GlobalAid Club Scam Review Blockchain CrowdFunding MLM Platform

GlobalAid.Club says that You can make a One Time $50 BNB purchase then deposit & you can potentially make over $300k BNB without recruiting!


Three Hundred Thousand Dollars without recruiting!?!

I'm not trying to be pessimistic but I have a really hard time believing this!

It's even more unbelievable than the far out claims by LiveGood, EmpowerLife and some of the other so called “make money online opportunities” that have recently been launched touting the ability to earn from spillover with their “Powerline” without ever recruiting!

Even though I do have some crypto in my TrustWallet as well as at CoinBase, I'm not into investing nor trading on the BlockChain. I simply have those because some people and/or companies prefer to pay and/or be paid in cryptocurrency instead of via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Account etc…

The $50 and also payments are in BNB which is the Binance Coin issued by the Binance Exchange & was initially based on the Ethereum network. The website looks to have been created by although I don't believe that they're involved with Global Aid Club…..

What is the Global Aid Club Scam?

Global Aid club or GlobalAid Club….. whichever it's officially called has no information on who's behind the company or created it… The only information that I've been able to find was at the BehindMLM site stating that Andy Colquhoun and in the comment area at that article Mr. Colquhoun responded by stating “I am a graphic designer: I was asked to design slides for these people: they decided not to go with my design or my logo: somebody else obviously amended my original slides, hence why my name is still there.

I am neither involved with Spicy Devs nor this project whatsoever: not as an admin or even as a promoter!”

GlobalAid club had about $222,492 on the 7th of October but has now drained their BNB from Smart Contract & disabled withdrawals!

GlobalAid Club Scam
above is a screenshot from the BehindMLM website!

Behind MLM is now also stating that even though Andrew Colquhoun stated the above that they have now identified him as being the person behind all of their marketing as well as the probable owner of Spicy Devs.


I Highly Recommend even though the site is still up & they're still allowing people to join claiming that withdrawals will open back up soon…

Don't join or promote this Scam!

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  1. Very well said Tony, it is a scam the liquidity pool is 10% it will never go back up to 100% I think that program lasted 4 days and then they shot it down.


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