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Hashing Ad Space Scam or legit Review Asimi Tokens Minted

Hashing Ad Space is an internet business platform that specializes in advertising services. This opportunity makes it easier for participants to earn cryptocurrency incomes known as Asimi. It is an innovative and dependable business that many people rely on to take their businesses to the highest level. This platform is indeed unique and it is revolutionary. The makers of the system are interested in everybody’s success. This is because the system has something unique to offer to everybody.

The opportunity to make money is available worldwide and you can do that right in your home. You can earn income simply by viewing ads. Apart from that, they offer lots of opportunities for participants to make money through different options such as affiliate offers, online offers, training for different online businesses as tools and resources to earn money.

The crypto minting system provided by the system is great. The major focal point for the growth of this community and for earning income through this platform is advertising minting and ad minter. Chief executive officer of Hashing Ad Space is Luke Millard, from Australia. This founder is not new when it comes to internet marketing. He is indeed revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry.

What are Asimi tokens and how are they minted?

If you are a participant in the Hashing Ad Space platform, your main aim is to earn Asimi token. This is the reward you get by advert purchase and for viewing the ad videos. Every withdrawal that you make from the system and any earnings you make is in Asimi. As far as Asimi is concerned, there is no ICO. It is purchased for advertising and it is also earned for watching ads.

The total supply of this cryptocurrency is put at 67000000. Out of this figure, the sum of 592000 is to be shared among the miners. The sharing rate is to start at 17438 per day. This simply shows that there are enough Asimi to be shared or to be earned by members for there are various activities through this platform. Furthermore, the value of that token can be grown as well.

It is important to state here that the company makes a portion of its sales to external mining. This is not an investment. However, the aim is to add value to the cryptocurrency which is the Asimi. It makes it easier for members to be rewarded with that currency.

Sales are to be rewarded at the rate of 4 percent for the minting package. In addition to that, there is fifty percent of the earnings from direct referrals. After the launch of that system, new referrals will now attract the sum of thirty dollars.

Asimi is the center of the whole activities of this digital business. It is the utility token. You are not able to make any other purchase or to earn any other thing other than the Asimi. Member earns asimi and they can buy that cryptocurrency as well. To earn it, you must mint the cryptocurrency. Members earn when they watch the ad shown to them in their accounts. The act of watching the ad is what is known as minting asimi for members of the platform. It means that the best way to earn more of this cryptocurrency is to watch more ads.

These ads are available for free members and premium members. However, there is a limitation to the number of ads to which the free members can watch compared to what is available to the premium members of the system. The asimi is paid directly to your wallets. If you want to mint more than one ad daily, then you can purchase minting packages. The more packages you purchase the more you mint. A package can be effective for 365 days. Each of the packages that last for that number of days can cost the sum of $100. One hundred percent of that is still yours because it comes back to your wallet at the end of 365 days.

How does Hashing Ad Space work?

Before you can benefit from that system, you must first be a member and you can become a member by registering at their platform.

There are different ads displays that you can watch and mint the currency and they include banner ads, login ads, as well as ad minter and so on. These are some of the ways of earning money from minting the cryptocurrency.

If you register with the platform and have an account running, you are ready to start earning from the system. To register, you must provide your name, your email address, contact information and other thing required from you which can show that you are the owner of that account. If you register, you would be eligible to earn through the various opportunities offered by the system such as online offers.

Other methods of earning money include affiliate offers, Affiliates earn more money and they can earn up to fifty percent. In addition to that, there are tools and resources which the platform makes available to you to earn money from the platform. Not only that, but you can also be trained for the various morning earning opportunities that are available in the system. These are just the side incomes you can earn from the platform. The major way of earning is through ads purchasing and viewing. This is where you earn the cryptocurrency.

Who is Luke Millard, CEO of Hashing Ad Space?

Luke Millard is the founder and the chief executive officer of Hashing Ad Space. He was involved in the internet business for some years. He hails from Australia and knows the importance of online marketing and advertising. It is because of his interest in digital marketing and cryptocurrency that pushes him into discovering this money-making opportunity.

Since he established the online ad platform, the system has been growing tremendously. It can boast of more than one hundred thousand members and it is assumed that two thousand new members join the platform every day. The business is also legitimate because more than tens of thousands are already paid out of the system. Luke Millard is indeed an internet innovator. He is associated with the introduction of this money-making machine. It is the best online advertising platform and for anybody who wants to earn cryptocurrency, they can easily start from this platform. The platform is free to join and Luke rewards members through the Asimi which is the Greek name for silver. If you join the platform, this is what you are going to earn from the system. Asimi is a way of creating your money.

