HireWriters or iWriter Freelance Writers?

HireWiters or iWriter Freelance Writers, who do you recommend?

iWriter iWriter

iWriter is a very impressive website where you can read the requested articles and also write articles of your own choice. There is a skill level that is required on this website and you are paid according to your skill level. This removes the hectic of bidding on jobs, a feature that many websites have introduced. The more you write, and the better you write, your skill level will soon improve, and you will be paid accordingly.

When you write for iWriter, you have to submit the article and wait for its acceptance. The new writers are not allowed to write frequently, and this removes the greediness. The new writers have to wait around forty minutes and submitting each article, but the frequent and established writers on iWriter can submit articles more frequently, one after another. When the article is approved, the money earned from it is deposited in the writer's account conveniently.

No writer on this website has yet complained about being frustrated, and the process is very simple. The great thing about iWriter is that you get to know about your article approval very quickly. It takes only 72 hours for an article to be accepted or rejected, and this can kill the curiosity of the writer.

There is also a text editor feature on iWriter, which allows you to write articles on the website directly, rather than writing it first on your computer's hard drive and copying it to the website. If you love writing frequently, then the text editor can be very handy. The text editor also counts the words and also shows the keyword density. It also runs the article through Copyscape which tells whether the article is plagiarized or not.

Beginners on this website should not expect high pay, and it is logical. Hard work is required to make your way to the top and earn big. If you are willing to accept the hard work required to make your way to the top and earn high, iWriter is an ideal website for you. This will automatically earn you big amounts. The best and easy way to make your way to the top is to do those assignments, which have low required words. This way you will be done with the writing quickly and will also get the skill rating quickly.

iWriter is a very clean website and does not have any spams. All the works that are required and posted are legit. The navigation through this website is also very easy, and the beginners who are new to article writing and website content would realize that the website is very user-friendly with a great user interface. If you like writing content for websites and are ready to dedicate your time to it, iWriter is an ideal website for you where your hard work is appreciated and well paid as well as time passes.

When you opt for the basic option, your article is seen by all writers, and some have ratings as low as 2 out of 5? So naturally, the articles that these writers produce are not always of sufficient quality. They are also automatically approved if you don't check within 72 hours although I have known cases where the articles are auto-approved less than 72 hours before leaving you with articles that are substandard at best.

From experience going for the cheap option and making it available to all writers is not a very wise option. To be honest, the articles are written very quickly, but as they usually not to the standard required, it means you have to keep rejecting these articles to only get more of the same poor quality.

A better option, which I didn't try to be honest but will do perhaps in the future, is to go for writers that have a rating of 4.1 or more out of 5. The articles will be a better standard and maybe what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can go for the top option of only making your request available to those writers with a rating of 4.6 or more out of 5. Most likely the quality will go up again a notch, and you may get the article you want to be written to the quality you want.

Overall I would say it is worth trying iWriter but remember you won't be paying $1.25 per article, and you will need to keep reviewing the articles you receive to see if they meet the quality you want. Fail to check, and they will be auto-approved.


HireWritersPeople request the services of HireWriters when they need assistance in writing or improving content on their website or blog. The best writers usually write on any subject their clients request, regardless of how technical, scientific or detailed they are. There are HireWriters who are proficient in several languages to translate content into a language that the client needs.

Good HireWriters are also able to meet the client's deadline because this shows that they take their work seriously and respect the client's wishes. Their clients also rely on their skills and believe that they will do exceptional work because of their professionalism. It is also important to hire a writer who writes fresh and original content no matter the topic. Depending on the sensitivity of the project, some people prefer looking for writers for hire in magazines and newspapers because they trust the quality of their work.

There are different types of HireWriters. Some of them work as full-time writers while others work part-time depending on their availability and schedule. There are writers for hire who write on specific topics depending on their clients' specifications. In most cases, these writers choose topics in which they are knowledgeable. They mostly write about travel, food, medicine or any other topic of interest. HireWriters who write articles can use very crisp and articulate language to capture the readers' attention. Most choose to write articles because they can be read on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines.

Below are basic tips on getting started as a HireWriters. This is not a comprehensive list; my goal is to make this process less intimidating for you.

As a writer, you offer writing services on an as-needed basis. You can either offer these services directly to clients or through a third-party website.

