You.

      Over to the left side is also a list of members who have upgraded and you can message them as well, As I mentioned in the post I am a Gold Member.

      As you share your message with the MoneyLine Rika you will experience Direct Traffic and it will grow daily, Having direct traffic will also increase your rankings with the search engines producing more direct traffic.

      Direct Traffic is wonderful my Friend so share your website with everyone on Global MoneyLine Rika,


  3. Tony, you’ve just sold Global Moneyline to me!!
    Like all potential affiliate marketers, im starting to see how important it is to attract traffic to make your venture successful. Well, I can’t hide the fact that Global Moneyline is free, and that from the same platform you can promote and launch multiple activities.
    And, I know, for upgrading there is a one-off fee. But it is reasonably contained – in GBP it converts to approximate £16, which is only for the once, so it is not a figure to break your bank.
    So Tony, I’ve just pushed that big button as per your advice. Wish me luck with tutorial and the rest. I should keep up updated with my progress in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for introducing us. Giulia

    • Wonderful Giulia!

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      Yes traffic to our websites is so important and the traffic from MoneyLine is direct traffic so it’s even better.

      You are welcome and thank you Gulia, I look forward to networking with you my Friend.


  4. Looks like you are really moving right along. I don’t really understand your program but I signed up for it a long time ago. I noticed that your connections are also helping you with Wealthy Affiliate and IBO and the other programs you are advertising. That’s good news.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • Hi Edward,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate & IBO are both growing with my sharing my website on MoneyLine my Friend.

      On MoneyLine Edward go to “Communication” then to “MoneyLine Product Page” and that is where you will be able to share your website with the many thousands of Friends who have joined your MoneyLine since you did.

      My MoneyLine in just over 2 months is now at 27,560 and is growing at a rate of over 1,200 per day lately.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting Edward, You are welcome anytime my Friend.


      • Tony, when did you first sign up for MOneLine and how did YOU hear about it. Just curious how long it took you to build that.

        Now, in general I am trying to grasp what exactly MoneyLine is. Is the purpose to build a network of ‘friends’ and friends of friends under you like a pyramid….that are like minded? They also have websites. Or is this for anyone? Is the purpose overall for entrepreneurs to share eachothers endeavors?

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for the post, but I’m still a bit confused as to how global moneyline works.
    It says it increases traffic to the site, but if I join will I still get equal value and see increases in sales even if my site isn’t about making money online? (It’s a book blog) What if I just use social media to promote global moneyline, is that still possible?
    Thanks so much and apologies for the beginner questions!

    • Hi Chiqui,

      You can absolutely promote Global MoneyLine on Social Media my Friend!

      At Global MoneyLine you can share your website about books and when the thousands of Friends on your MoneyLine click on your link to view your website many of them will keep returning to your wonderful content.

      Any website will climb the SEO rankings when more viewers visit your website, MoneyLine isn’t a traffic exchange so when Friends are truly interested in your message about your website they will visit.

      Moneyline is free to sign up for and lock in your spot Chiqui so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


      • Welcome to MoneyLine Matt!

        Now that You have signed up and upgraded to Bronze Member my Friend you have had some time to look around and know for yourself that MoneyLine is no pyramid but is a platform where we can all communicate and share with each other within MoneyLine.

        Thank you for commenting and joining my Friend,


  6. What about the comment, “It’s who you know” led you to use the site? What experience caused this to be a wake up call for you? Did something happen in which you may not have necessarily known the right people or person in order to get something started up the right way? or was it that you didn’t have the right help or not enough to get started at first and this was just the start up you needed?

    • Stacy,

      Thank you for all of the questions my Friend.

      I have been earning online since 2009 so when I saw the Global Moneyline system 2 months ago I knew that it would be an amazing platform so I joined.

      It has far exceeded my expectations with earnings as well as increasing my website traffic to this site and referrals to my other programs that I promote and the earnings have been amazing as well.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Stacy,


  7. Hey Tony,

    You seem very passionate about Global MoneyLine, I personally like to research any venture before joining them. It sounds like an MLM opportunity, is this the case? If so, what type of training do they give to their members?

