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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions with my 3 Step Formula

Are you or would you like to be an Affiliate Marketer who earns High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions? I will share with you below a proven 3 step process that has allowed me and many of my friends who I have mentored to do exactly that.

There are many affiliate marketing programs available online, I am in no way saying that my way is the only way or that I am some kind of guru. I am also not going to guarantee your success or try to have you believe that you will become instantly rich as I don't promote the so-called Get Rich Quick or set it and forget it systems, earning an income online takes work!

That being said, are you ready to take massive action and work towards your goals while earning higher commissions and more of them, creating passive and residual income?

A Yes answer is what is necessary in order to read on, since you are indeed still reading then welcome

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Click image above for my #1 recommendation

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

No matter what career choice a person makes, we all start off in the same place as beginners. In order to become better we must invest time in learning and growing within the industry that we have chosen.

The affiliate marketing arena is absolutely something that must be learned as none of us were born with the knowledge necessary in order to earn online while promoting products and/or services.

Although I started earning online in 2009, I found a platform community in 2015 that did indeed teach many basics of being an affiliate, skyrocketing my online earnings almost immediately.

It also allowed me to assist friends that I mentor in escalating their website revenue as well, giving me my greatest progress towards my goal of helping friends online.

View my profile page at that great online learning community here now! (Your click will open the link in a new tab o you won't lose your spot on this article)

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Step #2 for Friends who are indeed ready to start earning Higher Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions and have the Basic Concepts

So, You have the basic knowledge of the aspects needed to earn with Affiliate Marketing and now you're ready to start creating passive & residual income?

The email screenshot above shows 1 of the $1,000 commissions that I earned and it is with 1 sale.

All emails showing commissions earned are wonderful, even the ones that show only a few cents earned but the ones that come with a comma are exhilarating.

If you have similar goals like I have …. to earn over $100,000 per month consistently and over 1 Million dollars in a single calendar year then go here. (As stated above, your click on this link will open in a new tab and is a different site than above. It's step #2)

How about earning an extra $1,000 per month, per week etc…. would that change your life?

Visit https://HighTicketAffiliateCommissions.com now to see how even a newbie can indeed start earning high ticket affiliate marketing commissions, Are you ready for the 15 day challenge?

You can also contact me anytime by emailing either Tony@TonyLeeHamilton.com or TonyLeeHamilton@gmail.com with any questions, thoughts etc…..

No matter what niche your online business focuses upon, you can and will benefit with the addition of these 3 steps in creating a passive & residual income as it's a formula that has been proven many times.

Become a 6 figure Affiliate Marketer this year

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Step #3 Only for Highly Experienced Veterans of Affiliate Marketing

Don't even think about clicking here unless you have indeed visited steps 1 & 2 above as this step #3 is only for highly experienced Veterans of the Affiliate Marketing industry.

You must have knowledge of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) Keyword Research, Website creation, Funnels, e-mail marketing, Pay Per Click Ads, Pay Per Action Ads, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Solo Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Downline Builders, Digital Products, Influencer Marketing etc…..

If you are already a member of the 2 sites shared in steps #1 & #2 and you know that you are ready to start your journey towards earning 6 figures per year then do take action and visit the link above to take massive action at the third step.

Also keep in mind that although the 3 steps above have absolutely proven to assist friends in achieving online earnings consistently of more than $100,000 per year that this isn't guaranteed.

There are many variables included, being coachable, learning ability, putting the training into action, your desire, work ethic, mental toughness, level emotions, assist others, want online passive & residual income etc….

Did you notice that most of the above variables are about you and your readiness? Good because a teacher is only as good as the student, are you ready?

Yes, click here!

ClickBank Digital Store

Bonus for all levels promoting ClickBank products and/or services

Do you already or would you like to promote ClickBank products and/or services?

You can have a built for you storefront like mine above, simply go to this article. (Opens in new tab with an article from this site TonyLeeHamilton.com) ClickBank pays 50-75% per sale and with CBProAds it's much easier to set up the storefront like above and/or a storefront with a particular niche.

There are so many variations available and the entire platform is so user-friendly that friends from every level from beginner to expert have been able to create an income online.

This is a bonus to the above 3 steps and can produce a very good income without having any experience in building a website as it's built for you.

You do need to share the link on your sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WebTalk, CashJuice, VIP Downline Builder, LinkTree and/or any site that allows sharing of affiliate program links.

$1,000,000 per year via Affiliate Marketing!

Earning 1 Million Dollars per year via Affiliate Marketing, does it sound impossible?

Break it down to sales, how many $1,000 commissions per day does it take to earn $1,000,000 in a year? Well, 1 sale with a 1 thousand dollar commission per day would be $365,000 per year right?

Then 3 $1,000 commissions per day would indeed be over the 1 Million mark, does 3 sales per day sound doable?

If not then how about 3 per month, that would be $36,000 per year, would that change your life in any way?

We all start somewhere, even if you start out promoting High Ticket Affiliate Programs making 1 sale per month that would be $12,000 per year, combine that with your lower ticket earnings and you are well on your way.

[yasr_overall_rating] It all starts with getting started, so start now!

Start at Step #1 then Step #2 Step #3 plus the bonus and you will absolutely be able to earn high ticket affiliate commissions creating passive and residual income while being coachable and focused on your goals and future.