Ultimately, you just start. Begin by reading articles on the topic. You can also ask existing writers what breaking into the field has been like for them. Many writers blog about their experiences, so it's easy to find this information online.

As you take steps in this direction, you will be surprised at how many doors will open before you. But it's important not to get buried beneath all of the articles and eBooks on this topic. Do your research, and then apply what you've read. Try not to settle in analysis paralysis.

What Qualifications Are Necessary
The primary qualification for a person getting started as a HireWriters is to enjoy writing. If you do not enjoy writing, you will not build a sustainable career because you will likely lack motivation when you face challenges. Qualification number two is a willingness to learn and grow as a writer and as your PR firm. As long as you are open to honing your craft and reaching out to potential clients, you can consider yourself qualified.

Business executives and managers HireWriters to write for their magazines and update their websites about new and improved products. These writers are usually qualified and knowledgeable in business and mention the services and products of the business because of the stiff competition and marketing in the business world.

Newspapers and magazine owners hire writers as columnists whose work is to write and comment on the current trends in the market and the country. Their work includes writing about an observation or a topic of interest every week or month depending on the assignment. Some writers are hired as copywriters to market products of a business and ensure that there is constant traffic on the website.

Copywriting is one of the most popular writing assignments for because there are always new products and services that need to be promoted. The best writers for hire can write with enthusiasm and interest such that people are moved to try the product or service. Copywriting is one of the most well paying writing jobs for writers.

There are also HireWriters who specialize in writing grants for clients. These clients usually look for these grants from the government and other institutions. Such writers have the mandate to appeal to these institutions and ensure that their clients get a positive response. Therefore, clients who look for these writers ensure that they have experience in this field.

If you want to focus on a specific writing service and are hesitant to start, you can find online courses on copywriting, white papers, and more. So if you would prefer to gain additional training before offering writing services, you have that opportunity in the form of online courses.

Will I Need to Build My Freelance Writer Website?
You will need a writer website if you plan to market yourself as a HireWriters. With an online presence, potential clients can find you, which can put you in the position to spend less time searching for gigs in the long-term.

With the sudden explosion witnessed in the e-commerce industry, there has been a significant increase in the demand for professional content writers. So when you look for a content writer, keep the following factors in mind –

A HireWriters should have some professional education in the fields of writing, marketing or advertising. This will help them understand various marketing principles.

Errors in the work
Even though it is possible to make mistakes, a content writer should ensure that his work is always free of any errors. Repeated proofreading will help in keeping the mistakes to a bare minimum.

Work Experience
Web content writing and SEO are the fields that are quite technical. To get a better understanding of the work process, the best thing is work experience. A content writer should have relevant experience in this field, as it improves their output in your company. Experience and expertise are important requirements in a professional.

Impressive Portfolio
The best way to judge the caliber of a prospective writer is by asking him to show his past work. Most professionals can lead you to some of their work online. If you are impressed with their work, then it is possible that you will like the work that they provide.

Finding a professional who creates original stuff is not very easy. Nowadays, there are many writers who will create most of their content by plagiarizing off other writers. If you put up such content on your websites, then it can lead to dropping in ranking or even outright ban on your site. So, ensure that the work provided to you is original. Carry out extensive background checks on the writers, until you are satisfied.

Many times you find yourself working with a writer who has a particular style of writing and does not want to deviate too much from it. Although, the writers are professionals and can provide the best work, yet it is necessary that they should be flexible enough to incorporate some of your ideas as well. After all, every client has the mental image of his website and a good provider should be able to take his views and suggestions into consideration as well, before providing him with content.


A good freelance writer can help broaden your target audience. A Professional freelance writers for hire has the necessary expertise to write for different audiences. Do you know who needs to read the content on your website? Do you know how to reach them? Trust the skills and experience of a professional writer to help you.

A freelance writer is also more likely to have a lot of contacts who will most likely share your post. The networking alone is a good reason you need their services.
Compelling content that the writer will create all the way from the headline through the content is also a major factor in getting backlinks to your site.

Hiring a professional freelance writer that can easily create original, reader-friendly pieces that entertain you and your readers is what makes content that is shared, re-posted and re-read.

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  1. Hi Tony,

    Being a freelance writer is a good and profitable opportunity for those who love writing.

