Groove Funnels vs. ClickFunnels, Which one is best?

Every business that operates in the free market should strive for success. One way that they can accomplish this goal is by utilizing a solid sales strategy. This process will help any business to maximize to develop a deeper connection with customers and to become more competitive in the market. GrooveFunnels and Click Funnels are two online sales platforms that provides this edge to businesses. Groove Funnels vs Click Funnels are two funnel programs that should be compared. While both sales platforms are beneficial to a business, they do have some strengths and weaknesses. The information presented here evaluate both programs to see which one is the best for any business to use.

What are business funnels?

A business funnel is an outline of the process for selling or marketing goods to consumer. The outline for this process starts with a company presenting a product or service to consumers. As consumers become aware of these goods, they will then follow a step-by-step process for purchasing them. Business funnels are also known as revenue funnels, sales processes, purchasing funnels, and marketing funnels. Sometimes they’re simply called funnels. click funnels scams are out there but these two platforms are legit.

By the way, funnels can begin with the company and end with the consumer purchasing the product or service. They can also start with the consumer becoming aware of the product or service and then completing steps to buy these goods. There is no right or wrong ways to start or end the process. Every enterprise will determine if they want to start with their products or services or if they want to start with the consumers desire to purchase what they have to offer.

Groove Funnel and Click Funnel are two sides of the same coin. They both are sales funnel software programs that help enterprises to market their goods. The software programs provide businesses with the ability to create websites which act as landing pages for a business’s products or services. Ultimately, these two programs automate the sales process for consumers. Once someone clicks on a business’s website they are then guided through a funnel (or process) that normally leads to a sale. Now that we know what Click Funnel and Groove Funnel are, we can determine which one is the best.

Groove Funnels and Click Funnels: The Big Picture

Once again, Click Funnel and Groove Funnel are two platforms that perform the same service. However, they are different in how they carry out the services they perform. Click Funnel is designed for entry level marketers and sellers. Click Funnel is a solid sales funnel program, but it is limited with what it can do. This platform can perform basic sales funnel related functions.

Groove Funnel is more robust. It has more features and perks that provide organizations with greater flexibility, creativity, and more impact. This type of program is designed for businesses that are familiar with the funnel platform and for advance funnel sellers. Still, some businesses might not need (or want) to deal with the complexity that Groove Funnel offers. Again, both platforms have their pros and cons and in the next section we’ll address what they are.

Sales Funnels Basics for Both Platforms

Both Groove Funnel and Click Funnel work by providing users with landing pages. This feature is called landing page builder. Users can design sites (or add to existing sites) optimized landing pages, shopping carts, email service providers, and other useful tools for marketing to customers and for getting them to purchase a product. Remember the whole entire goal of these platforms is to get people to buy or to become aware of a product or service.

Both platforms can set up funnels that are easy for organizations to implement. However, each business will have to figure out the best way to arrange the sales or marketing funnel to their customers and consumer. Business’s have options for setting up their funnels with interactive media and dialogue. These functions are designed to help consumers to make a purchase or to become aware of a product. Groove Funnel provides more features in this area.

Video Hosting Capabilities

Videos are extremely important for marketing and sales. Videos can do more than print when it comes to selling and marketing. The fact is that most people would rather watch something than read something. So, video hosting features are essential for a sales funnel program.

Click Funnel doesn’t provide a video feature. You can embed a video from a third-party site onto a page you build but it does not have a stand-alone video creation function. Groove Funnel has this capability. Users can create their own videos through the platform and not have to worry about embedding videos from another site. This feature for Groove Funnel provides more creativity and freedom for businesses to make their own unique videos. Again, Groove Funnel provides more customization. Users can have analytics for their videos, and they can set up call-to-action prompts to get consumers or customers to purchase a service or product.

The Importance of Click Funnels FunnelFlix and Helpdesk Functions

Both software platforms have their own methods for helping users to set up their sales funnels. Click Funnel uses FunnelFlix. This is a set of online video training courses that are designed to help users with setting up their funnels. The course will also help them with any potential issues or problems. FunnelFix also provides knowledge to users on various aspects of marketing and business strategy. Subjects such as marketing strategy, sales, and business performance are available in the courses. Keep in mind that FunnelFlix gets its name from Netflix because it is considered the “the Netflix of online marketing”.