Click on any of the blue words below to open the popular article in a different tab:

Taking action is indeed the key, Visit AboutTonyLeeHamilton.com ~ Google Digital Marketing Veteran today!

100 thoughts on “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions with my 3 Step Formula”

  1. Allan Terwane says:

    A very straight forward and honest presentation. I was honestly tempted to click almost at every link but he’d on as the article was also leading me on. Very intriguing and i have certainly picked a leaf from your style. Well done Tony!

  2. pranita says:

    I have already joined these affiliate programs with you, thank you very much!

  3. LanaC says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for this article. You’ve done a great job of presenting the information in a way that keeps me interested in what your saying and then inspires me to want to click the links to find out more. I am already doing Affiliate Marketing with WA, but it sounds like you are presenting another level. I’m intrigued. Honestly, I’m not a clicker. I usually hate clicking away from an article to read more. I tend to want everything I need to know right there on the page, but I’m intrigued. I want to know more about these three steps.
    Just to let you know, clicking on the videos does not open a new tab. However, clicking on the links in the article does. I’m not sure if I’m clear on the steps. I am assuming that the first video is step one. Step 1 is to sign up for Afiliate Marketing. I believe Step 2 is to join your mailing list to find out how to start an online business. I should let you know that the second link under step 2 (HighTicketAffiliateCommissions) is this post. It only refreshes this post. I believe step 3 is Growing Your Business with a VIP Downline. Am I picking up what you’re putting down?
    My question is, what if I already have a website and am already creating affiliate links in my posts? How do I find out whether this program is beneficial for me or not? I don’t want to committ I don’t want to create a new website (at this point) I just want to know how to make mine better. Thanks for this article.

  4. J W RIDDELL says:

    I still haven’t considered high tickets right this moment, but I can see you are a true master and quite possible it would certainly help me immensely earning more on one or two sales rather than many little buyers. I love the 3 steps I’ve already got 1 and 2 down I’m so looking into your program.

    Many Blessings       

  5. Idris says:

    A straight forward and honest article. I agree with you that it takes a lot of effort to start earning through any affiliate program, so patience and hard work is important! Its important that the mind is set to go for it all the way, and not ever think its a ‘make-a-quick-dollar’ scheme. 

    One thing in the article that intrigues me is the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. I really need to start learning about it in order to be confident in trying it out. I shall check out your links!

  6. Tucker says:

    What kinds of products or services are you selling to gain these high ticket commissions? In my niche (outdoor gear) there are rarely high ticket items that would earn me that much off of a 10 or even 20 percent commission. Are there commissions with higher percentages out there? (I’m sure that must be a yes, or maybe I need to expand my mind to think about other products or services that might fall within my niche that would earn me a large commission…

  7. DorcasW says:

    Hey there; wow; little most I fall out of my chair. Some guys have all the luck! What kinds of labour have you invested in your business to earn so much money in a day?

     “It’s a fun laugh” I know it is possible if you know how to apply your business and you do not have a provoking Internet supply. When I learn the business well enough to make money I will revisit your post so you can show me how. 


  8. Steven says:

    Hi Tony: Thanks for the awesome 3 steps! It’s good to know that you are willing to tell people that affiliate marketing is not get rich quick and you have to take it step by step.I am familiar with the programs noted and I can assure that people that follow your steps will be successful!

  9. T.K. says:

    I applaud you for being upfront about the fact that your method takes work, to many programs are advocating get rich with no effort sales pitches.
    I am new to affiliate marketing. I fell victim to one predatory course about affiliate marketing, and I have been suspicious of all others who claim they are offering secrets about the industry.
    People like you who are honest about the hard work it takes makes me want to continue trying to find my way in this industry.

  10. Alblue says:

    Hi Tony, thanks for writing about this topic thoroughly. I’m still on the step one. As a newbie in affiliate marketing, I feel there are a lot of things that I need to learn before moving to the high ticket affiliate marketing program. My starting goal is to have US$ 1,000 earning per month from affiliate marketing. I’ll check back your next step after I feel confident of my affiliate marketing skill. Thanks

  11. Vwegbah says:

    Oh! Fabulous! I saw you recommending a platform I’m quite familiar with. This platform is very amazing and it is something worth giving a try for everyone getting to know about it and those who have heard about it but are skeptical about it. Wealthy Affiliate indeed beats my imagination and I’ve not recovered from it till today.

  12. Barry Ovb says:

    Hi Tony. Thank you so so much for sharing your 3 steps formula for high ticket affiliate marketing commissions. I’m quite familiar with some of the affiliate marketing platforms like ClickBank and even one of the best community around for learning affiliate marketing (Wealthy Affiliate). It’s always nice reading your posts.

  13. Steve says:

    Hi Tony,  thank you for the article.  I’m inspired by your article.  I am learning this slowly and I find articles like yours a great inspiration  for people like me who do not have the experience to do this. I realize the training here at WA  will allow me to be where you are. And I do need to do this. Your article is clear and concise and is easy enough if one follows your directives.

    I checked all the links to see for myself. I love the fact that you will mentor us with no charge..  That is incredible.

    This site is well written easy to follow and I am highly impressed by the way this was put together.

    I will be in touch on your website.