Is Hashing Ad Space similar to AdzBrick?

There is insinuation going on to the effect that Harsh Ad Space is similar to Adzbrick. After checking the two sites and comparing them, it seems obvious that the two are almost the same thing. They are promoting the same kind of business. What is certain is that one is a copy of the other. They do virtually the same kind of business only that they gave their cryptocurrency token different names to make them look different.

No one should be amazed at the similarity between the two. Every online investor is looking for the best way of making money. It is common to see investors join or emulate what is working. The fact is that minting or mining business is doing great wonders in the cryptocurrency world, leading that investors want to identify with that kind of business. Though the two businesses are related and they have a lot of things to share in common, these are two different business entities and they are managed by different investors.

There could be one of two variations in the two products, but one can easily get involved in any of the two after studying just one of them. The reward system appears to be the same. The method of joining the platforms are also the same. While they are similar in lots of ways, there could be minor differences. When it comes to the area of direct referral benefits, it appears that there are minor differences between them in terms of earnings. Many investors can earn more by direct referrals through Hash Ad space. It appears that they have been in that business longer and they simply provided the platform which others follow.

Apart from that, these two entities are almost the same thing right from the business concept and the type of business management.

The first thing that you need to know about the similarities between the two is in the area of business they do. They both are engaged in the ad world. Members of the two platforms can earn money when they view ads.

Money earned through the system is known as token and they are mined or minted. When action is performed in terms of reading the ads, then cryptocurrency is minted. You have to purchase ads and when you do that, you have to spend the digital currency which is now Asimi in case of Hashing Ad Space. In the same way, you have to earn the same cryptocurrencies when you view ads sent to your account.

It appears that they share the same options when it comes to the type of actions members have to perform before they can earn the token. It involves watching ads, display ads whether it is in the form of ad banner, ad minter or ad logins and so on.

These are the proven ways of earning cryptocurrency on the internet. These companies offer great incentives for their members. Both provide different levels of membership which include the free members and premium membership. You earn the same kind of currency which is the cryptocurrency in this case. The two systems are the same thing and they promote the same kind of programs. You earn money through the same method. These are guided by the same business principles and ideology. They are fantastic and legitimate ways of making money.

Hashing Ad Space Compensation Plan

There are two types of membership. The first is the free membership where you are entitled to watch one ad daily. When you watch that ad, you are compensated for that in the form of Asimi. You do not pay anything to become a free member.

The second level of membership is when you spend your asimi to buy some ad packages. You earn more for that and that package can remain valid for 365 days. You can choose the type of membership you want but you can earn more money when you watch more ads and the ads you watch depends on your level of membership.

The truth is that anybody can join the system and there is no end to the type of profit you can earn from the system. There are different compensation methods and they include the daily income, commissions as well as bonus rewards. You can earn more when you mint more booster packages. The essence of the minting packages available with the platform is to help members mint more Asimi. The money casting rewards can now last for 365 days while the minter advertising package can last for 730 days. Ad viewing limit is determined by the minter booster package at your disposal. If you have more, you can earn more. If you buy more you are going to earn more and vice versa. The compensation you get depends on you.

Another way of earning money through the system is the referral program. This method is great because you can earn up to fifty percent of what the person you referred to that system is earning.

Are Asimi Tokens a legitimate Cryptocurrency on the BlockChain?

There is no doubting the fact that Asimi tokens issued by the platform are a legitimate cryptocurrency. Research has shown that tens of thousands of members are already paid out, or they have used to purchase more ad packages which in turn earns them more money.

It is not a scam and it is not associated with HYIP. This does not promise that you get rich fast and so on. It offers many online tools that you can use to mint the cryptocurrency. The business is transparent and you earn more value for your business when you become part of it. It is going to pave more ways of making money.

If you check through the system, you discover that everybody gains through the system including advertisers and members. Advertisers are getting more value because it exposes the business to the world. Money is not taken from new members. Ad purchase can last for one year and it reverts to them after that. New members are not requested to invest money before they can become members. Whatever you invest is to reward you further.

