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IBOToolbox Scam Fake Traffic from Bots & More!

[yasr_overall_rating] Yes my friend, IBOToolbox/IBOsocial is indeed overrun with fake traffic using bots and IBOtoolbox is a Scam site. The profile pages at IBO are at IBOsocial and I myself was at one time a very active member at the site. I even recommended and referred IBO to many friends in the past, I do apologize and didn't know about the bots back then.

Now I do know about the bots and even though I do have many friends at IBO, I am no longer a member and don't recommend the site to anyone. If you are a member and/or do become a member, I recommend not sharing your actual website because the bots will ruin your rankings at Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…..

There are many wonderful people at IBO and you can indeed share your opportunities there successfully, just don't spend any money and/or much time there. Your banner ads that look like they're receiving clicks, maybe 10% of the clicks are real, the rest are bots.

What is IBOToolbox – IBOsocial?

If you aren't yet aware of IBOToolbox/IBOsocial then I'll share some popular reviews about it right here so that you will have a better understanding of the platform.

Below I will share a few of the highest ranked reviews about IBO:

IBOToolbox launched in 2010 and the original owner/founder was Paul Williams, in my opinion IBO went downhill fast after the sale of the platform. The current owner is unknown but I do have a very good idea who owns IBO now and she has no clue as to how to run any business, let alone a platform for members.

Bots on IBOToolbox Scam

How do I know that IBO is a Scam and Uses Bots

Thank you for asking & I will tell you that I was so surprised when I found out. IBO does have the opportunity to share ads via text, banners, YouTube videos etc… and in the beginning I would share basically only Affiliate links to sites such as Wealthy Affiliate, Global Moneyline, Social Media Traffic Exchange etc…… with some results.

What changed?

I decided to start sharing my content via my website posts and/or pages and saw traffic coming to my website so at first I was thrilled. That all changed when I started taking a better look at the stats, normally I try not to place too much emphasis on stats & instead more on results.

When I took a closer look at the statistics, that is where I noticed that although I was achieving some results, I was also seeing a much higher bounce rate and less time on my posts. It was so drastic that my posts were receiving site views that weren't even 5 seconds …… Wow, why were so many people visiting and then deciding to leave so quick?

At first when I saw my stats take a turn for the worst, I thought that it was me, so I took an even deeper look at my stats and that is how I found out that IBO was utilizing robots to send my ads fake hits and traffic. Even though I was only targeting my ads to the IBO wall, I was receiving clicks from their other associated sites like IBOTube, IBOGigs, IBOurl, IBOsearch, IBOList etc….

I immediately stopped sharing my website at IBO and my rankings with the search engines slowly started climbing back up and guess what, my stats went back to normal again.

To test my theory about the use of robots, I decided to do a couple of things differently to see what the results would be. At IBO there are traffic leaders and the leader board resets daily and is based upon how much traffic goes to your IBOSocial profile page. I pointed my ads to go to my IBO profile page and almost immediately became a leader in traffic, ironic right? Well, I didn't stop there, I also uploaded a YouTube video and had the learn more link linked to my IBO page.

Guess what?

Yes, You are correct!

My traffic to my profile page at IBO increased even more and I was even higher on the leader board for traffic at IBO. What I did next is even more telling …… I uploaded 13 YouTube videos (Not anything even remotely associated with IBO) and sent the learn more traffic to my IBOSocial page. From that point on, I was not only on the leader board, I was by far the #1 traffic leader at IBO.

If you are a member at IBO, try it for yourself and you will also see. How do I know? Because I asked 2 friends who were new to IBO to try out this method and yes, they were both at the top within the traffic leader board within 24 hours.

Better alternatives to IBO = Share Your Online Business Opportunity Here!

Club IBO Commission Structure

Club IBO – Should I Join?

IBO does have an upgrade option and also an affiliate program within the platform. When referring others to IBO, You are supposed to receive 20% when that person purchases a traffic package. (Club IBO purchases don't qualify) As a Club IBO member you are said to receive 50% of your referrals advertising purchases that aren't ClubIBO memberships.

Did you notice above that I said, “you are supposed to receive 20% and said to receive 50%” The reason that I said that is that I myself was cheated out of many commissions and know others that were as well. That being said, the “trainer” at IBO who I sincerely believe to be the owner also cheated me on another occasion.

Why did I stay and why did I remain a Club IBO member even after she cheated me? Because the community is full of great friends of mine and for the most part, IBO is a place to share opportunities with others. Club IBO is only worth it because of the added exposure within the system as the membership is less than $20 per month. Don't share anything except for affiliate links, never ever share your website, because the bots are rampant there.

IBOToolbox IBOSocial Scam

Should I Share My Google Adsense Code on IBOSocial?

No, absolutely not!

IBO does say that you can share your Google Adsense code on your IBOsocial Profile Page and while that is indeed true, don't do it!


Because although Google hasn't shut down IBO yet for the fake bots, I am confident that they will eventually. You don't want IBO to take you down with them, they are cheating those who pay Google every day for fake traffic to their Google AdWords. Do you pay Google via Google AdWords? My recommendation is that you turn IBO in for cheating you, view the YouTube video below to see how IBO not only cheats you with bots but also rewards its members with advertising credits for clicking on your ads. (View it at about the 40-minute mark.