Groove Funnels has a helpdesk feature called GrooveDesk. Users can send in tickets to get assistance through a chat feature. The assistance is provided by a person who understands Groove Funnels inside out. They are also knowledgeable in various aspects of marketing and business. This help function is critical for users since it allows them to resolve various issues and to effectively build their sales platform.

Groove Funnels and Click Funnels Blog, SEO and Page Speed

Groove Funnels provides blogs for users and the platform is more cooperative with SEO. These two features help to create fast loading pages for sales funnels. Groove Funnel is also designed with a computer language that has been designed for fast page loading and navigation. Click Funnels doesn’t use these features. This platform uses an older computer language design, and it doesn’t offer blog services. This in turn forces the pages to load and function at a slower pace.

Drawbacks of Both Platforms

The information provided above explained some of the biggest differences between both platforms. The next sections will go into more detail about what both platforms lack.

Click Funnels has a basic plan that doesn’t allow users to have many features or a lot of creativity. This plan is called a restrictive basic plan and it is a huge hindrance for this platform. Users of click funnels are also limited with the number of pages, funnels, and visitors to their site. Affiliate management tools and email automation features can only be accessed once you pay to have them.

It was already mentioned that Click Funnels does not allow users to create their own videos. This platform lacks features that will allow people to book appointments, doesn’t have blog capabilities, and their SEO ranking process is very ineffective when it comes to rating pages in web browser searches. Click Funnel also doesn’t have helpdesk or calendar tools included with its basic package.

The cons for Groove Funnels include learning how to use an abundance of features, knowing how to manipulate the platform, and waiting for certain features to be released. Keep in mind that Groove Funnels is still in its testing phase. This means that the platform remains a beta operation for testing. As a result there are some bugs, it can get confusing for users, and some features will not be released right away.

Strong points for Click Funnels and Groove Funnels

Click Funnels reviews point out that this platform has some good qualities for users. . The system is very easy to use with its drag and drop visual editor. Owners can easily share their sales funnels, they can create their own affiliate system and perform A/B testing to ensure the quality of created pages. Groove Funnels provides useful assistance, it offers lots of features, and it has a robust community.

Community for All

Groove Funnels has a large and vibrant community. This community is bigger than Click Funnels. The community acts as resource for businesses. It allows them to make new contacts, find out information about how to manipulate the platform and it is more vibrant. Click Funnels has a community, and it helps users, but it is not as vibrant or functional as Groove Funnels.

Pricing for Both Funnels Services

We’re going to list the prices for Groove Funnels before addressing Click Funnels. Groove Funnels has many pricing options. Their basic or base plan is free, and it includes basic Groove Funnels features applications such as GroovePages Lite, Groove Affiliate, and Groove Sell. Users are given feature updates for this service.

The next tier is priced at $99 per month. This is called the Silver plan. The Silver plan is known as the pro version. Users will be given access to more advance apps such as GrooveMail, Groove Video and GrooveMember. The next level is known as the Gold plan. This plan costs $199. This tier plan costs $199 per month and includes everything offered in the first two packages. The Gold plan also has GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, and GrooveQuiz.

The Platinum plan is considered the best tier for the Groove Funnels platform. This tier is the most extensive. It provides everything that a business needs to prosper. The Platinum plan is also known as the lifetime plan. It offers GrooveWebinars Live and Automated also known as WebinarJam.

The Platinum plan also has various tier pricing options. There is a free trial for 14 days and once the trial has ended users will pay $497 for 3 months. Another option allows users to pay $288 for 6 months. A third option is a yearly plan that costs $188 per month.

The lifetime Platinum plan is designed to permanently lock in prices that will never change over time. This is a limited time offer payment plan that Groove Funnels will eventually change. Users are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Platinum plan price tier before it changes.

Click Funnels offers a 14-day free trial, and it offers 2 basic plans. These plans include Click Funnels Starter and Platinum Enterprise. Click Funnels Starter is $97 per month. Users are given 20 funnels, 100 landing pages, and 3 domain names. The Platinum Enterprise offers unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, and 9 domain names. Users have other important features with both plans as well.

There is also a Collective plan. This is considered the best plan for this platform. It costs $1,497 per month and it provides VIP phone support and access to special training, coaching assistance, and exclusive live content related to Click Funnel.

The Common Features Shared by Click Funnels and Groove Funnels

We’ll now discuss what both platforms have in common before we determine which one is better.

