IBOToolBox Scam IBOSocial Legit?

Updated:  28 October 2018

I must admit and apologize that I have now found out that, yes indeed IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial is a scam and a total waste of time.

I have many friends at IBO and that is the only reason that I have yet to write a full article on this and also why I have waited until now to update this post.

To the friends who I have in the past referred to IBO, I sincerely apologize and am now asking for your forgiveness.

I didn't know that the traffic at IBO was almost all entirely fake, now I do know!

How did I find out?

As a past Club IBO member ($19.95 per month) I created a banner ad and pointed the traffic to my website specifying only one platform within IBO to share it on.  I also uploaded a few YouTube videos and had my website there as well.

Much to my surprise, my traffic shot up!

At first I was excited but then I saw that the time spent on my site along with my bounce rate were negatively affected.  Not only that but I was getting traffic from all of the other IBO sites as well.  


Yes, that confused me as well, how did my banners and/or YouTube videos get seen on those other IBO sites.  

I then had an idea …… I uploaded more random YouTube videos and pointed the link to my own IBOsocial Profile page.

Guess what happened?

Overnight, I became the #1 traffic leader at the site, so I loaded more and yes I remained easily the traffic leader by far.

I also did the same thing with 2 separate profiles and had the same results, it was so easy.

What happened?

I am so glad that you asked, it has become so obvious that IBO utilizes BOTS on their sites.  I am so amazed that they haven't been found out by Google Adsense as the fake traffic should be against their terms of service…… then again, Google probably doesn't care as long as they are being paid by their advertisers.

Are you reading this and are a member at IBO?  Send me a message if you want more details on the sharing of YouTube while having the learn more link directed to your IBOsocial Profile page.  Any YouTube video 🙂 Load about 13 of them and you'll see that within 24 hours you'll be a traffic leader.  

OK, I am usually not a negative person and that is why I haven't openly disclosed this information until now but I must now share so that more friends don't fall for the IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial scam, especially Kris Karafotas who is either the owner and/or the owner trusts her to run the show there. 

Terrible support & leadership is also part of the IBO scam, the community of friends is the only reason why I stayed a member as long as I did.  Please disregard all of the content below as it was written back when I had no idea that IBO was a scam.

IBOsocial is a scam
IBOToolBox IBOSocial

Exactly What is IBOToolbox Scam IBOSocial Legit are they Scams or Legit?

The IBO TOOLBOX system is created particularly for those IBO's (independent Business Owners) who are wanting to improve their organisations. There are a million “tools” out there for IBO's, however there are none that are as effective, expense reliable, and non disruptive as our systems.

IBOToolBox is a marketing platform which is established to provide web online marketers chance to promote their items. IBOToolBox utilizes a credit system that you can concealed into impression for marketing. IBOToolBox has lots of functions and among them is called “IBOSocial”. Simply think about it like your profile page in facebook where you can reveal your partners exactly what you wish to promote.

Out in Dashboard is where you see posts from other members and who simply registered. IBOToolBox will rank you based upon how active you remain in the neighborhood. Preserving a high ranking will offer you a possibility to be included in the front page of IBOToolBox.

Another function is called Press Release. This is how you show other members your brand-new post. It can be contents from your site or a brand name brand-new material that you compose. By doing so, IBOToolBox will reward you credits that you can transform into impression. (Credit to Impression ratio is 1:5).

There are numerous methods for you to make credits. The very first method is exactly what I simply discussed above, by doing news release. Genuine material will get you more credits. The 2nd method is to look at their credit center page. This is where you get a code which will assist you make 50 credits. They publish it two times a day and by having a look at this area, you have the ability to make approximately 100 credits/day.

When you register as a brand-new member, you will get 500 credits as a register perk. Referring somebody to register with IBOToolBox, you will get 200 credits bonus offer. You can likewise make 5 credits by discussing a news release or a video just if you are ranked 5 stars and above.

They have a newsletter coming out on every Sunday. You can get a code there and make another 100 credits. Every Wednesday, there is a training webinar and you will make 400 credits after seeing it.