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Hash Ad Space is providing a platform for minters to earn Asimi. The time they spend viewing the ads are rewarded. The more ads they view the more they mint the cryptocurrency. It wins an opportunity for everybody because every member is a winner.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting Hashing Ad Space or Asimi tokens, the above is for informational purposes only.

34 thoughts on “Hashing Ad Space Scam or legit Review Asimi Tokens Minted”

  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting article about hashing ad space, I’m new to this opportunity and it’s really good that you’ve explained all about it. Crypto currency is one of the fast rising earning methods online now and so many business opportunities ate flocking around it. Earning asimi will be nice and I’ll consider being a part of it.

  2. There are loads and loads of content I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a thorough review of your website for sure. You video add ons provide additional information as well. You seem to write reviews for everything you come across how? That was a very in-depth analysis of Hashing Ad Space and i am not a cryptocurrency guy.

  3. I have only ever used sites like this one to earn a very small amount simply by clicking ads. The amount you get for each click is so low it isn’t really worth any long term consideration because you get bored of it after a while. Some however may consider this to be a very easy way to make money without thinking. I cant really say whether the paid options are worth it, although you seem to be talking very favourably about this company, and therefore it could be worth a shot. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Tony, you are definitely teaching me a lot about the different opportunities like this in relation to cryptocurrencies. I can’t say I will understand it until I try it, but I’m thinking I would need to set aside some time, as I can tell from the information you’ve shared that there would be a bit of a time to put into understanding it. 

    I look forward to trying it out in the near future. It is good that you’ve outlined a few options on your website.

  5. Very quite interesting review you have here about this hashing ad space and though I am not really a big time fan of this yet but actually. You have given me all I needed to know about this  crypto platform and I do not really like what I have read about them. The fact that there are other programs out there that are like them that are somehow scammy and not true is giving me doubts about their legitimacy too

  6. Every one has a nemesis and my nemesis is cryptocurrency.  I like to think I am a pretty smart guy but no matter how much I try to understand it I can never figure it out.

    Correct me if Im wrong but this reminds me of the ole traffic exchange site which may have been okay at the beginning but over time caused a lot of grief for a lot of other people.

    I somehow get the feeling that because you say it is a good program that there is something different and its just not me understanding.  I am going to take a closer look and see where that gets me.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article with everyone.The main content of this article is the hashing ad space Review.For those who want to make money online from home, this platform is a great opportunity. I joined this platform a few days ago and am currently making money at home which is very easy to do.

    The detail you have discussed hashing ad space in the article is really awesome and your article will be beneficial for those who want to earn money sitting at home.I appreciate your article. really this post is informative as well as educational. I will share your article with my friends. I hope everyone benefits. Thank you again for the informative post.

  8. This platform, the way you have described it, looks way better than some similar ad platforms out there. I just wonder how much you get paid for viewing these adverts, as sometimes these types of sites pay less than $0.01 per view, and this ends up costing one a lot in wasted time.

    I think if you can’t earn a decent amount by viewing the ads, then it is better to spend that time more productively and build your own online business. This will end up paying you far more than clicking on ads all day.

    Thanks for a most informative review.

  9. This is an amazing opportunity and I am actually trying to find the risks involved in this because it looks really interesting and enticing to anyone looking to build take their businesses to a higher level. I am sure there must be some risk factors involved because there is no way something as good as this would not have something that would make people think twice before becoming a member. Anyway, this was a good review and this seems like a program a lot of people would like to be a member of.

  10. Hi Tony and thanks for another excellent review. Hashing Ad Space and Asimi does sound interesting but I find I am asking myself what is the value at the basis of this business. The value is just in getting your ads seen and in earning Asimi tokens from watching ads. That all sounds very legitimate. I guess if I would be worried it would be about the value of watching ads. I mean presumably to prove that ads are being watched some kind of activity on your device is needed. But I am sure that could easily be faked by a robot. So I wonder, how does the platform ensure that robots are not claiming to watch ads in order to earn Asimi. I’d be interested to learn if anyone else has any views on this. Thanks, Andy. 

  11. Thank you for sharing such great detail about Hastag Ad Space and cryptocurrency. I must admit that I have always stayed away from this type of earning opportunity as I know very little on this subject but you have made this more clear to me and I am seriously going to think about researching further with your help. I thought all cryptocurrency operations were a scam so to see one that are not is great. I also like the fact that there are no get rich quick claims like most of them.

    You have given me a lot more confidence about this product and understanding of ad previewing for Asimi units.