    I love writing but I do research for a very long time, thus, finishing my article takes awhile. 

    My website is slowly growing and I’m planning to hire a writer but I cannot afford now, maybe in the future. So, I have to write my own articles, which is quite a slow process for me.

    Practice makes perfect, so I’m being patient and hoping that someday, I can add more value to my website by hiring a writer.


  2. We’ll, the names of both platforms looks very related if one must be honest and also learning that one can get freelances from them both is good but it’s just so hard to tell which is the best of the two platforms but still and still, it’d be good to give them a try.

  3. Composing content is an grave errand since indeed in case you wrench out a bunch of articles a week, you’re still not beyond any doubt in case it’s planning to create the natural comes about that you simply anticipate. Some of the time, indeed in the event that you type in more than 3,000 words, there’s continuously this vulnerability on whether Google will deliver you the best spot. In any case, it’s pivotal but may be a ton of work. Designating this assignment to scholars can ease the burden, but of course, you still ought to screen the work of others, particularly on the off chance that it fits your publication rules.

  4. The use of professional writers in creating content for your blog or site cannot be over exaggerated. It’s good to get a professional and experienced point of view when it comes to writing articles so that way you can be sure to deliver only premium content. I think either platform is good and at the end of the day it all boils down to personal preference. 

  5. I writer would always be a better pick for me because I have used them countlessly and they have always been the best for me. I have really been delighted that I made use of them in the past too. This is really great to see here and thank you so much for all.you have shared here. Thumbs up you here

  6. Hello Tony, freelancing is a great way to make money and if you become really good at it, you’ll be out there making name for yourself. Freelance is  a very popular online business that a lot of people are driving into neo because of the way it has been rising in popularity and it’s demands are very high.. Cheers

  7. Hello there!

    That was indeed a wonderful recommendation you have in that article. I have only known about the Hirewriters but i just got to know about the iwriter freelance writers, yet i have always wondered if there were other platforms that offers same services withthe hirewriters. It is great to know about them now, i hope they also deliver quality writers too.


  8. Freelance is  a very popular online business that a lot of people are driving into neo because of the way it has been rising in popularity and it’s demands are very high. If you don’t know how to write professionally, you have no choice than to hire someone to do it for you, it makes it eaay6.

  9. Overall I like Hirewriters. The process and the website as a whole was very easy for me to understand and navigate. I tried paying for content on iWriter and unfortunately the quality I got back was less than even decent. Hirewriters on the other hand the content was great first time ordered.

  10. For me, I would go for hire writers becuase they seem to offer better writers than I writers and also going by your personal experience with hirewritee, they seem to offer a lot more and I value all these shared here. Thank you so much for all of these here. Thumbs up to your for sharing here with us all

  11. Dear Tony, this article of yours really helped me. l am developing my own site, l have chosen my niche but also l am very busy these days because l have a small kid and we are alone at home. l really want to create good content and be regular on site but l cannot alone. Hiring somebody for writing will improve my job. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, it helps me and l am sure it will help others.

  12. Good day Tony, I really learnt a lot from reading your article ‘HireWriters or iWriter Freelance Writers’. I think both platforms are great choices to pick when hiring a professional content writer to help on your articles. It’s important to have a professional expertise when considering the creation 9f your content. I really appreciate you taking your time to give a detailed review. 

  13. I checked your connections to another article and afterward to the Hire Writers site.

    I was honestly shocked to see that they offer a 700 to 1000 word article for as meager as $5.

    Regardless of whether that is the low end. I wonder what amount more would a high positioning author cost?

    I don’t have a clue yet this sounds to me like a type of misuse.

    At the point when I was investigating independent composition for magazines route back before the Internet was a thing, independent scholars could hope to win around $50 to $100 for a short piece in a magazine and this was, harking back to the 1980s.

    I will cease from ascertaining the effect of swelling however doubtlessly this is an a lot harder and more serious field nowadays.

  14. Hey Tony,

    Just the right information I need. I am stuck in my website content writing due to work-overload at my 9-5 office job.

    I looked into the links leading to your review on iWriters and HireWriters and found very interesting information which I would like to return to one of these days.

    It will help my solve my current dilemma.