IBOtoolbox Dashboard

Another technique to make credits is through TrialPay, whose IBOToolBox has actually partnered with. For those of you who recognize with Swagbucks or InboxDollars, you might acknowledge this by finding various deals in these apps.

There is a Club IBO that you can subscribe regular monthly for $19.95

Simply consider this as a Premium upgrade.

The benefit of this is that anytime you acquire credits, your order will be doubled.

You will be rewarded 16000 credits a month as a club member.

You will likewise make 50% commission on credits acquired by your referrals.

(This affiliate program is a brand-new function that IBOToolBox simply recently introduced on 9/17/16.).

IBOToolBox does not take part in MLM system, they do however have an Affiliate system when you refer Friends to IBO.

In order for you to get involved in their affiliate program, you are not  required to subscribe to ClubIBO.

You make 20% commission just from your direct referrals when they purchase IBO Credits and as a Club IBO Member you earn 50% of the Credits that your referrals purchase.

To folks who are running Adsense, you must think about to sign up with IBOToolBox since it permits you to position 160 × 600 Adsense banner in your IBOSocial profile page. You need to visit to your IBO account every 48 hours to keep your Adsense active.

Buying credits and signing up for ClubIBO are entirely optional. You can remain as a totally free member for as long as you want and still get the advantage of promoting. Complimentary service is constantly restricted as you all understand. If you prepare to promote a couple of links, totally free subscription will do the work. Beyond that, I would suggest you to sign up with ClubIBO for more credits as well as have a possibility to make higher commissions from their affiliate program.

Here are couple of pointers for you to promote effectively in IBOToolBox:.

  • Completing your IBOSocial.
  • Sharing useful ideas to individuals.
  • Taking part in other member's posts.
  • Doing Press Release/Video routinely.
  • Staying active to make stay high ranking (5 or 6 stars)

IBO Affiliate Program IBOToolbox IBOsocial

Make as much as 50% commissions by merely referring others to this platform. When they purchase extra credits, you make a commission.

  • Payouts are made through Paypal on the 1st of every month.
  • Non clubIBO members get 20% commissions.
  • Active clubIBO members get 50%.
  • All Sales/ Commissions are readily available for evaluation in backoffice.
  • No purchase needed! Commissions are open to all members!


  • Active Business Social Network.
  • Over 100000 members.
  • Free SEO Business Tools.
  • Over 300000 visitors every day.
  • IBO ADVERTISEMENT network has more than 1.5 million advertisement views every day.
  • Viral Video Platform.
  • Business Question/Answer platform.
  • Extensive business training.
  • Make $$$ with our 50% commission program.
  • Free news release & PR promo tool.
  • Interactive interaction wall.
  • Search out and network with other entrepreneur.
  • Personalized profile and list building website.
  • IBO authorized traffic resell platform.
  • Leadership identifier, quickly see the leaders and simulate.
  • and much, much, more … All 100% FREE!


IBOtoolbox is jammed jam-packed filled with systems, widgets, apps, and tools that are all particularly developed to assist promote your business, develop and keep an existence on the Internet, and press your “Brand” to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Every function that is discovered within IBOtoolbox was created for a specific function. If the function is utilized properly, your business will benefit considerably. If all functions within this platform are incorporated into your business regimen, the advantage is beyond step.

Noted and detailed below are a number of functions you will discover inside this platform. Remember, that this is just a fundamental list, you will discover a lot more within. IBOtoolbox advancement group is constantly including more tools, widgets, and apps to the platform.


IBOtoolbox Tony Lee Hamilton IBOsocial


With thousands upon countless members going to everyday, IBOtoolbox is among the busiest and most active business socials media on the Internet today. IBOtoolbox differs from any social media out there due to the fact that all members resemble minded Internet online marketers and business owners. All members are here to promote their services, network together, and develop their brand names. Every member of this network is here to be effective with their business endeavor, much like you!