    Thank you

    Steve Bennet

  14. Nathaniel says:

    Tony – Your article is well organized in that it covers three levels of affiliate marketers.  As for me it is a good future piece because I am a newbie with Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m working on quality content at this point.  I’ve ran across downline building in my reading and I’m not quite getting it.  However I am sure that when the time comes I will.  I’m bookmarking your article.


  15. Mr Biizy says:

    Affiliate marketing is actually a nice and profiting way of making money online. From my experience with affiliate marketing so far, it is not easy to make money with affiliate marketing. It could take a year or more before one can actually start earning a good money with affiliate marketing. Awesome piece btw

  16. What is Kratom says:

    So you are the guy who is doing it. There isn’t much I can offer here except maybe a little bit of levity. (I’ll hold your beer) While you do the stunts;.   But hey, I will come back later when I have your permission to click on the other links. My ambition is to manifest 100 K in one year.  But I’m so far behind you I can’t even see your dust… yet.

    I am totally disgusted with these programs who get your little bit of money ($25 -$100) making get rich quick promises only to find out that all I bought with it is a front row seat on the mailing list for up-sell after up-sell for expensive DFY programs I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to use. They might not actually be scams, but worthless to me at present.  I’ve stopped even  opening the fomo promo things to drill down on the WA training.

    See you around, hey? 

  17. Oscar says:

    Hey Tony,

    thanks for sharing programs for high ticket affiliate commissions.  

    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place for newbies to start earning commissions not only through their program, but through the training they offer, the sky is the limit.

    I have been in affiliate marketing for two years now, and the only success that I have seen so far is the learning curve, which is great, because now I am now better prepared to climb all the mountains.

    Thanks for sharing,


  18. Vwegbah says:

    Hi there. I must confess this is an awesome post that will give men exposure to high ticket affiliate marketing commissions with your 3 step formula. Affiliate marketing is my favourite model of making money online and getting to make money with high ticket affiliate marketing commissions is what every affiliate marketer dream of…

  19. Josephine says:

    I have been in affiliate marketing for a little over two months.  I finished my training but feel I still have a lot to learn and do on my website.   I’m trying to increase my traffic.  Haven’t make any money yet.  High ticket sales makes sense in order to make a good income.  I’ve been working hard and am not going to give up.  You website is very interesting to me and it has given me a lot to think about.

  20. Son says:

    The idea of high ticket affiliate marketing began to click with me about a week ago. This is because I’ve had websites in the past that made money, but not a lot of money despite earning many commission sales, all of these sales were for $0.50, $2, or $10 at the most. The greatest thing about high ticket is that you only need one and you’re already so far ahead. I’m definitely gonna look more into this, thanks for the article.

  21. Dorri says:

    I reviewed your site and your video.  I am impressed with the amount of information.  I wanted to go straight to #3 however I chose to start with #1. Pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get started and a consult within 1 day.  I am excited about it.  Thank you for this and wish me good luck!

  22. Johnny2Toes says:

    Loved your article. Very concise and laid out a path to an amazing opportunity to learn and grow an online business. I’m new to the affiliate marketing community myself and would love to kick it into a higher gear as my knowledge level increases. I do realize that making anything work takes time and investment in ones self. Investment can mean many things, money, time, education among others. I am the type of person who is not adverse to investing in myself, and I am also acutely aware that time is money. That said, When the time is right, and I’ve gotten to a point where I am ready to shift to another gear, I’ll be in touch.


  23. Irina says:

    I don’t know much about affiliate marketing, I have to admit. But I wonder why some affiliate marketers make money, and others don’t. As far as I know, there is a mentor in affiliate marketing, there are lessons that teach you to step by step what to do. So what is the secret that some people make money from?

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      The 3 step process plus bonus is right here for you Irina, contact me anytime my friend! 

  24. Muruel Silva says:

    I am Brazilian and I always come early in the morning day and night weekends looking to learn how to set up this affiliate gear. Because of so many things working on the internet I realized that this is what I want for my life.
    Because in my country Brazil people are unfortunately mostly dishonest without love of the next.
    Thanks in advance for the opportunity.

  25. Cathy says:

    Hi Tony, you seem to have everything covered from beginners to the most experience in affiliate marketing. I couldn’t help noticing the mention of solo ads and downline builders in Step #3. I read somewhere that solo ads can be very pricey and risky if you aren’t careful and downline building sounds like it’s only meant for network marketing. I don’t understand why experienced affiliates – having mastered SEO, PPC and email marketing – would apply these techniques to scale. 

    Would like to hear your thoughts about this. 

  26. Paul says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been an affiliate marketer for some time and still haven’t sold anything. Perhaps i need to spend some more time on training and you offer some interesting and inspirational advice here. One thing I have going in my favour is the resolve to never give up. Knowing that someone else out there is making good money has me motivated as i kick off for the day


  27. Sharon says:

    Hi Tony,

    Your article is loaded with so much information I will have to go through it again. I am at Step #2 and actually stuck there. Recently, started earning pennies (yes, without a comma) and don’t think I am going anywhere soon. My email subscribers list is not working well. Perhaps, I have to put in more effort. Do you have any advice or an article on how to build my email subscribers list effectively? Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Step #3.

    Thank you and regards,


  28. Ian says:

    A wonderful post and it was super easy to follow. I am so happy that I found this as I have been looking to get into affiliate marketing for some time now. I have started with wealthy affiliate but haven’t made any sales because I havent done any reviews or posted products yet. I should probably get started. Either way with the post you made I feel as if i have the right guidelines to follow and progress to work towards. 