Training & Support

Both are almost non-existent at IBO, members are what make IBO even tolerable. Don't expect any kind of support from the admin and/or help team at IBO, they will either take forever to help you or never respond. Training at IBO is terrible as well, they do have a Sister site called that is ok for showing how to use IBO to share your opportunity. Other than the training on how to share your opportunity, complete your profile on IBO, utilize the advertising etc.. The training is outdated and as inspiring as Kris is. (She isn't and neither is her so called training)

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Do I Recommend IBOToolbox?

The above is a great question and I will answer it this way, The Community is great but:

  • Don't share your website there
  • Don't refer friends there unless you share the above with them
  • Don't expect any support and/or training from the admin/trainer
  • Don't get caught up in the stats (Only about 10% is true, the other 90% is bots)
  • Don't share your Google Adsense on your IBOsocial Profile Page

Remember, IBOToolbox/IBOSocial Scam does indeed utilize Fake Bots for Traffic so tread with caution in the event that you do decide to join and/or stay at IBO my friend.

Tony Lee Hamilton Header Image

What do I recommend?

Thank you for asking and my answer is that it depends upon where you are at in your online journey, where you want to go and when you are ready to start ………. It's all about learning and earning so leave a comment below with any specific questions and/or concerns. You can also contact me privately via the message me form below as well.

Talk with you soon,


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128 thoughts on “IBOToolbox Scam Fake Traffic from Bots & More!”

  1. The company name clearly has the name “bot” incorporated in it so I honestly would not expect any less than non-human technology doing all the work of giving your website some clicks in order to have more visitors but that doesn’t really do anything to help you improve your business, much less help you engage with real people that could potentially become a huge part of your business. 

  2. Another good one from you Tony, I am really inspired to say the least. Thanks for sharing this detailed info on Ibox. To be honest i was really shocked by the review as i didn’t know about Ibot. As usual, you have been able to break it down for me and make things =. Thanks

  3. An interesting article and an important one to share! Many might be taken in by this without the information you have shared here. You mentioned that Google will probably close IBOT down and in the meantime how is Google reacting to those using the software? Are users being penalised – i.e. are their rankings going down? If I accidently came across this without having the information you have provided here in your article, I might be motivated to try it and can see why one would. 

  4. Thanks for this review, I’m always anticipating seeing something new from you Tony cos I always have a lot to gain from it. I’ve heard of IBOToolbox a couple of times but I didn’t get to register for it cos I wasn’t so sure about it then, getting to know that it’s not worth spending a penny on and all the clicks are by bots and not actual people makes it worse. I urge people to stay out of shady deals, they are pure scam.

  5. Thanks for this much-needed article, Tony. I guess the old saying still holds up: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I’ve had bad experiences with fake views and bots in the past as well, even though the seller claimed that all the traffic would be organic, and it sucks to know you were better off patiently waiting to grow traffic on your own.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this review here about this ibotoolbox. 

    In all honesty, I hate not generated organic traffic like this and the more reason I feel that this is a lot better for me to not like this ibosocial site.

    If I can, I will try to get other people sensitized about platforms like this getting fake traffic is always annoying and thanks for your detailed information here. 

    Thanks so much

  7. Thanks Tony, I love articles that uncover scams and help the world avoid malicious and businesses with ill intent. Bots have their place and technology can make the world so much better but when they are used to fake numbers in order to increase financial gain… that is what we call cheating, illegal, not cool, etc. 

    Hopefully more will come to see IBOToolbox as the scam it is and it will fade away into non existence. 

    Thanks for having our back’s Tony.


  8. That is interesting about IBO Toolbox – I never knew about all the bots but I was never a fan of this membership site. I signed up many years ago to have a look at it but I just never really got into it. It was not my thing. I like to spend my time on my own websites creating content and increasing my reach online. I don’t like signing up to all these membership sites and then having to spend time there networking. Other than Wealthy Affiliate and a membership website of my own for women bloggers I don’t enjoy networking in that way. 

  9. Hello Tony, thank you very much for your post. So that people can identify and be aware on this scam and fake traffic tools. I have not tried IBOToolBox, but I had tried something similar. It’s like an automatic bot on Telegram, it shown to help to get rich quick, but when you sign up for free, it took really a long time, I meant like +30 years to cash out for just $5, unless you purchase their plans to get boosting. After a while, once I saw this account has been terminated on Telegram. Lucky me that I never put any money into such “Get Rich Quick” scheme. 

    I’m wondering if Google will get rid of this kind of companies, well at least to identify if this kind of companies are poisons or not, so people can be aware on it.

  10. Wow, I had just seen an ad for it and thought it would help get some traffic.  I am so glad I saw your review before I signed up.  It sounds like it is going to do more damage than good.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  It also shows that when you don’t know who is behind the program, then you need to really question whether they are there to help you or not.

    thanks again Tony, another scam avoided!!

