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Updated:  28 October 2018

I must admit and apologize that I have now found out that, yes indeed IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial is a scam and a total waste of time.

I have many friends at IBO and that is the only reason that I have yet to write a full article on this and also why I have waited until now to update this post.

To the friends who I have in the past referred to IBO, I sincerely apologize and am now asking for your forgiveness.

I didn't know that the traffic at IBO was almost all entirely fake, now I do know!

How did I find out?

As a past Club IBO member ($19.95 per month) I created a banner ad and pointed the traffic to my website specifying only one platform within IBO to share it on.  I also uploaded a few YouTube videos and had my website there as well.

Much to my surprise, my traffic shot up!

At first I was excited but then I saw that the time spent on my site along with my bounce rate were negatively affected.  Not only that but I was getting traffic from all of the other IBO sites as well.  


Yes, that confused me as well, how did my banners and/or YouTube videos get seen on those other IBO sites.  

I then had an idea …… I uploaded more random YouTube videos and pointed the link to my own IBOsocial Profile page.

Guess what happened?

Overnight, I became the #1 traffic leader at the site, so I loaded more and yes I remained easily the traffic leader by far.

I also did the same thing with 2 separate profiles and had the same results, it was so easy.

What happened?

I am so glad that you asked, it has become so obvious that IBO utilizes BOTS on their sites.  I am so amazed that they haven't been found out by Google Adsense as the fake traffic should be against their terms of service…… then again, Google probably doesn't care as long as they are being paid by their advertisers.

Are you reading this and are a member at IBO?  Send me a message if you want more details on the sharing of YouTube while having the learn more link directed to your IBOsocial Profile page.  Any YouTube video 🙂 Load about 13 of them and you'll see that within 24 hours you'll be a traffic leader.  

OK, I am usually not a negative person and that is why I haven't openly disclosed this information until now but I must now share so that more friends don't fall for the IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial scam, especially Kris Karafotas who is either the owner and/or the owner trusts her to run the show there. 

Terrible support & leadership is also part of the IBO scam, the community of friends is the only reason why I stayed a member as long as I did.  Please disregard all of the content below as it was written back when I had no idea that IBO was a scam.

IBOsocial is a scam

What Is IBOtoolbox?

IBO Toolbox

IBOtoolbox stands for Independent Business Owners Toolbox and if you're asking the concern is IBOtoolbox a scam, scheme, MLM or pyramid the response is NO!

IBOtoolbox provides a place where independent business owners can market their companies in lots of different ways for no mandatory payment or charge ever.

IBOtoolbox is a relatively new community, having been around for only a few years that concentrates on assisting independent company owners promote their online companies with tools that they provide totally free of charge. This is something that works and there are many business owners that are utilizing this platform that swear by it. As online company owner and entrepreneurs we are all searching for methods to promote our organisations and produce more traffic.

This platform is created to assist individuals that are beginning in the online business world kick start their marketing with outcomes. IBOtoolbox has actually likewise proven to be useful to entrepreneurs that have actually been around for a while and have figured out the best ways to have some success with running a business online.

When I first began in the online earning business, I was browsing for legitimate methods to get started making money online, I remember. It wasn't until years later on that I stumbled into a community called Wealthy Affiliate Online Training, and I could not believe what I had discovered. It resembled the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me.

IBOtoolbox is a different type of platform but comparable in many ways as far as being a truthful place that delivers precisely what they declare to provide. Places like this are scarce on the web. Many of the important things we encounter that make claims of assisting us build our organizations are absolutely nothing however frauds that are created to go into our pockets.

IBOTOOLBOX is exactly the kind of thing that we are all looking for. A legitimate location to construct and promote your online business that provides, without needing to fret about being scammed.

IBO has actually absolutely assisted me to move my business in a favorable direction. Checking into my IBOtoolbox once a day to make sure all of my complimentary advertising is getting the most that it can has become part of my everyday routine.

If you're looking to get begun constructing a legit online business and need good training with excellent support my number # 1 recommendation is always Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Classes
Affiliate marketing Classes for Beginning Bloggers

Then IBOtoolbox is the one that I recommend for getting more direct exposure and increasing your traffic flow, if you have currently established you site and have a good structure.

IBOtoolbox is exactly the kind of thing that we are all looking for. A genuine place to develop and promote your online business that delivers, without having to fret about being scammed.