    PS love the WA profile. 

  29. Jake says:

    Hi, thanks for giving this honest review about affiliiate marketing. I like that your started it off giving advice for beginners because that is where we all start in this journey. It is a great opportunity if people are willing to do the work. That means not watching TV and writing blogs instead! 

    The best way to do that is how this guys is advising and that is check out what he is saying.

    If you are willing to do the work then you can see massive results.

  30. Paula says:

    Your program looks Very interesting. I’m interested in the high ticket affiliate business. I think I still have things to learn so I’ll start with #1 and move on from there. I Love the idea of $1,000 commissions per sale. Thanks for providing so much info here. I’ll be emailing you as well with questions. I’m intrigued and ready to go. 

  31. Bonnie says:

    You have a very interesting process of getting started.  As I was reading I found that  it is one of the first post that has caught my attention and I became totally involved with looking at what you are offering.

    I got to the #2 part and the $7.00.  I have a limited budget and really do not have any extra money right now, so I became a little sad. I will earmark your post and go back to it later when my money become a little less tight.

    It is a real interactive affiliate post, and I really enjoyed the banter of back and forth with the program.

  32. Donny says:

    Someone once explained to me that it is easier to make 2, $100 sales that. To make 100, $2 sales in affiliate marketing and I didn’t quite get it. I just wasn’t confident enough to start a niche I could make high ticket affiliate sales but after reading his article I’m just thinking I really need to get started on this. I have also heard a lot about click bank and will be checking them out today.

  33. Paul says:

    Hi Tony,

    Being a full-time affiliate marketer, I always follow and learn from legends like you. One thing I noticed or one common thing among the successful internet marketers is they make huge commissions from high ticket offers by promoting high ticket products.

    So I was looking for some helpful information on high ticket offers and your article is a greater help. Wow, $1000 in one day is amazing, and I am inspired.

    I totally agree with you, before the earning we need to go through the learning. Continuous learning is the key! Your post made me think deeply about the subject. Step 2 & 3 are the ones I need to work on. For sure, promoting high ticket offers is on my list.

  34. HighLife101 says:

    Wow, this is by far the most in-depth, comprehensive article I have ever read regarding affiliate marketing.  You have covered everything here, and I love how you can go to other sites and gain more knowledge about the topic depending on your level of experience.  I am bookmarking this as a reference for future use because I will be referring back to it again and again, although it is a little overwhelming, realizing how much I still need to learn. I feel so blessed to have found your site, thank you so much Tony.

  35. Boniface-AndroidBix says:

    Hi Tony,

    I have gone through the article and I’ve found a lot of value in it. I’m in-between steps 1 and 2 as an affiliate marketer.  

    I’ve also watched the video and looked at the $7 offer page. I think you have something awesome on the other side and would like to consider looking into it. If I may ask, what else within the 15 days would I need to pay for, including the FB ads budget? This will help in planning. Thanks.

    Boniface from AndroidBix

  36. manuel says:

    If I could earn $1000 per sale that would be amazing. I do believe achieving this level of income involves some special skills that newbies online don’t really possess and would need to be learned from someone with experience and a record of earning this amount of money on a regular basis. 

    I would definitely love to learn and I hope I would get some of the knowledge needed to achieve this by following your recommendations. 

  37. Gomer says:

    Hey bro, good post here. As always, you’re providing so much value to your readers! I believe in what you’re saying here that anybody can join and make thousand dollar commissions as I have seen you did that in several online income programs you’re a member of. I am just wondering, is it possible for someone to earn high ticket commissions without investing big money too? Maybe you can make another blog post listing several programs or collections of programs where people can make thousand dollar commissions even if they do not have an equal amount of money spent in memberships and paid ads.

  38. Deanna Martin says:

    Hi Tony, Very interesting article. Who wouldn’t like to earn $1,000,000.00 a year. I’m familiar  with Wealthy Affiliate, also a member, but, never heard of the others. Will definitely check them out. Sounds very interesting. Been with WA for a few years now and love it. Enjoy reading about what else is also good. Really piqued my interest, thanks for sharing, Deanna   

  39. kiara_mypilatescollective says:

    This was a really great article Tony, thanks for taking the time to write it!

    It has left me with a great deal of motivation to jump head-first into affiliate marketing and encouraged me to not give up, to work hard, follow your recommended steps and believe in myself that I can make this work if I give it my all. 

    I am still very new to Wealthy Affiliate myself, I am only onto Phase 3 of the OEC training but I am already loving the information, techniques and the incredible community so far.

    I haven’t looked into promoting the “Make Money Online” niche as yet but your blog post has given me lots of inspiration to do so 🙂


  40. Cynthia says:

    I have just started with affiliate marketing. I believe I am currently at the step 1.

    The more I learn the more I realise how amazing opportunity affiliate marketing is.

    I love every step on these journey. Every day I learn something new.

    Thank you for this article, it was very inspiring and motivational. I love to see people making such a great success! Can’t wait I learn more and eventually progress to the step 2 and 3.

    All the best!