  11. Wow, you make a lot of good points about IBO but most of what you believe is clicks from bots are likely the average traffic exchange issue and that is people only want the credit for viewing the ad and not to actually read your content. To that extent the banner and text ads there have always sucked and their traffic systems make no sense as they pay people in traffic to visit your site for only 3 freaking seconds. Many of their systems no longer work or don’t work properly and they blatantly allow spam and discourage you from negative comments on SPAM posts. Needless to say, like you, I have moved beyond them as a viable traffic source.

  12. Hi Tony!

    Another great review. I would figure Google would be able to find companies like these that use bots and get rid of them. It seems like they’re riding a wave and making as much money as possible before they are shut down. Sad way to do business but there are people like that in this world looking for shortcuts. 

  13. Wow! I actually kind of forgot that fake traffic is a thing. I need to keep this in mind as I look at my numbers. I wonder what the real traffic is… Anyways, thank you for exposing IBOToolbox for what they are. It’s when I read things like this that I wonder why the internet isn’t policed more. Granted, you do a good job, too, Tony, but imagine is there was an officer dedicated to regulating ecommerce. Wild thought!

  14. Wow Tony, thanks again for identifying a deceptive website that at first glance looks to be beneficial, but in reality can do damage to our online business.  Forgive my ignorance, but is the point of these “bots” to artificially make it look like a website gets much more traffic than it really does?  If search engines such as Google already have algorithms to detect such activity, it would seem that the “bot scam” is somewhat outdated.  Again it’s always a good reminder that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  15. There is so much to learn when doing business online. Thanks for people like you Tony who do not mind sharing truth and admitting when you missed the mark. I have not gotten that far in my online business however I have developed my website and I am about to research and invest my time in increasing my online presence as a healthy living coach. Again, thank you. I really enjoy reading your articles as my site theme is knowledge is power. I always have power to make better decisions after reading your articles.

  16. Well I guess in this instance it is a good thing I didnt join this IBOtoolbox.  However thats a statement I dont like saying.

    Its great now that your readers know that there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing and often they are hard to spot.

    Thanks Tony for a great honest article.  I always look forward to your reviews and your writings.

    The fact of the matter is I love the way you shoot from the hip and how you are willing to help people.

  17. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing your views on ‘IBO toolbox’ system to get easy traffic and for free. I was doing research on internet Bots and got this useful information. I have read many of your blogs in past and it was great to know that Stars too get bogged down during their journey on online business. Your sincere apology on the subject created more confidence in you. Will be looking forward to more such information.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  18. Wow I never knew this. Now personally I am not a part of IBO but thank you for the warning in advance. I am new to the online business world, with a new domain and this helps me to not fall for the trap of fake robot traffic, and the risk of reduced rankings in google. Found this article very interesting and very helpful. Thank you!! 

  19. Thank you Tony for exposing these guys for who they really are. Not a lot of people would be as observant as you and if I was the one I sure would not have even noticed that these guys make use of traffic bots. You have also given me a good idea to try and probably pay more attention to using google analytics to vies some stats about my website. I have not really been making use of it because like you said I probably did not want to focus too much on stats and rather should focus more on results. 

  20. Good to know about IBO, what gave it away?

    Oh, right the bounce rate. That was quite a story, very interesting. Those mindless bots!

    Moneyline sounds interesting, is that your main focus now?

    You spent a lot of time explaining why IBO was not good, but you didn’t say much about Money Line.

    The Market with Kris webinar seemed rather unfocused, and my first impression was that she sounded like a bot.

    Your home page seemed a little daunting and very long. I liked the header image though.


  21. I couldn’t help but laugh at the prospects of making use of a website like this here. To be honest, this not simply is funny to me and I’m a bit perplexed that people still fall for cheap scams like this platform here. Personally, I will feel more okay to rather stay clear things like this for fear of being scammed. Thanks so much for sharing out here

  22. Thank you for these warnings. I followed what you were explaining concerning this test and I agree with you that the results indicate that IBO is full of bots and it would do far more damage to our site that it could help it. I’ll keep away from them and I also encourage those that have already opened an account to avoid sharing information on their profile post there.

  23. I was sickened to learn that my traffic from IBO Toolbox was bots when I TRACKED my urls using (one of the best traffic and link tracking sites out there). Leads Leap actually informs you which visitors are REAL and which ones are not. Guess what? I wasn’t showing any traffic hits from Ibo Toolbox whatsoever, which proves the traffic was bots.

    I am planning on taking down IBO Toolbox promotions from my blog and from my email autoresponder.

  24. Merry Christmas Mr Hamilton

    I have learned so much from your articles this year and I am looking for learning more from you in 2019.


  25. Tony, all I can say is, Wow!

    Oh, and THANK YOU!

    I used IBOtoolbox for a good while a few years ago but it never really felt quite right. 

    As a marketer, you know how it is. We tend to clamor into communities and try to out market each other or recruit each other to death, lol. 

    I’m glad you were able to get down to the bare bones of exactly what was going on. 

    I wish I had known this back then. 

    I’m also a veteran of the US Army (82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Infantry Division), I thank you for your service!

  26. Tony,

    Thank you for your review. I know it can be hard, and a little embarrassing to have to make such a comment on a product you formerly promoted. 

    However, in all fairness, what you promoted then is not the current state of the product. 

    Thank your having the courage to speak out, AND to show ways TO utilize the product while avoiding the downsides.’