    Thank you once again, and God bless you more,


  15. I must commend your effort in creating this review. i know a bit about hirewriters as i have used their service before but not iwrtier. it is good to know that iWriter is a very clean website and does not have any spams. All the works that are required and posted are legit. thank you very much

  16. Well this is a great way for us to earn some money o this platform. Since most of the content writers have to build up the writing skills, writing more articles in this website definitely can improve our creativity. 

    However, I would like to know the details of the freelance writing program. Are there any affiliate programs that I could join? Since I am building a website that is related to building online business and I am still finding some affiliate programs online. I would appreciate it if more details of HireWriter being given. 

  17. Hey Tony. I’m wondering what the earning potential is at each of these services. It looks like if a person can produce a lot, then it can be lucrative. Do you know any averages or scenarios of earnings? Thanks for bringing these up. I hadn’t heard of either of them.

  18. Wow this sounds great., HireWriters sounds like an interesting platform for bloggers to add more content efficiently. This is a very interesting article on freelance writing  for Iwriter and HireWriters. according to me, If you can afford, it’s good to hire writers for the sake of saving time, It will definitely help in improving business. I think, you did a solid job explaining both websites

  19. I am glad to know about these services. I just recently discovered that I like to write. It started out as a journalling effort, which then grew into my first book publication. I then went on to do a course in writing articles for magazines. I am sure there are resources out there that would set me up to make a career out of it, along with these services. I know i would stick to it, because I truly love to write. Thank you

  20. Great review of both of these services Tony. I have used both and truly, the only thing I might add, as a personal word of caution, if someone is looking to use their writing services to produce content for their own site…be prepared to proof and edit, sometimes quite a bit. But, depending on your topic, this might mean mere minutes to fix some grammatical errors. Other times, maybe editing tone and yes, sometimes, you might find yourself rewriting content. Just a heads up.

  21. Having checked on both sites as a potential writer I find they are both not accepting any writer applications at the moment. It’s highly likely that they have many good writers there already and have become an authority in their field. All the more reason to go with them if looking for content to be written for you, not sure who is better but I’d probably go with HireWriters based on the previous review you got from Caleb who works there.

  22. This is something that doesn’t require a lot of problem, if you can’t write professionally and you know you are in need of a good and qualitative content,you have no choice than to hire someone to do the writing for you, this is where the hire writers comes in, they are paid to respond to you requests 

  23. Whether you are a writer or a publisher, it is beneficial to know of these sites. Writers need to know that they can get quality work and publishers need to know that they can find quality writers. I have been looking for a place to find writers and prior to finding this article I had shortlisted Hirewriters and will use the company in the future.

  24. Hello Tony, in my business I have been really good with content writing but not always chance to do it. I’m so glad I came across your post to learn about HireWriters.  Their pricing seems very reasonable for quality writing.  I was surprised to see the plethora of services they offer too (the ebook creation writing caught my attention).. I would be really happy having a good writer.

  25. I do not think I am in the right place to decide which is better between these two though hut I can actually say that they are both better and mat beybe worth it in the long run. Thank you for sharing all these here and honestly, it is worth seeing here and thumbs up to you for sharing out here with us all

  26. Ah, this is such. Ahold post on this two platforms that I should really consider giving a go and happy to know that I will be able to make some very good money from them as well. I think it is good to see about this hire writers here and the other one too. They seems very similar in name though but they are different.

  27. Hello Tony, HireWriters sounds like an interesting platform for bloggers to add more content efficiently. This is a very interesting article on freelance writing  for Iwriter and HireWriters. according to me, If you can afford, it’s good to hire writers for the sake of saving time, It will definitely help in improving business. I think, you did a solid job explaining both websites.

  28. Writing content is an onerous task because even if you crank out a bunch of articles a week, you’re still not sure if it’s going to produce the organic results that you expect. Sometimes, even if you write more than 3,000 words, there is always this uncertainty on whether Google will give you the top spot. Nonetheless, it’s crucial but is a ton of work. Delegating this task to writers can ease the burden, but of course, you still have to monitor the work of others, especially if it fits your editorial guidelines.

  29. Great review Tony, thank you. 

    In my opinion, it’s good to hire writers for the sake of saving time, actually improving your own business. These two business ideas are really great I have been into writing for a long time and really didn’t get the chance to make money.  

