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With time being so precious, I decided to see if I could Hire Writers for quality content.

One of the sites that I came across was Hire Writers so I put in my request for an expert write to do a review on HireWriters.com and that is where I met caleb.

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HireWriters.com Review

by Caleb, An expert level writer at HireWriters.com

 I am a writer on HireWriters and have written dozens of articles so this is a review from someone who has actually used the website and knows how it works.

 HireWriters.com as it Relates to the Client

 HireWriters.com is a content site that pairs writers with people who need to have things written. The process is very simple for both writers and clients (clients are those requesting articles). As a client, you fill out a quick profile and connect to your PayPal account. As soon as you have funds deposited into your HireWriters account you can start requesting articles. There are four levels of writers (see below) that you can submit your request to. The higher the level, the better the writer and the higher the cost.

 All it takes to submit a request is fill out the request form. You can choose the level of writer you want to write, the category of the article to be written, the timeframe, the pay, and give any special instructions. There is a minimum amount you must pay but you can choose to offer more if you feel the article content deserves more time or expertise. The default timeframe is 24 hours. If you need to have it written sooner you can request it done in 6 or 12 hours but the cost goes up to put a rush on the article.

 The overall style and quality of the writing will vary based on the person writing the article. You will submit the article to a job board, where every writer in that level has access to it. The first writer to accept the job gets the job. As a client, you never have to worry about paying for an article that you aren’t happy with. You have the ability to ask for a revision from the writer prior to acceptance or you can just reject it. If you reject the article, you have no access to it any longer. If you really like the article and want to give extra thanks to the writer, you can leave a bonus payment. You can also favorite the writer and request articles from them directly. Similarly, you can block a writer that you do not like so that they never see any other requests from you.

 Writer Level and Price Structure

 There are 4 levels of HireWriters, the price shown is the minimum amount the client must pay. The writer will receive 81% of the fee, the other 19% goes to HireWriters.com:

  •  Beginner – $1.85 for 150-300 word article
  • General – $2.90 for 150-300 word article. Requires 3 articles and a minimum rating of 4.
  • Skilled – $3.65 for 150-300 word article. Requires 7 articles and a minimum rating of 4.1.
  • Expert – $7.00 for 150-300 word article. Requires 14 articles and a minimum rating of 4.6


HireWriters.com as it Relates to the Writer

 As a writer, I really like the HireWriters platform. I like the variety of articles that I get to write. I have written blog posts for clients WordPress sites as well as others. Some clients request the article to be written specifically for SEO and provide one or more specific keywords that they want to be included throughout the article. Some clients have very specific requests and some have more general requests.

 Signing up is very easy on HireWriters.com. They require a simple grammar test and then want a sample article. It took them about three days to approve my article and allow me access to the article requests. I am a pretty decent writer so I was able to move through the requirements pretty quickly to get to the expert level. As a writer, you can’t really make that much money unless you are at the highest levels of content writing sites like these.

 One of the downsides to this site is that once you’ve selected “accept article,” you cannot cancel that acceptance. You must complete the article in the given period of time or you will be penalized a couple dollars and received a bad review and rating from the client. This means I have to make sure I have the time and understanding to complete the article. I understand though why they have included this requirement. It gives the clients a higher assurance that the article will be completed when they need it completed. This is the only thing negative I can say about this site and it really doesn’t bother me that much.

 I have had several clients come back to me with direct article requests. This is the ideal situation for a writer and a client. The client can know what style and quality of writing they will receive. I make slightly more per article (the client pays the same thing) and I don’t have to worry about someone other writer taking the article before I have a chance to see it on the job board.

 There aren’t a huge number of jobs that come up on the expert level so it’s not like I can work full time on this site alone. But enough come through that I can usually make $30-$50 per day. My guess is that as I continue to build a larger base of clients that like my work, I will have more work coming in over time.


 I would highly recommend HireWriters.com to any writer looking to make some extra income. I would also recommend it to anybody needing content to be written. I can’t speak for other writers on this site, but I know that my clients have all been very happy with my work. This is evidenced by the number of bonuses I have received, my rating (which is given by the clients), the positive feedback, and the repeat work that clients have given me.

Above review written for TonyLeeHamilton.com by Caleb Kohl 

I, Tony Lee Hamilton would also highly recommend HireWriters.com and Caleb to anyone who needs quality content written on any topic.

View more on the pricing structure below:

New Article Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 150-300 Words 300-500 Words 500-700 Words 700-1000 Words 1000-2000 Words 2000-3000+ Words
Beginner 1.85 3.45 4.82 6.15 8.25 14.40
General 2.90 4.65 6.90 9.15 11.90 20.20
Skilled 3.65 6.15 8.90 10.90 14.40 28.20
Expert 7.00 13.40 19.40 25.40 32.40 60.00

Rewrite an Article Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 150-300 Words 300-500 Words 500-700 Words 700-1000 Words 1000-2000 Words 2000-3000+ Words
Beginner 1.58 3.06 4.27 4.87 5.90 10.40
General 2.40 3.90 5.90 7.90 8.40 16.20
Skilled 3.00 5.15 7.90 10.15 10.40 19.70
Expert 6.00 11.90 17.90 20.40 27.40 53.00

Facebook Fanpage Post Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 15-50 Words 50-100 Words 100-150 Words
Beginner 0.65 1.20 1.45
General 1.25 1.55 1.85
Skilled 1.65 2.15 2.65
Expert 2.65 3.65 4.15

Poetry Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: 25-50 Words 50-200 Words 200-400 Words 400-600 Words 600-800 Words 800-1000 Words 1000-1500 Words
Beginner 1.00 2.35 4.85 8.10 10.10 13.10 16.00
General 1.25 2.90 6.10 10.10 12.10 15.10 18.00
Skilled 1.10 3.58 6.80 11.20 13.20 16.20 19.00
Expert 2.00 4.60 8.70 13.20 17.30 20.40 23.00

eBook Prices:

Writer’s Skill Level: ~ 5000 words (about 10 pages) ~ 10000 words (about 20 pages) ~ 15000 words (about 30 pages) ~ 25000 words (about 50 pages) ~ 35000 words (about 70 pages) ~ 50000 words (about 100 pages)
Beginner 80.00 160.00 240.00 400.00 560.00 800.00
General 85.00 170.00 255.00 425.00 595.00 850.00
Skilled 100.00 200.00 300.00 500.00 700.00 1000.00
Expert 125.00 250.00 375.00 625.00 875.00 1250.00

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