    • You are welcome Randy and thank you for your understanding my friend.

      In a perfect world, the current ownership will sell IBO and then a reputable owner will take over and revamp the site.

      The community and concept are great and the site at one time was a wonderful place to grow any business online.

      Now, the support and training are non-existent and the ownership is so far from legitimate that it trumps the benefits of being a member.

      I pray that my friends at the IBO community see this post and at least don’t allow the bots to ruin their websites.

      Talk with you soon Randy,


  27. Thank you for this valuable post. 

    I have not heard of IBOToolbox but I am glad that I have come across this site and info as it is easy to get caught up in the “I want more traffic” schemes. 

    Personally, as it is based on fake traffic, I wouldn’t even go there. 

    Anyway – such a good review and I will be sure to tell others.

  28. Thank you Tony

    I have followed you for quite a while and I know you really were a great advocate for ibotoolbox.  

    Thank you for continuing to follow up and update us now that the program isn’t so great.  

    I can comprehend there being great people inside and that’s why you still hang around.

    That’s also why I like to follow you. 

    You tell things the way they are.  

    Thanks for the article and the update.


    • You are welcome Dale and thank you for your great testimonial my friend, I appreciate your vote of confidence.

      Talk with you soon Dale,


  29. Hi,
    many thanks for the post Tony.

    I think the owners should re do or fid out from other popular sites how to structure the site to keep bots out and to retain the active members.

    • Hi Irene,

      yes my friend, it would be absolutely great to have the current so called leadership at IBO be ousted and then someone who is legitimate purchase the platform and make it secure for the wonderful members at IBO.

      Thank you Irene for taking the time to read and share your thoughts Irene,


  30. Dear Tony,

    Thanks again for another very thorough and comprehensive review post. I do have came across posts and advertisements about IBOToolbox and your review post gave me a clear picture.

    Sharing from your experience is very helpful. After reading your post for sure its a No No to me. Your review post is saving people time, trouble, effort and money and I really appreciate it.

    I am really sorry to hear about your disappoints with this program and I know how it feels after we do all the work and we are not received with the credit for our work. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. No additional research needed for sure.

    Wishing you great Success!


  31. Hey Tony,

    Great platform review as always! It sounds like you had a lot of experience with the platform back when it was under better leadership. I appreciate your insights on the matter and going deeper into why the bots exist. It can’t be easy to leave behind a great community of people that share a common goal.

    I heard of the platform a while back, but was a little skeptical about it. I like to hear good stories and reviews from people who have had experience with these platforms before trying it. I’m sure there are still many great features of the platform that could be very useful. 

    The description of the platform sounds a little bit like Moneyline, in that you are able to generate leads for a low cost compared to solo ads. Unfortunately, it seems like bots are becoming more and more associated with leads from bad sources. I appreciate you taking the time to warn us about the changes to the platform and what to expect. 

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Daniel,

      thank you for reading and commenting my friend as I value your input.

      One thing that does need to be mentioned is that your reference of IBO being a lot like Moneyline, that could be no farther from the truth my friend. Global Moneyline, while we are able to communicate and share within Moneyline, the support and leadership are great!  There are also no bots at Moneyline and therefore a huge difference.

      Talk with you soon Daniel,


  32. Hey Tony

    I had never heard of IBO myself but I now consider myself well informed thanks to your informative post. 

    It’s a pity that good and well meaning people get sucked into scam outfits like this but then I guess it’s all about learning and sometimes the only way is the hard way. The scammers are also getting better and better at what they do so it’s easy to fall prey their clever marketing.


    • Hey Mark,

      yes I do agree my friend and there are many friends who are really good people at IBO and that’s the saddest part for me.

      Thank you my friend for reading and commenting,


  33. I had never heard of IBOToolbox before, but after reading your review, I would want to stay away from it. 

    I appreciate the fact that you honestly portrayed the pros and cons, and made it clear what aspects of it to stay away from, if a person still wanted to take advantages of the positive parts of it (like the community). 

    It is helpful to separate the people side from the other parts. 

    But for me, if the owner of a company isn’t someone I would trust, I would rather find a community where I can trust that the owner is honestly doing their best to help the members, and doing so with integrity. 

    Thanks for being honest and writing with integrity yourself here. 

    That is much appreciated, especially online.

  34. Well done Mr Tony lee Hamilton for busting yet another another scam site and making a public review about it.

    This is important for the for the growth and continuation of online business. 

    Just as you have noted most of the services they offer are fake and therefore does more harm than good to your online business and existence. 

    Caution should be the watchword.

  35. Tony, 

    Thanks for this very great post on IBOTOOLBOX, actually I was being referred by a friend to join the IBO WEBSITE, 

    I have research on IBO review but this is more explanatory and make me change my mind not to ever be a club member of IBO, with their fake bots for traffic. 

    Thanks a lot for the Great review

  36. Tony, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your insights! 

    You are such a tremendous help to those of use just starting out in building an online business. 

    There is so much to learn — just talking about the good and helpful stuff here — and then there is so very much to be leery of. 

    It is definitely difficult to know who to trust. 

    At least now I know to avoid IBOToolbox thanks to your guidance. 

    But what a shame. 