    How do you make money from Global MoneyLine?

    I look forward to your response.

    To Your Success!


    • Hi Antilena,

      Moneyline isn’t MLM my Friend. It is considered Affiliate Marketing and the ways to earn money with Moneyline are numerous including by sharing MoneyLine with Friends.

      I also share this website at MoneyLine so my other programs that I promote like Wealthy Affiliate, Cash Downline Builder and others also receive referrals and generate an income.

      MoneyLines Affiliate Commissions are amazing as well!

      I am a Gold Member at MoneyLine simply because of the Amazing Affiliate Commissions as well as the Awesome Contacts. (My MoneyLine is at 26,311 Friends in just 8 weeks) Take a look at my traffic widgets on the right side in the widget area for an idea how well the programs are working Antilena.

      Antilena, It is free to get signed up and watch the amazing training and instructional videos my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Antilena,


  8. Once again I see you have another opportunity for increasing traffic to any website you want to get more visitors to view. So that you know, I’m still looking into your cash down builder, and I see you also have this opportunity for money down.

    I think what I need to do is find out from you the best direction to go with these. Now that you have these different platforms all up and running, from your knowledge of using them in which order and which ones would be best for me to start with and put in place for my online business?

    • Hi Travis,

      Thank you for stopping by again and for commenting on another of my posts my Friend.

      At Cash Downline Builder there are many built in programs and we are also able to add up to 5 of our own so 1 of the 5 that I have added is Global Moneyline as I know from the past 8 weeks that Global Moneyline is for real and can absolutely increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online for anyone anywhere in the World!

      On this post I also talk about which programs within Cash Downline Builder that I utilize and promote to increase my website traffic, referrals and revenue.

      Talk with you soon Travis, You are always welcome my Friend!


  9. Hi Tony, sounds like a very good opportunity. You told us already that this is free, but I am looking for information on how this thing works. Reading everywhere it is great in one thing. Can you tell me where I can read the ins and outs of Moneyline? Cheers, Jerry

    • Hi Jerry,

      The power of MoneyLine is in the list my Friend!

      Imagine being able to message over 25,000 Friends in just 8 weeks without sharing your email address, Communication takes place right within the system and the only email exchange is between Admin and the sponsor.

      Solo ads, email blasts, ad packs and other types of communication don’t even come close to working as well as MoneyLine does.

      View my traffic stats to the right in the widget area, The flag counter as well as the feedjit live traffic feed to see and notice all of the Direct Traffic.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting Jerry,


  10. Now, this is an excellent compilation of network marketing growth tools. I am familiar with IBO SOCIAL/IBOTOOLBOX I have been a member for a little over a year now. I like how you have provided simple access to these links so that marketers can take advantage of all these remarkable tools that will help increase leads and drive traffic to our websites… Thank you so much for sharing. I most likely will be creating accounts with the other links that you provide.

    • Hi Horace,

      Welcome to Global MoneyLine my Friend!

      At Global MoneyLine click on “Communication” then on “MoneyLine Product Page” and from there you can message everyone in your MoneyLine Horace.

      There are also great instructional videos there as well, Click on some links within the system and take a few minutes to learn about MoneyLine.

      MoneyLine is Amazing!

      I have been utilizing MoneyLine for just over 2 months, I am a Gold Member there and have more than tripled my Investment and also earned and achieved increased traffic to my website and earned referrals to other sites that I promote as well.

      Welcome Horace, You are welcome to anytime my Friend,


  11. It is incredible to see what internet marketing can do to one’s income especially for the purpose of having financial freedom. I have used some downline builder before and i am keen to try this one too because this thing is some sort of mlm, you income will continue to grow up.

    • Wonderful Izzul!

      Welcome to Cash Downline Builder my Friend!

      I look forward to networking with you and assisting you to increasing your website traffic, referrals and revenue online my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Izzul,



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