How to Earn Money from Home Online

Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran Have you ever wondered “How to Earn Money from Home Online?”

In today's uncertain economy and job market as well as the fact that retirement with a great pension is no longer the norm, like it has been in the past.

These days the thought of retiring brings worries about social security as well as the ability to live on the meager amount that many employers offer in retirement and in pension plans if they even offer any.  Many companies these days only offer 401k plans where at most, the employer may match the contribution by the employee up to a specific amount.

The above is the bad news … Now for the good news!

Because we live in the 21st Century, technology is growing and becoming a huge part of our everyday lives.  Some people say that it's not a good thing, I disagree as a person who in my earlier years worked in very physical professions.

While there are many ways to earn an income online or with a Home Based Business with a Direct Sales Network Marketing Business, I myself prefer to earn an income with Affiliate Marketing and 100% from anywhere in the world and only online.  Anyone who has ever been involved with a Direct Sales Network Marketing Company knows that even though they are called “Home-Based Businesses” they actually involve traveling away from home many times with hotel meetings and “Super Saturday” events and sometimes in different parts of the State, Country and even World!

This article isn't geared toward being negative towards that business model, it's simply to share with Friends who, like me want to be able to earn an income 100% online with no travel involved unless it was for leisure.

Do you want to earn a legitimate income from home or anywhere else you are and 100% online with no travel and/or meetings outside of the home unless for fun?

If you answered yes, read on!

Now that I am over 50 years of age, my body isn't quite as flexible and/or durable as it was in my younger years as a Soldier in The United States Army then as a Mover/Truck Driver.  I am so thankful for the ability to earn an income online completely from home now while also assisting Friends to accomplish the same.

The main way that I assist Friends in earning a legitimate income online from anywhere on the planet is by sharing “My Top 4 Recommendations” as well as my other recommended sites as well.  The reason that I share 4 top recommendations and the other sites that I recommend as well is because I feel that we are all not in the same place in our online journey to learning and earning & variety is a wonderful way not to have all of our eggs in one basket.

You can learn more about my top 4 recommendations as well as the other sites that I recommend by simply clicking on the tabs at the top menu here on this website or by viewing the many previous posts.  I will also share a few things about each site in this article and include links below to some of the other posts.

Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran
The Marketing Veteran website where I, Tony Lee Hamilton assist Friends from all over the World in earning an income online.
No matter what Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales Company and/or MLM Multi-Level Company that you share and represent, The Free Network Marketing Training below can and will help you in growing your team as well as increase your revenue and traffic to your opportunity.

Are You already a member of a Direct Sales Company, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and/or a Small Business Owner?

The recommendations that I share can also assist you in growing your income, leads, referrals and traffic to your website & therefore increasing and growing your Business.

If you aren't already any of the above, don't fret as the 4 recommendations that I share are also very nice sites and more than enough to assist you in being able to earn a full-time income online.

Marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton

My Top 4 Recommendations to Earn Online!

Super Affiliate
Picture above has more info, Click on it!

Wealthy Affiliate – The #1 Rated Affiliate Marketing Business Community where since 2005 over 1.4 Million Friends have received the ability to have the Best Training and Support offered online.  Anyone seeking to learn how to not only create a niche WordPress website but also the ability to monetize their website found what they were  looking for.  In the year 2017 alone they were 250,000 Friends who got started learning and earning while sharing their passions with others worldwide.  More can be learned about WA by visiting this site and/or by taking a look at these other posts on this website as well.

Updated:  28 October 2018

I must admit and apologize that I have now found out that, yes indeed IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial is a scam and a total waste of time.

I have many friends at IBO and that is the only reason that I have yet to write a full article on this and also why I have waited until now to update this post.

To the friends who I have in the past referred to IBO, I sincerely apologize and am now asking for your forgiveness.

I didn't know that the traffic at IBO was almost all entirely fake, now I do know!

How did I find out?

As a past Club IBO member ($19.95 per month) I created a banner ad and pointed the traffic to my website specifying only one platform within IBO to share it on.  I also uploaded a few YouTube videos and had my website there as well.

Much to my surprise, my traffic shot up!

At first I was excited but then I saw that the time spent on my site along with my bounce rate were negatively affected.  Not only that but I was getting traffic from all of the other IBO sites as well.  


Yes, that confused me as well, how did my banners and/or YouTube videos get seen on those other IBO sites.  

I then had an idea …… I uploaded more random YouTube videos and pointed the link to my own IBOsocial Profile page.

Guess what happened?

Overnight, I became the #1 traffic leader at the site, so I loaded more and yes I remained easily the traffic leader by far.

I also did the same thing with 2 separate profiles and had the same results, it was so easy.

What happened?

I am so glad that you asked, it has become so obvious that IBO utilizes BOTS on their sites.  I am so amazed that they haven't been found out by Google Adsense as the fake traffic should be against their terms of service…… then again, Google probably doesn't care as long as they are being paid by their advertisers.

Are you reading this and are a member at IBO?  Send me a message if you want more details on the sharing of YouTube while having the learn more link directed to your IBOsocial Profile page.  Any YouTube video 🙂 Load about 13 of them and you'll see that within 24 hours you'll be a traffic leader.  

OK, I am usually not a negative person and that is why I haven't openly disclosed this information until now but I must now share so that more friends don't fall for the IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial scam, especially Kris Karafotas who is either the owner and/or the owner trusts her to run the show there. 