    If the community it so good, one would think they would do better to harness that and make something truly worthwhile instead of destroying other people’s hard work for the sake of their own bottom line. 

    But we all know scammers don’t care to put their intelligence and efforts towards good and sustainable business practices…they just want to make the quick buck from any sucker they can find. 

    Thanks for helping us reading this review not be IBOToolbox suckers. 

    Keep up the good work!

    • You are welcome Cheri and thank you for letting me know that I am helpful to you and others who are creating an honest & legitimate income online my friend.

      There are so many great friends within the community and it’s my prayer that the all see this review and either completely stop using IBO and/or at least don’t share their websites there.

      Talk with you soon Cheri,


  37. I had no idea what IBOToolbox was, and I had no idea what it stood for. 

    However after reading this article it gave me more insight of the topic. 

    The most important piece of information is the analysis. 

    There are a lot of fake websites out there willing to scam people. 

    I tried building a business online, and I have had a lot issues with scams, So this article is very important. 

    • Well Jamiro,

      now you do know my friend and yes there are many scams out there but don’t let that stop you from the legitimate ones.

      Talk with you soon Jamiro,


  38. Hi Tony! 

    Thank you! 

    It’s great to have this information before joining IBOToolbox – IBOsocial. Your time and experience on the platform are valuable.

    I’m glad I have come across your review. 

    These tests you have done concerning traffic sent by IBO prove to me also that they are sending bots. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    I’ll keep away from them! 

  39. Hi Mr Tony.

    In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of itoolbox, and I am against such systems. 

    From traffic purchased with money, you won’t see anything positive. 

    Because most of the traffic is bot or the incoming traffic may not be interested in your chosen niche. 

    So you need to make the necessary seo settings for your own website or it’s profitable with good ads. 

    Thank you for the content you shared.

  40. Thank you on your honest review of IBO. 

    From your description I wouldn’t even dare to try it out if they are based so much on fake traffic. 

    I didn’t know about IBO before but your article really opened my eyes. 

    Keep us informed because the online world although full of opportunities it is also full of fakes.

  41. OMG!! 

    You are a lifesaver bro, I was just considering using IBOtoolbox for pushing traffic to my site because I read somewhere that it’s Adsense safe. 

    I just got approved by Adsense and I won’t want to lose my account. 

    Thanks for this great review, I guess I’ll just stick with the SEO way.

    • Awesome Lok,

      you are welcome and thank you bro.

      IBO is fine for sharing affiliate and/or referral links but absolutely not for website links, adsense etc…


  42. I would have thought in today’s day and age that the algorithms would already know how to spot instantly when something is wrong or not organic in nature. 

    If a human can spot the warning signs you would think a traffic monitor could tell if 200 clicks came from the same source to 200 places faster than a human could get around the web. 

    It sucks that you had to leave friends behind. I do appreciate the heads up though.

    • Although the platform itself is very outdated and simple, their bots are very high tech as the visits show coming from different IP addresses as well as at the various sister sites of IBO.

      You are welcome and thank you,


  43. Thank you very much for this post, there are so many communities online that one has to be really cautious off. Sad that you got cheated on the IBO platform, I think you have really explained the pros and cons and I won’t advice anyone also to share adsense on IBO social platform. One is likely to go down the drain.  

  44. Well this is a turn up for the books – I’ve heard so many positive angles on IBOToolbox over the last several years, and I even thought about signing up and trying them out on occasion. 

    I was unaware that they offered a ‘traffic package’ mind – how long have they been offering this and what type of prices do they charge for it? It seems strange that they would go down this bot traffic route…

    • Chris,

      the bots don’t just attack your advertising campaigns there at IBO.

      They also target any link that you share there & that is why I only recommend sharing Affiliate links and not Website links.

      Thank you for sharing and caring Chris,


  45. I am glad i have found this article and that you decided to leave ibotoolbox.  

    I knew once i joined and paid to get advertised that it was all fake traffic and it was screwing up my stats big time.  

    I tried to tell you lol, I hate sites that just has fake bots that goes to your site then goes right off, i deleted my account too so they would stop screwing up my numbers.

    • Hi Justin, 

      yes you did my friend and thank you for alerting me to the fake traffic that was created with the bots at IBO.


  46. I had not heard of IBOToolbox before reading your article.

    It is always good to find people who take the time to test what they suspect to be true and you seem to have done a magnificent job of testing your theory Tony.

    I am always happy to hear that someone is warning people about their bad experiences. It really helps clean up the internet and alerts people to sites that are wasting our time and probably costing us money.

    The only way to test something in my opinion is to test it. And test it you did.

    Is there something you can recommend that would help us in our honest efforts?

    Look forward to more of your great posts.

    Great job


    • You are welcome Tim and thank you my friend, take a look at my Top recommendations in the main menu here on this site.

      Talk with you soon Tim,


  47. Wow, this is a really great review of IBO and I can see that it might not be worth joining.  

    I certainly don’t want my site to lose ranking after I have worked so hard to get it where it is.  

    You have put a lot of great information in this post, and I am glad you did.  

    I had actually considered using this to gain more traffic to my site.  

    Thank goodness I found this review!