    Thorough article for myself and others to use.

    Thank you so much

  12. Thanks for this insight into Hashing Ad Space. I’m just wondering how do you cash out your asimi into real money in your bank account? Also do you know what the approximate real money value is per ad viewed? I’m just wondering because I had a look into some of these systems many years back and watching one ad paid out about $0.001 so it was kinda hard to earn, and if you can only watch one ad per day on the free membership well it will be a long time to come before any decent money is earned!

  13. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and the outcome is not satisfactory as I expect. Look back, advertising my business is one thing I need to improve. I tried Google, Bing, and Facebook ads and spent a lot of my hard-earned money, but don’t see good results.

    I know that I need to have innovative ways to promote my business, but don’t know the ways to go. Here you introduce Hashing Ad Space, which sounds a good idea. Hashing Ad Space is an internet business platform that specializes in advertising services and  employ cryptocurrency technology. It is an innovative and helps many people taking their businesses to the highest level. This system are interested in everybody’s success, which is what I am looking for. I am definitely going to try this system.

  14. Cryptocurrency is definitely becoming more popular and well-known, but then again there are also a lot of crypto scams out there…  So it is good to see that this is a legit platform allowing people to earn Asimi.  

    But have I got this right, that you can only spend it on advertising?  I suppose it makes sense, as the members grow you can use it to promote your own business on the platform

    thanks for sharing

  15. I had actually never heard of Asimi before reading this review. I like that it’s a lesser known cryptocurrency. It makes me feel less intimidated to get involved. I’ve avoided bitcoin just because of its huge following and how behind I feel I am on it. Asimi is a great start! I’ll be sure to check out Hashing Ad Space!

  16. You have done another great review, Tony. I have never heard of this business model nor Asimi. I read your review and watched a few others and it seems legit and simple. I am hoping it could also help push more traffic to my website with an ad package from there. I also thought the affiliate program was great payout in combination of the ad minting.

    My biggest questions is how to cash out the Asimi? Seems like it is worth investigating even further and trying a free account.

  17. Good review you have here Tony. Well! I didn’t really grasp the fullness of this review though but I guess I will have to find out more about this platform myself and check it out. I believe that if they are truly legit, then it can help increase my business but if they are anything like the others, that means it would be just another waste of time and effort. Thanks for sharing this here

  18. I have never heard of Asimi so I was curious to see if this utility token that is designed specifically to buy advertising on this platfrom is a real cryptocurrency?  Tight after I thought this, you then covered this topic, wonderful!  What an incredible unique business model.  It’s refreshing to see that their members are paid out which they are very transparent about and they provide their members a great opportunity for earning income.  Transparency is key which shows a business is legitimate because they have nothing to hide.  Thank you for the informative breakdown of your Hashing Ad Space review!

  19. Hey Tony Lee; yours is the most transparent information I have seen about Cryptocurrency. The Hashing Ads space seem reasonable to join and progress in the business.

     If I should join for free would watching one Ad earns me enough to make a purchase? Or I should say; How many ads I can buy, how many ads can I watch for a day? If all you said here is not “bag a mouth” I defiantly want to be a member of the Hashing Ads Space.


  20. So with Asimi I can buy ads. What more can I do with the Asimi? Can I change it into dollars? Can I buy other things than ads with it? I am quite skeptical to cryptocurrency mainly because there are so many scams out there and hard to know what companies are to trust. You write that the business is transparent and that is a good thing. Another positive thing is the free membership. The referral program commision is good.  You can earn Asimi by watching ads and then buy ads. So what are the cons about this system?

  21. To use this site to make money I watch videos.  I get to watch the first one free.  This earns me money to buy the next video.  I can only view one a day?  To get past the trading daylight for dark, I must purchase a package of ads.  If I buy an ad pack for $100.00 I get how many ads?  Again I watch these and if there are 125 videos, I get $125.00 worth of crypto coins?  Then I am at that point 25 crypto coins ahead.  This allows me to buy 25 crypto coins worth of advertisement.  Am I only advertising to the viewers of the videos on the sites?  This may not be a scam, but would use a lot of time.  

  22. How will Asimi hold up against the more established Cryptocurrencies today? Most people stick with the known names like BitCoin, Monero or Ethereum, although they are having issues of late.
    Tesla is even on the fence with Crypto, so if this is the gist of the site, to build advertising but you are paid in Cryptocoins, how can you make the “buyer/customer” more comfortable with your platform?