  • Both programs are easy to use in terms of setting up pages. They both offer drag and drop capabilities. However, Click Funnels is not as complex as Groove Funnels. Click Funnels is easier to manipulate between the two. Still, both platforms are not overly complex. In other words, you don’t have to be developer to operate the platforms.
  • Users can access ready-made funnel templates instead of creating new ones from scratch. Users will be able to customize the premade templates to display their brands and preferences.
  • Membership areas are made available for both platforms. This will allow platform owners to create exclusive areas for members to showcase special content and information.
  • Both platforms have affiliate management tools that helps to bring in more sales to their pages.
  • Email marketing campaigns are also available for email campaigns and for sending SMS messages.
  • Platform owners can also share their funnels with other businesses or organizations.
  • Shopping cart technology is available for keeping track of consumer products purchased from a sales funnel.
  • A/B testing is available to determine which funnel is performing best. This feature helps users to keep track of the strong and weak areas on their platform.
  • Both funnel programs offer affiliate technology to help affiliate marketers to generate more sales.
  • Groove Funnels and Click Funnels have online communities.
  • Both platforms have customer support.

Who should use Click Funnels?

Click Funnels can be used by any business organization that is trying to build up its online presence. This platform can be implemented by large and small business organizations. Online marketing is more important than ever, and it continues to grow. Click Funnel definitely will provide any business with an advantage on the internet.

Click Funnels is also for personal or sole business owners. If a person decides to start their own online business, they can use the technology of Click Funnels to help get them started. This platform should help them to capture more of the market and get their brand out to many people. Sales forces can leverage this platform to create different online portals for their goods and/or services.

Businesses that use Click Funnels can implement it within their overall marketing scheme. This will provide them with a greater reach in the market and help to increase consumer awareness. Click Funnels is suited for beginners, but it is also practical for advance funnel experts. However, experts might find the program to be limited with functionality and capability.

Who should use Groove Funnels?

Groove Funnels can be used by various businesses as well. However, it is best suited for medium-sized to large business operations. Sole proprietors might find this platform to be overkill for their organization. This funnels program is designed for businesses that have some type of market presence. It is also useful for businesses that has the infrastructure and resources in place to handle large sales volumes.

Groove funnels is also suited for advance funnel users. While it is not overly difficult to operate, users will experience a learning curve to use it effectively. People who are not familiar with the funnels marketing process might find it to overwhelming. This program is not for beginners since it will take some time to learn how to make it work.

The Verdict: Which platform is better?

Groove Funnels and Click Funnels both have their strong and weak points. However, their overall value can only be decided by a business’s needs.

Groove Funnels is the better program in terms of features, function, and capabilities. This program provides a lot of tools, apps, support, and many other features that makes it superior to Click Funnels. This sales funnel platform is best suited for businesses that are already established or that wants to establish themselves quickly. It is not suited for small start-ups or for sole business owners.

Groove Funnels can generate many sales all at once. A business will need resources in place to handle the incoming sales that it can produce. Small businesses could end up generating too many sales if they used this platform to its capacity. Again, Groove Funnels would be overkill for smaller outfits.

Click Funnels is made for small businesses and sole business owners. This platform can be used for medium or large sized enterprises. However, it has limited function and capabilities that bigger organizations might need to remain competitive. Click Funnels is easy to use which makes it great for beginners.

The platform is not complex and has a small learning curve unlike Groove Funnels. Click Funnels can be set up within a day and its limited number of pages will help to keep a smaller organization from overwhelming itself. Remember, not all businesses need a super robust web presence. Again, some businesses cannot handle increased sales volume. They would be overwhelmed. Click Funnels helps to keep sales volumes at an acceptable level so that a small outfit or an individual operator is not overwhelmed.

Ultimately, both platforms can help any business to improve their brand and market presence. The main thing to remember, is that each platform has their own unique capabilities. Also, each platform will appeal to different businesses for different reasons. Still, Groove Funnels comes out on top because of its flexibility, many features, and its extensive capabilities.

Groove Funnels costs more for the upper tier programs but it has a lifetime plan where prices are locked in unless the service is cancelled. Click Funnels is less expensive and it’s less of a hassle to use if a business doesn’t need all of the extra features. Both programs can accomplish their purpose with helping businesses to improve their sales and to increase their market.

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