Terrible support & leadership is also part of the IBO scam, the community of friends is the only reason why I stayed a member as long as I did.  Please disregard all of the content below as it was written back when I had no idea that IBO was a scam.

IBOsocial is a scam

IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox – Also a great community except unlike WA above, IBO is a site that is more populated with Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Direct Sales Representative, Multi-Level Marketing and other types of Independent Business Owners.  There are however also members who are traditional Brick & Mortar Business Owners, Social Media Business Owners as well as those of us who moreso share Affiliate Marketing Programs.  Much like WA mentioned above, IBO does have a training platform as well as a Press Release writing option where advertising credits are earned while sharing with others.  IBO is a wonderful place to share sites like WA, GML, SMTE that are the other 3 sites that I highly recommend.  All 4 sites have an Affiliate program where when sharing with friends the opportunities we are also able to earn commissions.  To learn more about IBO, view my IBO Profile Page here as well as these other posts right here on this website.

Global MoneyLine – GML is an amazing site for sharing with others within the platform and all communication happens right there on the platform with no emails exchanged.  The only persons to receive your email address will be the Admin and I as your referrer so your email inbox will not be bombarded with emails at all.  This platform isn't a type of community like the other 2 above although there is communication within the members via messages and you can message everyone who joins after you as well as those who join before you who message you.  This site has been my #1 source of income of any that I highly recommend and I have been a member since October 2016 – The other 2 above I became a member of in June 2015 – The one that I will share below just launched on Friday the 13th of October 2017 so it's relatively new.  To learn more about Global MoneyLine visit this link to other posts from this website or click here to go to the main GML site.

Best Free Website Advertising TrafficSocial Media Traffic Exchange – SMTE is actually a site that I personally launched as mentioned above, on 13 October 2017 and it's a place to share only secure websites and banners.  I created SMTE because while I love Traffic Exchanges, I didn't love that almost all of them are either not secure and/or full of bots and not real members.  Because I am the only Admin for the site, I can 100% guarantee that the members are indeed real people and not bots so your secure website will be viewed for real.  Because it's a safe and secure site only allowing safe & secure sites, many Friends who share less than legit websites and/or opportunities either don't join or when they do join they find that they can't share their site.  Legitimate and Safe Websites and/or Opportunities shared by Positive, Sharing & Caring Friends are all welcome so it's a wonderful place to earn traffic, referrals and revenue.  When I share the main site site  because I am the site owner, I have set it up so that all Friends who are Gold Members will randomly be assigned as the referrer.  (Myself included, I haven't been able to find a way to exclude myself in the random drawings)  To learn more about SMTE on this website take a look at these articles.

Tony Lee Hamilton – The Marketing Veteran

The marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton

I, of course am Tony Lee Hamilton and I am known on the internet as The Marketing Veteran and I give you my solemn promise that when you join one, two, three or even all 4 of the above sites that I highly recommend that I will be available to assist you when you ask me for my assistance.

Will I do your work for you with it all being a done for you, set it and forget it type of “Opportunity”?

No, it'll take lots of work and all that you've got!

Will I push you and make you become successful?

No, I will not and as a matter of fact I won't ever contact you to have you do anything because I will be busy helping Friends who are taking action then therefor asking me questions and for my assistance.

Will I help you when you ask and are actively working on the growing your business?


Absolutely and I love helping Friends!

Will it be easy?

No but I guarantee you when you take action and stay the course that it will absolutely be worth it and that we'll accomplish great things for ourselves and those who we love and share with as well!

Talk with you soon my Friends, Contact me below with any questions and/or requests.

Below the contact form is the comment area and I always also welcome Friends to share comments with us all, Testimonials about the above sites are most the most welcomed comments but all are appreciated.




6 thoughts on “How to Earn Money from Home Online”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this post.

    I too used to be involved in Network Marketing.

    While it seemed to work wonders for some, I personally did not find it to be a sustainable business model.

    Out of your 4 recommendations, I think I have a stronger preference towards Wealthy Affiliate, as that is the business model that seems the most attractive to me.

    The Social Media Traffic Exchange looks really interesting too.

    Looking forward to your future posts!


    • Hi Eugene,

      thank you for stopping by to read and comment my Friend.

      Also welcome to Wealthy Affiliate & Social Media Traffic Exchange Eugene, I will be available whenever you ask for my assistance.

      You are welcome back here anytime Eugene,


  2. Hey Tony its always been my dream to make money online from home or wherever for that matter because I would like to travel as well.

    I will check out your 4 top recommendations to see which is the most appealing to me.

    I have heard a lot about affiliate marketing which I would like to try. 

    Which one of your top programs do you recommend for this?

    • Wonderful Chris!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for learning about Affiliate Marketing my Friend.

      The others work well along with WA and each of them also have Affiliate Programs built into them.

      Contact me anytime Chris,


  3. Those are some interesting opportunities that you mention in your article. 

    With all the junk being offered online about making money from home, it really is good to get recommendations from somebody that has taken the time to use the various platforms.

    For a total newbie who was wanting to start an online business with affiliate marketing, what would be your top recommendation?

    • Hi Lesley,

      since you are a complete newbie my Friend, I would recommend for you to start with Wealthy Affiliate and Social Media Exchange then add the others when you feel comfortable to continue to learn and earn.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your question.

      You are welcome back anytime Lesley,



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