  41. riverdogg says:

    Wow that is a lot of good information for one webpage! Nice to see so much value organized in a logical progression. I read your personal internet marketing story and I just wanted to say you are a good man and my condolences regarding your late wifes’ battle with cancer. It hits close to home, two of my aunts are currently enduring their own battles. Okay so back to the topic at hand. Some really great information here for the affiliate marketing for beginners guide. I also started my internet marketing journey around 2006 but I gave up in 2010. Fast forward to 2019 and I stumbled upon the Wealthy Affiliate community and I’m happy to say I’m back in the game and now I have so much support and training that I just never had before. I truly believe any beginner to affiliate marketing could learn so much from you and from WA.

  42. Anastazja says:

    I have been building an affiliate marketing business since late 2016, with a break because I have gone back to work.  I am beginning again in earnest at Wealthy Affiliate so your article is very timely for me.  I am particularly interested in the information you offered on Clickbank products.  Your article was both informative and encouraging for me.  As I begin again with affiliate marketing, I am going to take your advice to heart.  Thanks for the article.  I will look forward to future insights you offer at this site

  43. Carol5162 says:

    I started affiliate marketing a few months ago and I am yet to focus on High Ticket commissions. I think I have got the basic skills needed. I just need  the courage to believe that I can hack it in the high ticket offers. A  sale of $1,000 commission is very impressive. I long for the day I will be able to achieve this. I am still learning the fundamentals of funnels and I hope to master this soon. Thank you for highlighting this 3 steps..Will be checking out the High Ticket platform as I believe I cover all the variables.   

  44. R.J. says:

    Hey Tony, your article was awesome. I learned a great deal and I have been thinking about promoting Clickbank products. I’m in the video game niche and I see just one thing I want to promote but I’ve tried to promote it on Facebook with no success. Also, I bookmarked your article because it is very interesting and I’d like to talk with you personally about how to go about certain things. But anyway, your article was awesome.

  45. Evelin says:

    Really good information! The post is a lot easier to read as it’s different into three separate parts. I really enjoyed reading step 2 as it provides more information that isn’t exactly for beginners. Great job connect this site to Wealthy Affiliate! It’ll really help people who are just learning about affiliate marketing or are looking to level up their businesses. 

  46. Michael says:

    Hi Tony,

    Great article. 

    I think everyone would love to have some kind of residual income. 

    When you don’t know how, it just seems a bit scary. 

    Is your training like a bootcamp of sorts or is it just a foundational, work at your own pace kind of thing? 

    It sounds great though and I would definitely like to learn more.

    Thanks again.


  47. Yes I really think this is the best and only way for you to make six figure income on a mere part-time basis Thanks.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome Lorrie!

      Thank you my friend,


  48. Robert says:

    Hey Tony! Thank you for this information on high ticket affiliate marketing commissions. Like you have been making money in affiliate marketing for more than six years. I belong to several different affiliate programs and even freelance my SEO content writing skills.

    However I am always looking for ways to add to my income streams and one network I have known about for a few years now but have not yet acted on it is ClickBank. I have heard that not all digital products in CB are worth promoting. Are there any products that you would recommend that I promote in the MMO niche?

  49. Alejandra says:

    Hi Tony,

    I’m happy to read your article today, you share lots of good information here that will help beginners and more advanced affiliate marketers.

    I liked how you explained the 3 steps to follow or to work on, it will help many to keep working on their website and get the best information and training to be successful on their online journey.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I love how accurate is the training and how it helps many to work on their dreams, as we all see everyday more and more share their success stories!

  50. scottyg1144 says:

    Great post. I love the idea of generating passive income using affiliate marketing. I really like the 3 steps approach. I have found it is very easy to get going in affiliate marketing but if you don’t have the basics you will miss out on creating a long term stable business. Learning how the basics work allows you to understand and implement the advanced strategies and maximize the opportunity. $1,000,000 per year here we come.

  51. Ellie says:

    Hi Tony, as always excellent information! I hadn’t heard of the other sites, just Wealthy Affiliate. What’s Webtalk about? Your invitation link didn’t load for me. I never thought about trying high ticket affiliate products, wouldn’t it be harder? Also, I notice the videos didn’t load for me either. Tony, I have to say your content is very engaging and thorough!

    Take care,


  52. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    Actually, i enjoyed your article about the three steps, this is my second year in affiliate marketing, I work with wealthy affiliate. according to the little experience i have in affiliate marketing, these formulas will actually work for all levels of affiliate marketers. As you stated in this article, online business is not magic but hard work, determination and learning. Thank you very much. 

  53. Neil Brown says:

    Hi Tony, I appreciate your content and have learned much from what you share. I am still pretty new to the online marketing world and I am very interested in getting down into the nitty-gritty of it. I haven’t experienced working with many Affiliate programs yet, just Amazon and Shareasale, they offer pretty small commission rates but would be interested in checking out click bank which does offer higher commission rates.

    I like your 3 step formula and like the way you break things down, I am eager to check out your formula in greater detail, thanks.

  54. WSwartz says:

    I have seen your website before and came back to try to fully understand your 3 step process. I am not sure if you are trying to promote WA or Tony Hamilton to be honest. I just find it much easier to do the training at WA. I then know how to build my own website from start to finish and I have everything right there in one place that I could possibly need. 