  48. Tony, Hello! 

    Thank you for having warned us after a deep and thorough review of IBOToolbox / IBOsocial. 

    How beautifully you exposed the method of revolving doors! 

    I appreciated it and with admiration I read your method and your methods of opening a scam with bots. 

    Sherlock Holmes himself would applaud you. 

    Good thing you warned not to share the Google Adsense Code. 

    Forewarned is forearmed. 

    Thank you, success to you, I will inform friends. 


    • Hello Mark,

      You are welcome my friend & thank you for the wonderful compliment as well.

      All of our continued success is my daily pray,


  49. Always good to know about places to avoid.  

    I had not heard of IBOToolbox and I won’t be using them now that I know a bit more about how they operate.  

    High bounce rates and bad ratings is definitely not what my website needs.  

    Would be great if there was a plugin that could just detect a bot and remove them without affecting your Google ranks. 

    Thank you, 

    Sam Frederiksen – web master – bestplace2

  50. Tony,

    Thanks a lot for this heads up. 

    I hadn’t heard of this outfit prior to this.

    To date I am mostly using the basic social platforms, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram to generate traffic, aside from adding content 3-4 times per week.  

    I used some of your advice regarding Instagram and am getting a pretty quick response.  

    Thanks for that.

    I’ll keep checking back in periodically for more tips in the future.  

    Thanks again,


    • You are welcome Joe and thank you my friend, I appreciate you letting me know that you found the Instagram training useful.

      Contact me anytime Joe,


  51. Hi, Tony!

    Thanks for including my IBO Toolbox review!

    As I suspected (and also from my own findings), the traffic you get from IBO to your site is worthless. It’s also bad that it has a negative impact on website SEO. In my opinion, IBO should be closed down!

    Online Biz owners will be better off investing their time and energy into strategies that actually WORK.


  52. I am very impressed with your site,very clearly laid out and full of useful information.

    How long have you been working on the site?

    Their are so many traps on the internet, so many it’s a disgrace really, I certainly have fallen for a few myself, it is so easy to do especially when starting out, When it comes to traffic bots are a major problem just designed to fool people.

    Would you say from your experience that paid traffic is really the best way to go?

    Lot’s of interesting articles on your site, the MOBE one is a good example of smoke and mirrors.

    Shall be visiting on a regular basis, have bookmarked already 🙂 

    • Hi Robin,

      I would say that paid traffic is the absolute worst way to generate visits my friend.

      It’s much better to create content and share with your social media audience, growing both is also attainable!

      Thank you Robin for visiting,commenting and for your questions.

      Talk with you soon,


  53. Thanks for posting this Tony .. another traffic scam …

    I saw this the other day while cruising around the net .. 

    What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is exactly what you wrote about in your post . 

    Yes a ton of visitors or Visits and none of them staying 100% bounce rate. 

    This will destroy anyone’s site who is trying to rank.

    Bot traffic can seem very appealing to anyone who is trying to get web sites but you are actually way better off to have 5 real visitors engaging with your site than 500 fake visits … 

    • Absolutely Rick and at least with 5 real visits, we truly know where we are and can scale up.

      Thank you for sharing & caring my friend,


  54. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this great article. 

    I’m new to the online world and I find this post to be super helpful. 

    I also took a look at other posts on your website. 

    Everyone wants traffic on their website and they would fall for any trap out there. 

    Your review is detailed and it will definitely be beneficial to all your visitors. 

    I’m glad I came across this valuable information 🙂

  55. Thank you sharing this information with us I was referred to use this BOT service before thankfully I didn’t try it And now the reading this it makes me feel glad I didn’t try, hopefully no more fall in to BOT IBOToolbox program thank you toni for this great review I think is better to get traffic the right way.

    • You are welcome GVporras,

      Thank you for reading and commenting, therefore doing your part to help get this information out about the bots within the IBO platform.


  56. Hello Tony, 

    I appreciate your honest and thorough review of this program. 

    Getting traffic is number 1 priority for most who live off affiliate marketing, including myself. 

    From my experience the only way you will get any real advantage out of traffic is by someone genuinely clicking on your website content. 

    Every other source of traffic (like paid sources that promise conversions) are usually either bots or some kind of traffic swap. 

    It makes me sad to see that programs like Ibotoolbox exist. 

    Fake bots and even real viewers who are paid to click on something, will not to the job – if you need to make a sale.

    Purchasing this kind of product is useless. You won’t get any conversions, you will just get to see that all that traffic did 0 for you.

    Thank you for showcasing this i can say “fraud”.


  57. Admittedly, I had to close that ibotoolbox video as soon as she said that it was like “facebook” for business builders. 

    This article is bound to rescue quite a few websites globally for steering them clear of these particularly dreaded bots!  

    I’ll keep my nose where it belongs– creating quality content and keeping up with great SEO practices.  

    I have a pretty keen eye for time and energy wasters like ibotoolbox thanks to my training but, I always look deeper when I have the chance, if only, to keep in the know and, protect others as well.

    Thanks Tony! 

    Let no more vulnerable folks be crawled!  

  58. I must admit I have never been a fan of any bot or software that is said to generate traffic. 

    I would always use good solid traffic generating processes. 

