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How to Increase Traffic for Your Website

increase website trafficThere are many ways to increase traffic to your website and I will share some of the best ways with you that I know of in the post below!

We all know that content is King, we also know that content takes time to attract traffic.

What can you do while you are waiting for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to realize that your content is good and valuable to a person searching for what you are hoping to rank for?

Quite a bit actually!

View the list of what I do to rank sooner while content takes it's time to develop traffic to my website:

  • Social Media Traffic Exchange – A new site that just launched on Friday the 13th of October by Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran ( Yes, that's Me 🙂 ) – It's not only the Best Free Website Advertising Traffic, It's also the Safest & Most Secure as well!  Even while surfing the other sites you'll see the Green Secure Padlock in the top left corner.  That's because only Secure & Safe websites and/or Banner Links are allowed at!
  • Social Media Platforms – You can also share your website posts onto other Social Media Platforms such as Facebook Groups, do a search on Facebook for groups within your niche and join them then interact with others. A group that I created and highly recommend for Affiliate Marketing Friends is called Internet Affiliate Marketing Friends.  Of course there is also Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Xing and others as well.
  • Join other sites that have Communities – There are 2 of these type of sites that aren't the traditional “Social Media” sites, although I highly recommend them over the “Social Media” sites because they are Communities with like minded Friends and therefore they are more willing to share and look at your website(s) and or blog posts.  You can view my Top 5 recommendations in the menu bar at the top of this site!  Here are the links to the reviews here on my website of the top 2 Communities that I recommend for all Affiliate marketing Friends!

I hope that you find the above tips helpful in learning how to increase traffic for your website, look for more information within that I know you'll find helpful in the menu area above including the “Recent Posts” as well as the “Top 5 Recommendations”!

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