  55. Fran says:

    Well, you have hit a nerve.  I do want to sell some high-ticket items on my site.  My problem is not in knowing how to put them on there, but where to find them.  I look through advertisers and their lines all the time, and do have trouble finding items for my niche that will make me much.  I was hoping you’d have some suggestions as to how to find the companies that sell high-ticket items.  Perhaps you can give me suggestions.

    I use ShareASale, Commission Junction, and of course, Amazon.  Scratch the latter — I make sales from there, but so far they are all for small commissions.  For one thing, I list lots of books, and you can’t make much on books unless you sell a lot of them.  Do you have suggestions as to where I should look?  I’ll be hoping you do.

  56. Tony says:

    Hi Tony,

    I really like the sound of the VIP downline builder but I have only just started my business online. Is this something I will have to wait for and gain more experience or is it possible to join now?

    The click bank store front sounds like a really great idea as well, I am definitely going to look into that. 

    Thanks for this article and giving me some different ideas on how to grow my online business


  57. Isaac says:

    I’ve been slowing chugging away with this whole affiliate marketing thing for about a year now and haven’t seen any results, but I know it takes patience. You are definitely right that there’s no such thing as a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. It’s all about how much you put into your online presence that will be what gains you trust and, ultimately, revenue. It takes a whole of patience and persistence.

  58. Ann says:

    I have a friend that recently has introduced me to the concept of affiliate marketing and I think it’s great and would like to give it a try. He also gave me the link to your site and told me you had useful content for people like me that are just getting started. So I’m in step one and excited to get started. 

  59. Renea says:

    So much great information you have on the post. Easy to read and understand, Detailing all the different levels of Affiliate Marketing and what there about, also having all the different links to some really good information. The way the topic is  layed out draws you into read more about it. This is a good put together post.

  60. Henry says:

    Hi Tony! Thank you very much for sharing the path based on your experience to earning high ticket affiliate marketing commissions. I think I’m in step 2 and would like to get started right away. I have already comprehended the basics of affiliate marketing and have my own site, so I think I’m prepared for taking this step.

  61. shirian says:

    High ticket Affiliate Marketing commissions can be great and leads people to see the passive residual income in a long term.But that is not possible unless to get following the tips and instructions you have given us on your post. by taking only step one and seeing your profile in Wealthy Affiliate I felt like it is absolutely the right resource to take steps from initiate in order to have stable online business through Affiliate Marketing. It is amazing to know that platforms such as Click Bank offering high ticket commission products to promote and get a great result.Thanks for your all efforts and times dedicated to provide helpful posts.

  62. AirplaneJane says:

    Affiliate Marketing is definitely a way to make a living online. It does come with work and nuturing the people you are helping. Your post is awesome in generating the mindset that it is possible. I too have been working on line since 2015 and never thought of affiliate marketing before reading the 4 hour work week. Why go out and try to create a product and sell one instead receive a commission as a marketer when a sucessful product that already exists and the public wants is out there. Way to go and I hope you acheive your 1 mill in a year.  I would love that as well. Just need to keep at it daily. It all compounds

  63. Wildecoll says:

    To earn a really high ticket Affiliate marketing Commission is what I’ve always wanted and thanks to you for bringing this to the table here, it’s very thoughtful of you. If the right and appropriate ideas are not instilled in a business, to make success out of it will be a big challenging and this article has placed before me a great idea or I’ll rather call it an offer. The three Step formula is nice, I’m still a beginner if I’m to say, so I’ll check the link out and I’m sure it’ll be of great help to me. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Stephanie says:

    Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting this. Everything really promising, but do you have any testimonies of people actually earning over 100k or a million dollars? Or have you earned this amount of money with the 3 steps (websites) you provided?  I would love to hear from you. Regardless of my questions, I am indeed going to try everything you provided and see how it goes. 

  65. Rodarrick says:

    There is no shortcut to becoming successful online. It is either one goes through the rigorous process of learning and building till it grows bigger or one stick to shortcuts that will spell only doom. The guide you have shared here to getting the right affiliate high ticket programs is welcomed and right on. Thank you so much for sharing. I am just starting with affiliate marketing and though I have little experience, I will still want to start from the lesser part till I get higher in the success ladder

  66. Bella says:

    Starting an online business is a dream most people today want to get into without having a good knowledge about it. For me I have been taking training from Wealthy affiliate and ti the best of my knowledge, having a high ticket in being an online business personnel would require one to have a very good selling niche in the market and having to make their products known to the right customers. Before all these can be achieve a good training. Nice post.

  67. Twack Romero says:

    I have seen the words ‘High Ticket Sales’ flying around and I’ve always wanted to grab hold of them and make them my own. Who wouldn’t want high ticket sales ? This is a great article for us all to get on board with. I am going to take your advice though. All to often, in the past, I have tried to run before I can walk and end up losing my way. Those days are gone.

    I have taken ‘Step #1’ and I’m currently learning all about affiliate marketing and benefitting from the expertise of fellow members like yourself and those within, what is an incredible community. I’m not running yet but occasionally I feel that I might be jogging. When I’m ready, I’m coming for ‘Step #2’. Link’s on the desktop, ready and waiting.

  68. cpascal says:

    A lot of people who do affiliate marketing make the mistake of thinking that they have to settle for low commissions. The training at Wealthy Affiliate could just as well be used to promote expensive products as cheap ones. And there are more high paying affillate programs than one might think. 