    They may take more work and time to produce results but these will then improve as your site gets more authority. 

    Thanks for giving us the inside information to IBOToolbox, especially that they have denied you some commissions, this is not good. 

    I will stay well clear thanks again.

  59. I was searching to understand about bot traffic when I ended up here. 

    Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of offers to buy cheap traffic sources and wondering what it was all about. 

    I know it’s not going to be something legitimate, but I also didn’t know what was the mechanism behind that made it so. 

    Your explanation on how bots affect your rankings and bounce rate makes a lot of sense. 

    Luckily I wasn’t tempted to try any of these tactics. 

    They are just bad for SEO. 

    • Wonderful Cathy,

      yes my friend, growing our SEO is a time thing and isn’t boosted at all by fake bot traffic.

      The absolute best way to create and optimize our websites in order to rank high with the search engines with search engine optimization is by creating quality content.

      We of course can also while creating organic traffic over time, can share our content via social media and within legitimate communities.

      Thank you Cathy for your time and communication my friend,


  60. Thank you for sharing this with others. Being a newbie a lot of the information is above my understanding now.

    Think you did a great job of expressing the problem without become derogatory in you negative comments. That is often hard to do.


  61. Wow! 

    Then IBOtoolbox is a fake program!? 

    I wonder to know how many people they have been cheating. 

    So sorry you were one of them. 

    I have registered on IBO as soon as began in WA, but I didn’t use it cause I have to learn so much in WA. 

    Thank God I didn’t. 

    Thank you for this review and let us know the truth behind IBOToolbox.

    • You are welcome Maria & yes my friend, 

      I pray that many friends have the opportunity to view this review letting the world know that IBO is indeed cheating it’s wonderful members with bot traffic.

      Scams and scammy people who aren’t just stealing money, they are also ruining people’s websites as well as reputations.

      Thank you Maria for your time and comment & rest assured that WA is indeed a much better choice with awesome training and support that is far and above anything that I have witnessed in my over 11 years earning an income online.

      Talk with you soon Maria,


  62. Hi Tony,

    I’ve never heard of IBO or IBOToolbox or IBOSocial. 

    This page caught my attention though, as I have visited your site before and gotten some great tips. 

    I figured I better check this out.

    What a great word of caution you are giving to those of us unaware. 

    It’s too bad about the change of ownership and actions taken thereafter. It sounds like it use to be much different when you first discovered the company. 

    Thanks again for your words of advice here!

  63. Good information that you have shared with us Tony,

    I had never even heard of IBO but now I feel very confident that I wasn’t missing anything. 

    Your review was very thorough and I feel fair. 

    Given the amount of evidence that you were able to substantiate. 

    Good job on being a whistleblower on this two bit scam Tony.

    • Thank you very much Michael,

      I couldn’t not share my findings after confirming that IBO and all of it’s sites are scams and also that support is non-existent.

      Bot traffic was the last straw in guiding me out of the community even though I do miss many friends there.

      Thank you for your time and communication Michael,


  64. People can be desperate to make a lot of money by ripping customers off. 

    How can someone promise traffic and send bot traffic? 

    This kind of traffic can get you banned from some vendors like google adsense, etc.

    Using Not traffic will get your site sandboxed . 

    This sites can make one lose a lot of ranking in SEO. 

    Definitely a scam to me.

  65. Hi Tony,   

    I have been researching different traffic tools and was looking into ibotoolbox and was leaning towards getting involved with it but I am so glad i came across your no nonsense review.   

    I can’t believe i almost fell for a scam.

    You are a lifesaver and will be reaching out to you to discuss some of your recommendations for getting started on some legitimate methods.  

    At this stage I’m focused on traffic generation strategies and hoping you can help!

    • Hi Barry,

      You are welcome my friend and don’t be so hard on yourself, I did in fact fall for the IBOtoolbox scam site and even shared my IBOsocial profile page proudly for a while.

      It wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I realized that IBO was doing what they were doing and I took the time to do my due diligence with research as well as testing with help from friends in order to have the proof.  Therefore, I have now shared this with friends in the hopes that many find it and don’t get caught up on IBO as I and so many others have.

      For legitimate traffic generating strategies Barry, SEO and organic traffic is king, social media marketing is queen and for a fast start share at legitimate platforms.  First share your affiliate links and/or referral links instead of your website posts in order to gauge the legitimacy of a site and the potential for results.

      Take a look at My #1 Recommendation and also Share Your Online Businesses Opportunities here as well.

      Talk with you soon Barry,


  66. Hi there, 

    Thanks for the very detailed review. I have heard talks about IBOToolbox, but wasn’t aware of how bad and scammy it was. 

    I like how you go into details on different aspect of the program. 

    Definitely one to steer clear of. Apart from Wealthy Affiliate, are there any other good and genuine programs out there? 

    I will never walk away from WA, but always good to check out other legit ones too. 

    Have a lovely day!



    • Hi there Karina,

      You are welcome my friend and yes I will also never walk away from WA because it is indeed a wonderful community.  While Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing learning community, we all know that self promotion isn’t allowed there.  (Not a bad thing at all) 

      That being said, we do need places to share our websites and/or affiliate links in order to generate traffic, referrals, leads, grow our social media presence, increase our brand awareness as well as our income.