    How will the payout be protected? I see there are options other than mining to earn, but they seem time consuming?
    Perhaps a demo from you on the ease of use? The video above the title: Is Hashing Ad Space similar to AdzBrick? does not work.
    While I am interested in the Crypto World, not many will read through all the info here, so perhaps putting it in posts after an initial intro?

  23. This seems like an interesting opportunity, especially since you apparently can’t lose. I’m not a big risk-taker, so knowing that what I invest will definitely be coming back at the end of a year is a big comfort to me. I haven’t heard of Asimi before…then again, I probably haven’t heard of a lot of the different types of cryptocurrency there are. Do you happen to know how Asimi compares with Bitcoin as far as value?

  24. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for writing this informative article on Asimi tokens.

    I guess the main question that keeps hammering away at my mind is, will Asimi tokens be the next Bitcoin?  Or are they just a passing fad?

    I suppose it depends on how much people need what this system is offering, and whether or not they are willing to buy into the system.

    Thanks once again, I am going to keep my eyes on this for now, and see what happens.


  25. This is the first time that I heard of Hashing Ad Space and their concept is interesting. I am no stranger to cryptocurrency so I love this concept of watching apps and get paid in crypto. I think my concern is the fees that comes along with it for every transfer. Thanks for the review, I will definitely check this out. 

  26. This is a very interesting review of Hash Ad Space and their Asimi tokens, neither of which I had come across before. To be watching advertisements and earning or mining crypto currency, seems very easy and simple and appears to be a win-win situation. 

    I would be concerned though as to how I can convert the Asimi toekns to a currency that I can actually use.

  27. OK, first I would like to know if Asimi Tokens are convertible? As I am reading the article it sounds more and more like a MLM, is this true?

    Anyway, I do invest in cryptocurrency myself and I’m not clear of the purpose of this company and token. Who is advertising on this platform? Do you have to become a member to advertise on this platform? I do understand the affiliate aspect and that is a plus. 

    You give a lot of information about this opportunity. Thanks

  28. I have been considering several alt coin options. And minting Asimi Tokens seems a win-win for everybody.

    Thanks for this informative post. I personally believe the earning potential is low but it’s good for those that are just entering the crypto world.

    The way to go, in my opinion, is to create services for the crypto world, not just to use the ones others have created.

  29. This way of making crypto currency, minting it, mining it, and paying for it is strange to me.  I don’t think I would be interested in joining this kind of advertising job.  That being said, the page was very well written and logically present.  I am sure there are some out there who would find this a viable way to make money.  Crypto currency is growing it would appear, but I am not going to be one of them.  Standard affiliate work for me!  Good work!

  30. Hashing Ad Space has never comecacross my mind, its my first time getting to know this. There are so many ways to kill a rat on internet but a great teacher sets the difference. I love the idea of virtual streams of income and its of no wonder I loved this article. Am going to give it a try, later.



  31. Hmmm this is nice, If I was wanting to go into a crypto currency exchange or investment program then I think this would be a good place to put a advert as it seen everything is been done just ready for you to come pay and have your ads running as for the asimi token I think they should still be watched as to see if they would be able to survive the test of time.

  32. I am definitely a supporter when it comes to cryptocurrencies and earning money through affiliate marketing and AD programs. This mint program does sound a little confusing but i got the just of it. I will be more interested in the earning of affiliate side like maybe promoting products and clicking on adds. I found this site while searching for Luke Millard who i knew was a successful online investor but i didn’t know it was from Hasing Ad space.

    I am going to have a look deeper by signing up and checking out the possibilities of me to earning like this online. Thanks for the post I hope it will lead to great earning !

  33. When I first heard the term “Hashing Ad Space”, I thought it was a technique instead of a internet business platform. As this is a revolutionary platform, I’m concerned that without advanced technical skills that a newbie might not be able to fully utilize the platform. We all watch ads whether we want to or not, but I’m still not clear on whether or not just watching ads would mine enough currency to be worth it. What should a beginner expect as a return as they get started?

  34. I have done a great deal of reading on cryptocurrency, but have not encountered this method or much of the terminology you use here.  I have simply bought and traded various alt coins.  Without a great deal of risk, I have managed to make enough money to make the time worth the effort.  I am going to read your site a few more times to better understand the principle and then will do more research.  I appreciate the work you have put into this article.  I am very much interested in reading it again and learning to use this system.


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