Hanging on the Coat Strings of Success – HEN Affiliates Opens Up a Whole New World of Online Opportunities.

By H. Erin Nelson, HEN Affiliates


There is a place in everyone's heart where the excitement of success dwells! Countless times, we as individuals, set out to vast territories in search of our ultimate place to find it—-and envision what it would truly be like when we do. We click here and there online in search of a fresh new opportunity for advancement. High hopes escalate to new and enlightening directions—-only to drop to the depths of failure, once again.

HEN Affiliates


Why is it that nothing seems to be working? Trying numerous promising platforms without the true knowledge of their inconsistencies may have something to do with it. Stepping blindly into a hopeful situation, only to falter once again, seems like the pattern of most needy seekers on the internet. Perhaps, we become so involved with succeeding, that we go into each circumstance blindly without really coming to terms with what we are actually doing!—Well, I have to try something. Maybe this one will work.—but, time and time again, all roads lead to disappointment. We beat ourselves up again and our random searching plummets.

Relax and let it flow


There are very negative aspects to desperation. Coming from a place of lack does not enlighten the situation, but only crushes our self-esteem. Eventually, fear of failure sets in so deeply, that we grab hold of anything we can get our hands on for one more try. Sound familiar?

When this happens, take a deep breath, relax and allow all the let-downs to drift away to the hole in which they came from!


Lift Yourself Up


You must be truly thankful for all you have in order to achieve more! A positive mindset is powerful in obtaining all you will receive in life. In other words, you must change your thinking! We are what we think! Instead of hoping you will succeed, know that you will!

Using extreme visualization of where you see your life traveling to, is the first task in getting there!

Lay out your goals and dreams on a silver platter, then add persistence, determination and momentum to the picture! That sounds much better than doubt and discouragement, doesn’t it?! You must resolve all your unresolved negative issues at hand, in order to advance to the future. Creating stability for yourself and family will have its deepest rewards!

Instead of hanging onto the coattails of success, grab hold of them and run!

Shedding some light on the subject of Abundance


Gather up all your energy and submit it towards your effort. There is abundant wealth to be had in a world circulating around the great Worldwide Web—which will allow anyone to catapult their existence into a lighted future! Finding that treasure is much closer than you may think! All you must do is establish belief. Plant the seeds of success in your heart and watch those ideas grow within you! There is a distinct purpose for all of us! Once you have filled your mind with endless possibilities of flowing wealth, you will be ready to move toward your vision! A new day is dawning!

The opportunity You have been waiting for



HEN Affiliates supplies unique and proven opportunities that will allow you to reach beyond the scams and untruths within the internet, directing you to the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing! Relishing in a very comfortable lifestyle and living a pay-it-forward life will strengthen your conception of what reality may really be like!

You will have everything that You need to succeed


HEN Affiliates will guide you with a complete platform that will take you through multiple avenues of success. When joining for free, you will have unique opportunities to begin, and also to upgrade when the time is right for you, in order to enhance your productivity to new heights. Here are some incentives!

  • Free websites through the SiteRubix platform.
  • Expert training, videos, LIVE webinars, tutorials, blogs and chats to provide all you will need to know.
  • Leaders who will masterfully pave the way.
  • A growing community of over 1.8 million entrepreneurs who will inspire and guide you.
  • Tools and resources to launch your business and bring it to a thriving establishment.
  • The SiteContent platform to help you create quality content within your site with thousands of custom photos!
  • Elaborate writing capabilities through blogging.
  • An Ambassador program within the community to show your progress in helping others.
  • …and much, much, more!

Suppose you were to do nothing right now. After all, timeless times you have stepped out of your comfort zone only to swim in disappointment once again. But, what if this time was different?

I'm Possible

Although Thomas Elva Edison was fired from his first two jobs and failed one thousand times when attempting to invent the light bulb, he kept right on trying. He used to say that he had found one thousand ways that it wouldn’t work. All he needed was that one right time!

This is your time to succeed

THIS is your time to succeed!



Life is all about change.

Technology back in the days began a gradual upward trend of major advancement, continuing on through the years to the present.

  • Did you ever think that we would actually be able to communicate with someone on the complete opposite end of the globe by the simple press of a button?
  • Or, that one could go shopping without being in an actual store?

Everything nowadays centers around the web, making it easier and easier for anyone to live a laptop life of luxury!

Delving into a place of pure contentment will attract success to your doorstep. When you’re happy, you will draw forth great favor! Everything in life is solvable. The past is in the past.

Your resilience in moving forward with a whole new outlook, will lead the way to your bountiful harvest! Looking on to the future with vim and vigor will ignite a spark that will flame and expand to new heights!

HEN Affiliates

When you build self-morale, you are allowing restitution into your life; restoring your confidence and faith.


LET THIS CLICK BE YOUR LAST! – Visit HenAffiliates.com

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Tony Lee Hamilton

I am known on the Internet as The Digital Marketing Veteran - I am a Veteran of The United States Army and have a Teenage Son. (His Mom and I adopted him at his birth, she went to heaven because of breast cancer) Since 2007, I have been assisting Friends from around the World Earn More Income, Traffic and/or Referrals to their Business no matter what they share! Local Businesses, Online Businesses, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing and/or Network Marketing from anywhere on the Planet! Contact me anytime!

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    Thank you so much, Tony, for giving me the unique opportunity to pour my heart and deep thoughts out within your awesome website! I enjoyed writing for you and truly value our friendship. Your faith and success are compelling to me, and your kindness is much appreciated! All the best to you, my friend, and see you around the internet!

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      You are welcome Erin and thank You so much my Friend!

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    Great post here Tony, a lot of good information. 

    This is some good writing that inspires a person to succeed in life.

    There is a lot of good advice for people in the article, I like the one about Thomas Edison, he never gave up. 

    Also, like the statement “You must truly be thankful for all that you have in order to achieve more”. 

    Great advice enjoyed the read!

    • 07/18/2018 at 1:35 pm

      Thank you Wayne,

      this article was actually written by H. Erin Nelson of HEN Affiliates my Friend.

      She is a very Talented and Successful Writer and Friend as You have noticed, thank you for viewing and commenting Wayne.

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