    Thanks for the cool review 

  30. Such helpful information!  HireWriters sounds like an awesome platform for us bloggers to add more content efficiently.  What a great way to leverage your time and scale your business!  I have used Fiverr in the past for logos and press release writing and figured I’d go that route again should I need further help in writing content for my blog.

    I’m so glad I came across your post to learn about HireWriters.  Their pricing seems very reasonable for quality writing.  I was surprised to see the plethora of services they offer too (the ebook creation writing caught my attention).  

    Great post that offers a ton of value to those needing assistance with their writing endeavors!

  31. This is a very interesting article on freelance writing  for Iwriter and HireWriters. These are platforms that could benefit both writers who can earn from it, and also those who want additional content for their websites, without having to create it themselves. 

    I write all the content for my website myself and have considered writing for other people, so this is great to see that I can offer my services as a content producer on both these platforms. 

  32. I’ve been a member of both sites, but it is only iWriter that I actually order articles from. And still, up to now, I am still ordering articles from iWriter, but maybe once per week as I write most of my articles in my blog. Only when I so busy with my offline business that I seek the help of my friends in iWriter. I have never tried writing for clients in iWriter, only as a buyer of articles. I see both sites as a good resource especially when you want to go to the next level in your bog wherein you want everything done by others so you can free up some of your valuable time. When your website has grown up to a certain level, you may really need to source out writing of your content as you can’t do all things by yourself.

  33. Great review Tony, thank you. 

    In my opinion, it’s good to hire writers for the sake of saving time, actually improving your own business. Thanks for helping with choosing the platform to look for helpers through this review on HireWriters and iWriter. 

    I’ve been thinking of applying for a job myself at some of the platforms as I want to give myself a chance to make more online income, but maybe its better to invest that time into my own content? What do you think?

  34. Hello Tony awesome article you have here again You really captured my interest with this article, for two reasons.
    As I am writing blog posts every day, it could be a great learning opportunity for me to have a top tier writer compose a post for me in my niche.  Plus, I’d have one more post for my site that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thanks for sharing this with me

  35. Nice job on writing about freelance writing I personally would go with Iwriter I think they are more established and bigger (means more work) for both writers and company/people that are looking for good writers. 

    I’m a writer myself I just write for my own blog but after this article I want to try and write for others, I will sign up for both Iwriter and Hirewriter just to see and experience writing for others.

    If anyone has written for any of these company’s please reply to my comment and help me better understand which company would be better suited for writers.

    This article gives you the basics, But if you have written for these company’s which one would be better to improve my writing for others. 

    Thank you Tony for this article this has opened another door for me, Keep on educating people about writing and which company’s has the best writers for articles.

    To Your Success,

    Alberto Lazaro 

  36. These two business ideas are really great I have been into writing for a long time and really didn’t get the chance to make money from it but getting to see these two is such a really nice idea and I would like to make the money I desire to get for them. I would also inform others that have the writing skill to help me get along with it and we all make money together 

  37. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you so much for sharing this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on which is recommendable between  hirewriters  or iWriters freelance writers.  The two are both recommendable but personally I prefer hire writers freelance writer.  Thank you,  God bless.  I would be sure to share this awesome review across various platforms 

  38. Tony – You really captured my interest with this article, for two reasons.

    As I am writing blog posts every day, it could be a great learning opportunity for me to have a top tier writer compose a post for me in my niche.  Plus, I’d have one more post for my site that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

    The other reason your article is of especial interest is my wife is a talented writer.  Her bachelors degree was in journalism. She’s done a lot of writing, also editing.  She’s been wondering about getting something part time.  Prior to your post, I had never thought about it.  

    I thought you did a solid job explaining both websites.  I think for any of your readers who are potential writers for ‘HireWriters’, your step-by-step explanation of the process for being accepted with Hire A Writer was super helpful.  I already forwarded your post to my wife.  By the way you presented the information in your article, she will be able to know if, 1) she wants to look further into it, or, 2) no, it’s not a fit for her.  I suspect others who read your article will be helped in the same way.

    And, for that, I say, “Thank you!”


  39. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about HireWriters or iWriter Freelance Writers and gave me a new system to approach Need to Build My Freelance Writer Website….thanks a lot for sharing,

  40. Hi Tony and that for the review. 

    I checked your links to another article and then to the Hire Writers website. 

