1. Hi Tony,

    I liked your post! Am going to look more into Global Money Line. I liked the concept you mentioned of building website traffic.


  2. Hey Tony, my name is Peter and I am a WA member. I follow you there and on face book. I have looked through your website many times and have always been intrigued I have noticed that you are available to help. However, at the moment I am not trying to specifically promote WA, its next on my list, and did not know if your ideas work for any site.

    I am serious about making money online so anything you can suggest would be helpful.

    Thanks Tony and Thanks for your service.

    • Hi Peter,

      Wonderful to be connected with you on WA and Facebook my Friend!

      My suggestion would be to go to the top of this site, hover over the menu tab “My Top 4 Recommendations” then click on one of them to get signed up for Free and repeat the process joining all 4 of them for Free.

      I’ll be available at those sites to help whenever you as Peter.

      Talk with you soon,


  3. Mike James

    I like what I’ve read on your sites and I’m a complete newbie to Affiliate Marketing, Twitter, Instagram etc… I joined WA user name mjam235, following you and as per instructions contacting you here. I could use your help and knowledge in getting this going. I have gone through level one certification, going through level 2.
    Also I am a veteran of the USMC, Mortarman/infantry and a U.S. Army veteran Combat Medic(disabled) So from one Vet to another Thank you for your service! I look forward to learning from you. Thanks.

    • Thank you for contacting me Mike!

      I am always open to assisting Friends and especially fellow Veterans, at the top of this site hover over the menu tab “My Top 4 Recommendations” then click on them one by one joining them all for Free.

      Once you have joined each of them for Free, take the time to set up your profile page at each and follow the directions there.

      I will also be available to help at any of them Mike and welcome any questions that you may have once you get your profile set up after signing up for Free.

      Talk with you soon my Veteran Friend,


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