  69. Russ Green says:

    Hi Tony, I started out on my affiliate marketing journey less than six months ago, I have learned a lot in that time, but I am of course still learning, in fact, I still see myself as relatively a beginner, I do however visit your website often, I have learned a lot from you and your posts and this post is no exception, I will continue to learn and grow and hopefully one day I will be able to help others too, thank you and keep up the good work.     

  70. Virendra says:

    I’ve always learned that if it looks too good to be true, than it probably is. In this vast world of bloggers trying to break through, how big is the chance that you can actually make a good living out of affiliate marketing? I would love to make some extra money on the side as I don’t really like my job anymore and I love to write. But how long does it take on average to reach your first $1.000?

  71. C says:

    Thank you for this great article. Making a million dollars in a year from affiliate marketing would definitely put me in a good position. So I am interested in your process for making these thousand dollar commissions. To make $1000000 when you get $1,000 commissions you only need to make like 20 sales a week so if you have the skills then you could definitely do that. I will keep reading your website so that I could keep learning this and be able to generate income like you do. Have a great day!

  72. Thank you Tony for the “attention” … yet, I am busy with some projects. I will surely keep an eye on this and your other manoeuvres. Have a great day.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome anytime Juan, when you are ready my friend.

      Have a great day as well,


  73. Jim Hamilton says:

    Hi Tony, Now that I’m just getting started with online business as soon as I finish my training I will get hold of you for this. It really sounds good.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome Jim, I am always here to help friends my friend!

  74. Christine says:

    The beginners stage is about learning, taking those first baby steps, very true. Nonetheless, I see many people who like to skip that step and jump straight to intermediate or advanced, especially online. I wonder why … It’s obvious that one has to learn the ropes first. I started my online SEO journey 7 months ago and I still consider myself a beginner. Although I know a little about funnels, the concept is not that clear yet… Could you give me a short description?

  75. Todd Matthews says:

    For many of us, it’s just the getting there that poses a challenge, but when broken down as you have done, three sales a day is very attainable for anyone. It’s all about knowing your target audience, defining your given niche, and as you said, taking much-needed action. Combine these three elements and you’re sure to have something big at hand. Give it time, and effort, and we’ll see the fruits of our labor come into play. 

  76. Pentrental says:

    Affiliate marketing can be one of the best ways to make money online and it’s always nice to have a solid resource such as the one you’ve posted so well here. We all have to start somewhere, and I appreciate you starting out with information for beginners. As a beginner the thought of affiliate marketing can be a bit overwhelming if not scary. With so much to consider it can be a daunting task. That’s why having the best resources and information can make all the difference in this line of work. $1,000,000 per year sounds excellent. I’ll be sure to check out all your links to see how I too can be a successful affiliate marketer and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts, well done!

  77. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thanks for this what I’m going to call a roadmap to success!

    I’ve done step 1 a while back and am ready for step 2.  Right now, my sites focus on smaller commission items and it feels like I’m doing a lot more work for less pay when I should be looking at high-ticket items.

    Hopefully I can get to step 3 relatively quickly after that.

    I look forward to learning more and building on my current success.

    Thanks again,


  78. Sandikazi Scwebu says:

    Great article.  I have learned a lot from it.  I am new in Affiliate Marketing, and I have learned a lot through training.  You right when you say it demands a massive action, and have to be coachable.  What I have also learnt is that you have to invest time and money, like in any other business if you want to succeed.   I must say it’s the first time I heard about VIP downline builder.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  79. bella says:

    Taking the process of learning affiliate marketing the proper way requires to start from the scratch and take the proper training before going higher in ranking and that is exactly what I want to do for myself here through this post. Starting from where I will be pruned and then showed the way to go by affiliate marketing. Maybe after this, I can now proceed to the next phase before learning to make high ticket sales just like you.

  80. Adam says:

    Thanks for the post. It’s refreshing to see other ways of earning a living based on experience and what you’ve built. Many go straight to recommending Wealthy Affiliate but sometimes it may not be for them. Another take on affiliate marketing is always good. While I haven’t made my $1,000 just yet, I haven’t stopped my goals and will keep going. Cheers.

  81. Danijel says:

    Hello Tony, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I think that working on high ticket sales is definitely worth it. I had an experience with Amazon affiliate and their commissions are so low that I almost give up so I am decided to follow your steps and see what happens.

  82. Sue says:

    Hi Tony Lee, this is a great and encouraging article. I say encouraging because I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a couple of years now, I have my own website, but in no way would I consider it successful. It might have something to do with the fact that I also have a day job, but after reading your article, I think I’m ready for your Step # 2. I know it’s not a get-rich-quick program and I am definitely not afraid of hard work. I enjoy working on posts for my website but somehow I thought I’d be much further along financially than I am now.

    I have to get ready to go to my day job right now but tomorrow bright and early, I will take the plunge into your STEP#2!

    Thanks Tony, some of us need all the help we can get.


  83. Claudio says:

    Hi Tony,

    I was also a beginner in affiliate marketing. As you explain Clickbank is a very good platform where we can promote especially digital products. I bought several clickbank products and had no problems. 

    I have no doubt if you are interested in affiliate marketing, do not hesitate to work with Wealthy Affiliate. As a member of them for many years as Tony, do not hesitate to register with them. They are the best they also have all my recommendation. 

    Thank you!