    I was frankly stunned to see that they offer a 700 to 1000 word article for as little as $5. 

    Even if that is the low end. I wonder how much more would a high ranking writer cost? 

    I don’t know but this sounds to me like a form of exploitation. 

    When I was looking into freelance writing for magazines way back before the Internet was a thing, freelance writers could expect to earn around $50 to $100 for a short piece in a magazine and this was back in the 1980s. 

    I will refrain from calculating the impact of inflation but it would seem that this is a much tougher and more competitive field these days.  

    Thanks for another great review. 

    Best regards, Andy

  41. Though freelance writing is on another level of dominance these days due to the number of people getting into it. I will say that hire writers is still better than I writers. Though maybe my experience with I writers was just worse and unpleasant but my experience with hirewritwr was actually better and that is why I am rating them above the other. Thanks

  42. I actually used to be a writer on iWriter and I made about $100 total from several articles! There are 4 levels and the more articles and rankings you get, the more you progress. It’s a bit hard though as a beginner because the topic choices are not always what you want to write about and there is a time limit to get it done! If outsourcing to them, I would choose an article to be written by a higher level and ranking. You will get what you pay for!!

  43. Two good platforms for you to tell us about here and I must tell you that it is good to be able to learn about them. I didn’t really know much before now but it’s a good thing to see this and also go on to try to write and make some money from them as well. You did a good job bringing this platforms to my notice.

  44. Most people I know seems not to like the iWriter service. Perhaps because write-ups were either a mess, or writers don’t deliver as expected. Highwriters sounds like a good deal. But I am wondering about the quality of work as the criteria seems to be high, and the pay (for the writer) and cost for someone who would do the hiring. Thanks for this, would love to explore more! – A

  45. I have heard so much about iwriter but I have never actually tried the platform out. English is not my first language and I’m always really skeptical with the type of things that I write, or the words that I’m using. I’m not confident enough to submit an article even thought it would be really interesting to see some of the feedback. Have you personally tried that specific platform? 

  46. Writing is a very vast area of human life and it’s a very good way of making money. People who have the ability to express and use words well and are very good writers are making good money from it. I still prefer iWriter freelance writers, hireWriters can be annoying at times like not meeting the deadline or not doing good job.

  47. I was once a writer on iwriter and I know exactly what it entails and the rudiments and the way writers too are treated on the platform so, I can definitely say that this is really not to be compared with hirewriters. Hire writer is definitely better and if I have to use a writer, I will always consider hirewriter ahead of I writer myself. Though good post you have here and you have juxtaposed them well enough

  48. Hello

    I have looked at your topic and have noted the following

    Great information as well as good detail in your explanations. Overall I cannot see anything wrong with the topic. 

    It would be nice to see a few more images throughout the post. 

    It was a little confusing at times trying to figure out if you were talking to an audience of writers or website owners. It was a bit mixed between those who want to write and those who want to hire a writer. Maybe creating a bit of separation within the post between the two would help. 

    Do you have any affiliate links on this post ? I did not pick up on any ? It would be a great idea. If I take myself ( for example ), I would go to both recommended websites to look and scout for writers for my website. I would even research other companies offering the same/similar service. I’m sure there must be some affiliate program relating to this this topic. 

    Like I said, great article. Keep up the great work

    All the best 

  49. I’m a busy college student for over half of the year, and during that time it’s important for me to keep cranking out content at the same pace I would during the summer. It gets stressful, though, so this year I was hoping to hire a content writer. While it seems a bit backwards logic, this article was super helpful for me in finding out where to find them! I think both have reputable employees, but I find the pricing of beginner writers at iWriter appealing to my budget. Thanks for the help!

  50. Lets face it Affiliate Marketing is heavily weighed with creating great content.  The more the better.  I know at the beginning I said I would always do my writing.  Well as my business got busier so did I and I quickly realised there just wasnt enough hours in a day to maintain my business and blog by myself.

    I bit the bullet and now have a few regulars that write for me.  Both Horewriters and iWriter have produced good results for me but also some bad ones. The key is to find a couple writers that work well for you and try to keep them.

    Once again thanks for a great article

  51. Great information. A friend recommended to me that I should try some web content writing but as a newbie I expected a learning curve I will have to overcome. I will give these two services a closer look and decide if one of these fit me well. Thanks for the information.

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