IBOtoolbox was established as a “SafeHaven” for online marketers from the very start. Safehaven, in IBO terms, indicates negativeness is forbidden. At no time are members enabled to publish anything unfavorable about another members business, item, or service. Due to the fact that of this Safehaven, IBOtoolbox members are complimentary to promote their services without being bugged by other members.


IBOtoolbox enables each member to release approximately 2 Press Releases daily. These Press Releases are syndicated to a wide range of external sites, in addition to released to your Online Business Profile Page (IBOsocial). IBOtoolbox likewise alerts your business partners when you release a PR, so they can visit your profile, read your PR, and leave terrific remarks! Because IBOtoolbox PR tool permits you to release keywords and the PR's are ranked high in online search engine, your details will be discovered by individuals looking for your material.

The “HOLY GRAIL” of marketing is entering online search engine results with crucial keywords. Since IBOtoolbox follows rigorous SEO standards, and is really liked by Google, Yahoo! , Ask, and Bing, the IBOtoolbox PR system will not just get you into the search engines, however will get you in terrific position on those outcomes.


IBOtoolbox is a special social media since it permits you to satisfy and connect with like minded company owner similar to you. This comprises the best method to develop a network of people that will assist you attain success. Unlike other business platforms, IBOtoolbox is 100% totally free. Since of this easy truth, the development of IBOtoolbox is unlimited. With endless development possibilities, IBOtoolbox has the capability to link you with business specialists on an international scale never ever thought of previously.


Whatever you do at IBOtoolbox will get you a great deal of traffic to your Online business profile (IBOSOCIAL). Members will visit your profile and discover you, individuals browsing the Internet for your material will discover your profile and check out you, and all of the social networks sharing that goes on within IBOtoolbox will likewise bring individuals to your business profile. This online business profile in addition to other IBO tools like the IBOURL (link shortener) systems will start to create you leads. These leads are taken into your contact supervisor so you can start working them.

IBOURL IBO Marketing with Kris Karafotas


The IBOurl system is a personalizable link shortener. You can conceal those long and unsightly Affiliate links and cape business connect to make them your very own. IBOurl is a terrific shortener, however it does not stop there. IBOurl permits you to put your very own menu bar on top of the site you are promoting. This menu bar will have products like, Your name, photo, Press releases, Videos, Live Chat, Contact Form, and your Social Media Links. For those who have an interest in constructing your brand name … The IBOurl will become your friend. IBOurl is likewise SEO friendly, released with personalized page title, META tags, and keywords! The IBOurl system is the most inclusive Link shortener on the Internet today.


Today's smart consumers desire concerns responded to as needed. If you are not around to address concerns, a few of them will work in other places. The response to this issue is have a live chat service operating on your site. The issue is that LiveChat services can add to $50 monthly for a single site. IBOtoolbox addresses the call by offering a live chat service to you free of charge. IBOtoolbox not just permits you to talk with visitors to your IBOsocial profile, however you can include a widget to your site and include live chat service to any of your sites free of charge!

IBOtoolbox Live chat service does not end there! In addition to live chat you can: Run a chatroom, video conference, share files, Document Collaboration, Screen Sharing, Screen Draw, and more … All totally free!


Throughout the whole platform (all sites), IBOtoolbox has locations that members can run marketing for their business. This marketing is really targeted due to the fact that individuals who see these advertisements are entrepreneur, individuals wanting to enter into business, individuals taking a look at making money, and individuals trying to find products/services. Most of individuals who see these advertisements are can be found in from online search engine outcomes. This makes IBOtoolbox the very best location to run marketing!


Every member has their own individual IBOsocial business profile. Considering that these profiles are developed SEO rigorous and are extremely liked by online search engine, material situated on these profiles are returned with online search engine outcomes. These profiles are the center where all your details is centrally kept and found. Visitors taking a look at your profile, will have the ability to research study what you do and call you if they wish to know more.

Google says that by the end of 2018 80% of all web browses done on the Internet will be done from a mobile phone. Due to the fact that of this, IBOtoolbox has actually produced a mobile friendly variation of your IBOsocial business profile that will immediately be shown when visitors are accessing from a mobile phone.

IBOsocial IBOtoolbox



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