  84. Strahinja says:

    Thank you for sharing this concept. I know a bit about affiliate marketing and I heard about many different online possiblities. It is kinda hard to really pick a product and stay with it. What makes your formula different? I failed once with one ClickBank product, it was obviously a scam and this program really did not do much for me.

    How long before you start making money with your formula?


  85. Travis says:

    This sounds amazing! I have tried to do the internet marketing thing before but they always end up being too good to be true. I like that you are truthful and say that it will take work to be successful. Can you really make a million dollars a year doing this? How long before you started seeing results? Thank you for your help!

  86. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    Thank you very much for such great information,

    I really enjoyed this article, affiliate marketing is one of the best online marketing business, this approach will actually work for any type of affiliate marketer. once someone implements this three step formula, success is assured. Am an affiliate marketer for two years now with wealthy affiliate, thing are actually moving well. 

  87. WSwartz says:

    I found your title to be intriguing. I first thought this was going to be a review of Wealthy Affiliate but it was a different. The click- bank storefront is indeed something I had not thought of as being a profitable business. Reading your website has opened my eyes to the possibility of a click-bank business. I do question the amount of money you can make in a single month, $ 100,000 consistently does not sound like a possibility for anyone who has less than 10 years in this type of marketing. So when you say highly experienced veterans of affiliate marketing, I have to wonder how long it actually would take to get to level. I am definitely interested in finding out what I could do with a storefront business. Just being a newbie to Wealthy Affiliate and all of this is new to me, I think it will be some time before I would be ready for something at this level.

    Great website, Great topic, great graphics. You rocked this one !

  88. Donny says:

    I just got started on my Journey if being an affiliate marketer. Too bad I didn’t choose a niche where I can make big ticket sales and I just realised how much of benefit that would be, anyways my site promotes products that cost nothing less than 80$ and I hope I can make that work. I’ll try a high ticket sales niche when I’m finally ready to open a second site, as for now I think I may need to work on this one for a while. Thank you I’m just regretting why I never thought of such a niche.

  89. Letsret says:

    I was having trouble trying to decide how to incorporate affiliate marketing into my website.  There is so much information out there and the cost to join some of these affiliate programs are high.  

    I’m glad I came across your post and found it to really explain the affiliate marketing in a way I understand better.  I click on the link and the program you are using looks to be so easy and straight forward.  I love that there is a community to help out.  I will need that!  Thanks again for your post.  Lots of valuable information.

  90. Benson says:

    Wow, very impressive information you have given here. Affiliate marketing is one of the best form of making money online that I have seen so far and for some time now, from my personal information gathered, its been gaining weight in the online business so far. However having a ticket commission as an affiliate marketer is everyone dreams and everyone would do anything to get it. I’m not an affiliate marketer, atleast not yet, but learning these steps would go a long way to helping me should I go into it. I’ll love to share this post with some friends who are affiliate marketers already. Best regards.

  91. John says:

    It is very nice to read this. For me, Ian an affiliate marketer who just started off. Infact, Ian still taking trainingon a platform that I joined a couple of days ago. Seeing that I can learn how to get big commission from you is very good and I am happy you have shared your formula. I will bookmark this post to learn all I need to know about high commssions. Thanks

  92. DreaJay says:

    Affiliate marketing is a really profitable and lucrative business to do online and over time, it has gained enough recognition and praise due to its credibility as it pays a lot for those who can take out the time to work diligently. I started affiliate marketing not quite long ago and it’s been really good for me, I’ve been taking it slow and steady, articles like this have been my guide so far and I’m making progress. I’ll check out the step two link and I know it’s gonna be of great help to me. It’s nice reading through this article, all thanks to you for sharing.

  93. Andy says:

    Hi Tony, great article again.

    It is always very inspiring and motivating to hear people like you still talk so passionately about affiliate marketing. It is an exciting thing to be a part of, it means I only have to work part-time at the minute and hopefully one day I will be earning enough that I can focus on it full-time.

    I only started almost exactly 2 years ago and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed at first and attempting to earn that first bit of money felt daunting. There was just so much to learn and there still is, the training is insane but I love it, I love the feeling that with every new skill I learn I am stepping closer to that financial freedom.

    I thank you again for the inspiring posts you put out there, they are always a joy to read! 

  94. Henderson says:

    Oh, this is a very good thing. I like this post mainly because it is of so much value.. Earning commissions is a very good thing for everyone who is into affiliate marketing. That is how we are able to make money from the business. Getting bigger commssions is always a good thing and gladly you have given your own steps here. I will give it a try and be back with my feedback.

  95. shelley says:

    There are no shortcuts to making money through affiliate marketing other than to do it the right way. The post here has shared the best ways that and formula for every level of affiliate marketer and I am in the first category. The newbies and the ones that just want to learn to make money with affiliate marketing. Hence, this is helpful and I will look into the link you have shared hopefully, I will gain the needed knowledge to gain with high ticket offers. Thanks

  96. C says:

    Thank you for this great article. It seems like it is for very Advanced affiliate marketers so I will bookmark the page and come back when I have some more experience. I am definitely still a beginner because I have not actually made any commissions online with affiliate marketing. My website is up but it’s only been a few months and I’m not getting that many visitors so far. Hopefully I will have enough experience to come back here one day and use your high ticket affiliate commission strategy.

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