As soon as we have our websites in place our focus shifts and our energy is now directed towards generating traffic. There are many ways of generating traffic online and naturally your finest choice is always going to be creating excellent material for your readers. IBO has definitely helped me to move my business in a positive instructions.

Then IBOtoolbox is the one that I advise for getting more exposure and increasing your traffic flow, if you have already developed your website and have a great foundation.

IBOtoolbox & IBOsocial are 2 separate sites within the same site, I understand that sounds confusing and I'll attempt my best to describe it so that it makes more sense.
Below is a screenshot of the IBOtoolbox dashboard, it's where we share Press Releases along with posts about our websites and/or opportunities which are all likewise indexed by Google along with the other online search engine like Yahoo & Bing simply to name a couple more.

IBOtoolbox dashboard
You most likely likewise noticed my Banner ad at the top of the IBOtoolbox dashboard in the screenshot and yes I did prepare it that way. When I caught the photo on my LG android cell phone, I made sure that my banner ad was at the top.
The factor that I bring that up is so that you can see that advertising is extremely much a part of the platform, what lots of do not understand is that there are over 300,000 visitors to IBO each day and 90% of them are nonmember traffic.
IBOtoolbox is for absence of a better description, our back office. Visitors can see our posts as well as click on the ads and read our Press Releases but in order to get and comment involved with communication would need to join the website.

The screenshot above shows the dashboard at IBOtoolbox and you can likewise see the “Site Navigation” location at the leading ideal side. That is the primary location to browse around the IBO toolbox dashboard.
There are choices to be able to edit your profile page, develop a Press Release, check your messages, view your IBO Associates (Friends) established your banner and/or text advertisements, purchase advertising credits, (There are likewise lots of totally free ways to get IBO advertising credits daily) there is an IBOURL tool for shortening URLs, you can inspect your leads, (Visitors to your IBOsocial profile page who send you a message and/or sign up with IBOtoolbox) see the IBO Newsletter which comes out every Sunday afternoon, get your IBO recommendation links and/or banners, training, IBO help desk as well as examine your incomes as IBO now has an Affiliate program for those who refer Friends to IBO that purchase advertising credits. 50% is paid for Club IBO Members and 20% is paid to free/non club IBO members. (Club IBO is $19.95 per month and comes with a 7 day Free trial) Club IBO Members also get 4,000 IBO advertising credits per week as well as double the advertising credits when purchasing. Numerous other advantages to the Club IBO subscription are included.


Club IBO Advantages:
Ad-Free IBOsocial Profile page
Double the credits acquired
IBO factor badge to reveal that you are major about your Business.
50% commissions on referrals advertising credits compared to only 20% for non Club IBO members.
Not mandatory, I highly recommend becoming a Club IBO member and taking the Free 7 day trip to see what a fantastic advertising platform that IBO is and how it will elevate your business site traffic, referrals and revenue!

ibotoolboxHere to the left is a screenshot of my IBO profile page at

IBOsocial.com/ TonyLeeHamilton

When You visit my IBOsocial profile page you'll see that I have embedded some of my Instagram posts there, HTML is enabled there and.
I like instagram and IBOtoolbox/ IBOsocial for promoting my other sites that I highly advise and that can be discovered at the top of this website together with IBO where it states “My Top 3 suggestions”.
You can also view other posts about IBOsocial/ IBOtoolbox at MyIBOToolBox.TonyLeeHamilton.com along with posts titled My IBOtoolBox Press Releases, What is on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard?, IBOtoolbox Dashboard FMOTD, IBOtoolbox is the # 1 ToolBox for Independent Business Owners, Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Wealthy Affiliate & IBOtoolbox/ IBOsocial, Featured Member of the Day 6th time at IBOsocial/ IBOtoolbox, My IBOsocial Facebook Page simply among others.

As I'm sure that You have figured out, I genuinely like IBOtoolbox/ IBOsocial and together with the other 2 websites Wealthy Affiliate & Global MoneyLine that I highly recommend as my Top 3 I believe that everybody who wants and has a website to grow their online business must join!

IBO ToolBox IBO Social
I welcome any and all questions and/or statements about IBOtoolbox, IBOsocial, Wealthy Affiliate and MoneyLine in the remark section at the bottom of this page please and thank you Friends.
I have been a member at IBOtoolbox/ IBOsocial for over 2 years so I'll share my testimony proudly!


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