      My top sites to accomplish the above as you have asked about are found in the article here titled, Share Your Online Business Opportunity.

      Cheers Karina,


  67. Damn, it sucks so much when systems like these promise you highly targeted traffic yet they only send you bots and fake traffic, or highly NON TARGETED at best.

    I was a victim to a website similar to this not too long ago. I purchased about $150 worth of traffic to my landing page and got zero sign ups, literally!

    I thought because I found them on the first page of Google that they’ll actually be legit, but sadly this wasn’t the case. I was pissed. Do you know where to get real, targeted traffic from with a good price? 

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Hi Brandon,

      yes my friend it does suck and the traffic isn’t just non targeted, it’s fake!

      My #1 Recommendation to achieve targeted traffic to your website is to create quality content and thereby earning organic traffic that is real.  Your SEO rankings with the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…. will improve over time and Search Engine Optimization is in fact the best way to scale and grow your audience.

      For ways to share at legitimate sites, view and also these sites that I have found to be productive.

      Of course, I also share at Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media sites as well.

      Talk with you soon Brandon,


  68. Tony, 

    thank for for taking the time to share your experience with the IBOtoolbox.    

    I’m sorry that the community you enjoyed ended up basically getting its reputation tarnished because of fake traffic from bots.   

    After reading your review, I wouldn’t join them no matter how great the community is.     

    Yet, the silver lining is that you have been able to teach all of a lesson on the importance of monitoring where our traffic is coming from.   

    If something looks too good to be true or suspicious, you have also taught me that we need to dig a little deeper.   


    • You are welcome Sondra and thank you my friend, 

      there are so many communities online that are much better choices than creating a profile at IBOsocial and sharing on the IBOtoolbox dashboard.


  69. This is pretty cheap and underhanded of them and they really should be shut down.  The shear number of sites that try and dupe unsuspecting people out of their money is staggering.  I have seen so many.

    Bots?  Didn’t they think someone would wonder about their stats and have a look at their bounce rate.  I look at it when I get more traffic than normal out of curiosity.

    • Absolutely Stew,

      someday soon they may be shut down by the Federal Trade Commission much like MOBE did recently!

      While the price point at IBO is much lower than that of MOBE, they are both guilty of being scams and cheating people by using bots etc……

      Thank you Stew for sharing your thoughts as well my friend,


  70. The article was quiet insightful, the content was straight to the point. I have learned about ibots which I knew nothing about. It is a strong stay off warning that can either deter would be clients from joining it or raise their curiosity to seem what the author is talking about.

    • Thank you Euphrasia for reading and commenting my friend, you have made a wise choice indeed.

      Instead, utilize legitimate sites that have proven to achieve results.

      Talk with you soon Euphrasia,


  71. Hi Tony,

    thank you for your review. its really detailed

    based on what you have said I definitely wont be using it..EVER

    What I dont understand is why companies do this? They know search engines are smart and will figure it out that they using bots to artificially inflate the numbers and the only one who gets screwed here are the bloggers!

    cant wait for google to ban them!

    • Hi Tarun,

      I 100% agree my friend and am only remorseful for the many friends who are still members there.

      There are many other much better places to share our opportunities and in legitimate places.

      Talk with you soon Tarun,


  72. Hi Tony, 

    wow, this is an unbelievable post about IBOToolbox. 

    Especially for the new site, it can be a real killer. Only 10% are real clicks and the average 5 seconds per visit will give Google a signal.. either your site is not providing relevant and good content, either its spamming, either sending paid bots to get a higher ranking. After all, Google can penalize your site. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this great post. I will definitely aware of this product. 

    • Hi Snap Brisk,

      you are welcome and thank you my friend.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and to also share your experience with the site as well as with new websites.


  73. Hello Tony,

    I for one Do not recommend usage of bots to generate traffic to your website as it reduces the reputation of the website. 

    In everything that one does, it is better to be qualitative, also in blogging one must be original and creative in content writing so as to draw massive organic traffic and permanent visitors who will come back due to your originality.

    • Hello Kabirat,

      I absolutely agree my friend and there are many sites that don’t use bots and do have legitimate views from real people and are great places to share our opportunities within.

      Quality does indeed come with time, focus and being original.

      Thank You Kabirat,


  74. You are definitely right Tony. 

    My friend was using this and he was very disappointed. 

    His website was very good and he was getting some traffic with Google but he wanted more but what they actually did is spamming his website with adult backlinks. 

    People should pay close attention when it comes to giving personal info including their website.

    • Thank you Daniel for sharing your friends experience with using IBO and it’s shortcomings.

      The great news is that we are able to bounce back and our websites are better now as well.

  75. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate the link to my website. 

    It is time to change my review of IBOtoolbox based on this new information from recommended to not recommended. I did not know that Paul Williams had sold IBOT. 

    Another good concept executed poorly. I will check my stats and may run some tests as you suggest. But will follow your lead and move on to something else. I will also let others know about IBOT. 

    • Wonderful Glen, you are welcome my friend and it’s my pleasure to share with friends.

      Bots and Fake Traffic aren’t a good thing at all.

      Talk with you soon Glen,



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